Respect to Craig Bellamy

According to THIS story, Craig Bellamy has invested £650,000 in a soccer academy in Sierra Leone. Well done him.


17 Responses to Respect to Craig Bellamy

  1. rob says:

    Well done Craig, see you next term.

  2. was actually just reading that on an e-mail from the NY Hammers i get daily. seems he got somehting good going on!

  3. Prince H says:

    Was suprised to read this. But it’s really great. First Green and now Bellamy. There is more than football in those brains. Nice for all West Ham fans, but ever nicer for the youngsters in Africa that will be given some aid….

  4. Russell says:

    Can’t say I saw that coming! What a top bloke

  5. pjd says:

    good stuff,hopefully some good karma will come his way re his injury

  6. hammermolder says:

    How about investing a couple of months and get fit!!

  7. ironsmith says:

    Great stuff Bellars- you have made a genuine commitment to those youngsters in Sierra Leone and I feel particularly proud that you have financed this adventure yourself-well done indeed and good luck to both you and Robert Green in his work too!

  8. Nomad says:

    I was amazed by this news. It seems so out of character – or perhaps it is completely in character for someone who has grown up, turned over a new leaf and realised that there is so much more to life than me, me, me and throwing tantrums!

    I really hope so – a man with all that talent and flair will be able to contribute so much to the team, and in return would receive the adulation of the fans. A fair exchange!!

    Keep up the great work Craig and become a Claret and Blue legend!

  9. Doc H Ball says:

    Blimey there’s some gullible people out there.

    Firstly it’s an ‘investment’ which means he’s expecting a return from selling on kids and secondly the amount he’s invested is equivalent to about 2 months of his reported income.

    Just to remind you all, Bellamy has been out for nearly the whole season with some mystery ‘abdominal strain’ which nobody seems to understand the cause of. He apparently felt ‘discomfort’ whilst playing and so he’s been doing Christ knows what for the past few months and during which time his grossly inflated earnings have paid for a tidy investment in African football.

    Commendation? Don’t make me laugh. I agree with Dicksy that about 1/2 of our pampered stars can f right off.

  10. Well fair play on one level. But on another, that’s my money he’s passing on. As a box holder I have had nil return on my investment in Craig Bellamy, so if it’s all the same I’ll take the plaudits and any return on the investment. Yours cynically…

  11. Raving Iron says:

    There are some bitter and twisted people out there. Doc H Ball need to buy his grapes from a different shop! Lets hope that when an ailment that keeps him from working his firm pays his wages and that his workmates don’t go round slagging you off. nice touch Craig, good luck with your investment, if thats what it is.

  12. colney says:

    doc he said that hes not taking a penny and all the money that is earned will be ploughed straight back in!!!

    now i know they can say what they like but ….

  13. Paulj says:

    Doc H Ball should check his facts before bad mouthing somebody for a genuine act of charity! There was a very comprehensive article covering this in the Sunday Times – and Mr Bellamy has categorically stated that he has no commercial interest in the output from his commitment to the acadamy & league he has set up! Any revenue generated from this activity (from players “signed” to UK or other European leagues) will be fully reinvested in the acadamy! Why can’t people sometimes just accept a genuine act of goodness and kindness for what it is!!!!!

  14. bubbleicious says:

    blimey theres some cynical sourpusses out there. investment doesnt always equate with personal profit and even if it did in this case, im sure his accountant could find him better and easier ways to make money. second guessing the motives of people who practice philanthropy is a cheap shot; i dont know many people who care less about the lives and futures of africans, including bleeding heart liberals, so its heartening to see someone who appears to be prepared to actually do something when he could just sit back and enjoy the riches his career has brought. as for publicity, he’s obviously well aware that this will probably bring an avalanche of snide comment rather than praise. perhaps you should sign up with medecins sans frontieres, doc and stop sucking lemons.

  15. Doc H Ball says:

    I feel the need to respond.

    Raving Iron – if I worked for 4 weeks out of the next 9 months due to ‘discomfort’ then, yes I’d lose my job. You call it an ‘ailment’ – what exactly is wrong with our Craig? Can you imagine Bonzo missing nearly an entire season because his stomach hurt?

    Paulj – I read the Times article before posting. He actually says the ‘investment’ is over a few years. I bet he gets his stake back from profit and that he takes advantage of the tax breaks it offers. I can’t blindly accept multi millionaire footballers commit ‘genuine acts of goodness and kindness’ whilst spunking hundreds of thousands of pounds on sportscars I’m afraid. You might also like to check out some of the criticism of young Africans being sold on into the European football markets.

    bubbleicious – for what it’s worth I do charity work for an orphanage in Zambia. I earn less than the average UK salary, work a damn site harder than Mr Bellamy’s ever done, but do what I can. You say I’m second guessing his motives, but so are you mate.

    Frankly, I only really care about what our £80k per week absent winger does on the pitch, not what he does in his business life. He’s paid more in one and a half days ‘work’ than what I am paid in a year. His inexplicable ‘ailment’ should concern you posters far more than this whitewash.

    A rather famous African once said he’d prefer cold bloodied reality checks from Westerners to token gestures from the rich. Try telling Nelson to stop sucking lemons…

  16. bubbleicious says:

    my diagnosis of his ‘ailment’ is a perforated bile duct, thus explaining his recent lack of liverish outbursts, or it could be down to unvented spleen. here, you’re not the club doctor, are you? that might explain a lot …. and what about that damnable norwegian multi-squillionaire mannequin, flinging his ribcage right where he KNEW a boot was going to land … footballers today..make you sick, dont they doc

  17. supernumbersix says:

    Freddie is Swedish.

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