Man U Reflections

Apologies again for the gap in posts. As some of you may have noticed I have been somewhat tied up with election punditry.

I was really angry after the Man U game. That performance wasn”t worthy of West Ham. Admittedly Curbishley was down to the bare bones, but even so. To be 3-0 down after 26 minutes was embarrassing. After that, it was hardly worth paying attention. Lucas Neill was found wanting yet again, and quite what Pantsil thought he was doing for Ronaldo’s second, Christ alone knows. I find it difficult to find a psoitive thing to say about any of them, apart, perhaps from James Tomkins, who again had a solid game, I thought. McCartney had his worst game of the season by far.

Anyway, with one game to go, we still haven’t reached 50 points, which bearing in mind our points total at the end of February is astonishing. Quite how we have held on to 10th place is equally surprising.

I think the team owe us a performance against Villa, don’t you?


32 Responses to Man U Reflections

  1. HammerRon says:

    I agree, they owe us a good performance!

  2. chris says:

    This was performance was totally unacceptable!!!!! Disorganized with no shape to our game,i’m not having the nothing to play for excuse,we where just not good enough, sorry iain most of this squad is 1st divison.All these reports about no money if we dont buy 2 fullbacks creative midfielder and a striker,we are down next season,so the chairman will have to find money,to bad!!!! I said I would judge curbs at the seasons end ,and everything considered I dont think hes right for us,How can a team of 10 play a team of 11 off the park!! I dont care if their man utd,this should not happen,finishing above spurs was enough to play for dont you think? why was noble playing wide right hes not going to go past anyone,,what was mullins position? zamora could run all day but never score enough at this level,,boa morte was just so bad 5m (no one will buy him now)6m for dyer bet newcastle couldn’t believe their luck,another one bellamy great player when he plays! and then theres neil,hes so bad he makes mcartney look good!!you bought these injury prone players alan you didnt have to,and its this bad judgment that confirms it for me your just not intelligent enough to take us forward,sorry mate I hate changing managers all the time but your just not for me,oh yeah where was faubert iain injured!!!!!! (that overheadkick sealed deano’s move,cheers dean you were the only bit of quality we had)

  3. Upton Spark says:

    Just been talking to Brian Dear at Asda’s can you believe! He was saying there was no passion against United and we gave Ronaldo too much room. He thinks Curbishley needs to think long and hard in the close season on getting someone in who will go out week in and week out and give it there all for the shirt.
    I think we did not try hard enough against United and I hope we do finish higher than Spurs as this is the only thing we have to cheer about really.
    Let’s hope the players want to keep above them as well and go and give it a real go against Villa.
    I doubt that they will as I think they couldn’t give a toss!
    Brian Dear you are a legend. Alway’s has time for the supporteers as well.

  4. Ian the Hammer says:

    If we don’t finish 1oth then we can only look at this season as a failure.

  5. Darren says:

    I can hardly believe my own level of dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs given the peril we were in this time last year, however… Saturday WAS grim, but no grimmer than the past three months: directionless, passionless and souless – all of it. Injuries or not, there’s enough talent and quality there (supposedly) to at least make a competition of it. And what the hell Curbishley says to Solano week after week in justifying his being benched behind Pantsil God alone knows. There’s even talk of an extended contract for the gangly clown. If there’s not a bloody great clear out in the next few weeks then Curbishley can go as well – how many premier league clubs will be asking about Quashie, Cole, Boa Morte, Pantsil, Bowyer, Spector, Davenport et al? And you’re bang on about Neil, Iain. I don’t know how he gets away with it – the physique and mobility of a wardrobe.

    Oh – and one more thing since I’m on. Having hurt his arse when scoring on Saturday, the still-not-running-freely Ashton wants to come off. But he can’t as, for whatever reason, Cole doesn’t have his shirt on under his tracksuit. Shambles, from first to last.

  6. colney says:

    why did he not bring on freddie when ashton was limping?

    3 0 down or what ever it was you said you wanted to play the youngsters ?

    and lets be honest his refusal to be interviewed after the game was the best decision all fed up with the same old bull.

    how the hell are we gona survive next season with a smaller squad?

    Ive got a plan,lets sell all the strikers and then we wont score a goal.muppets.

    ps neil should be the first out the door.fat ozzie wnka.

  7. Perth Hammer says:

    I don’t suppose the fact that Curbishley has recently taken on board the complaints of many fans about playing 4-5-1 and has been playing 4-4-2 has had anything to do with the results? Even the newspapers today were wondering why he played 4-4-2, when every team plays at least 4-5-1 at Old Trafford. Perhaps he’s waiting for the penny to drop among fans. The two previous games suggest that Curbishley is making this point. Play tight, win 2-1 and get criticised. Play a more attacking style and lose a two goal lead. Go to Old Trafford, set out your stall, and get tonked. Boring and points, or attacking and no points. A lesson to be learned by the geniuses on the terraces?

