Everton Match Report

Make no mistake, this was a good result. It’s also a game we could easily have won. How wonderful was it to see Freddie Sears and Dean Ashton linking up so well, and Freddie nearly scoring the winner? It would have been no more than he deserved. After a dodgy start to the game I felt we dominated the second half. After Dean Ashton’s free kick which Howard somehow kept out with his leg at the end of the first half, we never really looked back. Defensively we look reasonably solid. The Setanata commentator blamed James Tomkins for the Everton goal, which I felt was a bit harsh. Whatever the truth of it, Tomkins kept his composure for the rest of the game and nearly scored with a header which bounded back off the bar fairly early on.

Interestingly, Mark Noble was very quiet during the first half and lost possession quite a lot. When he started playing, so did the whole team. Dean Ashton is looking sharper and sharper and his goal was sublime. There seemed no way he could score from that position, but for the second game in a row, he did. He should be told by Curbishley that he will play in each game until the end of the season. And Freddie Sears should play along side him as well. I can see a potentially lethal partnership being formed there.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned Boa Morte yet, have I? No, thought not. Best to leave it there. Even the commentator said he thought he couldn’t be arsed.

Green 8
Ferdinand 7
Tomkins 7
McCartney 7
Neill 7
Parker 7
Noble 7
Mullins 6
Boa Morte 5
Ashton 8
Ljungberg 7
Sears 8


29 Responses to Everton Match Report

  1. matthew says:

    Agree with your ratings except a bit generous to Sears, he did well but i personally think the other Freddie was our best player and i was a bit surprised he came off.

    The ball boys contribued more to the game than LBM, it’s a joke he was picked to play, a bigger one that he played 4 mins in the 2nd half. Notbeing to harsh on curbs but surely he know’s how bad LBM is and what the fans think of him, curbs isn’t liked by some, playing LBM adds fuel to the fire, is is playing with matches?

  2. Darren says:

    nice to see a match report again!
    i enjoy reading them!.—- and like to see your player scores….

    WILL LBM ever have a good game in the claret and blue, and does is say in his contract that he has to be used in every match, otherwise i simply cant understand why we continue to use him!

  3. NunheadHammer says:

    A very good result. Please, why does Curbs continue to pick LBM?

  4. redkipper says:

    And we’re keeping the Spuds at arms length even though they won. Happy Days

  5. kumb says:

    a good job everton were off par. i watched them against fulham, and they aren’t playing well at the moment. a good time to play them. saying that, we could have, and possibly should have been 2 down in the first half.

    here’s hoping we carry this on and make a good finish to the season.

  6. freddyfreddy says:

    was disappointed with freddie sears, after having a really good game he decided to try and cheat a penalty and get phil neville sent off. tut tut. grow up freddie.

  7. DevoDevo says:

    Curbishley did his best to almost lose another game with his inexplicable selection of LBM.

    After a shaky start we dominated possession and created the better chances (once LBM had withdrawn).

    Ashton & Sears looks a useful partnership – where was Ashton’s support in the first half from LBM. same as when Coley played up top – LBM nowhere to be seen. I find it increasingly frustrating that Curbishley cannot see the obvious.

    Green had his most accomplished game for a while and Anton was faultless – why can’t he do this week in week out?

    Despite inexperience costing Tomka and us a goal, he came back strong with a very confident performance for an 18 year old.

    Deano continued his return to form, but I would suggest this is due more to having support rather than fitness.

    All in all, a very good performance without the desired result.

    Perhaps, Curbishley might realise at long last that LBM is a clueless, headless chicken who, if he isn’t taking an age on the ball or giving it away, is hacking players at will.

  8. Upton Spark says:

    A brilliant result due only to the fact that L Boa Morte was replaced by Freddie Sears who caused havoc with the Everton defence.
    Deano and Freddie must start next game.

