Lucas Neill: Stay or Go?

I know I am not alone in being underwhelmed by the performances of Lucas Neill this season. He has been inconsistent and at times downright foolhardy. I reckon he has cost us a shed load of goals by going absent without leave. He talks a good game but hasn’t lived up to his reputation. If we are to shed some high wage earners in the Summer there’s a good argument for letting him go. In my opinion Jonathan Spector and John Pantsil are more than up to filling that position. Spector, while not the finished article, is a really promising young player who rarely puts a foot wrong. He may not be the marauding, attacking right back we have been used to over the years, but there’s a real element of Steve Potts like consistency in his game.There, you wanted a bit of controversy! What do you think?


49 Responses to Lucas Neill: Stay or Go?

  1. rob says:

    i think he’s keeping the skippers armband warm for when Parker is fully fit. Neal is no West Ham captian, let alone a right back. i think he is over rated, and yes, give Pantsil a go.

  2. Sas says:

    Lucas Neill must go! He is an absolute waste of space.. I get embarrased watching him and thinking he’s our captain

  3. bored from chigwell says:

    Are you potty,Spector tries and does hes best but is never going to be good enough,an American dailly! Neill is overweight like most our squad,get in a proper manager and a fit Neill will be worth hes place.pNot seen enough of Pantsil,seems average.The whole squad is unfit,a shambles by Curbishley.Must be serving pie and mash in the canteen,Nani sort it out!

  4. Tom says:

    spector – ‘rarely puts a foot wrong’, did you not see the portsmouth match?!?!

  5. Chris Ufton says:

    While exhibiting excellent positional sense and thereby able to foil a traditional approach down the wing, Lucas doesn’t react to well to more astute runs through the inside left route. He is often cool under pressure and can place a difficult forward pass that initiates a counter attack, but is so sure of his ability to do this that he gets caught in possession (once nearly every game) in areas where top clubs often make you pay. Crucially he heasn’t got that ‘never say die’ attitude that McCartney, Noble and Parker consistently show by throwing themselves into crucial blocks and lunging last man tackles that so often prevent a goal or cut out an incisive pass. As a captain he represents the club well in the press and always seems calm under pressure, but he rarely lead by example on the pitch. Other players’ good performances are entirely down to their level of commitment and skill, not to Neil’s commanding leadership – of which there is only sporadic evidence. A cynic might say he didn’t go to Liverpool because he knows his own value, and that is not up to Champions League Level. He’d be a good reserve, but he wouldn’t accept that and he’s paid to highly anyway – if we are to believe the press reports of how much he receives. So, if we want to use what funds we have well and get into Europe – YES, he must go.

  6. paul says:

    as spurs were rightly singing HES JUST A FAT AUSSIE W****R

  7. Liam says:

    Lucas Neill is a quality right-back who has seriously under performed this season, again he speaks well off the pitch about west ham to the press but on it has failed to live up to the captains armband! Through no fault of his own, he isnt the type of player who can spark west ham into life, thats more a job for a skillful or 110% commited player who would die for the cause in the claret and blue. Scott Parker a fantastic leader but not always going to be fit enough to play, Mark Noble ideal candidate his 200% commitment and never say die attitude is exemplery for his age of 20, he is game by game maturing into a captain and team player more than anyone, plus a West Ham fan himself he naturally is a fans favourite and gets them going.
    Is Lucas Neill’s time at the club coming to an end? Who knows but constant rumours in the papers are linking us with a £10M sensational swoop for Brescia RB Marco Zambelli, who i have watched a few times this season and has the ability to play at Champions League Level and be a regular at the Italien National side suceeding Massimo Oddo to the role.
    A desperate overhaul of the squad is needed in the summer, the recent portsmouth match was a clear example of many players not working for their pay cheques, Scott Parker, George McCartney, Anton Ferdinand, Jonathan Spector and many iron fans will be critical of this but yes Boa Morte gave 100% for the irons and deserved his due in that respect, he has came under alot of criticism thus far this season but still continues to work hard for the cause and try and win back the Hammers faithful!
    Great Column

  8. chris says:

    Its late I’m just home from work,have to reply to this blog iain.As Ive always said he is pants!!!!far to slow for a fullback,if he gets turned he just pulls shirts,faubert should be given a go he played that position in france,he has the pace to cope with the best forwards ,does he have the brains hope so!!!cant agree with you about spector man utd wouldnt let a good player go,would they?

