Proud of You

When I wrote the Lampard post below I must admit I wondered if it was wise. Part of me expected to have to delete half the comments made. I should have known better. It turned out that I only had to moderate one comment, and even that was marginal.

So thank you all for showing the best side of our club.It’s been much commented on on other football sites.

I am now going to print off the comments and send them to Frank Lampard via Chelsea.


8 Responses to Proud of You

  1. colney says:

    simply the best team and suporters in the world.coyi

  2. nr2iron says:

    I did’nt comment on the original article as there should be no reason not to hope mrs L recovers fully from her illness and it was refreshing to read many good wishes for her but her son has in the past abused his privalages and as long as the sun shines i will feel animosity towards him.

  3. Mike Greenhithe Kent says:

    This is great to see and proves that there are many more genuine supporters who know when to show compassion, rather than the few ignorant people who see fit to perpetuate the hatred. When hopefully FLJ’s mum makes her recovery, I’d like to think that he will take some time to read the messages of support from Hammers and make the effort to praise them via the various media. This may go a long way towards reducing the animosity when we play Chelski and also show maturity on his part – something which I think he needed to show before now.

  4. hammerron says:

    Simply the best supporters in the world:-)

  5. Frith da Hammer says:

    i must admit i was surprised and i expected a lot of bad responses to be honest. personally i think a lot of other clubs wouldnt have done the same, they take their rivalries too far to the point that it sickens me. it goes to show what a special club this is with so many true supporters.

  6. Roshi says:

    I will always have a soft spot for the Lampards, Frank snr in particular and I will tell you why.
    It was 1968 and for my 13th bithday treat my uncle took me to see my hero’s play Man Utd at Old Trafford, 1968 a one all draw.
    It was in the days when the team travelled home on the same train as the supporters and of course it wasn’t long before I found my way to their carriage. The boys were all having a beer and playing cards,( think of the names in there Hurst, Peters, Moore, Bonds, Brooking, Lampard, Redknapp what a team!)
    As you can imagine some 13 year old badgering for autographs was not on the agenda so off I trudged back towards my carriage, when Bobby Moore who was sitting with Ron Greenwood called me over and asked me why I was off so quick, can you believe it!
    After telling him the lads were to busy for autographs he personally took me down to each card school and a told them to sign my piece of paper, and they did, what a great man he was.
    On the way out of the carriage Frank Snr asked if I would like to sit with him and we chatted most of the way back to London. Frank told me to send him pictures etc. that I would like signed, wrote me a letter when he returned them and always had a word with me when I’d hang around the gates after a game. He was a great servant to the club and I always followed Frank jnr who was really a young man who emotionally was showing support for his Dad and his uncle who should never have been sacked. How many of those boo boys wouldn’t have done the same.
    There is a lesson here for our new superstars, I’m 53 now and can remember that day as if it was yesterday and I still have the piece of paper with that great team’s autographs on, Frank and Bobby made that day a birthday trip to remember.
    By the way my Uncle Joe who took me to that game, a lifelong Hammer in his 70’s who first took me to West Ham and still discusses every game with me is having a double heart bypass and valve replacement on Friday 25th April…please spare a thought for a real Hammer!

  7. king Ada says:

    Nice one Roshi. Me and you are the same age. Who that was at Elland Road that night will ever forget Frank Lampost Senior prancing round the corner flag? It was like watching your favourite Uncle being daft at Christmas after one too many. Frank Snr, like old Bonzo, were great old servants who deserved better. Best luck to Joe.

  8. DevoDevo says:

    Great story, Roshi – hoefully Iain will use it as the first in his new series of “meeting the players”.

    Good luck to your Uncle.

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