A Message for Frank Lampard & Family

There are times when old enmities go out the window, and this morning is one of them. Nothing matters more in life than the health of your family, so Frank Lampard’s race to be at his mother’s hospital bedside last night – thereby missing the Wigan game for Chelsea – was not only totally understandable, but laudable. The Lampards are a very close knit family and if you’ve read his autobiography, you will know how close to his mother Frank is . Mrs Lampard, according to the papers this morning, has conracted pneumonia and is in a very serious condition.

I hope all readers of this blog will join me in wishing her well and sending the whole Lampard family our best wishes.


94 Responses to A Message for Frank Lampard & Family

  1. SD says:

    All the best to the Lampard family from I would hope all true Irons

  2. Completely agree Frank snr is an old sparing partner who i respect a lot. I hope very much Mrs Lampard gets better very soon.

  3. Bernie says:

    Of course, totally agree with your sentiments Iain, get well soon Mrs Lampard.

  4. James Brock says:

    Very much agreed, and i hope this give alot of West ham fans (Me being one) a sense of perspective.

  5. Rob says:

    Good for you mate. Nice to see that you boys can bury the hatchet every now and then.

  6. Glenn says:

    Best wishes to all the family. Puts it all into perspective doesn’t it?

  7. Jack Baker says:

    Totally agree.

    Get well soon Mrs Lampard!

    Best Wishes.

  8. All true West Ham fans should put their negative thoughts about Frank Lampard to one side and wish his mother a successful recovery. Our thoughts are with Frank and Family.

  9. Mark says:

    We all hope Mrs Lampard makes a speedy recovery

  10. luc Bailey says:

    get well soon mrs lamps!

  11. jon.london colney says:

    nice touch,all the best to the lampards.

  12. Kim says:

    I had not read the papers so thank you Iain. A loving family is the most important thing in life. Best wishes to the whole Lampard family and I really hope that Mrs Lampard gets well soon.

  13. Damien Lucas says:

    All the best Frank, your actions and words towards us since you left the club have been nothing short of disgraceful, and have never been properly highlighted by the media in an attempt to show people why we ‘HATE’ you like we do, but as Dale says, these times put things into perspective.

    Your dad was a great servant to this club, the club which gave you your big break in football, and you too were a good player for us, hope everything turns out ok, be nice for you to come out and apologise for your actions towards us at some point too.

  14. Pat says:

    Went to school with Frank, Mrs Lampard was always lovely, get well soon.

  15. Ronamatroid says:

    Fully agree with all these comments. All genuine West Ham fans must appreciate all that the Lampards have done for our club. Get well soon Mrs L

  16. Roy says:

    Sincerely hope she pulls through ok.

  17. bryan says:

    get well soon mrs lampard…our best wishes to you and frank snr(true hammer)

    no comment on frank lampard jnr as i think of him as i always have done since he brought shame on his west ham supporting family with his disgraceful actions and words to west ham fans.never forgive or forget.this different matter altogether.

  18. RapidHammer says:

    Best wishes from Austria for a speedy recovery, Mrs Lampard!

  19. Jamie Ross says:

    All the best to the Lampard family and I hope that Mrs Lampard fully recovers!!
    Also hope also that one day that Frank Junior aplogises to the West Ham faithful, And stops kissing that badge!!

  20. Nigel Bailey says:

    From a West Ham fan I wish her a speedy recovery and good wishes to the worried family.

  21. Hayden says:

    Really hope she pulls through.

    Lampard was always a favourite of mine while he was at West Ham – one of my favourite kits (the 99-00 Fila home shirt) was graced by his name…

    ANYWAY – as well as hoping she gets better I also hope he at least sees and respects that us West Ham fans have this sentiment. Like someone said it puts things into perspective – it’s a shame he didn’t have the class of people like Joey Cole and get a similar welcome on his returns to Upton Park.. a big shame! BUT… c’est la vie I guess.

    Hope she has a speedy recovery!

  22. John says:

    Agreed. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mrs L.

    I realise that WHUFC were less than fair with their treatment of Harry & Frank Sr, but what did WE ever do to Junior? It’s not our fault he’s a Junior, or that he had a little puppy fat when he first played, nor that he can’t displace Steve G in the national team. So, why exactly does he hate us so much?

    It’s funny that a player who was brought up a true hammer should end up so twisted. I, like many other fans I’m sure, do not hate him in return. I feel sorry for him – yes, he’s won a few medals with Chelski (the gravy boat continues, for now!), but when he eventually leaves them I doubt he will ever get the same reception at the Bridge that almost all ex-hammers get at Upton Park. Let alone one of our own. The Pompey game, for example – with both Glen and David getting a very friendly cheer.

