Deano Oh No!

Sky Sports News is reporting that Manchester United have tabled a £10 million bid for Dean Ashton. I think most of us would put money on the fact that they will, in the end, succeed in prizing him away from Upton Park. However, surely £10 million is a joke for a player who has scored 10 goals in 13 outings this season? We’ll be a laughing stock if he leaves for anything less than £15 million. Why on earth would Man U want a player who was valued at less than that anyway? Have we learned nothing from the past? What a joke it was to let Joe Cole go for £6 million … and any number of other players for less than their true worth.

I want Deano to stay. He and Bellamy would be a fearsome duo next season. But I fear it’s a partnership we will never see…


47 Responses to Deano Oh No!

  1. Joe says:

    I hope he doesn’t go, but if he does, he does, £10 million would bring in some good talent.

  2. Jaime says:

    Unfortunately i’ve heard he’s off. Not 100% but i’d be very, very, very surprised if he’s still here come the start of the season.


  3. Big Casino says:

    Are Sky Sports News really reporting this themselves – or are they just saying what is in the papers???

  4. Hammered says:

    Silly season starts early then. all this has come around due to the papertalks yesterday. With Deano saying that he is flattered by the ManU talk, and also with him saying that he’s not heard anything about a new contract… He’s already said that he’s happy staying with us, we all love him and next season will be his best (so long as the England curse doesn’t strike again). In any case, how many games is he likely to play up there, it’s not as though ManU need a new striker. I think next season will be the time where we will need to worry about them coming in for him, unless that is we ourselves can push on from this season and finish top 6…

  5. Jay says:

    I hope and pray that deano does not go, it would just show as a club again that we are feeders to the “big 4” i understood tevez going last season but this would just mean the board is happy with 10th place and maybe pushing for europe in 3 or 4 years…………..lets just wait and see

  6. Burnhammer says:

    When will any team break into the top four when any one of them click their fingers and prise away the best players of lower teams. It sickens me. The only good thing is that Deano will not want to bench warm or be a bit player in Man Uniteds team. Benitez has done the same with Barry and I hope he fails with his bid too. We have to prove that we are not a feeder club and this will be a test of our new owners resolve. I do hope Deanos head wont be turned but I had hoped for that before with Yossi.

  7. Jim says:

    They are just quoting, wait for it….The Daily Star.

    They have a bigger lead on Manyoo getting Luis Fabiano, which I reckon is a more likely target for them.

    The big difference for us now is that we don’t need the cash, so if he does go, I think we’d be looking for a lot more than 10m.

  8. Hammered says:

    What a load of rubbish… there is NOTHING on Sky regarding this so-called bid for Ashton. The only thing to do with ManU on the news isabout Fergie having a full squad to pick from for the CL final…

    This story was posted over an hour ago now, there is also nothing regarding it on the SkySports website. Something like this, if real would be headline news… Fergie ain’t gonna be bothered about making any sort of transfer dealings until after the CL final!

    Like I said earlier… SILLY SEASON!!!

  9. chrislots says:

    I maybe missing but I can see nothing of the sort infact could only find this…,19528,11685_3547492,00.html

  10. West ham till he goes says:

    If they sell Deano for 10 million i will not be going over there again.

    I thought with this new board we were away from the old days of selling our best players cheap.

    Deano will be the England number 9 for the next 10 years.

    you tell me Darren Bent 17.5 million and 95k a week

    and we were paying Deano 24k a week and we going to sell for 10

    then don’t sack the board burn the whole club down

    iut’s a joke

  11. JJ says:

    He shouldn´t leave, period. If he does, ManYoo would be the absolute worst choice for him. He won´t regular first team football, and we all know Deano can only perform at his best when playing regulary. As for the £10million… it´s a bit under-evaluated, but not that much. I say cash in when Fergie hits the £12million mark… not that I want that, but it´s rather inevitable. And then try to get Crouch!

  12. James says:

    I am pretty confident Dean Ashton will not be leaving to go to Man United. My neighbour has close links to united and has heard nothing of this rumour. Where is the quote from United? Purely speculation. If he did go around 12-15 million would be a fair price considering his number of goals per game ratio. I think he has proved that if you can keep him fit he knows where the back of the net is. I still think that if we sold him we would look back and regret it and wish we had not or we had gotten more money. I believe he could easily be a 20 goal a season man (hopefully at West Ham) but with better servie at united he surely would get 20 goals plus. I hope we keep him as i am excited about his link up with Bellamy and he is in the England squad so he can fulfill international ambitions at West Ham lets keep him and push for Europe. Anyone else agree with what i have said??

  13. JMan says:

    He’s going nowhere and is about to be offered a new deal. a few days ago MU were supposedly going to shell out £7million for Owen, so the silly season has indeed started and this is just another load of rubbish. If Ashton goes then the discontent will make life very difficult for those who say we are under no pressure to sell and want to build around our team around. The club needs to assure the fans of the future direction and this would create a rift bewteen the two and we all know what happens when the fans start to make their feelings known.