  9. Prince H says:

    I think he has done OK goin forward in some games, but is too often on his backfoot. I know he knows that he is too slow for a fullback, but I can’t understand why he then don’t gets assured of his position on the pitch. He is too often too far away from “his” players.
    I’m not impressed by him as a Captain. At least not what you see on the pitch (which is not everything). Bein 0-3 down in games and not showin anger and/or commitment, pushin other players is a bit weak. He seems to be a nice bloke though.
    I would have Noble as captain, but if he is considered too young (with all the pressure like NRC had) I’d go for Ljungberg.

  10. sean says:

    we must be watching a totally different team,spector is v v average to say the least and pantsil in curbs words is not a right back he is like a headless chicken,he mite be able to atack but he certainly can’t defend did you not watch the african nations!.I agree neil is overated and could lose a bit of weight but believe me spector or pantsill are not adequote replacements!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. richo says:

    Chris Ufton summed up Neill pretty well, he does play some nice forward passes, just needs to be more present at the back. I don’t think we have enough depth in defence to let him go though. Paul why don’t you p##s off to a spuds site you wank.

  12. Big Casino says:

    It’s been a difficult season for Neill. Last year he was instrumental in keeping us up. He brought with him a great desire and determination, and his performances, whilst not mind-blowing, were very inspirational; you only have to listen to Mark Noble’s comments when he was interviewed on the pitch straight after the Man Utd game, in which he stated things changed for the better when the ‘big man’ came in – he brought belief into a side and a squad that was completely lost and headed one way only – down! He also orted out and held together a young, inexperienced and relatively untried back four, in himself, Anton, Collins and McCartney. So for all of those reasons he has to be commended.

    However I agree 100% that his performances this year have been poor – in fact he has probably been one of our biggest under-achievers – though I do think in recent weeks and months he has started to show signs of what he is about. As to whether he should remain captain – that’s a very tough question – I think as a leader, there is no one better at the club than Lucas Neill – I don’t see the leadership skills Neill has got in Parker or Upson – however if you’re talking about ability – I’m not sure I like the idea of his place being unchallenged because he is captain. I’d still definitely have him ahead of Spector and Pantsil (one of which I would look to sell in the summer) – but I would like to see some proper comptetion bought him to challenge him, the same with George at left back.

    What I would say is, if you were to take the cpataincy away from him, then I don’t see a future for him at the club, as I suspect he would see it as a lack of faith in himself as a player – and if a player doesn’t feel he has the faith of the manager, then I think he is likely to move on – especially someone of Lucas’ character.

  13. colney says:

    ide be happier with anton there and make him play every week so he gets the job right. we have enough centre backs and neil is unfortunatly a poor defender.even going forward i never feel comfortable as he will loose the ball and cant get back in time.

    fow sumed it up.fat,yes ozzy yes and to much time knocking one out looses your legs so yes all 3.

    can we please get the whole team in early and get them fit for next season.

  14. arthur says:

    I think there has been a huge question mark over Lucas this season. Firstly as a captain he does not appear to have or show a leaders credentials. I dont recall him speaking,shouting or encouraging others during our recent 4-0 blitz. As a player he sometimes pushes too far forward without checking he is covered leaving us vunerable to the counter attack, in fact on several occaisions this season Solano has covered his arse by backtracking for him. he gets caught to often and resorts to easily to a shirt tugging option. Replace him I am not sure but I would look to bring in somebody good to challenge for his place as apart from youngsters we dont have anyone else at the club

  15. Mark says:

    Whilst Lucas Neil has not performed as well as he should, he is still a proven right back where as Jonathan Spector looks like a fish out of water whenever I have watched him. He was appalling against Portsmouth and does’nt look anything like a premiership footballer. John Paintsil was brought in for that position, and has not really been given a chance. I am not that impressed with Parker either, as he tends to want to beat players not once, but twice, and gives the ball away too much. If you are going to be flash, at least have something to back it up.