    I would say one thing though – would all hammers stop booing him at Upton Park – it only makes him raise his game! There’s a thought – get Capello to pick Frank and then fill the stadium with Hammers who boo him & see him score a hat-trick for England – any chance ?!?!?!?!?

  23. supernumbersix says:

    Best wishes to to Mrs L and the whole family including the Redknaps as I believe Harry is married to Mrs L’s sister??

  24. Paul Bonham says:

    Agree. Best wishes to all the family. Get well soon Mrs Lampard.

  25. Nick says:

    I sang and cheered for his dad and for him, now I want to give the best to his mum. Good luck from a five generation WHU family to all the lamps.

  26. Blue for ever says:

    Yours are very nice thoughts about the Lampards. Whilst I am sure that you yourself still hasa softspot for Frank, I am not quite sure about the West Ham supporters, because I can still recall the booing that went on whenever Lampard or Joe Cole took possession of the ball the last time Chelsea met West Ham at Upton Park. But anyway, it’s not the time for this. Wish the Lampard family all the best, and I hope that his mother gets well. Moreover, I have to say that I admire the West Ham fans for their noisy (obviously heartfelt) support that they give their team both at home and away games. Great club, wonderful supporters, well done.

  27. Westham Wayno says:

    Totally Agree,

    Lets not foget they have both been great servents for the claret and Blue Army in the past regardless of who or where there loyalties lie now. Its time to forget the local rivalry and consider what really matters.

    All the best Mrs L here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

    Frank Jr and Snr all the best.

    West Ham Wayno

  28. geoff says:

    I’m sure every Football supporter wishes a speedy full recovery to Frank’s mum. Also our thoughts are with all the family at this time.

    A West Ham fan.

  29. richo says:

    best wishes from downunder Mrs Lampard.

  30. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    May God bless the Lamp’s and our realisation that footy is supposed to be ‘sport’ …not a vengeful excuse to vent unhappiness and personal dissatisfactions. Amen.

  31. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    (Iain, your clock is not yet on BST)

  32. HammerRon says:

    Hope you get well soon mrs Lampard

  33. LeonRivers says:

    I wish a speedy recovery to Mrs Lampard.

    Get well soon.

  34. imaG says:

    Hope she gets better


  35. Darren!! says:

    Get welll soon franks mum!!! Best wishes to Frank and Frank Jnr during this difficult time ur still sort of part of our claret and blue family at least we dnt all admit it when we play chelsea, but football aint important during these times!!

  36. Get well, Mrs Lampard

  37. pjd says:

    best wishes to frank snr and his wife,get well soon

  38. Nails says:

    My mother also had double pneumonia and was in a coma for several weeks, know what he and his family are going through …all to well.

    I wish you all the best Mrs Lampard and hope your well soon. And to Frank snr frank and family from a big hammers family all the very best wishes and gods speed!

  39. NELLY says:


  40. Dave says:

    Get well soon mrs Lampard

  41. Billymac says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with Frank snr and the rest of the Lampard family & their friends. My brother-in-law is a very good, long time friend & neighbour as well as business associate of Frank snr’s; there are times when old hostilities are put to one side, this is one of them; Let’s all hope & pray she pulls through. In God we trust Mrs L, complete and speedy recovery to you

  42. Billymac says:

    Thoughts and prayers are with Frank snr and the rest of the Lampard family & their friends. My brother-in-law is a very good friend and business associate of Frank snr’s; there are times when old hostilities are put to one side, this is one of them; Let’s all hope & pray she pulls through. In God we trust that she’ll make a full and speedy recovery

  43. edi hammer says:

    Things like this put football and all its shennaigans into perspective. All the best Mrs Lampard and the whole Lampard family.

  44. chris says:

    God bless to you all

  45. chris says:

    nelly thats not funny

  46. Horsey Hammer says:

    i want to wish ALL the lampards all the best and my prayers go out to MRS LAMPARD….

    there are times in life you have to put certain things to one side..
    this is one of them..

    no matter what i feel or think about Frank Lampard JR…
    i dont wish this kind of thing on anybody…..
    so once again i wish Frank Lampard Snr, Frank Lampard Jr and Mrs Lampard
    and the rest of the family all my thoughts and prayers…..
    and hope you make a fully and speedy recovery…

  47. OzzytheIron says:

    I don’t like Frank Lampard much, but can’t agree more that events like this totally put things into perspective. I very much hope Mrs. Lampard has a speedy recovery, and all the best to the whole family. Football dwarfs in comparison to the people’s health.

