Kudos to the WHU Ticket Office

Last night my car was broken into while parked in a busy street in Bloomsbury. The thieving bastards nicked two laptops and my wallat … and my season ticket. Just called West Ham’s ticket office expecting them to fleece me for £40 to replace it (for two games) only to receive buckets of tea and sympathy and to be told that they’d send out a free replacement today so I could use it on Saturday. Credit where credit’s due. The ticket office come in for a lot of stick, but the girl I talked to today could not have been more helpful.

Now, if anyone is offered two dodgy Sony Vaio laptops, feel free to take them on my behalf and to punch the little gobshites where it hurts.


7 Responses to Kudos to the WHU Ticket Office

  1. Ian the Hammer says:

    Hope there wasnt any sensitve information on those laps tops. Oh hang on a minute, thats the other lot isn’t it.

  2. Stuart says:

    wot on earth are you doing leaving all of that unaccompanied in your car in london Iain?

  3. CAMZIRON says:

    At least if it was a spuds season ticket they would have left it on the seat, leaving more room to carry your cd’s in their pockets!

  4. blue claret says:

    I concur with your sentiment towards the ticket office. I forgot my ST (twice) this season and didn’t realize it until I was at the ground. Both times had something to do with drink. Absolutely no problems from the ticket office whatsoever. A new card was issued on the spot at no cost.

  5. Maybe a Millwall fan?

  6. Ticket Trout says:

    Save your praise until your sitting in your seat on Saturday!

    So why did you have 2 laptops???

    Did they contain David Cameron’s expenses details…..

  7. Roy says:

    Sorry to hear about the laptops (two?) and the season ticket but i guess that’s the world we live in these days.

    Well done on giving some priase to the ticket office folk. Everytime I have spoken to someone in the ticket office they have been great. My issue is with the technology rather than the human beings – everytime my son and I use our cards to enter the ground, one of them fails to work. When it happened again on Saturday, my son heard me swear seriously for the first time, but by the end of the game, he had learnt a few new words that I’m not proud of.

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