Saha & Diouf? You’re ‘Avin a Giraffe!

I’m not sure how far Paul Doyle’s tongue was stuck in his cheek when he wrote THIS in today’s Guardian. He speculates that West Ham are interested in signing Louis Saha and El Hadhi-Diouf. Saha is a good player but do we really need yet another injury prone striker? I think not. We should have signed him when we had the chance eight years ago. As for Diouf, all I can say is Nooooooooooo!


36 Responses to Saha & Diouf? You’re ‘Avin a Giraffe!

  1. HammerRon says:

    And i say noooooooooooooooooooo!

  2. SD says:

    I honestly cannot see there being any truth in this whatsoever!!

  3. Adam Harris says:

    Agree completely though I feel this story is rubbish. Especially as they are quoting a 10 million fee for Saha too!!!. If Curbs had that much cash to spend and I doubt it then I am very sure that he would spend it elsewhere.

    As for Diouf, I am sure that he will stay with Bolton and that is the best place for him!.

  4. GF says:

    More crocked half rate rubbish…..they should fit right in!!!!

  5. Happy Hammer says:


    Let’s hope these rumours are not true.
    Agree Saha is good on his day but let’s face it the last thing we need is another injury prone player.
    I think we have a very good backbone to the squad now with Green, Upson, Parker & Ashton. It would be good to build around that with some young exciting players that are keen to make their mark on the Premiership.
    Hopefully with Gianluca Nani overseeing the transfers this summer that some astute signings will be made !

  6. Rus says:

    Saha (when fit) would be a decent player for us, but his wages will be sky high and we do not need another injury prone striker on our books

    As for Diouf, I pray we never sign him, overrated, overpaid and such a bad attitude, and anyway what could he offer different than Boa Morte

    Unfortunately until we make some movement in the transfer market, in terms of releasing players, existing players signing new contracts, the papers are going to have a field day speculating the ins and outs of Upton Park

  7. scott says:

    An easy story, one to capture the imagination of other journo’s and the gullible amongst the West Ham fans.

    There is no way a team with Bellamy, Dyer, Bowyer and Diouf will all get along nicely!!!

  8. supernumbersix says:

    It’s a wind-up.
    Having said that, nothing to do with WHU surprises me anymore. We did sign Dyer after all.

  9. MarkyMark says:

    This has to be newspaper talk !!!! another Mr Injury & a Mr Stropp !! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!

  10. colney says:

    No chance,just usual paper talk and is it just me or are we linked to every player that is spoken about? its the same for the bar codes and spuds.were all the same sort of level clubs and its just a joke in sure.

    Anyway,can someone please have a quiet word with curbs and tell him if he wants another season in the job NOT to buy bent.

    Any chance we can have benny back?truely missed last season.

    ps nice to have you back ian,nice holiday?

  11. jp says:

    and Andy Johnson!! no truh errrr. there injury prone, havent played well for 18 months, over 27 and had a great 04/05 season they tick all the boxes for Curbs!! why aren’t we going in for Ramsey/Bostock/Scannel/Fox etc!!!??? our business model is awful offering ageing tripe like the above 4 year wages on ridculous money with no sell on fee. As much as it pains me to say Spurs are light years ahead with what they are doing.

  12. kenningtonhammer says:

    we’ve been linked with the diouf ‘the spitter’ a few times now. am beginning to wish i hadn’t renewed my season ticket so hastily! surely we should be putting our efforts into renewing ashton’s contract before anything else?

  13. englands number 6 says:

    Listen ,we are not Newcastle or Totscum ,who are linked with every player and their tea lady at this time of year, we are West ham, let the chairman do the negotiating on the Ashton front and see if he comes up with the players he promised us when they took over at upton park. If he doesnt and he lets curbs buy another load of over the hill dross that plays the old tampon two step ,one week in three weeks out, then the consensus with seasoned west ham fans of 30 years plus that ive spoken to is they will vote with their feet, lets face it its too expensive for the kind of shit we get dished up with week in week outm and quite frankly a lot of us have had enough.

  14. Nails says:

    Only if he wants to get a more intense second round of abuse.

    Thing that scares me is these two do fit well into the type of player Uncle Alan like to buy.

    It would not surprise me about Saha but Diouf….do they want less supporters at games?

  15. John says:

    Just regurgitating last years rumours

  16. doc says:

    I really hope not the only way i can see saha coming is with deano going the otherway and makes me sick to the stomach the only time i got excited all season is whe DEANO gets the ball PLEASE YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS CURBS!!!!!

