Freddie: What a Waste of Money?

Steven Howard writes in this morning’s Sun that we are trying to buy Freddie out of his contract for … wait for it … £3 million. If he is to be believed we signed him on a four year contract at £85k a week! His 26 appearances this season (some of them as sub) have cost £160,000 a time, and his two goals £360,000 each. Nice.

The thing is, I never wanted us to sign Ljungberg. To me he was neither one thing nor the other. Neither an out and out winger, nor an out and out goalscorer. However, in the last few months he has surprised me and been far more effective than I ever thought he could be.

It is outrageous, though, that West Ham ever offered a contract like this to a player who is obviously past his prime.

UPDATE: The whole thing has been denied by Scott Duxbury HERE.


18 Responses to Freddie: What a Waste of Money?

  1. Prince H says:

    Do like your site, but now you dissapoint me.
    I thought – even for a Tory – you were smarter than to believe everything you read. The Sun. Ha.

    I think Freddie will stay, should stay and that the story you are refering to is rubbish (as Duxbury and Claes Elefalk has told us). He’ll be one of our most important older players next season. And I guess we need more than teens…. And even if well payed, numbers is far more often way out wrong than true in the press. Guess you knew that.

  2. bryan says:

    his deal was signed off by eggery and was for 100k euros a week!!!

    shocking eh

  3. bryan says:

    his deal was signed off by EGGERT and was for 100,000 euros a week

    shocking eh

  4. rob says:

    Completely agree, I was very much against his signing from the start, it is amazing to think how much money we waisted on someone not good enough for arsenal. Then we went on shortly after to sign Dyer, who plays in almost exactly the same position for almost the same stupid amount of money,
    I think this is what AC meant when he said the chairman agreed they should push for europe, what he meant was – ‘ we are going to gamble a stupid amount of money on players we can only hope will perform to get us up the league.’
    Still at least we didnt go down and hey we have now got something to moan about.

  5. Joe says:

    From day 1 it was obvious it was not true, why would Ljungberg take 3 million when he could just sit on the sidelines if need be for the next 3 years and collect £3.9m a year, and like you have said Iain, Ljungberg is beginning to show promise, and could prove to be next season worth every penny.
    Read my post, you may find it interesting!

  6. Biffo the Bear says:

    I must admit, the first few appearances by Freddie did not do much to make me think he had been a great signing, however, I think he’s been a revelation since he got his fitness back, quality crosses, takes people on, never gives up, a quality goal too. If all our squad had been fit I think he would have had no problem getting a start, I reckon we should keep him. What difference does it make to me how much he gets paid? I reckon Freddie Sears is on more than me, do I care? Not really.
    So sick of people moaning this season by the way. Just thought I’d add that 🙂

  7. hammermolder says:

    Where do these figures come from,i think i remember egg saying no-one was on more than 50,000 a year

  8. colney says:

    ian,firstly i didnt realise you were allowing bad language on here? wasnt this discussed a while back?
    second,freds agent has come out and said it was paper talk and nothing had been discussed.

    not sure if anyone else uses this site but its excellent for keeping up to date with all and sundry.its up dated every 5 minutes or so.

    if were having a moan then we have freddie,ettherington,solano,dyer,bowyer,pantsil that all want to play in the same 2 positions on the pitch.6/7 centre backs and 1 left back.

    now you dont have to be good a rocket scientist do you ?

  9. colney says:

    wow whats with the spaces?

  10. Iain Dale says:

    1. What spaces?
    2. I already poste a link saying it is being denied.
    3. I have deleted the offending comment.

  11. colney says:

    in the words!!

  12. Doc H Ball says:

    Whatever way you want to look at it, it was a predictably bad deal. However, he’s here now and we’d be best advised to make the best of the situation. As Julien became fit, Freddie’s game improved and I remember a couple of games when he was clearly our best player.

    I can’t believe the story anyway, but there seems to me little point chucking another £3m away. Play the bloke on the right hand side and try to keep him fit and we may yet see the best of him.

  13. colney says:

    the mirror reports wet ham fans are gona give marlon the same treatment as coker ?

    i hope not. in fact i know not.

  14. nr2iron says:

    To be honest if he is only getting £50.00 a week it would be too much,a very very disappointing season from him imho.

  15. Doc H Ball says:

    Jon, ain’t it strange that these rags don’t ever mention the warm welcome given to returning players?

    This season Cole, Carrick, Rio, James, Johnson and Carroll all got a good hand whereas Lumpard and Defoe got bad ones. Marleen will undoubtedly get completely different treatment to Nigel Medicore because of their respective attitudes whilst they were at the club.

  16. Prince H says:

    In those matches when Ljungberg has been fit, it’s only Parker who has made a better contribution to our midfield.

  17. Lee says:

    On the spaces thing from a few comments up. It’s because the comments here are fully justified, so when someone puts a very long word in (or a URL), then there might only be a few works on a line so they get very spaced out.

    Iain, comments on your Diary aren’t formatted like so, so I assume you can turn it off.

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