Who’s Your Hammer of the Year?

The official Hammer of the Year will be announced at the Villa game. But I thought we’d do our own poll on this blog. I’ve shortlisted five players for you to choose between.

Vote HERE.


29 Responses to Who’s Your Hammer of the Year?

  1. Big Casino says:

    none of them have been outstanding…. Green was ace til xmas, upson’s been a rock…. but for consistentcy and playing every game i’d give it to Macca,

  2. Burnhammer says:

    McCartney for me. He is ever present and consistently good. Adds a lot to attack especially when Ethers was fit. Playing in every game he quietly and efficiently goes about his business.

  3. steviebubbles says:

    Can only be 1 and thats englands number 1 Robert Green. What a season he has had, if it was not 4 him i think we would of been down the bottom again. Also lets do the red devil scum next week and stuff them right up again like we did years ago.

  4. Hayden says:

    McCartney for me.. All of them are worthy (hence being in the shortlist I guess haha) .. but McCartney has been there all season for us – he’s completely exceeded my expectations of him. This time last year I wanted us to sign Shorey… how wrong was I?

  5. DevoDevo says:

    Linda for me. Same reasons as above. However, had Deano or Parker been fit for the whole season, I think it would have been one of those.

    Honourable mentions for Greenie, whose form, ironically, tailed off when finally drafted into the England side. Back to form now, but on the whole season it has to be McCartney.

  6. Keith Holland says:

    Rob Green, by some distance

  7. OzzytheIron says:

    I,m saying Greeno. He has been brilliant at times and i agree with stevie that without him we would probably on the edge of a relegation battle. CC deserves praise for improvment, and the others have defo been our most consistantly good players.

  8. OzzytheIron says:

    I reckon if he hadn’t got injured keiron dyer would have had a good chance, too.

  9. Swearry Thierry says:

    1. Macca
    2. Green
    3. Noble
    4. Upson
    5. Cole

  10. WESTHAMWAYNE says:

    It has to be between green macca and upson without a doubt up till xmas green hands down but even though he is still brilliant and the best we cant blame him for having to play behind anton ferdinand!! for me 1green 2macca then 3upson ! p.s please dont sell green to spurs for gods sake but if we did what about a swap deal?? robinson and bent should be suffice??

  11. richo says:

    Like everyone else i’d say Green or McCartney. Had Ashton been there all season he would have been up there.

  12. chris says:

    Green just pips mcartney for me,he was worth about 15 crucial points with saves he made,hope will keep for next season,how hes not Englands no1 or 2 I dont no.

  13. HermitRoadHarry says:

    Green. Even those people who reckon he was only brilliant till Christmas surely have to admit that this was the crucial part of the season for us. It was his performances that had the biggest impact on us reaching 40 points so quickly.

  14. jon.london colney says:

    lynda by a long way.green has had bad patches and should be second but lynda has had a blinda.

    any news on whos going yet? theres normally some rumblings around the training ground about now.

  15. rapidhammer says:

    Though Green and Macca were outstanding I go for Upson. What a pity there isn’t any flair player who has had enough consistency to become a real contender for Hammer of the Year! I liked Solano but he didn’t play enough to have a real impact. Hope we’ll see more of him, Parker, Noble, Faubert, Deano, maybe Dyer and of course the youngsters as Freddy Sears next season!!!

  16. The Headmaster says:

    Agree with most of the above.
    Just – Greenie (probable kiss of death – off in the summer??)
    Linda gets my second too – outstanding.

    As for CC, yes he’s improved but then so have my Yorkshires in recent times. I’m not contemplating entering them into the masterchef of the year competition tho!!

  17. Upton Spark says:

    My lad has voted for UPSON,although I think Green has done well this year.

  18. WHU Kim says:

    I voted for Upson. He has played a huge part in making our defence one of the best in the league early/mid season though we’ve gone a bit off the rails since unfortunately. I particularly like Upson’s calm authority and leadership. Green would get my second vote if I had one.

  19. Johnnyhaynesregular says:

    What? nothing for Luis Boa M??? Thanks for the £5 mill by the way… we’ll enjoy spending it in the Coca-Cola Championship!

  20. but seriosly, Macca.

    ever so present every match, does his job well.

  21. Rapidhammer says:

    Bellamy could have been Hammer of the Year – if he had not been out for most of the season. Bellamy / Ashton would have been a great strike pair, but I think they’ve never played together full 90 minutes!

  22. Connor says:

    Why isnt LBM on the list?

    LOL ahaha

    nah i voted for green 🙂

  23. pottsy's shorts says:

    1. mccartney, 2. upson, 3. green, 4. steve potts, 5, boa morte (got FL sent off)

  24. Plaistow54 says:

    Upson at one end, BM at the other, looking downward.

  25. HammerRon says:

    1, Macca

  26. Billy Billy Billy Billy Billy Bonds says:

    Tough call, certainly won’t be an attacking player. For me it’s:

    1) Upson – shipped in loads of goals when he’s been out injured. Rock at the back for us this year. Deserves the HOTY award for me, it’s a shame we didn’t sign him back in ’03 when we had the chance to do so… He may have helped us beat the drop back then.

    2) Green – has been superb all season. Can only remember maybe one or tow goals when he’s been at fault. Has pulled-off some stunning saves including a few penalties. Was a close call between him and Upson.

    3) McCartney – very consistant and a major plus for us this season. Does his job and does it well, no funny business or dwelling on the ball. Still, I think we need a new left-back to give him some competition next year.

  27. Zevet says:

    John Pantsil, he’s better than Kaka!

  28. Bill Lindridge says:

    John Pantsil, woah, John Pantsil, woah, he comes from afrika, hes better than Kaka!
    Upson, been solid at the back with greeny behind him, maccas been consistent but never put in any ‘special’ performances in. Did like his goal back at the beginning of the season!

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