  17. JJ says:

    I am deaply concearned over this. Basicaly cause I can see it happening in both cases. Saha is a good player, but his injury tendency leaves me cringin. As for Diouf… if spitting awards points next year, sign him now. If not… leave him as far away from Upton Park as possible. Mediocre player with a sh*t personality.

  18. colney says:

    lets see if we can start a roumor,ive heard that all you have to do is start talking about it on a blogg and then its all over the papers and then west ham come out and say its tosh.


    there , you heard it here first,now lets get the ball rolling

  19. Prince H says:

    Stupid and cheap

  20. Freddie says:

    The silly season is now well underway. Everyday a few more players either being bought or sold – depending on what paper you read. Even “signed” deals turn out to be less than solid. Who remenbers reports that Benayoun had renewed his contract pre last season? So just relax, look forward to your Summer holiday, disregard all the hype by the agents and let’s see who is on the pitch (or on the treatment bench) when the season starts.

  21. jonnyhammer says:

    Not to put too fine a point on this….if we sign someone like Diouf I will be sending my season ticket back in the post to the Chairman. I do not want him at out club!

  22. HammerMalta says:

    No no no with respect they`re not the West Ham type we`re looking for ,at the moment all i`m concerned about is Dean Ashton singing a new deal.WEST HAM till i die!!!!

  23. DevoDevo says:

    Can’t believe people on here take any notice of this rubbish.

    Papers, desperate to fill space and agents desperate to tie up a deal for their pensions.

    I guarantee Ashton will be playing football at west Ham next year. If he isn’t then you bet your life that Upton park will be half empty. Supporters were promised that West Ham would build a club to challenge the top 4. This was reiterated recently by the Chairman and Duxbury. Any reneging on that promise will spell the beginning of the end for this great club.

    PS. Andy Johnson – latest rumour :^0

  24. Dave says:

    It’s just newspapers spilling out the usual amount of made up rumours, because they don’t know what else to print. Ashton is staying, but the papers will feed off the fact that more talks over Deano will take place.

  25. Russell says:

    I’ve been joking all season about us buying Saha because he loves an injury, all season I’ve been saying it takin the piss! I will puke my guts up if we buy him.
    As for that scumbag from bolton, he spat at our fans! If the board bring him in they deserve to be spat at! and then axed! I will single handedly take down the bank of Iceland if any of these happen. I’m sure it is just pathetic bored journo’s tho. Its gotta be.

    my mates uncle’s neighbour’s spanish cat has heard Deco to West Ham for 35mil!

  26. 4737CarlinSir says:

    I’m not too bothered about Deano ‘singing’ a new deal as long as he puts pen to paper!

  27. NELLY THE HAMMER says:

    I can’t believe this. Why do we need these two? If this does happen then I’m sure there would be a revolt as we don’t need another injury prone player and another twat.

  28. Roy says:

    Not going to get to too interested in the silly season games of agents and bored jounalists but will say a little prayer in the hope that Diuof never comes near Upton Park other than as a Bolton bench warmer. Of more note though is the talk of Newcastle and Sunderland prepared to fork out 3-4million on LBM. I know we paid more for him but after his performances for us, I’m gobsmacked anyone would pay more than change for the talentless whinger. I, for one, would happily drive him up the north east if it meant we never had to see him in claret and blue again. Please let that particular rumour be true.

  29. tommo says:

    Aj,Saha and Diouf ! MY GOD ,its enough to make your teeth itch is’nt it ?.Im hearing reports that we are skint and now were linked with these pumpheads with millions being mentioned.I tell you what would be nice ,if West Ham could get a couple of players in right early doors so it would stop 3 months of cobblers!.What does anyone think about getting that ginger lad from palace,Watson is it?.

  30. Roshi says:

    Sorry about this Iain, but it seems the criteria for being a journalist these days is that you have a overactive imagination and are basically a liar. Where are the hard nosed sports journalists/reporters now, they all seem to be from the same stable as the Hello magazine reporters, more interest in stupid rumour than fact.

  31. devo says:

    deco and messi and ronaldo thats interesting i’m sell that to the rags

  32. Dave says:

    Just got back from a meeting with some aliens from planet mars and I can confirm that we are signing one of their top alien players named Zordak

  33. pjd says:

    this is absolute shite.well i pray to god it is

  34. Russell says:

    Zordak is class

  35. chris says:

    We have no pace at fullback positions,so whats the point in shorey thats just like for like.

  36. Oggy says:

    Yep, definitely have to sign Zordak!

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