  8. mac says:

    To be honest it felt like a Sunday side playing out it’s last game of the season and not giving a monkeys. The Cole shirt episode summed it all up in one beautiful comic book moment. These guys are supposed to be pros for goodness sake.

    We will get our just desserts when we lose 10th to Spurs on the last day of the season.

    Dramatic improvements have to be made close season, both mentally and physically. The board will demand and expect a whole more.

  9. Big Casino says:

    I’m sorry but if you choose to employ a manager who, when 3.1 down and playing against 10 men, decides to play one up front and defend a 3.1 loss, then you get what you deserve.

    How or why Curbishley ever got the job in the first place is an absolute mystery – but perhaps an even bigger mystery is how he still actually has a job.

    The guy is a negative, all whinging, clueless, soppy idiot… and I am spending my summer praying for a miracle… that miracle being that the West Ham board fire the man.

  10. Connor says:

    i dont think we played to badly actually, lol.

  11. Eric says:

    I agree a lot of work needs to be done and i really hope they at least fight for 10th. Still i thought we were somewhat creative at times in our passing in the last few games and setting up chances in spite of the arse-whooping. I have to look at the positives.

    What seems to happen a lot is that we hold on to the ball for while and can’t finish then the opposing side gets it and scores.

    Hoping for a big summer
    Cmon you irons!

  12. Dave says:

    There is no confirmation that Deano is leaving,its just the same old newpaper rubbish spewing out made up rumours.As for the game,it was disgraceful,roll on next season…hopefully with a new manager

  13. ironsmith says:

    Following the newcastle game I was fairly optimistic about old trafford largely due to the performances of Ljungberg and Faubert on the wings so when we lost them both for whatever reason it was clearly a case of ‘no chance’. The general feeling on the west ham sites is that we need to clear out up to 12 players who are not good enough and with 5 of those playing against the champions what could we expect other than a mauling?My answer to all the media stick we have received is that Man U played against our reserve/youth team but this is really no excuse it is just an illustration of some fundamental weaknesses in the club and another black mark against the manager for creating this situation. It will be a very interesting summer and once again I am optimistic that BG will know exactly what to do to put things right!

  14. pjd says:

    well to be honest what do we expect.we are a boring uncreative side with a boring negative manager.will it get better next year? i hope so but im not too sure

  15. richo says:

    Defending was pathetic, broke my heart when Tevez scored that cracker. After I heard Curbs comments before the game that he thought Man U deserved the title I knew we wouldn’t get any points. For him to say that about a rival team before we play them is an absolute joke, especially in the world of professional sport. I’m not saying that we threw the game or anything but I don’t give a shit about any other team in the Premiership so why should Curbs be worried ’bout who wins the title, Just another example of how crap he is as a manager.

  16. richo says:

    Chris, if Deano gets sold in the Summer i’ll personally come and kick in the teeth of every decision maker in the Hammers boardroom. He is absolute class and considering who we’ve let go in the past we should be doing absolutely everything we can to hold on to him.

  17. Roshi says:

    It’s not that Curb’s is good or bad it’s just that everything around him is just plain ordinary, tactics, players, backroom staff, medical staff (have we got any or does Curbs apply the horse oils) and of course his expectations.
    The supporters expectations seem to be on another level ( part of being a West Ham supporter I guess) but the season has just gone flat and you can only put that down to the managerial motivation from Curbs and the coaching staff and of course the motivational abilities of the board to keep the team management on their toes.

    Shame really that you have to motivate employees earning that kind of money, flipping heck they could use me as the practice ball if I earned half of what they earn!

  18. DevoDevo says:

    Embarrassing display which, in my opinion, could only have been matched in it’s ineptitude by Derby.

    From the first minute the players decided to give Ronaldo the freedom of OT and why McCartney chose to run backwards in his own box is beyond my footballing brain.

    Instead of starting with Solano on the right, he chose to play Noble out of position to enable the hapless Mullins to accompany Parker in the middle. But it got worse, down to 10 men and a quick goal in the 2nd half would put Manure under pressure. What does Curbishley do? Pushes Mullins up and drops Zamora deeper! Can someone remind me of Mullins’ scoring record?

    Those who still cannot see how clueless Curbishley is (see Perth hammer), really shouldn’t be watching football. Dour, negative, arrogant and tactically bereft of ideas.

    btw – LBM was one of the better players!!!!

    I can’t remember being so depressed watching West Ham since the days of Macari.

    When the clearout starts BG, make sure it begins with Curbishley and Day, followed by the entire medical team.

  19. West_Ham says:

    I thought if anyone was to blame for ManU’s second goal it was Tomkins. I am all for bringing youngsters into the squad as much as the next Hammers fan, but this lad has made three mistakes in five games now and each one has led to a goal (ManU, Newcastle and Everton). I just think some of his decisions are still a bit niave as CB is a position which requires much maturity.

    I can accept that we have nothing to play for this season as consolidation was the target and AC has met that target. You can’t sack a manager for that especially given the injuries. No good manager would work for a chairman who does that.