  16. pjd says:

    lucas neil has had a poor season but then so have most other players.paintsil is rubbish and spector is not a right back.getting back to neil,i think he wanders too much and when ljunberg is playing who also wanders,we have a big gap on the right side.neil has to be more discliplined positionally.coming foward he passes well .as for club captain i would give it to for culling the squad,paintsil,quashie,boa morte,davenport,bowyer to go.maybe also cole and zamora and bring in one decent striker.also a left sided midfielder who actually takes on opponents and can cross,are you reading etherington.if bellamy can get fit i think he will do well for us,as might dyer.heres hoping eh

  17. JackHammer says:

    I think the squad lack fitness, from Neill at the back to Ashton up front, I know they are easy targets but it is across the whole squad, whether it is diet or training or off pitch lifestyle I don’t know, but perhaps a Ramos style shake up with double training might do it. It is the apparent lack of energy, passion and guile at home which is doing in the fans heads, I agree a few will have to pack their bags this summer to get the balance correct, but only a few!

  18. John says:

    Yeah Lucas Neil was good last season but most players are when they first come to West Ham because they are still enjoying the mental and physical fitness of their previous club.
    Neil does not look as fit as he should be, and for this reason alone I would out him. For the money he is being paid he should make sure he is a 100% fit at all times
    Curbishly has an overall responsibility for a players fitness and mental attitude he is obviously failing with this and for that reason he should go as well.
    Saying the players are tired is taking the piss out of the supporter’s. I am seventy one and still have to work 40 hours a week. Playing football mostly for only ninety minutes a week forty or so weeks a year plus a few mornings training and getting paid more a week than most of us earn in a year what a doddle. It totally pisses me off when Curbishly excuses the chronic performances we pay a lot of money to see by saying the players are tired. If that is the case none of them would have survived my life.

  19. Josh says:

    Get Repka back, at least he knew when to kick players up the air to get the crowd going.

  20. Doc H Ball says:

    Neill’s had a poor season no question. However, we should remember that until recently he was a central part of a steady defence and that when we had a settled back 5, we could cover for his occassional walkabouts. With the plague having struck down all our wide right players, he’s also had nobody really in front of him meaning he has to come forward, which is hardly his strong point.

    That said, he’s not worthy of being skipper and he’s not worth a fraction of his reported wages. I’d much prefer to have had Glenn Johnson back and we missed out on a good bit of business there (again).

    Make Parker captain and buy another right back to put pressure on him. As for Pantsil being a better full back, are you remotely serious? He a laugh at best but an utter liability anywhere near the defence.

    What the hell is Prince H on? His posts are normally sound but I think he’s just taken some acid. Ljunberg as captain? I’m sick of that wasters mystery injuries and 5 minute performances. It’s the like of him that we need to offload pronto.

  21. supernumbersix says:

    Go. Please go.
    He’s captained more Quantas flights than WHU this season. It’s definitely affected his performances this term. Thank you very much for last years run – in but can you please take your large pay packet and go now.

    Sorry but my ‘glass half full’ attitude, even during our 3 game 12 goals against, nightmare is well and truly exhausted now. The glass is most certainly half empty after recent performances, injuries, an inability to score goals etc etc I wish the season could finish tomorrow. Even last years ‘never again thank you’ rollercoaster trip was more uplifting. I think we’ve even blown our ‘titanic’ struggle with Spuds for that magical 10nth spot. Bolton have to win, nothing says to me they won’t, Newcastle are on fire and Owen will turn us over no doubt I reckon even Reo Joker will have the last laugh as Villa push for the European spot and does anyone fancy us against ManUre at Old Trafford this season with the prem looking like it’s going to the wire??
    Got to find myself a bucket of sand to stick my head in.

  22. Harry D Hammer says:

    You’re forgetting one very important thing…………… what team is going to pay him the wages he’s currently on? Answer = nobody. And what are the chances he will leave for less money? Answer = zero. Therefore he will stay, unless West Ham pay up his contract. Yes, I know I’m being cynical, but let’s see if I’m wrong…..

  23. James Hatfield says:

    I sit in BML and see Lucas Neill play badly so often this season it is beyond me why Curbs does not change him. As mentioned above he is very overwight and leaves enough room for a bus to maneavour because he has does not have the speed to react. I do not care how good he is in front of the press, quite simply his primary job is to defend and has consistently performed badly in this role. His only saving grace is he can place a good forward ball and has ability to support forward play but useless at tracking back. Mt opinion is remove him from starting line up’s.

  24. Liam says:

    I feel that Neil still has a lot more to offer West Ham. He was the most consistent player last season, which was overseen by the heroics of Tevez, Green, Noble and Collins towards the end of the season. I don’t feel that either Panstil or Spector have the quality to fill the problematic right back position. I think that Curbishley has a couple of options; one being to sell all three (Neil, Panstil and Spector) and invest in a decent player, Glen Johnson maybe, or he could sell Panstil and Spector and show some faith in a player who’s history has a good record of premiership football and use the money raised to by a young, promising right back from say the championship.

