Dean Ashton Superstar

I’ll do a full match report tomorrow but here are some interesting facts about Deano…

He’s scored 10 goals in 13 starts this season, plus another one from 11 appearances off the bench.

And people moan about him. Dear oh dear.

If he can score at this rate when he’s not at full fitness, just imagine what he’ll achieve next season.


31 Responses to Dean Ashton Superstar

  1. chris says:


  2. Dave says:

    I agree Iain, the guy will do wonders next season,and considering what he has been through over the year he has done well

  3. GF says:

    thats about 8-9 more than LBM who seems to have played nearly every game and cant hit a barn door left open and 8-9 more that Cole who has made an art form out of missing, both useless both should go along with Curbs, he’s useless too.

  4. Neil says:

    Deano is a big player for us and can’t wait to see him playing next year with Bellamy. However, that will require him to be here next year, something strange about the way he has celebreated his last few goals seems a bit odd… he didn’t celebrate against Man U (ok we were losing) but when he scored yesterday he just stared into the Bobby Moore Stand (one for the memories?). Lets hope I’m just talking rubbish because he can only get better and with his England recall…

  5. chris says:

    Well said. He has a knack for the net even when theres defenders around. Would be a better player when he finds a bit more form. Assuming we hang onto him, could well be another West Ham/England legend.

  6. pjd says:

    he can only get better and fitter.his touch and awareness is very good,he strikes a ball better than most,he needs better service especially from the left and i think a fit bellamy will only help.zamora and cole are too similar and not that good.sears will only improve and could also form a partnership.good news in him being called up by england.fingers crossed he dont get injured for clubs sniffing around..sod off

  7. richo says:

    I’ve always thought alot of Deano, like you said hopefully he gets super fit and comes back firing next season.

  8. Jack Quigley says:

    AGREE 100%

    Deano will be a West Ham legend if he is here until he is 29-30 years old.
    He just scores goals, thats what he does, so play him and thats what your going to get.

  9. Upton Spark says:

    Deano is great. I think we’ll see a great improvement next year and Sears will come through stronger as well so watch out the Premiership!!

  10. scott says:

    Who moans about him? He’s done well in what was a difficult first half season for him, pretty much stop start and then not getting into the team because Cartlon Cole was playing well (except for his shooting of coarse!).
    I think we all know his potential, we just needed to see him get a decent run in the team to reinstall out belief that, if he regained match fiutness, he would produce the goods.

  11. Josh says:

    Problem is I don’t think Dean Ashton has ever been fully fit for a whole season, and It’s only going to get worse as he gets older.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind betting that we’ll win 80% of the games he plays with Craig Bellamy next season. That’s a potentially perfect combination.

  12. Doc H Ball says:

    Scott, sadly lots of people do. When he was having a bad run around New Year, he took a lot of stick from the lower Bobby and there were even a few shouting abuse at him yesterday. I know because I had a stand up row with one of them. I think the reason he stared at the crowd after scoring yesterday is because he’s heard of some of it and was letting us know. If we lose the player who (as I’ve said before) is the best outright striker we’ve had at the club in 20 years, then we can blame some of the morons who berated him and Curbs for seemingly having a very strained relationship with our star player.

    I’d offer him whatever it takes to stay frankly and offload whoever it takes to pay for it.

  13. supernumbersix says:

    I have a horrible feeling that was his last appearance in Claret and Blue. Hope it’s not.

  14. DevoDevo says:

    Ashton/ Bellamy with Dyer and Faubert in behind – now THAT is a decent attacking formation.

    FWIW I don’t see Ashton going anywhere. If he is sold, the board would have reneged on their claim to want to compet with the top 4 and fans will stop attending mediocre matches.

    Anyone with half a brain can see Ashton is class, unfortunately, as this forum often proves, there are a lot of supporters that don’t have a scooby doo.

  15. richo says:

    Spot on ‘Doc H Ball’. He is the best striker i’ve seen play for us, Di Canio and Tevez in company of course. If we lose him it’s championship here we come.

  16. Upton Spark says:

    DocH Ball got it spot on. Mindless moorons a plenty at Upton Park yesterday as I was sitting in front of a middle aged man who should have known better as he was F’in and blinding at Zamora and Ashton plus he even had a moan off at Tomkins and told him to F OFF back to the playground and play footie with the kids.
    I stood up and just gave him the evils and he looked at me as if to say”What are you looking at”.
    I really do wonder at our so called supporters at times as some of the rubbish they shout is unbelievable!!
    Goingb ton see Billy Bonds at the Cliffs tonight. He is a LEGEND.

  17. JMan says:

    I agree with a lot of your comments on here. Let’s concentrate on motivating our players to return the results we want to see and stop barracking them, not exactly gonna feel them with a lot of warmth towards us eh!! I would also lay off ex-hammers, they love the fact they can still get to us, best thing to do as Iain suggested is ignore them. Ashton’s going nowhere, Curbs has already said so and I am sure a new contract will no be made available. My only concern for next season is what is there to stop those on the injury list from being on that injury list next season? Hoping for a few additions in the summer. COYI

  18. John J says:

    Of course, like any club, we’ve our fair shair of morons. Whenever I’ve seen him play this year, and while his comeback has been drawn out and frustrating for us all, I’ve heard more praise for Deano than criticism.

