Portsmouth Match Report

Portsmouth seem to become our bogey team. They certainly didn’t deserve to win last night’s game, but then again after our second half performance neither did we. In the first half we looked bright without really being a constant danger. We scorned two good chances and that was about it. After the break headless chicken syndrome seemed to descend on some players, especially the central midfield pairing of Mullins and Parker. Mullins put in his worst performance of the season. You can’t fault his effort, but his passing was dire.

Up front Dean Ashton did well in the first half but only had one shot, while Zamora was largely anonymous apart from his scandalous miss from an acute angle.

The brightest player and certainly the first half man of the match was (whisper it) Luis Boa Morte. No, I couldn’t believe it either.He was tenacious in his tackling and had several mazy runs. He disappeared a bit after half time but it was his best game for us by far.

Defensively we rarely looked troubled. Their goal was a long range shot which should have been shut down but apart from that Pompey lacked ideas. Nugent constantly harried our defenders but to little avail. Lucas Neill put in another average performance and looked to have suffered a bad knock towards the end which will probably keep him out of the next game.Johnny Pantsil, your time may have come.

Freddie Sears replaced Zamora after an hour but had little effect on a rather boring game. At one point I turned to my neighbour and asked him if he think of a memorable game here this season apart from the Liverpool and Man U victoried. He couldn’t and neither could I. And so to the scores…

Green 8
Neill 6
McCartney 7
Ferdinand 7
Spector 7
Solano 7
Boa Morte 8
Mullins 5
Parker 6
Ashton 7
Zamora 5
Sears 6


20 Responses to Portsmouth Match Report

  1. Justin Dean says:

    Spot on Iain, for once I had a rather nice chat with a friend, because I have rarely been so bored at Upton Park.

    Maybe this is a symptom of an average season. Part of me wishes for the dogfight the team had last year, it was oh so exciting.

    Could to agree more about Luis BM. All around me dissent and abuse of the often booed Luis. Few glances behind and statements like Luis is playing well, really getting amongst them. Can’t fault the effort. Thought Parker was all over the pitch but showed real desire and effort, Mr 110%

    I don’t agree Zamora miss was bad, it was a very acute angle. Maybe a 70% chance and another time it will go in

  2. Andy john says:

    Have to agree with pretty much everything you say . It was nice to see Boa Morte put in some effort last night and i find it sad that he was booed before the game. The one player who is really annoying me in recent games is Lucas Neill . I know he’s an Aussie , but does he have to go bloody ‘ walkabout’ every game ?. There were times last night when he almost looked like the centre forward . He kept leaving Spector exposed on his own to cover his jaunts up the pitch. Curbishley, have a word !!!! Rant over ! Season over !

  3. down to bare bones says:

    Mullins is now showing his true class (strictly championship). The guy has no pace, gets caught to many times in possession and then commits stupid fouls.

    Parker reminded me last night of Ray Wilkins at his worst, playing across the pitch and backwards.

    Spector was appalling again. Truely woeful passing. How does he get a start? Perhaps the rumours that he is Cautiously’s love child are true!!!

    Neill went on walkabout again and again. Cautiously seems unable (for whatever reason) to drop him. Perhaps he has a ‘must be picked no matter how bad I play’ clause in his inflated contract? Hopefully Paintsill will get a run in the side.

    Freddy Sears must start alongside Ashton next match.

    I can only hope that Nani brings in some true class players for next season. There must be a major clear out at the end of the season

  4. Kim says:

    Agree about Neill. He always seems to be either attacking or (on the rare occasions that he keeps his position) facing his own goal.

    I think that Curbs should bring in Stanislas from the youth/reserve team for a game before the end of the season. From the match reports he seems another good one coming through and it can’t do any harm at this stage.

    I think that Anton looked really grown up and commanding last night – he certainly acted the captain role more than our Aussie friend.

    Still it was a good opportunity to have a nice chat and catch up with friends.

  5. Prince H says:

    Awful. I feel ashemed. The players should feel ashamed. What’s Mullins doin in our side. Not one pass right yesterdday, just running around… And Neill?? Well, I expect sooooo much more. Let Pantsil play a whole game and put Neill to rest.
    I liked Zamora more than ypu did yesterday, at least he ran, and tried.
    And Yes, LBM was our best player yesterday!
    Curbs – there is no excuses for this performance. Where was the ideas?? The Energy? The Tactics?? Most embarrasing performance of the season.

  6. we better offload mullins this summer, yes, LBM was our best player that match. thats all i can really say about anything

  7. Saffron Hammer says:

    I thought Zamora looked good in the 1st half, the chance was at high speed & a very narrow angle.
    Spector had a good game, considering he had to play left back as well as in the centre most of the game – Neill’s is constantly going walkabout, and when he isn’t, he gets caught out by the through ball – a serious lack of pace.
    If they are going to play Sears, then the through balls need to be at pace, not just dropping over their back four.
    I thought we could have tried more tempting crosses further out from goal for James to come out & drop – he always does. And he always comes for the through ball whatever – he was caught out twice with this last night, and we nearly benefited Freddie & Bobby).
    Contraversial – I thought Mullins had a good game too.
    What we are lacking is the skill to create chances, the basic platform of play is very sound, but missing that “spark”.

