Should we Cash in on Anton?

I there’s one position we have an embarrassment of riches in, it’s central defence. Sorry, perhaps I used the wrong tense there. We HAD an embarrassment of riches until they all got injured. It may be a little odd, therefore, to speculate about the future of one of our best defenders, Anton Ferdinand. But that’s what the papers are doing, so why shouldn’t we? The Sun speculates that Spurs have put in a £6 million bid for him. So what do we think? Cash in now?

Bearing in mind we have Upson, Gabbidon, Collins, Ferdinand, Davenport and now also James Tomkins we can certainly afford to sell one of them. However, it should be at the right price. Six million undervalues Anton by at least £2 million in my view.

What do you all think?


45 Responses to Should we Cash in on Anton?

  1. PaulHammer says:

    I can’t see any benefit in selling him at all to be honest, even if it was for £8m. It would cost just as much to replace him and we would need to as neither Collins, Davenport or Tomkins are not as good. Gabbidon probably is when he’s fully fit and had a proper run of games but god knows when that will be.

    Yes, he’s still prone to mistakes but in my opinion AF’s still one of our best defenders, probably only behind Matty. Also think he’s still improving and could potentially be an even better player in a couple of years – Rio has certainly improved his defending as he’s got older, Anton should do the same.

    On top of that we need to be building a team and keeping our best players together as a unit, not starting each season with another bunch of strangers that need time to ‘gel’.

    The grass is definitely not always greener!

  2. Jamie Ross says:

    No way, If anything sell : Collins and Davenport. Don’t get rid of our best players to them!!!!

  3. Pat says:

    ”Is anyone else getting fed up of being linked with real 6/10 Curbs-esque players such as Stephen Carr and Gary O Neill? It’s pathetic. I mean they fit the bill as classic Curbishley signings in the mould of the previous slightly aging, injury prone, haven’t played well for the 18 months but have Premiership experience lot. What is even more frustrating is that the likes of Deano, Green, and Anton are being linked away from the club effectively the backbone of what we should be building on, they have recognised that Curbs’ knowledge of world football is not strong enough by bringing in Nani and therefore how are still linked to tripe like Carr!?

    Finally Curbs has said ‘nobody tells them to go out there and not pass the ball’ but in the same breath it seems nobody is telling them to out and actually pass the ball. If a team has no guidance and you have two big target men up front the full backs will naturally ‘hit ‘ the target men IF they are not told otherwise. ”

  4. Josh says:

    No way, Anton & Upson is still easily our best combination at the back, Tomkins isn’t ready for the big time just yet.

    Anton is at that age where the next couple of seasons will show how good he can be, personally I’d like to see him reach his full potential at West Ham rather than somewhere else (for a change), then if we cant convince him to stay, fair enough.

    I think we should sell Gabbs & Davenport, loan out Tomkins, have Collins and Spence as back-up.

  5. chrislots says:

    His lack of football knowledge means he only goes for what he knows, in comparison to the man citys spurs pompey etc we are technically years behind. The game moved on so much while curbs was out of it especially with technically sound players from the continent and the keep ball and control that other teams have demonstrated at upton park most notible man city everton and portsmouth we simply dont. Thanks Curbs but its time to move on.

  6. Verbal Volley says:

    Hmmmm… maybe…. don’t forget those six players are vying for two positions, not one….and Davenport isnt likely to be playing anytime soon.
    Having said that Anton does have his limitations…. I think if we could get £8m for him, I’d let him and Collins go and bring in one quality replacement. That leaves us with four players for two positions and Davenport sitting in the treatment room waiting to be offloaded when he recovers. (Didn’t Duxbury say recently the aim was to have two quality players covering each position?)…. Now, just who is available as that replacement is the key to the thing in my opinion.

  7. James says:

    i agree with josh we should keep ferdinand as upson and ferdinand are a strong defence he still getting better

  8. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    I’d let him go for £10M but no less. i partially agree that he can be good but he loses concentration all too easily for me and will never match his potential. i also think he’s a bad apple. you can take the boy out of peckham but you can’t take the peckham out of the boy.

  9. Rus says:

    No way

    Anton is one of our best central defenders and probably contains the most potential of all of them to go on to become even better, and nothing would make it worse than if Spurs were to benefit again from one of our players on the cheap like they did with Carrick. Tomkins and the like of Bondz N’Gala and Jordan Spence have still got to prove themselves at senior level over the years so we need quality there for them to play alongside. I rate Collins but he looks to be out for a long time and Gabbidon does not seem to be fit ever, definitely agree should let Davenport go when he is fit again and probably Gabbidon as Upson is a more than adequate replacement.

