And Now for the Good News…

The News of the World reports that Luis Boa Morte wants to quit West Ham… He says: “I’ve got two more years on my contract. I can’t say I am completely happy at West Ham. In the end we will see.”


22 Responses to And Now for the Good News…

  1. jimwhu says:

    how come a player who was always a threat against us when he played for fulham has been so poor for us has he been poor because of curbs negative tactics i dont think hes a forward he dont get anywhere near the six yard box i just think he should have got a couple of months in the reserves to rebuild his confidence i remember when paul goddard was on abit of a bad run he asked john lyall to play him in a couple mid week reserve games he scored a few extra goals gets his confidence back all this 451 away i can accept but at home its acrime if curbs dont go now and take the rest of his charlton back room staff with him i think it will get worse before people feel sorry for curbs remember when curbs contract run out last time as a player he couldnt join birmingham quick enough we got nowhere near what he was worth then regards lbm i think as long as we got a fee for him he should go maybe one of the three promoted teams who usualy have money to spend might buy him as his confidence is shot maybe a new manager could get him back to the kind of threat he was at fulham

  2. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    He would be good squad plaeyr imo.
    You can not blame him for lack of effort and he has also some footballing qualities (he showed them in Fulham and on few occations in our shirt as well).
    It is just our fans persistent booing which got him to the point where he is not able to show anything from his football anymore.
    The major problem is his wages though imo. He is no way as good as his wages are.
    The transfer money (also ridiculoud for such a player) can be excused by urgency to change something in which we were and by the situation, when we were not able to attract any good player, but to pay him such a f..kung money for next few years is nonsense imo.
    SELL HIM !!!!!

  3. NJ Hammer says:

    Good riddance.

  4. Greenmantle says:

    The feeling’s mutual Luis……… So go.

    ……..We’ll even have a whip round for your bus fare!

  5. TwinHammer says:

    Its a shame the way things have panned out for LBM,
    We need to rid the club of the fans who do not support the players in a positive manner

  6. Richard says:

    that has god to be the longest sentence i’ve ever read!

    And the best news i’ve heard for a while! Bye bye boa!

  7. OzzytheIron says:

    I’ve been saying all along that i think he can be good, and today he was very good, and i really think we should keep him – he was very very good today (at least 8 or 9). He was taking shots from outside the box (as were various other players today) andhe put in loads of effort.

  8. GF says:

    You wont be getting a card or leaving present, you can go now if you like……!!!!! Good ridance bad rubbish not worth a penny probably couldnt give him away!!

  9. pjd says:

    he was argueably our best player today,but one swallow does not make a summer.oh yeah message to lucas neil,i know you are an aussie but do you have to go walkabout for 90 matter where he plays he always roams around and never marks his for being club captain.not for me.maybe scott parker.zamora had a good game,funny how when they know they are playing for their contracts some of them put the effort in.ive heard that nobby will probably be going,i hope the way what a goal from ashton,nice way to end an average season.

  10. HammerMalta says:

    As my name shows i`m Maltese but i`ve been supporting West Ham since 1996 ,my idol use to be Geoff Hurst.Them years were wonderful .During 1974-1976 i use to live in cotswold gardens in East Ham ,i`ve got claret and blu in my blood but i can`t rate players as you do ,i don`t watch them that often.I` ve seen West Ham on two occasions this year at home to Reading and F.A.Cup at home to Man City,i missed on the Man United game because i coudnt get hold of a ticket.I rate LBM as a working hard player who gives maximum .I would love to keep him.

  11. Scott says:

    Leave him alone, he’s decent enough

  12. richo says:

    i think with a decent manager who gives LBM the right guidance and directions he would make a good contribution.

  13. DM says:

    jimwhu Says:
    “how come a player who was always a threat against us when he played for fulham has been so poor for us has he been poor because of curbs negative tactics…”

    Absolute rubbish.

    Why has he become so poor? Old players do !! He was having a terrible season for Fulham when we signed him. He’s obviously over the hill. He was a bad signing, especially at that price. But Curbs can’t be blamed for ruining him.