    If we do have any pretensions of a top 6 finish next season, we’ll need him on form up front. Hopefully the board will realise this and secure a suitable contract soon before one of the top 4 tempt him away. We need a settled and happy Dean Ashton more than anything else right now. After waiting so long to get him back from injury, surely the WH faithful deserve at least one full season from him.

  19. Dave says:

    Chris I don’t agree with you about Ashton not being here next season. We are a club who want to push forward, so if he moves on what sort of message does that come across as. Furhermore he has been stated as saying that even though he is flattered by being linked with Man Utd, he wants to know what the future is for him at Upton Park as he has heard nothing yet. We have to stop looking on the downside and look to keeping quality players

  20. MarkyMark says:

    DocH Ball & Upton Spark are both spot on. As for the fella who was berating at Tomkins, Zamora & Ashton, I don’t which game he was at!! These were perhaps our best 3 players on the day ……..I can’t believe that for a club with our footballing traditions there were supporters at the game like Upton Spark said and others who were screaming at players to “lump it!!”………….Deano has the potential to be a class player, doesn’t have a lot of pace but such a quick footballing brain and knows where the goal is !! the club would be stupid to let him go…he is the future!

  21. BAC says:

    If one of the big four let it be known they want him, he’ll be off, just like Tevez and Benayoun last summer.

    Perhaps his poor fitness record will allow us to keep him?

  22. Deano has come good in recent weeks, but I don’t think it’s coincidence that he upped the ante when the club put contract talks on hold for him to prove his fitness. At the point they did that he was overweight and not working hard enough in games, by some margin – that’s why the crowd (including me) got on his back. Like any Hammers fan I’ll put up with the bad times so long as the players are busting their nuts for us, and he wasn’t for a period. He wasn’t running free (and I still question that) and not grafting. He’ll deny it, and many of you may not agree with me, but he was well below par for a period and is now reaping the benefit of the work he’s put in the past few months. Fair play to him, you have to respect that, and the England call is his just reward. Now he needs to stay fit, the club needs to extend his deal and we can crack on. Oh, and his choice of strike partner is Freddie Sears, for the record…

  23. John Simkin says:

    I fully expect Ashton to go to Manchester United in the summer. He was a fan of the club when he was a boy. The only problem for Ashton is whether Ferguson is willing to take a gamble on his fitness. He is still upset about what happened to Saha. Given Curbishley’s record, he will probably take Saha in part-exchange.

  24. RunningHammer says:

    Don’t forget that after the deals done last year with new players like Neill and Ljungberg coming in at inflated salaries, Deano is not one of the club’s higher earners and was denied a payrise earlier in the season around the time the Egg left.

    I reckon if he doesn’t get a new wage deal early in the season break, he’ll be off like lightning.

  25. Dave says:

    This is unbelievable,so in may peoples minds we are still a feeder club. If this is the case then sod it we’ll never be able to keep any player of his quality and we might aswell resign ourselves to still being a stepping stone for players. Ashton has stated today that he is flattered to be linked to the mancs, but he wants to hear from west ham about his future,and he is keen to stay at our club. I don’t care what the so called big four think or the media with their usual half baked rumours, if we don’t keep him then it shows our clubs owners have no ambition, and if this sort of thing keeps happening then the premiership will be dull and predictable for years to come with no other teams trying to go forward being able to break into the top four, because everytime a quality player is at a club the “top four” try and lure them to their club.

  26. chris says:

    Money talks bulls–t walks,sorry guys get real, soon as any player becomes a threat to the big so called 4,they just come straight in with a good offer!! yes i know is a bitch and i hate them when they do it……rooney shows class man utd come stright in,saha 20 goals for fulham in they come again,berbatov looks good,.just gutted house near loughton,wright philips looks quick chelsea straight in with big offer,it just goes on and on theres no loyalty no more, we should all realise we are all feeder clubs for the top 4,I will never suck up to any player to me its all about that badge and where I was bought up as a kid,if no player is cutting it or shows no effort or wants to go…Ship ’em out!!!!!!!chris claret (not the new imposter)

  27. mac says:

    The guy’s pure class. Any knuckle scrapers who think otherwise should club together and buy another brain cell to share.

  28. E1 says:

    Aston Noble Green Fredinand Upson tompkins Parker sears = Quality
    Cole Pantsil McCartney Bellamey Dyer = worth keeping.
    The rest = get rid and replace

  29. Upton Spark says:

    Just said on SKY SPORTS that MAN UTD have bid £10 million for Deano.

    Here we go again!!!!

  30. Dave says:

    Then if it’s the money then we should fight to keep him, and dont agree,we are not a feeder club anymore. If it’s going to stay that way with the top 4 then they might aswell have their own league, because whats the point of this league if we have to put up with all this and the monotony

  31. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    He is awesome.
    He is very special type of striker which does not run too much, can be hidden for long periods and then scores from nothing.
    With him in squad you can always expect goals.
    I believe he stays and I believe he stays fit.
    Then we can realy look forward to the next season.
    Ashton / Bellamy is what we all want to see.

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