Remembering Jonah

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite West Ham players from the mid 1990s was Steve Jones. It seems he has hit upon hard times since leaving the game and has recently sold his Charlton Play Off medal on Ebay for £2,751. I’m a bit late in posting this, but I got this email last week from one of my readers alerting me to the sale. I meant to post it at the time to try to boost the price, but I’m afraid I got sidetracked.

EMAIL 1: Hope you are well and have to say as a fellow Hammer and season ticket holder I love your blog, its a cracking read and I love to get involved …Anyway the reason I emailed you was that I think it is always sad to see any ex footballer hit a financial crisis and even more so when it is one of your own. Remember Steve Jones the Billericay boy that came good and signed for us, well over the last year or so I have watched him sell off his own personal collection of Hammers Memrobilia on ebay due to financial problems. It really makes me sad to see this happening and wonder why the football authorities have never set up some kind of scheme to help ex pros that have money probs; any ideas?

Anyway I saw tonight that Steve is now selling off his coverted Play Off winners medal from when he played at Charlton and I wondered if there was any way that you could help him to get more for it by putting it on your blog? here is the link:
If I had £2.5k I’d buy it myself but I haven’t, i find this whole thing really sad and know he’s not the first and will not be the last, it certainly makes you remember that pro’s have a very short shelf life. . Anyway I thought it was of interest and hope that someone with a packet of cash pays big bucks for it so Steve doesn’t have to sell any more of his stuff.

We shouldn’t forget that it is only ten years ago that players weren’t on the kind of money they are today. If Steve Jones was playing for West Ham or Charlton today he’s be on at least £10k a week.


9 Responses to Remembering Jonah

  1. Admin says:

    It is a shame about Steve, But didnt he have some sort of pension or insurance against this happening?
    I know that there will be a lot of readers that suffer hard times, and probably a lot tougher than what Steve is going through, especialy the poor folk with Mortgages and white picket fencing with 2 cars on the drive, an extension and the whole house kitted out, and all on “God help us if 1 of us is no longer able to work”, But saying that, i do hope Steve gets back into the norm and makes good of what life has brought on him, and also to any other reader that has problems too.

  2. WHU Kim says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs but I admire Steve for trying to sort himself out rather than wallow in self pity.

  3. Biffo the Bear says:

    The PFA say that they help players on hard times. If any of the current players do read this they might want to help out by maybe making an outrageous bid for something of his on e-bay? or have a whip round which I’m sure would raise a lot more than 2 grand

  4. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, pity Iain. Nice of you to put this up. I remember this fella. Sometimes people presume when things go pear shaped that you drank or gambled it, but that is not always the case. I’ve seen good people go bad & have to sell off furniture to eat. Selling personal stuff must be hard. He has guts. Yes it would be nice if the club or players could see him right. I know it doesn’t translate into food Steve, but lots of luck matey. The game is never over.

  5. Harry Barnes says:

    The Charlton-Sunderland game was a classic , even for a Sunderland supporter such as myself. At least we went on to take the top spot the following season with what was then a record points total in whatever the League was called in those days. It would be nice if Steve could get his medal back, whilst we see off West Ham on Saturday. It will help to overcome the hurt of my three visits to Upton Park, which saw us loses 6-0, 6-1 and 3-0. The first time, I even stood on the kop with West Ham supporters! The scores were slowly improving, but I have given up on eventually even getting to see a goalless draw. But unless you have suffered the bad times you can’t really enjoy the good times. I feel sorry for Man Utd supporters. Howay the lads!

  6. tracy says:

    he doing a lot better than alot of us he has got own shop in basildon selling all kinds of signed pictures etc charging a small fortune

  7. Mac says:

    Tracy, he may well have his own shop and ‘charging a small fortune’ for the items, but that doesn’t mean he’s not struggling to make ends meet. I know plenty of small business owners who make less than people on a wage purely because they’re not making enough money.

    Steve must be in a very tough corner financially, so good luck to him for having the courage to go public and sell what must be very treasured possessions.

  8. colney says:

    ian? are you alive?

    wat no posts?

    gutted that we lost a point tday,we were 2nd best most ov the game but 96.5 minutes?

  9. e1 says:

    are you on commission Iain this guy has a shop and sells signed items if he is hard up then maybe he should put his prices down a little and he may then have a better turn over. any way look at the number of responses.can we have something more interesting pleeeeeeeeez!

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