  14. KentHammer says:

    Probably our best player in last game, but all too often missing in games, if not kicking someone up in the air. No one can doubt his workrate, but he is just not good enough in my opinion. His body language is shocking, but he gets more stick from the fans than opposing players. Strange how the ‘booers’ changed their tune when he hit NRC with a number of crunching challenges…….

  15. colney says:

    there is a god !!!!

    thanks,bye bye,championship 4 lbm

  16. jimwhu says:

    d m ithink your right about the age bit so why did curbs buy an old player i just think if he had abit more confidence he might be able to do for us what he did for fulham but i think he would need a new club aswell as a new manager i wouldnt like to see us give him away for nothing after what curbs paid for him

  17. nr2iron says:

    He had his best game for us yesterday but he is still too far off the pace and i hope he is out of the door very soon.

  18. johnnyhaynesregular says:

    Well, you ain’t getting your £’s back… And what about us yesterday? Staying up without the help of a couple of dubious signings!
    Take care, Hammers. See you next season.

  19. Les says:

    LBM has been the best player or amongst the best in most of our recent games. I do not like the occasional dirty play he is prone to, but if all our players played with the same passion he has demonstrated recently, we would be 2 places higher in the table.

    He does not deserve to be booed, nor does anyone wearing the claret & blue. If they are not good enough, they will not stay for long, but the last thing anyone needs is to have your confidence destroyed by your own supporters.

    LBM I hope will stay.

  20. Adam Harris says:

    I also hope that he stays and shows everyone what he can actually do. I think he definately made a contribution this year plus he has also not been one of our more injury proned players too.

    I think that the squad that we have if they all stay fit definately has enough quality and depth to achieve a UEFA cup spot next season. It is so easy to forget that last season, we were nearly relegated again and this season we have achieved a solid and steady mid table. Personally for me, I think that Curbs has done a great job considering all that he has had to work with. Constant injuries and having to change the team on a nearly game by game basis.

    The thing that I think we need to concentrate on now is ensuring that we renew Ashtons and Greens contracts and also hold on to the players that so many other teams want to poach from us. The fact that there is so much interest in so many of our players alone show how well they have done.

    When they are fit, Ferdinand and Upson are a very strong combination and definately it is evident how much they contribute to our defense. Across the middle, if we hold on to everyone we have, we have a very changeable and flexible midfield and I am really looking forward to seeing a lot more of Faubert and Parker next season and also welcoming back Dyer as he was starting to look good even in the short time we saw him for!. Also not forgetting Noble who will always be a great player to have on the field for us. Up front, I would definately like to see a fully fit Bellamy and Ashton partnership which I again think could be a great combination. Also with Zamora, Cole and young Sears in support, lots of options and cover.

    Player wise, it will be interesting to see if any more players are brought in and whether Curbs decides to part with any too but I would like to see a concentration on the youth potential.

    I am sure that lots of you will have very differing opinions on things but that is the great position we are all in as fans of this great club.

    On the whole, I think we had a very good season all things considered and I also think that Curbs has achieved exactly what he said he would so far at this club. I am also looking forward to the coming seasons with Curbs at the helm and our ongoing improvements that I am confident Curbs and his staff will achieve. Lets get that UEFA cup spot next season and avoid a repeat of our last European effort after that.

  21. DevoDevo says:

    I think his last two performances, which were much improved, were due to impending contract talks/transfer speculation. cast your mind back to the Everton game away, he was embarrassing, both in skill and workrate. In fact it took Curbishley 3 minutes of the second half to take him off, what was that all about, should have been off after 20 minutes?

    A waste of money and shouldn’t be anywhere the first team. I don’t subscribe to booing your own players, though.

    Love to see Downing on the left?

  22. Teddy Picker says:

    I swear if he stays i will get someone to shoot curbs. Anybody but Carlton Cole coz he’d probably miss lol. He will either go 2 the championship or back to portugal. Good Riddance. Also rumours we will be signing Juventus’ Davide Lanzafame. He is a striker and looks like a genuine talent

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