Harry Kewell is on £76,500 a Week!

Click HERE to see a list of the Top 40 footballers in the world by the amount they earn a week. Seven of the top10 play in England. The two most surprising are Sol Campbell who is paid £105,000 a week by Portsmouth and Harry Kewell who is on a whopping £76,500 a week despite rarely playing because he is always injured. Nice work if you can get it!Footballers

UPDATE: All this info comes from FutbolFinance.com, who originally published it on 20 March. I got it all in an email this morning so didn’t know the original source. Happy to point people to their SITE as it has even more fascinating player salary figures, including Lucas Neil and Carlton Cole, who they reckon are on £35,700 a week each… Hmmmm.

Note: Tried to upload the graphic here but WordPress wouldn’t let me.


21 Responses to Harry Kewell is on £76,500 a Week!

  1. Rob says:

    Who was the source of this information?

  2. Roy says:

    More interestingly it shows Darren Bent’s real reason for not joining WH. He’s Spuds top earner on £94k+ a week! And they paid £15m for him. Love it.

  3. HermitRoadHarry says:

    Darren Bent – 94K?! A week?! LOL, as I believe the young people say.

  4. Brian Sains says:

    Iain, very interesting post this. How on earth is Fat Frank the 3rd most highly paid player in the world ??????? It just goes to show how really stupid football is getting, and how much Roman Abramovich is trying to buy success !!!! No wonder Fat Frank don’t want to move clubs, because that would show up how poor he actually is !!!!

  5. Bruno Reader says:

    I am surprised to not see Beckham on the list, thought he was earning stupid money in the states.

  6. PaulHammer says:

    Darren Bent on 94K a week?? Surely not even the Spud are that gullible.

    Iain, please, please, please tell me that this is a late April fools gag. The thought of Lampard being the 3rd highest player is just a killer. How on earth did the world of premiership football get so distorted from reality?

    If this really is true Iain, can you tell where it came from???

  7. HammerRon says:

    Think of all the pies Fat Frank can buy now! 😉

  8. NJ Hammer says:

    Still half of what the top baseball player earns a year over here……

  9. PeteH says:

    No Beckham?

    If this is true, alot of Spurs fan need to shut up about us paying over the odds on players wages..! Bent 94k a week? value for money LOL

  10. Barking Mad says:

    Beckham is on something ridiculous like £1 million a week (or £50 mil per year, i thought the figure was) and earns at least twice as much as any of the players on this list so just how accurate is this? Or how inaccurate is my Beckham info? Anyone know?

  11. Beckham’s money is all tied into sponsorship and endorsements, I believe. As I recall, I think his salary works out to $32M ish over 5 years, which by my rough calculations (assuming £1 = $2) puts him on about 62 grand a week. The huge figures that were printed prior to his move counted the endorsements etc, which were thought to be worth $200M over the same 5 years. Hope that goes some way to explain it…

    You have to say that whoever negotiated Darren’s Bent contract should be shot. Or given a medal, depending on whether or not you *are* Darren Bent 😉

  12. in fact, I just found a link to substantiate myself.


    (Iain, feel free to consolidate with my post above before you confirm it 🙂 )

  13. daniel says:

    not a chance in the world that this table is true.
    For one, Fat Frank hasn’t signed a new contract at Chelsea because they wouldn’t pay him as much as Terry gets. and much of that table really doesn’t make sense at all.

  14. skunklauncher says:

    Hmmm, so C. Cole is on 500k a goal so far then….not bad money 😉

  15. richo says:

    I think Kewell will drop off that list once his contract expires at Anfield, the news in OZ lately says he’ll be very lucky to get a new contract which is understandable considering his injury woes since he joined. I have waited desperately for him to fulfill the potential he showed at Leeds Utd. There is a compilation vid on Utube showing some of his best goals, you can see why Liverpool signed him. However i think his best days are behind him now, hopefully he’ll contribute to gettin’ us to the world cup in South Africa. Go Irons.

  16. i think beckham is making that much from indorsements and such. I think his salary from L.A.G. isnt that much.

  17. The Academy says:

    Intersting list. What worries me is that Kewell will probably sign for us if curbs folllows his current line of over the hill injury prone internationals. OAP not WHU.

  18. Harv says:

    Funny that we got all that snidey criticism from Liverpool about how Lucas Neill only signed for us because we’re overpaying him (I recall £60k a week being mentioned) when they’re paying Kewell (matched only by Darren Anderton in sicknote credentials) a King’s ransome to sit on the bench/treatment table. Who’d’ve thunk it eh?

  19. Dicaniodman says:

    I believe the infromation is taken from the folling site ;
    A Portugese site, who inturn have gathered the stats from various “unofficial” sources.
    If you scour the extended list on their site you’ll come across 2 Hammers, Lucas Neil, &, surprisingly, one Carlton Cole !? So make of the authenticity of the list what you will….

  20. Dicaniodman says:

    Noticed theat Keiron Dyer is also listed but is shown a still being with Newcastle!

  21. L09!CZ says:

    look at that list…

    and the press say ljungberg, dyer bemmally neill parker is on £80k??

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