Hammer of the Year Poll Result

I started a poll a few weeks ago so you could vote for your Hammer of the Year. More than 1,000 of you voted and here is the result…

1. Robert Green 44.6%
2. George McCartney 33.8%
3. Matthew Upson 12.2%
4. Mark Noble 6.7%
5. Carlton Cole 2.7%

No great surprise there! I expect him to win Hammer of the Year at the ground tomorrow too.


10 Responses to Hammer of the Year Poll Result

  1. Dan Coendoz says:

    Sounds about right to me Iain. They would have been in my top 3 as well.

  2. Hayden says:

    I definately think it deserves to go to Rob or George. I’ll be happy with either choice!!

  3. old skool pete says:

    It`s just a shame Ashton has had such a stop/start season, the form he`s starting to hit @ the moment has “Hammer Of The Year” written all over it. . .Oh well, maybe next year Deano

  4. Zevet says:

    Wot … no John Pantsil?

  5. Duncan Green says:

    carlton in the poll at all – that is what is wrong with WHU this year!

  6. TwinHammer says:

    For me,Macca is the Hammer of the Year by a country mile

  7. billymac says:

    I’m pleased for him, hope this means he’ll take it to heart and be at West Ham for a good long future; also it puts paid to the Arsenal rumours

  8. warhammer says:

    Robert Green yes i agree its not curbishly thats for sure

  9. DevoDevo says:

    I think with a full season,free of injury, it would have been between parker & ashton.

  10. Had 2 b Parker the form he has been in since feb has been AWESOME! although i am happy 2 see rob greeny and macartney get high positions in the poll (i hope it silences a few george macartney critics!) and r pleased 2 see cole 2 get a mention cause he has worked his socks off every game he has featured.

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