    I do not know what option I would take as I do like Neil as a player, for his calm and attacking qualities. Without him we would not of scored some of the goals we have this season. He put the through ball for Ashton to set up Sears against Blackburn, and also the cross for Ashton’s header against Everton. However, I feel that Glen Johnson is a far better player and would love to see him return to Upton Park. It is a tough one for Curbishley.
    Good debate though.

  25. Roshi says:

    I think we will all be surprised by the coming and goings at the end of this season. I just sense a lack of ease with everyone around the club, as if they all feel there is some secret agenda, may be totally wrong of course.
    By the way Iain thought your performance on telly was great! trust you had your Hammers boxers on?

  26. L09!CZ says:

    Lucas Neill is definetly WAY below the £75,000 a week he earns. I think he is way 2 average and often gets beat by left midfielders in almost every game. I don’t see why he is made captain as he is not 110% committed like Noble or Parker and doesn’t throw himself into challenges like Mcartney, Ferdinand or Upson does. Although he is composed with the ball it is evident that all he does with it is play the long ball 2 the big man upfront eg. Cole, Ashton. Spector is promising and Pantsil is probably the most attacking of the 3. A foriegn young class right back is needed. Example, Man City brought Corluka an unknown, or Arsenal buying Bacary Sagna, both promising and still young. With our new Technical Director, this should be the case with us. Zamora, Bowyer, Boa Morte, Neill, Walker, out.

  27. Iain,

    I have always respected your comments but this time I must say I think you are having a lend of us if you think Spector and Pantsil are better options than Lucas Neill. Sure Neill hasn’t had one of his best seasons, but he hasn’t been as bad as you have portrayed him.
    He seems very committed to the cause and sometimes when given the responsibility of leading a club, especially a great club like West Ham, your can sometimes have too much pressure on your shoulders and not perform to your maximum potential.
    Neill is a very good defender and we are privileged to have him.
    Let this season pass, let him have a year as captain and let him show his true colours next season.

    Please Iain, have a re-think on this one!

  28. Upton Spark says:

    I am by no means sticking up for Lucas,but it may well be that;
    1; He has had a few injuries(and played through some)
    2; He has done a lot of travelling with the Ausie Team
    3; He’s not used to playing alongside such quality players as ours(Joke)
    I think he is definately overpaid,but so are a lot of others.
    Let’s give him a chance next year,then get rid if no good.

  29. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Manager’s fault – Last few games we’ve had our center backs out but he players SPECTOR there and leaves NEIL at right back. Why not move him in the middle (where he has played before) with FERDINAND so he is less exposed to pace and play SPECTOR at right back.

    I don’t think he’ll be a regular next season….will go in January. PANTSIL is better going forward than SPECTOR who is still young but I wouldn’t mind either.

  30. pally says:

    niell is crap end of
    thets give paintsil ago
    get rid of niell and bring in some better players
    and PARKER 4 SKIPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. andy hornchurch posse says:

    i think he has to go. in my opinion his rambling to the press and on the official website are his way around performing on the pitch. he just don’t have the minerals. picks out a good pass here and there, but balls to that, if we are to proceed we need this position filled with a quality player, and to reflect someones comments earlier, i think Faubert is worth a crack. we don’t know a lot about him yet but he is young and fast and played there before. and the obvious plus is that we already have him so wont have to fork out a fortune on another player.
    so in closing, Neill out surely

  32. John says:

    I rate Neill, BUT……. he has had a poor season in comparison to his high standards. Is his best behind him?


    Spector – just not convinced.

    Pantsil – Not sure why Pardew even bought him.

    Answer – think we need to buy in a talented youngster to push Neill for his place. Let Pantsil and Spector go in the summer. Along with Deano unless he bucks his ideas up. He still looks slow and dis-interested (saw it firast hand in the pompey game). Too many unchallenged headers for the defenders gave them an easy ride when a good striker would have made the near post run, for a tap-in, when bobby cut the ball back. I can only assume blisters were playing up again as subbing him instead of lazy boy wasa mistake in my opinion. Maybe bobby faded due to lack of matches but i would have kept him on – at least he showed some spark. It was the bobby show for the first half an hour – almost everything good involved him.