  10. Rob says:

    Not a chance. i agree with Josh, but think we should sell Neil.

  11. Scott says:

    Let him leave, if its abroad then £8million.

    If in Britain then£12million.

    He’s not in our top 2 defenders and he’s trouble.

    Upson and Gabbs is the way forward

  12. Nigel Frost says:

    We are supposed to be strengthening not weakening our team. Gabbidon, Collins and Davenport are surplus to requirements. Get rid of two of these. By all means cash in on McCartney if we can get Shorey and let Neill go and play Pantsil. Also unload Cole, Zamora and Etherington. We still need a world class midfielder or two and a world class striker.

  13. Nigel Frost says:

    Mullins, bless him and Quashie are two other players that sadly have no business in a top ten team.

  14. Mike says:

    Sell Gabbidon Collins Davenport before we get close to Anton Matty Upson, Anton James Tompkins and get new cover in for the money we will get Anton and James Tompkins are both young and still developing For the others we should be able to rustle up £6m+ and get one good cover Skippy plays (badly) there as well

  15. geoff says:

    we will never get £ 6 mil for him, so pointless question

  16. TrevorH says:

    Can anyone tell me why we should be a selling club? We have two good central defenders – Anton and Matty, one promising youngster and three mediocre pl;ayers. Say what you will but Collins and Davenport are championship players and Gabbidon is never fit. Take into account that these are paper rumours and probably have no substance. We need to build for the future and Anton is our future. He will improve and we will soon know that when the big 4 start sniffing around.

  17. colney says:

    if he goes then it will be the same old west ham.selling players at this young age makes no sence if your 2 build a team around our own home grown players.

    we all have seen ex players go on to be better players so why not try and make them better WITH us.then we may be able to move up that table instead of watching them all in the champions league !!

    if were still a selling club then sell the old ones.

  18. Icehammer says:

    No way. This boy has come through adverseties on and of the pitch and developed into a class player and if you are still counting the mistakes he made in the early season and not ecognizing his terrific performance in the late season (when fit) you are most likely not a West Ham fan at all. Anton is the type of player we have always loved, beautfully humainly flawed and still a player that will walk through fire for his club and has a touch of the West Ham flair that we have been screaming for all winter.
    Collins and Davenport have never fit into the West Ham wonderfully kaotic setup and can leave. Tompkins seems to be someone that can and will partner Anton in the future and the we have N’Gala (I dont know if I spell his name rightly) waiting in the wings.
    Hard core West Ham fans could never love a predictable and dependable teams that play’s like Chealski or Liverpuddle and could never trade flair and kaos for success and dependability. We hate to win witout flair but love to loose if West Ham plays with heart and flair.

  19. pjd says:

    difficult one this.we dont want to sell our best players but is ferdinand one of them?i think his plus points are his pace ,covering his partner.weaknesses,he constantly loses his man,passing is dubious and whenever he makes an error he always seems to have taken a knock then by some miracle it dissappears.all that said gabbidon is a good defender but how bad is his injury,ginger also seems ok davenport is not good enough.upson is.tomkins i think will become a top player.we dont really have this abundance of riches at the back do we.lucas neil has been poor,paintsil is poor,mccartney has been argueably our best player,lucky he hasnt been injured cos we have noone really i guess we should keep ferdinand

  20. Claret & Blue Boy! says:

    Anton Ferdinand has a big future at the club and letting him go in my eyes would be a very bad idea.
    This season he has shown that he can be commanding in central defence and until those trio of four-nil defeats Anton and Upson were outstanding giving us the fourth/fifth best defence in the league (on goals conceded).
    £6M these days is not alot and for an englishman aswell this is cheap, specially as spurs made us pay £3M for Davenport! Also what other centre-half can you purchase for his amount of money who are better than Anton.
    In my view:

    1. Matthew Upson
    2. Anton Ferdinand
    3. Danny Gabbidon
    4. James Tomkins
    5. James Collins

    Out has to be Davenport back when he is fit!

  21. Roy says:

    Ferdinand’s attitude is wrong and he is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is. Sell him for a big fee and work with Upson + Collins or Gabbidon with Tompkins available for those inevitable periods when at least one of them has been injured in training.

