Why Spector Must Not Play

James Tomkins should be blooded this afternoon for his full debut. The reason? Jonathan Spector arrived on Merseyside at 2am this morning after a 14 hour journey back from the USA following an Olympic qualifying match. Whenever Lucas Neill has arrived after an international he has gone on to have an absolute stinker. Curbishley should avoid playing Jonathan Spector if at all possible.


14 Responses to Why Spector Must Not Play

  1. Daniel says:

    I completely agree, I believe the youngsters should now be played until the end of the season to give them some crucial experience for next season. We have nothing really left to play for other than staying above the spurs..Playing Tomkins next to Upson/Ferdinand and Sears with Zamora/Ashton can only enhance there progression.

  2. pelipar says:

    Jonathan Spector must not play because he is dire.

  3. Gee says:

    I do agree, but if we start playing youngsters and lose then Curbs will be sacked because his face doesn’t fit here with most fans anyway and if he isn’t winning games thats their perfect excuse. Plus the youngsters will have their confidence knocked.

    I love the way that all of us who know next to nothing about the game, think we know it all though, who do we think we are for god sake. That must drive managers mad.

    Spector is only young himself and needs experience. His problem is he doesn’t have a position and gets played wherever we are short.

    If he got back in the early hours, he can’t really play can he, his body clock will be out and his fitness will suffer.

  4. HammerBoy says:

    I think you’re being A BIT harsh, i thought spector was pretty solid against Blackburn, better then ferdinand. Also HE IS young. He’s 20 years old. In my opinion the rest of our games should see tomkins and upson/ferdinand in the centre with spector/pantsil on the right. Also play collison with noble/parker. I don’t think zamora is ready to be playing premier league football again yet. He’s really unfit and needs game time but not at the expense of ashton gaining fitness and sears gaining experience. I say play ashton and sears up front with zamora on the bench to come on for the last half hour. If he looks sharp in that half hour then give him more time in the next game.

    Its already been said by ‘Daniel’ that we have nothing to play for so lets start playing adventurous attacking football.

  5. Big Casino says:

    Upson is fit, so no reason to choose between spector and tomkins anyways…….

  6. Scott says:

    Spector is a good player, however I do agree Tomkins should be given his debut.

    Neill is awful regardless, almost as bad as mullins

  7. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes Iain, to undertake a long flight such as that & then perform at your maximum physical & mental capacity within 24 hours is nigh on impossible. Spector would not be in my starting line up even without a flight. Players going home for qualifiers must be a nightmare for managers. I have said before that Neill never came back to his best after the Asian Cup. Who knows why. Having said that, he is a good player & captain, the same as Craig Moore & Kevin Muscat. The Aussies are tough defenders. Lucas is also in the squad for the World Cup qualifier against China on Wednesday. Another flight.

  8. Biffo the Bear says:

    Spector has always done well wherever he’s been played, he’s been best when he was in front of th back four. i do agree though jet lag is not the best thing for footballers so he shouldn’t really play, this is not rocket science so Curbs is no doubt aware that a round trip of thousands of miles is not the best preparation.

    Still can’t believe people don’t rate Mullins. As for Neill, apart from the three 4-0 defeats where I think the whole team underperformed our defensive record since he arrived has been better than it was without him. Which, i think, is what you’re after from a defender who is your captain.

    I think we should be careful with the young lads but it is the best situation to give them the chance they deserve in the first team.

  9. jon.london colney says:

    lbm picked again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    f me this is getting to be a joke.

    the radio has just said hes wandering around and not touched the ball yet!

    y o y o y?

  10. Lee says:

    50th minute.. BOA MORTE OFF SEARS ON, thank god

  11. matthew says:

    The ball boys contribued more to the game than LBM, it’s a joke he was picked to play, a bigger one that he played 4 mins in the 2nd half. Notbeing to harsh on curbs but surely he know’s how bad LBM is and what the fans think of him, curbs isn’t liked by some, playing LBM adds fuel to the fire, is is playing with matches?

  12. Sactown Hammer says:

    I’m from the states and watched the game on tv. I agree LBM is a joke. I couldn’t understand why he played for five minutes in the second half. With Sears in their, it allowed Ashton space, and that showed in his goal when Sears pulled one defender away and gave Dean a chance one on one. As for Spector, his biggest problem is one position. His best spot is central defender, but with Upson and Fernidad its uphill. I hope some of his bashing on this post is not that he’s American. His style suits british football. One American playing in Holland I hope WHU look at is Michael Bradley. He’s an attacking midfielder and only 20. Both Everton and Blackburn were scouting back in Jan.

  13. hammeron says:

    I thought that James Tomkins did well today as did Freddie when he came on.
    I’ve got a feeling that Jack Collison could be the best of the bunch.
    Can we hang on to these lads and grow as a team?
    With the old chairman I believe he would have been rubbing his hands and thinking what he could spend the money on when he inevitably sold them.
    If Mr Gudmunsson shows the ambition that he says he has and keeps the team together by turning down any offers for these lads then I believe that will start the ball rolling towards a bright and exciting future for the club and hopefully bring in a trophy or 2.

  14. claire says:

    Spector is NOT dire, but :
    he needs a permanent position to settle into
    he shouldn’t play while jetlagged.
    We accept African players going to play for their countries in the Cup of Nations (and love to watch it on TV) but we don’t always remember how important “soccer” is in the USA and how much it means to play for the national side there.

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