How Can I Get West Ham on Andrew Marr?

I’m reviewing the papers on BBC1 tomorrow morning (Sunday) from 9am on Sunday AM with Andrew Marr. Let’s hope we can win 9-0 so I can work a mention of West Ham into it!


6 Responses to How Can I Get West Ham on Andrew Marr?

  1. Biffo the Bear says:

    it’s easily done mate…….
    how’s this……
    “one thing that surprises me about the papers today Andrew is that none of them have mentioned West Ham United”

  2. Stu says:

    Are West Ham allowed to be mentioned on BBC? I thought MOTD only show them for 15 seconds unless we are playing a top 4 team. At least here in Australia I get to see loads of coverage thanks to us having an Aussie in the team.

  3. Nick Southgate says:

    You could always pick out a story on immigration (The Mail on Sunday will definitely have one ;>) then celebrate the gifted overseas footballers. I’m sure you will dexertously shoe-horn in a WHU reference with that. You might have to engineer it as I wouldn’t count on WHU setting the league alight on our current soporific showing.

    Good luck and don’t forget to wash behind your ears!

  4. Michael Wren says:

    Cool – perhaps you could mention me too as it’s my birthday!! 😉

  5. Westhamdave says:

    Like Gordon Brown, Alan Curbishley has a raft of excuses for his sides troubles. None of which are his own fault! How about that?

  6. Mac says:

    Good solid performance today Iain. Nothing too fancy, just delivered when necessary.

    Thought you could have got us on the show by drawing a cute link between Presser’s bulimia and gorging on the distinctly average fare dished up at Upton Park this season…

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