Anyone Remember Bobby Moore’s Debut?


My name is Ryan Forrester and I am a first year student currently studying Sports Journalism at the University of Brighton. For one of my modules we have been asked to write a piece on a sporting event from 1958, due to it being its 50th anniversary this year.

I have decided to write a piece on Booby Moore’s debut for West Ham against Manchester United in September 1958. I want to try and focus upon the match itself rather than producing a profile of Bobby Moore, and wondered if you may have any ideas or information that may be able to assist me in my research.

I have a number of different sources, however am finding it difficult to find much information on the game and Bobby Moore’s performance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Ryan Forrester


7 Responses to Anyone Remember Bobby Moore’s Debut?

  1. Bob Lerpiniere says:

    I was 14 years old, standing in the chicken run. The only thing I can remember is Bobby Moore running towards the Man U penalty area as West Ham attacked, his arms held up, yelling for a pass. Always the boss.

  2. Swearry Thierry says: has some info if you haven’t seen it already

  3. Roy says:

    Ryan, you might want to try the editor of “Ex Hammer” magazine

  4. Ryan Forrester says:

    Thanks very muh for your help

  5. John Simkin says:

    I was at the game. I am afraid I do not remember too much about his performance except that we thought he deserved to hold his place in the side.

  6. chris says:

    Yes iain what about the day west ham didnt turn up like today against man utd,what a shambles!!!!!

  7. colney says:

    does anyone remember ian dale?

    He was that chap that used to write a west ham blogg ?

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