Green in England Squad

Robert Green has been called into the England Squad to replace the injured Chris Kirkland. It’s about time too. I couldn’t be more delighted for him.


16 Responses to Green in England Squad

  1. Big Casino says:

    And even if he doesn’t get on the pitch at all, at least Capello and his staff can look at him at close quarters in training…….

    It’s good for the club aswell – Upson and Greeno have both shown that you can get it the england squad playing for a team like West Ham…………. If Deano had shown the form he’s been showing in the last 2 games since the turn of the year I have no doubt he’d be in there aswell ahead of Crouch, who rarely gets a game for liverpool these days.

  2. djclipz says:

    I completely agree, especially on his performance yesterday!! Had to pull off some great saves once again, shame we couldnt nick all 3 pts in the second half though!

  3. Tom says:

    definately deserves it, the 3 back to back 4-0 defeats were nothing to do with green and thankfully capello has realised this… he had an amazing game against everton yesturday too, his reaction saves and handling in open play are brilliant, still needs to work on his set pieces though… if only someone would tell him not to try and punch the ball out from corners ‘cos he can’t do it

  4. HammerBoy says:

    Good for him… shocking that Kirkland was in there anyway, he’s not good enough for the premiership let alone the England squad. At least we know that Green is 5th choice after Robinson, James, Carson and Kirkland. Well done to him. I hope James and Robinson get injuries which keep them out of the first eleven, then Green can come in!!! CORG!

  5. Richard says:

    congratulations Rob. about time too.
    Fingers crossed they’ll realise you should be a long term England player

  6. Doug says:

    just hope that we don’t now sell both Green and Ashton (once he gets his recall, which he will). I prey the days of us being a selling club under T Brown are done and dusted

  7. colney says:

    great news however i cant help thinking its all wrong.he should be there as no 1 anyway!

  8. west ham johnny says:

    well it aint england number 6 now is it its england number 5 but i’m just glad he’s got a chance to show capello what he can do in front of him. i honestly believe he’s better than robinson, kirkland and carson. james is a very good keeper but is getting on so green has a very good chance to show what he can do in training at least.

    good luck greeno

  9. DevoDevo says:

    Robinson’s call up must have felt like the biggest kick in the teeth for Grenie and Joe Hart.

    At least he can prove once and for all that, after james, he is the best we have. Still needs to command the 6 yard box better, but had a cracker against Everton.

  10. claire says: colney Says:

    March 23, 2008 at 8:34 pm
    great news however i cant help thinking its all wrong.he should be there as no 1 anyway!

    Apologies to my near neighbour – (I’m from half a mile away from London Colney) but I think on present form James is No 1 – but Green is surely No 2 and the true heir to James.

  11. Geoff says:

    Aren’t we forgetting why we sold David James in the first place? He didn’t get the nickname ‘Calamity James’ for no reason. We all know how blunder-prone he is. They say that Green doesn’t command his area, which if you ask me is a load of BS. Personally I don’t like to see my GK on the edge of his penalty area, bundling over nearby, perfectly-competent defenders in a flailing attempt to make contact with the ball, leaving the goal horrifically exposed. I prefer that my GK takes the high balls in his 6 yard box, which 99 times out of 100 Greenie does, and the likes of Matty Upson or Jimmy Collins heading away stuff around the penalty spot. When Upson and Green are in the team I haven’t felt that we’ve been vulnerable to corners/set pieces all season. Until a few weeks ago we had one of the best defences in the league, but then Upson got injured and we started leaking goals, very few of which, if any, were Green’s fault. I think there’s a lot to be said for playing Green AND Upson together in the England team, as they have experience together, and this has to be looked favourably upon.

  12. Plaistow54 says:

    Well deserved. Thought he’d never get selected. Never say never. Now he must make the most of his opportunity when it comes by. He will.

  13. colney says:

    Apologies to my near neighbour – (I’m from half a mile away from London Colney) but I think on present form James is No 1 – but Green is surely No 2 and the true heir to James.

    claire Says: does she? not another woman telling what to do !!!!!! (joke b 4 you put your rubber gloves down)

    I cant help thinking that although james is in the form of his life his life in football has its days numbered.he wont be around for years to come and we are playing stupid friendlies for a while so NOW is the time we should be playing the future not the past.

    anyway,what are your particulars? im single!!!!!

  14. Norwich boy says:

    Good to see they are letting him put the cones out.

    Not good enough.

  15. The Guru says:

    About time too. I’ve said it before but I don’t think Greeno is #1 yet, but friendlies like last night should the ideal time to give people like him a chance to show what he can do.

    What’s the alternative? We play our “first choice” team and are then completely stuffed should any of them get injured.

  16. Hammers & Zvezda says:

    Not hard to stand out if you are an Englishman in the Premier League – with so many foreigners can anyone tell me which other Englishmen play in the EPL???? So sad really, that’s why your national team is so crap! The only way you have a chance against Croatia in the WC Qualifiers is to break his leg in an EPL match! Pathetic!

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