  9. richo says:

    Curbs must realise by now that Boa Morte is crap, once he came off we looked much better, if he continues to be picked week in, week out Curbishley has to go. Come on a bloke who’s never watched a game of football could watch LBM play and say WTF is that guy doin’! I appreciate what Curbs has acheived for us since he came on board, but his utter arrogance in picking this wank every week is unbelievable. It was good to see he had the sense to leave Spector on the bench, although why he replaced Parker with ten minutes left was beyond me. Good to see Neill set up Ashtons’ goal after all the stick he’s received lately on this blog site. Ljunberg showed good signs also, hopefully he can finish the season strongly.

  10. Carlos Tabrez says:

    “When [Noble] started playing, so did the whole team.”….maybe because we now had 11 players instead of 10.

    Where are all the Ashton haters gone? The guy is class. He’ll be leading England’s attack soon because he has a mix of attributes that none of the other English strikers have. I’m glad Curbishley’s realising now.

  11. chris says:

    Hi everyone 4 in the morning just back from goodison, gunna have hangover around tomorrow lunchtime but i dont care because like iain says this was a massive result everton are a good side! but we should of won this,we were all over them second half,but not gunna grumble,except to say that in the first half we had ten men,I think everyone knows why, i wont mention his name…………………

  12. USHammer says:

    The last time I saw a young player with the quality, speed and goal instincts of Freddie Sears he played on the same pitch we played on today. It’s early to say but I see some similarities to Wayne Rooney in terms of shear presence and the ability to effect a game. Not to get carried away but this could be the beginning of something very special. Sears has genuine pace to burn and it clearly unsettled the previously untroubled Everton defence. Lets hope it builds from here. As to the claim he dived. I saw several angles on the replay and he clearly got scraped in the face. I never thought it should be a penalty nor was he trying to steal one. I think his reaction was one of genuine pain. Everything this young man has done the last two games has been all about hard work and endevour.

  13. Hammer says:

    Well it seems my worries of unrest in the camp are unfounded, thankfully. A couple of good results especially against Everton on their own patch, not a happy hunting ground for us generally. Ashton is starting to look like the player we all know he can be, with good power and being a real handful for defenders. It was great to see Noble have a good game/second half. Sears again showed what a great talent we have and I thought young Tomkins did brilliant, if he had scored it would have been mental. The goal was down to inexperiance and i thought he did very well not to let it get to him and he hardly put a foot wrong after that and he showed a good turn of speed. This match has ensured our safety and hopefully now Curbs. will let the lads play more open, freeflowing football. The second half we did that and Everton could not cope, with some of the build up play top draw. The roller-coster ride that is being a West Ham fan continues. COYI

  14. chris says:

    Does anyone know why Zamora was dropped ?

  15. HammerBoy says:

    I hope noone judges Tomkins on the goal we conceded because that is simply an obvious sign of lack of experience and lets not rate him again. Sadly i could not see the game or go to Everton to watch but from the highlights apart from a couple of everton chances including the goal, we appeared to have most of the clearcut opportunities. I agree with everyone who’s saying about Ashton and Sears. Even at such a young age if they can show Capello (or at least in Sears’ case Stuart Pearce) that they can form a strong partnership then they deserve a chance internationally.
    Looked like a good performance from the whole team.


    (It sounds like there’s some Noble haters out there. You can’t possibly be West Ham fans!)

  16. bobby says:

    the problem that i see is now ,what players must come in or out next season!now we have sears upfront, tomkins centre half, i think that nani is 1 or a waste of money or2 to take curbishley out of managment.we have a big potential man at westham and his name is tony carr.with him the future of the club is bright,without him…. regards bobby hammer malta

  17. Brian Sains says:

    Iain, how can you give Boa Morte a 5 ???? A 2 would be too much !!! I think he may well have played his last match for us, hopefully. Ljundberg i thought played well, and Ashton almost back to his best.

