The Day I Met … Frank Lampard

After a crack of the dawn start we made our way from Upton Park on what can only be described as heap of junk towards the M4 and wait for it “Hereford in the cup” 73/74 season. First the driver got lost getting out of London and by the time the Heston services were looming every one was calling for a “comfort break”, not this driver (with his 10 year old daughter sat on the engine cover alongside him) we sailed straight past so that in his words “we could make up time” by the time we hit the Maidenhead turn off the troops were about to burst in a collective “weeathon” he finally stopped just off the motorway and we all ran into a field.

The rest of the journey was spent cruising at about 40 miles an hour, and kick off was looming, still miles away and only 40 mins to kick off, boy ‘o boy was this driver taking some serious stick (good job he had his daughter with him).

And then it happened we got lost on the outskirts of Hereford the game had kicked off the lads were going mad! finally got into the ground 20mins late. We lost 2-1 “how did that happen” and back to the coach for the long haul home. It turns out the coach has no heating, it’s raining and blow me the bloody windscreen wipers don’t work and the engine chugged as if it wanted to just die! it was a complete fiasco.

We finally made it to some services on the M4 and the we were all sitting down cupping a cup of tea trying to get warm, talking about another cup dream shattered by some wannabes from the depths of the football league when into the services walk the team and Frank Lampard came over to our table and in a very matter of fact way said “SORRY ABOUT THAT LADS”. To be honest I’ll never know who took more abuse that day the coach driver or poor old Frank, what I do know is, it was the last time I ever went on a supporters coach to an away game!



8 Responses to The Day I Met … Frank Lampard

  1. tom says:

    he’s a mug. you should have givern him a slap

  2. scott says:

    Bit of a long story just to tell us about Frank Lampard!
    But I suppose we remember the details well on ‘one of those days’!

  3. James Brock says:

    Well done Thomas

  4. Mac says:

    Given that Frank was always a man of few words, I actually like the contrast between the length of the story and his apology. Good post Roshi.

  5. chris says:

    THE DAY I PLAYED AGAINST frank jnr,Remember it well, it was at collier row,frank was only young,big lad looked quite ordinary really,done well for himself,good luck to him,hope mums alright.

  6. Billericay Dickie says:

    I met an embarrassed Gerogie Parris and a few of the West Ham players in TOTs in Southend once. It was the same saturday that West Ham had just lost 4-1 away to Barnsley, and Geroge Parris had been playing! It still baffles me how they managed to make it to Southend so quickly, but from what I remember they were more serious about going clubbing for their mate’s birthday than winning an FA cup game.

  7. Steve says:

    I first met Frank Lampard Snr at the ripe old age of 11 when Class 1A of Pretoria Boys School in Canning Town had its first day in the new school year. The last time I talked to him was when class 4X split up in mid 1964.

    There were only five of us, three from 4A, Frank, Terry Prince and myself, an Indian kid who could hardly speak English and a boy for 4D. 4X was an experiment for those staying on after the minimum leaving age. Frank was waiting to join West Ham, while Terry and I were waiting to join the Army.

    Frank was far better at cricket then football, whereas Terry and myself were the school chess team.

    Frank lived about 100 yards from our house with his parents and sister Gwen. He is a nice bloke, which is as good a compliment as you can get

  8. Roshi says:

    Those were the days Steve, when most of the team were born and raised within the sound of “I’m forever blowing bubbles”

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