    I think the season is over now, and so, apparently, do the players. I just hope we do’nt give up 10th spot to Sp*rs.

  8. chris says:

    LbM was our best player,THATS HOW BAD WE WERE!!!,lets be honest when it comes to scoring goals we an’t got a clue,spuds will finish above us now and a few others,,,,,injuries yeah but the manager bought injury prone players,forget about dyer and bellamy next season it will be the same story,we must spend big up front next season.This is a top league we are a top team ,we are top fans we deserve a real top player up front!!!!

  9. Upton Spark says:

    FAO KIM; Sorry to say Kim but,should we be chatting to friends while at football or did you mean before the game in the pub? That of course is a different matter!
    No offence by the way Kim.
    Nice to have a lady’s view of things(honest)

  10. Jamie says:

    same old west ham with curbishly playin borin never scorin LBM was our best player last ntye yh but wot append to mark noble we need a massive clear out in the summer likes of spector boa morte mullins cole neill. we need better players ones wid pace dyer n bellamy have that but they r injury prone all the tyme we r gunna frow 10th away cos we r playin abasulute shockin now we av dis nani fella maybe top quality signins r on there way yh dream on

  11. Andy b says:

    Boa morte did chase back but was shit! how many completed runs/passes????constantly gives the ball away

  12. OzzytheIron says:

    LBM playd well, i’ve been sayin all along that he needed time to settle, and maybe he will (yesterday was a starting point)! POarker may have put effort in, but i thought he played crap. I don’t think he passed the ball or ran in the direction of pompeys goal more than maybe 3 times. Normally i like im alot, though
    Is Noble injured? He was who we needed, and when will Dyer be back? I think Dyer and Ljungberg are the players we need, cos they’ve got pace.
    By the way, does anyone know what the guy who kept shouting at Redknapp about £2m was about?

  13. brooking is still the best says:

    I cant think of anything else to add to whats been written already. I wasted 90 mins of my life sitting in the Dr Martins stand last night to waste any more trying now.
    One thing for sure, Curbs should get real, him saying he does not know what he has got because of all the injuries. Just incase I thought I would give my summing up.

    1, An average first team squad

    2, Two or three players who may improve the team slightly but will never play a full season put together.

    3 Another two or three young players who are promising but not ready to play a regular role.

    If our new owners are serious about us playing European football, he has to invest in a striker, a left winger, a creative midfield player and a right back all of the sort of top quality we have not got now.

    Curbs should flog at least seven of the average players we seem to have got in plenty.
    I could list more then seven.

    What do you think?

  14. jon.london colney says:

    mullins and parker in the middle is not right.there to similar in there approach.the only time it works is if noble plays in front of them with a free role.

    cant help but think the 40 points mark had a huge bonus attached to it.they are all on a bous to finish in the top half but as soon as we hit 40 its gone pear shaped.

    any chance we can off load a few of these sick notes ? i know on there day dyer and so on can be great but we need more concistancy(spelt right?).

  15. Matthew says:

    Finally people agree with me that quite a few players are well below the standard required to push on. I got slated on here 2 months ago for saying Mullins was a championship player, i was told he was a class act and one of our best players. Im sorry to say that some of our fans seem to be living in the 80’s, when a class player was some one who could run a lot,… He has a touch like a brick wall. If we really want to be a TOP club, matching the ambition others we need to players to do that, please, we are in the 2008!!! We need some continental class, some one with a killer pass, not another midfield engine, or Ray Wilkins!

  16. Andy says:

    I’d give all the player’s one point each for turning up.
    That is the most boring game I’ve ever seen with our defence constantly looking towards back passing every time. I’ve never been so frustrated watching our players walking around the pitch especially as I watched the high paced, frenetic Liverpool vs Arsenal game right after. Chalk and Cheese.

  17. richo says:

    Sick of hearing Curbs moaninig about the injuries this season and how we’ve done well considering, I’t doesn’t seem he has the management skills to motivate and instill passion in the lads.

  18. Carlos Tabrez says:

    About time you said something good about LBM Iain. You were almost getting personal with your bashing of him. I think you have more of a responsibility than you realise. There are fans that take the opinions that are expressed on this site onto the terraces, consciously or sub-consciously.

    Let’s give him a break so he’s not constantly thinking about what he’s doing in case the crowd get on his back but let him play with instinct. It’s true he has not yet fulfilled his potential for us but I can remember how dangerous he was for Fulham….it got him into the Portugal side.

    Now that CURBISHLEY is playing 4-4-2, LBM can stay on the left in a defined role making it a lot more simple for him. He doesn’t have the added pressure of trying to act as a second striker.

  19. Eric says:

    I know some say compared to last year this is a vast improvement and it is. But there is nothing wrong with wanting my club to win. Every week it’s ” We’ve got to get back in there, The boys are all ready to have a go and get some points” They come flying out of the gate and something just happens and they lose steam.

    I don’t think they have really had a chance to get used to each other with the injuries and different line ups every week. But they need to start showing some finesse. It seems that so many clubs we play have some sort of strategy and they can play as a team. I love my West Ham and there is no other side i could ever support but i get envious of other clubs team work.

  20. L09!CZ says:

    agree 1000% eric…

    spot on

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