  14. colney says:

    cant see it.He wants to stay and all hes doing is screwing the club for more dosh.his agent will be releasing all this rubbish to get the hammers board a bit jittery.

    A new contract will be sorted out with an extension of 2 years and a big clause in it saying if a top 4 comes in the 20 mill will release him.

  15. colney says:

    ps,great to see jennas thinks spurs are gona be better than arsenal next year!!!!!!!

    even the players are deluded !

    love it,the silly season is here.lets buy everyone and sell no one!

  16. Duncanio says:

    Respect to Deano, but I think that they will let him mature for a couple of years then steal him.

  17. Dave says:

    Sends out a bad message if he goes.Doesnt matter if the price tag was good because what good would the money do if we brought in another class player, just so we could sell him on as soon as those vultures at the top swoop for him. But personally…I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

  18. BlackFD says:

    no no no!!
    I wonder if there are just people in the media who like to stir up trouble: not so long ago it was “Green’s leaving” – let’s just hope that this is wrong. If we need to save ££ there’s several others who should go before Deano
    it’s so frustrating to watch the “big 4” and say “oh yes he used to play for us, and he did, and he did….”: I was hoping that those days were behind now.

  19. rob says:

    10 million is an aboslute joke. why would west ham sell their prize asset for such a small fee? the answer, they wouldnt. Also how can crouch be valued at 15 million by raffa? dean is twice the player crouch is so 30 million is closer to the mark me thinks. No need to sell him anyway, dont need the money, he will get better, therefore worth more.

  20. Roshi says:

    Deano would love it there, he’s used to playing only a handful of games a season.

    Ferdinand, Carrick, Tevez, Ashton plus Green? and you’ve got the perfect spine. I guess they will offer us Saha, Curbs would jump at that, somebody will have to replace Ashton on the treatment table for the majority of the season.

  21. Eric says:

    West Ham is thinking global next season. And i really hope that Deano wants to be a part of that Like Jay says feeder club no more. At least stick around to see how the next season shapes up. Nani is going to get a lot of quality in there

    Has anyone seen this? “The Next Ronaldo coming West Ham”

  22. DevoDevo says:

    Iain, I’m surprised that you should buy in to this rubbish.

    They’ll be stories like this every day – the paper’s have to fill space somehow.

    More realistic are the stories linking Shorey and the Juve kid to US!!!

    Ashton will still be here next season, of that I have no doubt.

  23. Lesta says:

    Hopefully the summer cull will enable the board to sort out his contract / wages …

    Would be a major blow to the team and overall morale if he was to go

  24. Mac says:

    Unfortunately I think any player at West Ham would be seriously interested if they knew United were sniffing.

    Whether the club sells them is a different matter, but we’ve got to be realistic here. United and all they can offer – money, world-class teammates, Champions League etc – for a player looking to reach the top, would be one hell of a tough job spec to turn down.

    And we can forget loyalty. That doesn’t come into it. Ultimately players want to better themselves in whatever way they can and we have to accept we’re (still) not in the same league in that respect. That’s why our best players have, and will continually, move to the bigger clubs and why we end up with players such as Parker, Bellamy, Ljundberg etc, players whose better days are (probably) behind them, but who still want a very decent take-home.

  25. luke says:

    I cant see this happening thank god, mainly because i dout Fergi would want to risk another Saha incident, I think there will be more course for concern of this happening next year after Ashton has hopefully baged us a good twenty + goals and also kept out the treatment room. The board just need to get in there with a new an improved contract and not drag their feet over this for too long.

  26. Upton Spark says:

    Ian; The official website states that Deano is meeting with his officials this Friday to discuss a new long term contract.
    He is part of the long term future of the club it says.
    All the rest are just stupid paper talk and have no weight to them.

  27. Jay says:

    On the WHFC website….there is an update about ashton saying he is there to stay and a part of the future moving forward….lets hope this is true

  28. RunningHammer says:

    I’m sure some of this must be stoked up by the people that surround the players, all the hangers-on. I’m sure we all remember what Reo-Mediocre’s agent was like and the outrageous claims of interest from bigger clubs that he tried to invent. They’re probably encouraging some of these stories in the press in order to boost a new pay deal for Ashton. Personally i’d take Neill’s, Ljungberg’s and Boa Morte’s wages and give it to Deano!

    Then again if the board don’t stump up the cash, he’ll be off. Can’t see the point in going to Man U though – good as he is when he’s fit he’s hardly likely to push Tevez, Ronaldo, and Rooney out of the first team…

  29. Matt says:

    This story is a complete fabrication. It was made up on a thread on the west ham site, as a wind up. (Which is presumably where you got it from Iain?) The hoaxer admits this on the thread now.

