The Day I Met … Paolo di Canio

By Andrew Morrin

I heard Paolo di Canio was going to be at bluewater signing is autobiography. So took my family (missus and three kids). Got there, massive queue and I mean massive. Out of the shop and longer than I could be bothered to measure. So, made decision to go and do some shopping and come back later. Hoping queue would be shorter by then.

Got there one/half hour before close, and still a well long queue. Decided to bite the bullet and join it. It became clear that there would not be enough time to see everyone, before the shop (and shopping centre) was to close. Someone mentioned to Paolo about the closing time. He refused to leave until he had seen and signed everyone in the queue.

Well, we were basically close to the end of the queue. So by the time we got to the front, it’s was after the time it was supposed to close I was aware of this. We had brought along a camera to take pictures. Well we got to the front. And, some person(presume security) motioned me to step forward and get my book signed. This person was trying to get through the queue as fast as possible (understandable). This made me decide not to ask for a photo and just get the book signed. Well, Paolo saw me with my boys and wife. I steped forward and gave him the book. He signed it. Than I went to walk away, and he called me back. And, insisted he shock my hand and personally greeted all my family (shaing hands and hugging). He also noticed the camera, and relalised our intentions and decision not to ask.. And insisted we take multiple pictures. One of him and myself. One of him with his arms around whole family amd a few others.

This made me feel so special and warm inside it was untrue. Some would say could PR, I would say he was a diamond geezer. Will allways respect and admire him for that.


2 Responses to The Day I Met … Paolo di Canio

  1. arjan drissen says:

    oh dear ian,were you pissed when you typed this?
    ”he shock my hand ”,”shaing hands”,”relalised”..:P

    nahhh just teasing ya fella,great post..hope he’ll be next season’s strikers coach at West Ham.

  2. Dave Jones says:

    When Paulo played for the Hammers he used to sign autographs after the match in the car park Unlike all of the other players, who would sign a few and make their excuses, he always stayed signing until everyone had been seen. Little things that make a big man. A true superstar – I’d love to see him involved again in some capacity.

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