    My concern, though, is the lack of interest from the players in building for the future. By putting in a few good performances at the end of the season we can build a platform for bigger and better things next season. But now AC will be looking down as much as up when next season starts. That’s not the approach of a club worthy of a European spot.

    Players need to come and go during the summer but more importantly AC needs to achieve a balanced squad of players who can play together and have a positive, winning mentality.

  20. Iain Dale says:

    i can hardly believe you thinK Tomkins was to blame. He jumoed to head the ball but it was far too nigh for him to reach. Panstil is the one to blame as he just left Ronaldo to his own devices. Tomkins has been superb in all the games he has played in. Yes, he did make mistakes for two goals but the fact that he recovered from them and didn’;t lose his composure bodes very well for his and our future.

  21. Iain Dale says:

    i can hardly believe you thinK Tomkins was to blame. He jumoed to head the ball but it was far too nigh for him to reach. Panstil is the one to blame as he just left Ronaldo to his own devices. Tomkins has been superb in all the games he has played in. Yes, he did make mistakes for two goals but the fact that he recovered from them and didn’;t lose his composure bodes very well for his and our future.

  22. Mac says:

    Agree. Thought he was potentially our MOTM.

  23. West_Ham says:

    I don’t think Tomkins is a bad player. Just a bit niave at times. He just has some maturing to do.

    If Tomkins jumps Paintsil has to assume he is going to get it. He can’t jump also. But you are probably right in saying that Paintsil should have been tighter on Ronaldo. But loose marking was the theme of the day for us.

    If this was an isolated incident then I would agree but when the match started and I saw Niell and Tomkins in central defence I was just waiting from that point for Tomkins to misjudge another cross/long ball.

    Fair play to the lad for his spirit in dealing with his mistakes. I am just highlighting that 3 mistakes and 3 goals conceded is not a good record, even for a youngster.

  24. West_Ham says:

    I have just had another look at the goal and I still think Tomkins should get it. If he can’t get the header he should either leave it for someone behind him or take a few steps back into a better position. Thinking about it, on all three occasions he was caught too high up the field and being a few yards back would have enabled him to cover the striker.

    It was a shame because other than these incidents he has played well. There just seems to be one incident per game where he misjudges a cross and let’s the striker in.

  25. chris says:

    good bye to everyone I’m off to france for 2 months yipeeeeee!!!!!
    must admit iain west-ham has got a point, tomkins has made 3 major errors,although really he shouldn’t be starting games yet and nor should sears,all those people screaming for the youngsters,there just not ready yet.

  26. pjd says:

    just read sunderland want cole for 2m and birmingham and boro want zamora for west ham need anyone to give them a lift?

  27. richo says:

    I don’t mind if the lad (Tomkins) makes a few mistakes, especially at this stage. I’ts a great learning curve for him and you can’t really single him out for the second goal against Man U the back four have to defend as a unit and Paintsill shouldn’t assume Tomkins is gonna get to the ball, he should of been all over Ronaldo, the pretty boy has scored 30 (whatever it is) this term. I actually think Curbs playing him now is about the only thing he’s done right this season. What really gets my back up is Curbs tactics which sometimes, sorry most times are borderline insanity. Like DevoDevo mentioned, we have Man U down to 10 and he has Noble playing wide with Mullins in an attacking position, what was that gonna achieve? Mullins was never gonna beat a defender or undo the defence with a slick pass. I have tried to be objective all season with Curbs and i really am sick of whinging about him to be honest. Like West_Ham says though sacking him would be a mistake at this stage, Hopefully he and his staff gets the squad fit in the summer and we can come back and give the top six a shake next term.

  28. DevoDevo says:

    I think the blame lay somewhere between the two of them. Considering he has had to play alongside fatty Neill in his relatively few games, Tomkins looks to have an impressive future. Calm and assured on the ball, he is not dissimilar to Tony Gale.

    Personally, I would favour loaning him next season (in the prem, where you get punished for mistakes), unless we still have injury problems.

  29. EastHammer says:

    I was there.

    Erikkson in please.

  30. jimwhu says:

    alvin martin made a few mistakes when he first got in team so leave tomkins alone i heard andy gray mouthing off about ronaldos 30 odd goals and saying even though dixie deans got 60 in one season he played 42 games but he never mentioned the off side law has changed twice since plus defenders were allowed to tackle then frank lampard snr would have put ronaldo in row z curbs has to go any good maniger would ditch most of our current squad because there crap

  31. friends says:

    with 5 centrebacks out injured Im fine with whatever happens.

    come on boys, stability is key. Lay off Alan Cautiously.

  32. West_Ham says:

    I don’t meant to pick on Tomkins, I just think he could have done better on these three occasions.

    Having said this I too have no regrets about seeing him on the side. This is the ideal time to bring in some youngsters to gain that valuable experience as we have very little to lose.

    All the defenders were rubbish against ManU and across the 90 minutes Tomkins probably played better than any of the others. It’s just a shame he seems to misjudged these long balls at times. However I am sure with practice and experience he will improve this part of his game.

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