The Future of HAMMERS NEWS

I just got the latest issue of Hammers News, together with a cheque for £20.65 from the publishers. It appears that the club has decided not to renew the contract with M Press, who have been publishing it in recent years. I presume the publication will still continue. Anyone know any more details?

I must admit that I have long felt that HAMMERS NEWS had lost its way. It was too obsessed with glossy pictures to the detriment of the writing. I suspect the number of words has halved, with some pages only having a few paragraphs on them.


9 Responses to The Future of HAMMERS NEWS

  1. Aylesbury Hammer says:

    Maybe it needed more stuff like this? )

  2. bryan says:

    club no longer require hammers news and agree its gone downhill.
    the club say the same info is on the website and in the programme.

    shame really

  3. paul says:

    maybe no one is buying it cos of the price.

  4. Burnhammer says:

    I was only commenting to my wife that it seems to have lost its waya bit. It used to have a lot more articles and competitiions. There seems to be just as much in matchday programmes.

  5. Doc H Ball says:

    I’d be pleased if it folded because it’s always been crap. We nicknamed it Pravda during the bond demonstration years because it became the board’s mouthpiece. It’s never been decently written or interesting.

    Personally, I still miss ‘Fortunes Always Hiding’, the first truly great fanzine. Bring back North Bank Norman as editor of Hammers News and it would be interesting…

  6. ohmygosh says:

    I used to enjoy it….

    I’m pretty sure that it was either independent before, or the editor had his own mind.

    First the editor was changed.

    Then they got rid of Tony Cottee because he was anti Brown and it went downhill from there.

  7. South African Hammer says:

    Really sorry to hear this. I have been getting Hammers News since early 90’s when it still looked like a newspaper and the photos were of very poor quality – but it was great catching up on the news of the club. Sad thing is that it can’t really offer cutting edge info anymore as it only comes out monthly, which means all the news is old news. What with Tony Mac’s ‘Ex Mag’ and the match programme, it never stood a chance. Still, I enjoyed the ‘pub’ articles; celeb Hammers features and the large photos – something that most publications miss as they are reduced to magnifying glass size and hidden by all the advertising!

    Hammers News RIP

  8. colney says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmm,you finish runners up in 3 of the 4 competions you can enter and 3/4 in the other one and uve been in the job for 8 months and u still get sacked, where does that leave curbs and all the others?

    food for thought.

  9. Damien says:

    Its a shame I just bought the issue today without realising, I think its a shame we don’t have a magazine.

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