    The sad thing is, that although this story is completely invented – it is all-too easy to believe…

    I think that says a lot about the relationship between the ‘big four’ of the premiership, and all the rest.

  30. Kim says:

    Sorry for posting something that is not related but…. does anybody know when our season ticket renewals will be through. I was told by WH ticket office that it would be w/c 21 April!!

  31. bobby says:

    ian he will stay but in my opinon we must get rid off quahsie, davenport gabbidion mullins and yes zamora i love him bobby but now ithink its better to make big changes if the club to move foward.i live at malta and here are many italian supporters and they told me about lanzafame the italian kid of juve. hes a a wonderful player and hes coming for 1 season loan but the bad news isthat if he have a good season with us we cannot buy him cause juve are very jealouse of him. we are talking here of another joe cole here beilive me! ths season was loned to bari and scored 10 goals and his only 18. regards bobby malta hammer

  32. dani says:

    up the hammers!

  33. chris says:


  34. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Fergie reportedly likes him (actually who does not?) and Deano reportedly likes ManU.
    Therefore there will be persistent rumours about him going imo.
    I am 90% sure he will stay as he would not play up there while he may definitely bee a key player for us next season (if he stays fit).

    Regarding the transfer money – 10 mil. for striker of his qualities in the world where some defenders have been bought for 20 mil. is ridiculous. Even 15 mil. is not enough for him Ian.

  35. lotf says:

    according to reports earlier in the season, the only 2 problems deano had with curbs was 1) he wasnt playing regularly enough to get into the england squad, and 2) he thought it was unfair that ljungberg and neill were being paid that much more than him despite their relatively lower value to the club.

    number 1 above has already been sorted. hopefully number 2 will be when they meet on Friday.

  36. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    Who is there to replace him? even for £15M there is no one even close. and don’t even think of mentioning that donkey crouch. the only wat someone else can break into the top 4 is by denying them any talent.

  37. The Guru says:

    As a Norwich fan we’ve had first hand experience of this sort of thing with Ashton before.

    It’ll no doubt be a story spun by his agent in the hope of securing a more lucrative contract. Then, come January, if he’s playing well and the Hammers aren’t doing so good, he’ll be off.

    Personally don’t think he’s a “Man Utd type of player”. I can see him at Newcastle though.

  38. richo says:

    I’ll be crushed if he goes. In saying that all the best british players usually end up at the big clubs so i spose i should steel myself for it happening in the future.

    I think next season is crucial in terms of our future direction and if the lack of creativity we’ve had in the midfield this season continues next term we need a top finisher to take any chances.

    No amount of money would be worth selling him for at the moment considering our forward options.

  39. Rob says:

    This story is rubish, chin up Ian, Deano’s not going anywhere. He’ s the man, here at West Ham. Let’s just pay him the Carlos Tevez money we never spent last year.

  40. Upton Spark says:


  41. Billy Billy Billy Billy Billy Bonds says:

    Don’t think there’s any truth in the rumour whatsoever. Although Deano is very good and is certainly one of our better players, I think that Manure will be looking for players a class above Ashton.

    In any case, we’ve not just been relegated… Clubs can’t come along and take the pee out of us and offer small sums for any of our players like they did in ’03.

    We don’t have to sell any of our top players and we won’t. Brown has gone now, this club has ambition again and I honestly do think that our 28-year wait without a trophy will end within the next few years and we will build on it. (And no, I’m not on drugs or steaming drunk while writing this).

  42. Upton Spark says:

    Not THE Billy Bonds I guess?? If so,met you the other night Bonzo at the Cliffs with the 2 Tony’s, Cottee and Gale plus Alan Devonshire.
    Nice to hear that you were not drunk Billy mate.
    I think you are correct with your forecast of Deano not going anywhere and we will know more today after his meeting with West Ham.
    Cheers Billy.Well payed mate!

  43. Upton Spark says:

    Hi Ian; Any news on the West Ham Supporters Forum last week or the week before please?

  44. ironsmith says:

    You can not blame Deano or any other top player for trying to secure the best possible new deal. The reasons why I am confident that he will sign a new long term deal are twofold. Firstly, BG is no mug and this is the first of many tests we may face as a previously well known ‘selling’ club and a test that he will not want to fail. Secondly, when Man U want to make a difficult signing (ie Tevez) they will call upon the media steamroller (their ‘friends’, Times, Mail, BBC, Sky etc.) to help them. We have heard a few mutterings from some media lightweights so far and thats all. I hope I am right because if we win here I think the sleeping giant may be unleashed as soon as the coming season!

  45. colney says:

    its all to quiet today ! any news anyone?

  46. Two ex Norwich players I see. in much the same way as Manure and Chelski have a team made up of ex West Ham stars, you are ending up as the team of ex Norwich players.

  47. Upton Spark says:

    I thought Deano was supposed to be talking to West Ham on friday so why is there no news?

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