  18. Plaistow54 says:

    You said that you were not filled with optimism before this match Iain. You should be now. That was one of the best performances that i can remember this season. Everton are a well organized side. Moyes has done well with them over the past few years. We held the ball in midfield & contested everything. Neills ball in to Ashton was perfect. Tomkins was everywhere Yakubu was. We could easily have won that but the draw was a fair reflection of the game. Curbs had the courage to put Sears on quickly after half time & i thought he made a difference. Ashton looked a lot sharper & when he is back to his best, we will be back to a positive goal average. What does impress me about Curbs is his seeming willingness to listen. Many fans on yours & other sites have been calling on him to play the young talent that we have, & we have some. He is doing that, albeit with caution. Maybe he does point an ear in our direction. All in all, a really positive performance from the whole squad, Lucas Neill included, he does pop them long balls in very well.

  19. JackHammer says:

    I thought we did very well, Everton are a good team, and giving our youngsters a chance was just what we needed to get the feel good factor back into the fans, and self belief back into the players.
    James Tomkins could not be blamed for their goal Yakubu would turn most centre backs in similar circumstances, and JT’s early header against the wood work was unlucky.
    Sears and Deano does look like a potential partnership as long as we stick to 4-4-2!
    Have to agree with everyone about LBM we should just sub him out to a championship challenger and hope for offers.
    Great game again!! COYH.

  20. Hammer Time says:

    Just a quick opinion, I thought the Freddie Ljungberg played his best match yet for us.
    Phil Whelans will cover it all in the podcast, I’m sure!

  21. HammerBoy says:

    Slightly off subject but i’m watching the Man U v Liverpool game and when will the F.A introduce the rule that the captain is the only player who can speak to the ref? Mind you then we’d be relying on Lucas Neill to fight our battles… i change my mind.

  22. marcohammer says:

    Thought we only started playing once LBM came off. The two new kids done great,considering everton away is always a hard game to get something..Ashton&Sears upfront is a MUST ’til the end of the season .

  23. bobby says:

    green is in england squad well done cappello

  24. Ian the Hammer says:

    Another superb performace from everyone (excet u know who). Curbs back on track.

  25. HammerBoy says:

    Has anyone else seen the news? Green’s in the England squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kirkland was ruled out with a back injury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CORG!!!!!!!

  26. nr2iron says:

    I am amazed at the credit Ljungberg is getting on here for yesterdays performance! he is another overated primma donna who we need to offload,if we play 4-4-2 with Ashton and Sears all we need is a good wide player to see us scoring goals for fun.

    Curbishley’s playing of Boa Morte borders on the unbelievable and someone in authority needs to let him know he is so very wrong about his performances.

  27. Sherbert says:

    Didnt see anybody mention the Everton offside goal. TV replays seem to indicate it came off of an Everton player and therefore offside. However all the commentators seem to think it was a goal.

  28. ironsmith says:

    We were very unfortunate not to win this game comfortably and it was a most excellent performance. I was impressed by so many of our players with the two young guns both looking comfortable in the premier league, Freddie Ljungberg with his incredible work rate and undeniable class and man of the match again Dean (almost there now)Ashton just a sheer joy to watch his skill and his progress towards complete recovery. I don’t know about the rest of you but from what I have seen this past two weeks I am very optimistic indeed about the future and particularly the partnership of Ashton/Sears which could be as good as McAvennie/Cottee – how exciting is that??

  29. YankForHammers says:

    A 5 for Boa Death?

    If you can play a kid for Upson, you can play a kid for this loser. Who paid 5 million pounds for this idiot? And what can Curbishley be seeing that we don’t see? It’s not his backtracking defense? It’s not his linked passes. It’s not his positioning. It’s not his peg leg of a right foot. (He must be the worst player in the Premier League with his off foot — it’s useless, and he constantly spins himself around to play the ball with his left.) So what does Boa Death do in practices or what info does he have on Curbishley’s wife???

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