  22. Bill Lindridge says:

    Although I agree with all of you saying that Anton has a huge future at the club and we should definitly keep him as he’s still young and improving. But I disagree with those who rate Collins so lowly. He’s a good defender, and I think that he’s better than gabbidon. Ive only had a season ticket this season in recent years so I havent seen much of gabbidon, but in previous seasons he’s often looked clumsy and unreliable. Collins on the other hand is more reliable and also poses a greater threat in the air for corners which obviously goes the other way when we’re defending. So I think we cash in on Davenport and Gabbidon because neither are of the standard we need, also Gabbidons injury prone too. But I say we get rid of neill, which will also help us to cut the wage bill, and although I love Johnny P as much as anyone, we need new talent in the full back areas. I like George Mc but he’s not up to scratch for where we should be aiming (Uefa Cup alongside Villa, Everton and Pompey.)

  23. Woolly says:

    I for one would be absolutely gutted if we sell him. I keep reading on this and other fan sites about how he loses concentration, not good enough, gotta sell him, etc etc, these are the same comments I recall reading about his big brother just before he was sold to line the pocket of a certain chairman . If he goes so will all my belief of a “new era” ….. enough said.

  24. ironsmith says:

    I have very mixed views here as I have seen Anton play superbly against some top strikers in the premier league and I have seen him lose concentration at the vital time too frequently. If he could rectify this problem he could be one of the best centre backs around and on this basis we should keep him. I particularly like the way he sometimes brings the ball forward from the back looking for a pass and looking very composed with it. However, as we seem to have signed the young Icelandic centre back and with Tomkins looking so promising we have to ask ourselves if Anton is actually going solve his problems of concentration? A difficult one for Curbs as I would sell the others first!It would not surprise me to see him sold!

  25. Connor says:

    Good idea, sell him to spurs for 8m, then they’ll probably sell him for 30m in 2 seasons!!

  26. richo says:

    NO, Ferdinand and Upson should be our starting centre backs when fit and considering our defence in the last half of this season we need him.

  27. richo says:

    Nigel Frost, iIagree with your comments about the midfield but i think when Bellamy comes back we’ll be alright up front, Ashton is world class in my eyes, just needs to get himself super fit if he is to fulfill his potential.

  28. Michael Szeder says:

    I find it amazing how nobody is really saying Lucas Neill should be the one to go!! He has shown many times that he is all too happy to go and play for Australia rather than be at the top of his game for West Ham!! Furthermore Lucas is one of the slowest fullbacks in the premiership, who cant pass a football or adapt to central defence!! GET LUCAS NEILL OUT!!

  29. DevoDevo says:

    Pretty much backing up waht most have already said -on his day Anton is very very good. Let’s not forget that his Bro, Rio, was aslo prone to lapses in concentration.

    I think his partnership with Matty was showing signs of real quality, unfortunately, they were often exposed by the midfield (pre-Parker) and Lucas Neill.

    Upson/Ferdinand No1
    Gabby/Collins back up
    Tomka on loan for season

    Davenport/Spector OUT

  30. DevoDevo says:

    Oh – final thought.

    There is an option of turning Anton into a decent RB – I know he is not keen, but it would also give him an opportunity to make the England squad if it worked well.

    This would allow Gabby a chance in the middle (we’d need his pace alongside Matty) with Ginge and Tomka as back up.

    Thoughts anyone?

  31. Nick says:

    not in a million years, its time to stop selling and build i thought we had moved on from the bad old days. look at the England squad half have been through the academy we could have a top team not just in the prem but in Europe.

  32. Biffo the Bear says:

    Thought we were no longer a feeder club for the spuds and chelski????

  33. RCW says:

    As well as being trouble off the pitch, Anton trades far too much on his family name – he simply isn’t Rio and the sooner he and everyone else realises that the better.

    Verdict? Sell him for £6m. If we can get £8m we’re laughing all the way to the bank and can buy a decent replacement.

  34. Upton Spark says:

    Double it and that would be nearer. We already gave the likes of Joe Cole and co away so why do it again??
    Let’s start getting clubs to pay the proper prices for our good players. We have to!

  35. John says:

    No way Ferdinand should be sold, no way. He and Matty are great together. Neil should go. Bored with the comments about him being a bad apple – stop believing everything you read in the papers! He’s no different to any other footballer so give the guy a break. He can be inconsistent though but when he’s on form he’s unstoppable and he’s only going to improve, particularly if there was someone better than Neil to work with. West Ham – the feeder club – how embarrasing.

  36. friends says:

    Heh Id let Spuds take Anton for 6m + Gareth Bale!