    Oh, and – come on Alan – time to give up on LBM. I’d rather see one of the youngsters!

  33. NELLY says:

    I think Neill is shite. Dailly could’ve done a better job this season

  34. Dan says:

    After playing very well at the end of last season Lucas Neill has, this season, been pretty much useless.

    I wonder if some of that was down to him playing all of last summer with Australia and not getting a decent break.

    Hopefully there is a chance of improvement. But even so, there is a strong case for replacing him.

    But Spector?? SPECTOR!??!! Dear me. The boy is an accident waiting to happen.

    Don’t ever mention Spector and Steve Potts in the same sentence EVER again.

    And PANTSIL !?!?! Now I know you’re on a wind up.

  35. PeteH says:

    I’ve got a theory on why Upson has missed the few games. I think he’s beardyman (human beatbox) and he’s popped up a few times in the US over the last month 🙂

    But on a more serious note I think we need more competition in the full back positions. Maybe if we had more quality pushing Neill for his position it would raise his performance levels. As for Spector and Pantsil both need to be shown the door along with half of the squad.

    We seem to have alot of average Premiership players in the squad and if we want to jump up the league than we need more quality. I’d definately show the door to the following:

    Gabbidon – not going to get regular football
    Ljungberg – way past his best
    Cole – done well this season, but is still a donkey
    Pantsil – from what i’ve seen definately not good enough
    Spector – i don’t think i need to comment
    Quashie – if he’s still alive?
    Boa Morte – Poor excuse for a player
    Davenport – Never going to play for us again

    Get a good pre-season behind Ashton, Bellamy, Parker, Dyer, Faubert, Etherington and we the basis of a good team. Adding to that the young-uns coming through and a few good signings and I think we can make the progression to the Uefa chases.

    My main worry is that Curbs will let Ashton go in the summer…..! NOOOOOOO

  36. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Big Casino summed it up well imo.

    Just one question. Do you think it will be easy to offload him considering his wages and his performances this season?

  37. L09!CZ says:

    I am not sure about Ljungberg Pete. Put some good attacking players around him and he’ll be back 2 his best although i see where your coming from because our wage bill needs 2 be cut. Alot of overpaid donkeys in the side who i dont need 2 mention. 6th spot next year.

  38. colney says:

    sell the lot after loosig today ! this has to change before we let the yids take over tenth.

    there has to be massive changes or were heading for another season fighting relegation next year.its so clear that nani better be doing his stuff right now.

  39. chris says:

    what about writing a blog on this one iain!! our problems up front.
    since I was a kid west ham have always had a problem up front, apart from the cottee and maca era,after that we have always had striker problems,never wanting to spend big in the area that really counts,after 1988 we had everyones vets chapman etc,then we had redknapps in and out policy of many average strikers,then we had the last chance saloon attempt with hartson kitson,which worked of course,thank god.then we had striker problems with roeder the season we went down,i remember at one stage we had pearce up front,ok i know di canio was a plus point,but thats it,and so here we are again same old problem! injuries blah blad blad what ever I’m sick of it,we will finish 12 this season.

  40. Dan says:

    You got your wish. Today both Pantsil AND Spector played, while Lucas Neill was absent.

    And surprise surprise both were effing hopeless. Especially Spector who (you’re not gonna believe this, I know) was a walking accident who was hugely culpable for Bolton’s crappy winner, as well as several other cock ups.

    “Spector, while not the finished article, is a really promising young player who rarely puts a foot wrong”

    Jesus wept.

  41. Matthew says:

    Is it just me or has this season been the worse for a long time! Even our recent 2 year stint in the Championship was more exciting, is this what we have to expect under the curbs era for the upcoming season or our we going to take a risk and get either Billic or Mancini in, i do like Curbs as a manager and he has steady the ship after the Bently boy era but to get to the next level we need a manager to see us there, someone to inspire our players. I have read lots of quotes from Tezez, he said that Curbs didn;teven talk to him or the team, mmmm, bit worying.

    Nani please rescue us!!

  42. IronDane says:

    Pantsil played even worse than neill in the defence today. sack them both. sack spector. sack curbs.