  48. Guvnor says:

    Best wishes to the Lampards, I am sure everything will be fine.

  49. Biffo the Bear says:

    I don’t know if any of these comments will reach the Lampard family but in case they do I’d like to say that football’s one thing and giving someone lot’s of stick, feeling a proper rivalry and enmity between us, is part of what football is about.
    And let’s face it,
    we don’t like Frank
    and Frank don’t like us.

    All that aside, I hope your mum gets better soon.

  50. Tony Glover says:

    To all you Happy Hammers – I find myself directed here from our Chelseablog. I was at the game last night and Frank was on the team sheet. I got a text from the club service with 3 mins to go that he had withdrawn. Nobody in SB knew the truth , but the suspicion from us typically cynical footie fans was a fallout with Grant or the rest of the CFC hierarchy over the long running contract issue.

    Whatever, this is a thanks from Chelseablog for putting to one side the enmity between the clubs and fans. We’re sure some of the players read our bleatings and hopefully they’ll pick up our best wishes for Frank, but to (most of the commenters here, thanks for being grown up, dignified and compassionate enough to show the real side of football fans.

  51. Steve Clarke says:

    Well done you lot, even you Nelly. Made me chuckle, anyway. I don’t know what you lot have against Frank Jr, though. When he played for you , you thought he was a waste of space! How come you still hate him now?

  52. South African Hammer says:

    Speedy recovery Mrs Lamps, from South Africa. Hope you are as tough as your ol’ man’s calf muscles!

    All the best

  53. johnny tabasco says:

    Good on the West Ham fans here. Seriously, puts perspective on everything. Could never imagine the Sperz of Liverpool fans doing the same. Good on you.

    Still dont know what Frank did, that Joey, Rio etc didnt mind you.

  54. KOT says:

    Just like to say i wish Frank & his family all the best in this difficult time.
    I for one think Frank was badly treated at the club & he could have been a great player for us, just look at what he has achieved at Chelsea, league titles, FA cups.
    I for one would welcome him back tomorrow.
    Kingston upon thames Iron.

  55. Lindy says:

    Nice. Thank you from Chelsea fans.

  56. barry r says:

    all the best mrs lamps, get better soon! you’ve still got claret and blue in your vains

  57. Upton Spark says:

    Frank Snr is a really nice man who alway’s had time for the fans at West Ham.
    His wife is also a nice lady so I hope all will be well very soon.
    Best wishes to all the Lampard’s.

  58. manuel & elia says:

    We all know what Frank junior did but no one likes anybody to fall ill get well mrs Lamps from all from W.H.U.F.C Adelaide South Australia fans

  59. redkipper says:

    All the best to Mrs Lampard hope you recover well, and to Frank snr best wishes I often sang your name in the Chicken Run.
    To Frank jnr – remember you only get one Mum.——————–She is more important than any money.
    ( I hope you also realize WHFC regards all its players as part of its family and respect is a two way thing)

  60. Raving Iron says:

    This not a time to express our feelings about Frank Jnr but to show our humanity to Mrs Lampard. We would not be sending our regards to his family if there were no feelings towards Frank Lampard snr, a great servant to the Irons for many a year, both on and off the pitch. Lets show Frank snr that he is holds respect from the West Ham fans and wish his wife a speedy recovery.

  61. WESTHAMWAYNE says:

    I hope this proves to frank and his family that it is only a football thing for Hammers Fans !! we hope you pull through !! Football is a passion for us fans but Family is just as important we hope you pull through mrs Lamps !! I wish we would just put it behind us all and call a truce aswell!! Frank will hopefully realise we really respect him for being a good footballer and wanting to better himself like the rest ! and i bet he would swap his money for his mums health like we all would!! All the best Mrs Lamps!!


  62. Vinay Yadav says:

    Thanks to all the WHFC fans from chelsea fans in India for showing their love towards franks family…. … I will pray my Gods for her fast recovery …

  63. Billericay Dickie says:

    Like just about every other West Ham fan, I can’t stand Lampard jnr but I do wish mum Lampard the fullest of recoveries and my thoughts are with ALL the Lampard family.

  64. Dave Howells says:

    Agree with all said I am 46 and remember Frank senior fondly (semi final against Everton dancing round the corner flag). Hope Mrs L gets well soon. Personally I feel no animosity towards Frank junior I think he was one of the best players to leave the club and the way we treated his dad left him with no choice. Chill out Frank we don’t all hate you !!

    Anyway my thoughts are with Mrs L right now !!

