Don’t Boo Reo Coker!

And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain… words appropriate for Alan Curbishley’s final game in charge this season, or words appropriate for his final game in charge, full stop? I’ll write my thoughts on the season and Curbishley’s future another time, but there’s no doubt that today’s game will be the final game for one or two players.

I expect Curbs to start with his strongest possible lineup. There’s no word as to whether Faubert is fit again, but I reckon the team will look like this…

Green, McCartney, Pantsil, Neill, Tomkins, Noble, Boa Morte, Parker, Solano, Zamora, Ashton.

Villa will be up for this, as they seek to secure a UEFA Cup position. Let’s give Marlon Harewood a warm welcome, and as for Nigel Reo Coker, wy don’t we just ignore him? Booing him will just get him pumped up.


11 Responses to Don’t Boo Reo Coker!

  1. jimwhu says:

    ian i think your right bewhere of marleene though

  2. Mr Moon says:

    A pumped-up Reo-Coker?

    That’s enough send a tremor of fear down the spine of even the toughest Premiership defenders!

    It ranks second only to an ‘on-fire Emile Heskey’.

  3. Perth Hammer says:

    If your suggestion is carried out, Iain, you could find yourself listening to Boa Morte being booed and Reo Coker NOT being booed. Incongruous, no?

  4. OzzytheIron says:

    i think the boos pissed him off actually…he was pretty crap today

  5. pjd says:

    nice to see harewood get a good for reo mediocre his attitude was shite last season but he was not the only one

  6. claire says:

    It was amazing how easily we managed to cope with Reo-Coker. So we didn’t need the booing. As for Marlon,… he has a habit of coming on as sub for Villa and then scoring, so I feared the worst – but it didn’t happen. A funny game in many ways, but a fair result.
    I expect (sadly) this is the last we’ll have seen of Bobby Z. He – almost as much as Tevez – kept us up last season.

  7. Neil says:

    Why bother booing or clapping either of them? They’re now no longer West Ham players so why should we acknowledge them? To say thanks? What for? Picking up a nice monthly pay packet to buy a new Bentley with? Their performances last season where poor but the seasons before they got us into the Premier League and FA Cup Final. Does it all average itself out in the long run?

    Also, when did this phenomenon start? Did we cheer or clap Di Canio, Dicks, any of the Allen’s, Bishop, Dowie, Hartson, Hughes, Mears, Sinclair when they left? Or did/do Spurs still clap Rebrov, Etherington or Davenport? Or Newcastle clap Dyer, Solano, Bellamy or Parker?

    Personally I ignore them and let them get on with it. They’ve moved on so should we.

  8. chrislots says:

    Did anyone clap Di Canio when he left!???? You serious?? I have sat in the Bobby Moore lower for the last 12 years and there were grown men crying…as for Dicks Brooking Tevez what a reception they always get… it’s a sign of appreciation and is a fantastic touch, one of the highlights of the season was Tevez’z ‘irons’ sign to the fans . West Ham fans get a lot of stick for booing ex players but its never without reason ince,defoe,lampard, reo-coker etc, but the players who left in a dignified way the rio’s and even glenn Johnson will always get a good reception, were tough but fair but always respectful

  9. chrislots says:

    (not to mention the standing obvation Solano got when he came on for 13 seconds from the Geordies a couple of weeks ago)

  10. The Headmaster says:

    Neil has it pretty much spot on for me.
    I couldnt be arsed to boo Reo Choker.
    And as for the completely OTT reception Marlene got (albeit partly just to accentuate the contempt for Choker) it was a joke! Thousands of us spent 3 years slating the guy pretty much week in week out. Short memories, Irons, short memories.

  11. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    You have short memory buddy.
    Marlon scored plenty of goals for our club, was one of the players who got us out of the shit in which Terence Brown managed to get us to. Marlon proved to be usefull also in our first season back in Premiership as well as during our FA Cup campaign.
    Although he never became fans favourite it may not be waste of time for you to check his numbers (he was quite proliffic for us and did the job in that time).

    I know you do not need Wikipedia to give an oppinion on him, but it may be interesting to check some things there:
    He joined West Ham in November 2003 for a fee of £500,000. After signing for West Ham, new manager Alan Pardew hoped that the powerful striker could have a similar effect on the Hammers promotion hopes the following season. Harewood was the top scorer for West Ham in 2004–05 with 23 goals in all competitions. He returned to top flight football following West Ham’s playoff victory at the end of the 2004–05 season, and the 2005–06 season saw Marlon spearheading Pardew’s Premiership attack. He scored 14 league goals, including the first top flight hat-trick of the season in a 4–0 home victory against Aston Villa and also put West Ham in front after just 52 seconds against Manchester United also at Upton Park. Harewood became one of the top scoring strikers of the 2005-2006 season and after scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup semi-final against Middlesbrough, Harewood responded by saying, “I can’t really describe how I felt at the time; you can’t put something like that into words, it’s a chapter in my career that I have dreamed about doing since I was a little kid.”

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