  43. L09!CZ says:

    i agree with you matthew we are just downright boring. Curbs is just not a manager people want 2 play 4 eg. Wenger, Ferguson, O’neil, Redknapp

  44. Jamie says:

    lucas niell isnt dat bad we need a new left back reli nicky shorey maybe sell specter and use john painstill as cover but curbs loves specter he signed him on loan at charlton. would love 2 see a new manger at west ham curbs is so poor under harry redknapp n alan pardew we played sum great football he is jus doin wot he was doin at charlton mid table position. MARK NOBLE 4 CAPTAIN

  45. DevoDevo says:

    Lucas Neill has to play because, like LBM, Curbishley paid big money for him and he earns a \king’s ransom.

    Not only has he cost us coountless pens (and got away with some), I would hazard a guess that he has cost us a lot of goals – as teams frequently target him. He’s overweight, slow and prone to getting caught in possession on the halfway line when the team is commited to going forward.

    Not only should he not be captain, he shouldn’t be in the team, but like others have said Paintsil and Spector are not really good enough (although I would still plump for Spector over him).

    I think Anton could make a decent right back and said so on here early in the season.

    This season is so typical of Curbishley that I really hope he gets sacked before it is finished.

    I would also question is back up staff. Something at the club must be seriously wrong with the number of injuries that have been sustained. It’s no coincidence that decent first half performances are frequently followed by abject second halves.

    Despite his injury list he still refuses to start with youngsters. How can you play Spector in front of Tomkins when there is nothing to play for?

    As for the captain’s armband, there is only one outstanding candidate, Scott Parker. Parker has shown that, should he stay fit (a big ask at our club), he has the ability to force his way back into the England side.

    Curbishley out, Bilic in.

  46. SurreyFox says:

    I’m not a fan of Neill. His positional sense reminds me too much of Konchesky, i.e. non-existent.

    DevoDevo, I too reckon that Anton could make a decent right back, but another option for me would be to change the formation.

    If all our squad were fit (which I know is a big IF), with so many decent midfielders, and no decent full back on either side (sorry Linda), personally I would play 3 at the back of Anton, Upson and Gabbidon (an excellent reader of the game IMO).

    That would then allow:
    – Noble and Parker to sit in the middle, to either protect the defence or play the killer balls
    – Matty and Faubert to maraud down the flanks
    – Dyer to sit behind front two
    – Ashton and Bellamy up front, although could interchange with Dyer

    I’m not sure whether to give the skipper’s armband to Upson, Parker or Green

    My 7 man subs bench would then be:
    – Wright or Jimmy
    – Ginge or Davenport (I’m one of the few people that actually think that he’s not a bad player, and has been badly judged on one bad performance at a time when the whole team were playing sh*te – remember his first stint at the club?)
    – Linda
    – Sears
    – Mullins or Bowyer
    – 2 of Freddie, Nobbie, Cole or Bobby

    No place in my squad for LBM, Neill, Spector, Quashie, Pantsil, and never will there be

    Tomkins and Collison aren’t quite there yet, but will ably fill in when the injuries pile up again

  47. Simon says:

    Sorry Iain, you are very much only half right with this one. Neill does look like a liablility and a yard off and I wouldn’t be too upset to see him go, but to see him replaced by either Spector or Pantsil would be a step backwards in my opinion. In Spector, well, you rarely see Fergie let a good player go, but he did, an average Premiership player at best. Pantsil seems like a lovely fella, but his distribution and reading of the game are jsut not good enough. Get rid of all 3 and get someone else in!

  48. Hammer Down Under says:


    A few obervations from a fan in Aus.

    Yeah Lucas hasnt had a good year and he does look like he needs to lay off the hamburgers, but how do you gel with a backline that changes week in/week out?

    Will getting rid of Lucas, Freddie and Dyer really help the cause??? Perhaps the club could stick these guys on performance based contracts? We have them in the Aussie Rules code (oval ball). Players get a base wage then a bonus for how well they play. i.e goals scored (forwards), goals conceded (defenders) and effective possessions (midfielders).

    Surely LBM, Pantsil and Spector have to go. If defenders are needed go with Tompkins and Spence.

    Is Curbs’ style to boring and conservative? Its not fun to watch sometimes when your waiting up until midnight to watch the game.

    How come Solano doesnt start when he’s fit?

    Why not start with Cole and Sears? Sears is full of energy and Cole (although nowhere near as skilful) is a lot fitter than Ashton and works harder because he’s playing for his next contract. He has to impress or he’ll get the boot.

    It would be a shame if he left because West ham has a bit of a following in Aus
    because of Lucas. Like Everton because of Cahill. Nobody (especially kids) are not just following Dukes and Harry anymore.

    Any thoughts?

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