  65. Maroonmachine says:

    Best wishes and good luck to Mrs Lampard, Frank Snr and the whole Lampard family. Once a Hammer, always a Hammer. Can’t stand the booing, makes me proud that he’s doing well now.

  66. Henrique says:

    All the best! From a true blue fan!

  67. Frith da Hammer says:

    absolutely, get well soon mrs lampard, all our best wishes to the family. differences aside i always saw some of it as banter anyway.

  68. peter says:

    Our thoughts are with ALL of the Lampard family at this time, wishing Pat a speedy recovery. From all proper Hammers

  69. Hirsty says:

    Definately agree with all the sentiment here… My thoughts are with the Lampards of all ages at this time…
    As a die hard hammer who watched both play for us, any negativity about Junior is forgotten as he needs to focus on his family.
    I wish Chelsea FC would notice the sentiments here and pass them onto Frank

  70. Andy says:

    All the best to the Lampard family and a speedy recovery to Mrs Lampard.

  71. Ian Taylor says:

    Best wishes to the Lampards, having had my Father struggle over time with this illness I know how it feels , all the best

  72. charlie micallef says:

    best wishes to the lampards from malta

  73. Dennis Vincent says:

    i wish mrs lampard the very best of luck and hope she recovers soon. i used to play with frank snr in the west ham boys team. i gave up on football after being released and a short spell at leyton orient. i built frank snr’s wall for him at his house in romford and hes wife is a lovely lady.

    hope she gets well soon and the thoughts are with the lampard family until she makes a full recovery.

  74. hammer4life says:

    i want to wish mrs lampard well and hope she recovers really soon and the best all the best to the family

  75. e1 says:

    My families thoughts are with you and we wish you all well. life and humanity are more important than the colour of your shirt. god bless

  76. e1 says:

    My families thoughts are with you and we wish you all well. life and humanity are more important than the colour of your shirt. god bless

  77. hobbsy says:

    best wishes to the Lampard family

  78. whambam says:

    get well soon Mrs Lampard

  79. Tony McNulty says:

    All the very best wishes to the Lampard family at this worrying time and well done Iain for the posting.

  80. Martin Keech says:

    Ive never been comfortable with how far this hate thing has gone. Maybe now, is the time to put it to bed.Good luck Frank, I really hope everything turns out well.

  81. Tom says:

    Best wishes to the whole family and everyone concerned from a lifelong hammer.

  82. Jonny Mills says:

    Get well Mrs Lampard, hope you have a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with the Lampard family.

  83. Sean says:

    Gett well soon Mrs L – best wishes to the two Franks – keep yer chins up

  84. Tom says:

    Can I just ask, what exactly did Frank Junior do? He left the club, and now he loves Chelsea and kisses the badge even when at Upton Park, but apart from that, what has he said to make you all hate him so much more than any other player who leaves your club?

    All the best to Frank, Frank and Mrs Frank Snr and the whole Lampard family. Here’s hoping she pulls through.

  85. HammerBoy says:

    Good luck and get well soon Mrs Lampard. Best wishes and a speedy recovery.


  87. Helen Gittins says:

    Hi ,just heard the news about Franks mum. I Lost my mum12 years ago and I am in tears now about the news. I am a fanatical Man Utd /England/Football fan.
    All my thoughts go to Frank and his family.

  88. As a fellah from Sarrfend on mud now living in Leeds, me and my boys have followed the Lamps careers for years and they have given us massive amounts of enjoyment. In their hours of sorrow and grief, even as fellahs. we cry our hearts out for you, and hope that you will treasure the memories of such a wonderful Mum and lady for years and years to come. The joy of life suddenly means so very much irrespective of circumstance. Our thoughts are with you, on this so sad occasion in your life.
    KD633 and sons.

  89. Bob says:

    To Frank Snr & Frank Jnr and all the other members of the Lampard Family, Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of dear Pat, as a life long Hammers supporter it feels like grieving for one of your own, you must have many memories, treasure them forever, Bless u all, Bob.

  90. kay johnson says:

    I lost my daughter in a horrific fire last August 2007 and am so sorry that you have joined the “club” that noone should ever have to join. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. My thoughts and prays go out to you and your family and this most difficult and sad time. May the Angels hold you close… and wipe away your tears. I believe my duaghter and your mum are angels in heaven. God speed to your family.

  91. Li says:

    bless you~

  92. hoda says:

    im so sorry for frank and his family
    god bless you mrs par lampard!

  93. wannida says:

    Best wishes & Good luck to the Lampard Family
    ” Love U “

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