    Lets ship all our dross defenders (Collins, Davenport, Paintsil) to the promoted clubs and be done with em.

  37. Raving Iron says:

    There is no way that Anton should be sold, we need to invest in the full backs, George has had a great season, but a full season with no back up has shown in these later games. Matty and Anton in the centre, they have the potential to be one of the best pairings in the premiership. Let us look forward and replace players, not sell our top players. Or, are we going to see the same old west Ham?

  38. No way should Ferdinand be sold – least of all to Spuds. He’s one of us, and hardly our worst centre half. Which is kind fo damning him with faint praise, I know. But no.

  39. Paul Anderson says:

    I think most supporters would agree that we need to strengthen the team, in all areas. Whilst Ferdinand has his faults he is one of our better central defenders. Equally his fitness record is somewhat better than those of Upson, Gabiddon, Devenport and Collins. Selling him would only weaken the team: who are we likely to be able to sigh to replace him. I have little faith that we could both identify and secure a better replacement. Lucas Neil’s performances at right back this season have been embarrassing. The fact that he is also captain exasperbate the problem.

    I would start by moving out of most of Curbishleys’ buys: Quashie, LBM, Davenport. and Lucas Neil. Add to that Etherington, Zamora. Mullins, Collins and possibly Bowyer (what happened to him). Personally I am not sure about either Ashton’s fitness of commitment – but he does know how to finish so I think I would keep him for the time being.

    We need a decent right back, someone who can pass the ball in midfield, a winger who can actually run (an Alan Devonshire type figure) and two forwards.

    If the club is to progress we must stop selling to the likes of Spurs whose average home gate is only about 1000 higher than ours! If Arsenal come calling you can see the attraction to a player but selling to Spurs flags up a lack of ambition and motivation to move the club forward.

    I am far from happy with Curb’s transfer record, the style of play or his apparent management style. But with all of those reservations I am not sure who we could replace him with. My own preference would be Mark Hughes – maybe the promise of a transfer budget would secure him (along with maybe David Bentley).

    We seem to be in limbo at present: our extravagant spending days apparently over and with uncertainty hanging over the future direction of the club. The decision taken with regard to Curbishley and Day will probably indicate which direction the current owners wish to move in.

    Paul Anderson.

  40. Andy b says:

    Sell him he really isnt dat good!!

  41. Gazza77 says:

    NO WAY should he go he is still young and not far off being our best defender. But we probably will sell him and he will go on and become an english international. Tomkins and anton are our future. curbs should go to we play the same way every week not matter who we play wether its the worst premeirship side of all time or man utd. He clearly hasnt a clue

  42. Iron Lung says:

    Given our chronic and ongoing injury problems, we’ve not really had the chance to see a settled pairing at the back, just like anywhere else in the team. If you assume that’s not going to improve, you probably need 5 or 6 quality centre backs for coverage. McCartney and Neill don’t count as we don’t have strength in depth at full back, so that’s not the answer. In my opinion they rank like this: Upson, Ferdinand, Collins, Tompkins, Gabbidon. Blood the youngsters coming through as coverage. We all know we need to trim the squad. By the way, anyone who watched our great escape last year and still thinks Collins is a Championship player doesn’t know football. If he wasn’t so injury prone he would be the centrepiece of our defence for six or seven years to come.

  43. Paul Anderson says:

    Collins was a revelation at the end of last season. But he is injury prone, and, boy is he slow. I don’t believe he has managed to stay fit for more than 12 games in a row throughout his contract. Gabbidon hasn’t done an awful lot better. Its a catch 22 situation really. If his injury problems persist no one will want to buy him. If they don’t he’s probably worth hanging on to. We really do nned to think long and hard about signing anyone with a suspect injury record. Why on earth we should be linked with Carr is beyond my understanding. he appears to ahve a worse injutry record tan Keiron Dyer.

  44. HammerMalta says:

    No way we have to stop being the breeders for the top clubs.What is the piont of selling such young talent ,who will definatly improove on the long run and then go for Carr who is nearly over.If we thinking of being a championship challeng in five years time as i read, we have to be smart and think wise .We can`t sell the good that could make West Ham the BEST!!!.

  45. tommo says:

    Dont like him! Get rid of him ,bring Tompkins in to play all the pre season matches to get sharp,with upson next to him he will learn alot.With the money from anton we should again be looking to bring a centre half in with experience,i dont know someone like DUNNE, BEN HAIM maybe ? .

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