Andy Johnson Linked Again

The News of the World again links us to Everton’s Andy Johnson. I like Johnson as a player, but he is incredibly injury prone, and I cannot see why we would need a player like him unless we were planning to sell Dean Ashton.


24 Responses to Andy Johnson Linked Again

  1. GF says:

    If that idiot Curbs has anything to do with it then it will happen, a decent on form striker out the door for an injury prone past its best piece of shite!!

  2. luc Bailey says:

    even though this is on speculation i think it might be a good idea to sign AJ. Zamora is all but finished at west ham, cole has been good this season but i think that this has been his best and last season with us. bellamy is an ongoing mystery coz he has played hardly any part in this season and yet is named in the wales squad and magically comes back to fitness. johnson is a fantastic player but again this seems to be curbishlys strong point, buying players who have a history of injuries that only play one game a season (in which they score about 2 goals).

  3. Roy says:

    Can’t agree with you on Johnson – he works hard, has real pace and scores goals – certainly a step up in quality from Zamora and Cole. If Johnson played alongside Ashton, their differing styles could be well suited and a decent partnership might be formed. If, however, he is a replacement for Ashton, then that is a different story. If Curbs lets Ashton go, then i believe the protests will be heard in Iceland, as Hammers supporters recognise class when they see it and Ashton is the real thing.

  4. Josh says:

    Not buying it, could be a ploy as part of the Ashton contract negotiations, to make him think we might sell up if he doesn’t commit. But Curbs has repeated time and time again that he wants to see Ashton and Bellamy play together, Andy Johnson doesn’t fit in that equation.

  5. Colin Miller says:

    I just hope this is speculation, we really don’t need any more crocked players do we? Please Curbs NO!

  6. PeteH says:


    I can’t see this happening and if it did I’d be very disappointed. Johnson is very overated and doesn’t for my liking get enough goals. If he’s a replacement to anyone its Bellamy……. but what Bellamy has got over Johnson is consistant goalscoring (and not just penatlies)….

    Deano is the key next season, a good pre-season and alongside Bellamy or Sears he will get 20+ goals. If we sell him then we are just going along the lines under the previous ownership. We have potentially the best English Centre-Forward who with the right service and partner can forfill that at our club.

    I’ll be at Wembley on Wednesday, i’ve got my England shirt printed Ashton #9 and I hope Capello gives him the chance.

    Whats your thoughts on the other transfer links?

    Pete Hallam

  7. Carlos Tabrez says:

    Dear Iain,

    Where is that final game of the season match report you said you would do “I’ll do a full match report tomorrow “.

    I hope the fact that you have not done it has nothing to do with Boa Morte having a very good game and you not being able to find it in yourself to give him a decent rating….I hope.

  8. ironsmith says:

    Iain, I sincerely hope you are wrong with your thoughts of Ashton being sold to either be replaced by, or to finance the purchase of Johnson. At this stage I prefer to view this as speculation but should it happen I would be happy to have Johnson as back up to Ashton and Bellamy in preference to Zamora/Cole but I don’t think AJ will be looking for the same role as he had at Everton. I for one will sleep a lot easier when we have signed our best player on an appropriate contract.

  9. TrevorH says:

    GF seems to write a lot of vitriolic stuff against Curbishley (on a lot of sites) without a great deal of foundation other than the fact he doesn’t like him. Negative like many of the boo boys. Let me start by saying that I am not a great fan of his. However, he was the manager that saved us from relegation last year, to improve to 10th this season. And I do believe that we will improve a couple of places next year. If Ashton wants to go, he will. Hopefully it will be Zamora that leaves as well as others that are not wanted.

    According to a recent post you are not renewing your season ticket next year? Good!! West Ham do not need fans like you. Try and get behind the team GF, it doesn’t hurt and you don’t have to resort to pointless abuse.

  10. Camziron says:

    I think its irrelevant which strikers come or go, if the first thing we do is fail to capture a midfielder with some serious creativity, that pulls the strings. Come on Curbs, scour the Eastern Block and find some real flair, craft and inventiveness.

  11. Upton Spark says:

    I have a friend who’s lad is in the accadamy and the talk there is Curbs has been told to ease up on the spending and actually clip back on the fringe players in the squad.
    Ashton is definately in Curbs plans unless we recieve a rediculous offer from someone.
    Aston’s agent is a shrewd guy who has advised his player to let West Ham wait a while and not just jump at the first offer made. Aston loves the fans at West Ham and will only go if a really BIG club come in for him. Aston would love to play Champions League football,but other than that he will stay with us for at least another couple of years.

  12. tommo says:

    What i think Curbs should do is,wait for Johnson to break both his legs and arms in a pre season match for Everton then put in a bid for £15 million.

  13. GF says:

    TrevorH I am behind the team but cant stand the fact that Curbs and BG are doing their hardest to ruin the club, I cant sit back and say nothing, Curbs is a small minded fool who really doesnt have a clue what he’s doing, he managed Charlton and acheived nothing during his time there, we spent two season in the championship and scrapped thhrough in the play off final, yes I was there. Arent you sick of every other club being in the position to buy decent young english talent, take Aston Villa for example, no decent player who has previously played under Curbs wants to come to West Ham, why’s that I wonder? What has Curbs done to the training regieme to put half our squad out all season, he has zero tactically knowledge proven by the fact that he uses a whiteboard at the training ground and doesnt talk to the players, he let the team go out first game of the season to get a mauling by Man City, then said after the game, he hadnt really thought about it or made any plans, this is the idiot that you seem to be defending, we played crap football all season boring dull rubbish, and only managed to score 5 goals in a game cos we were playing Derby!! then we nearly came unstuck against them at home didnt we. I think every hammers fan wasnt to see the club go forward not stay still or roll backwards, we have a billionaire chairman and his even richer son and we still seems to be doing nothing in the transfer market except signing shite injured crap, bellamy excluded and I blame Curbs for his injury too. West Ham seems to take forever to try and sign anyone then they miss out at the last minute as usual, Never in our history have we had so many problems as the Curbiushly era, surely you cant be so stupid to say he has nothing to do with it. The chairman claims to want to be ambitious and wants to take the club to the next level, well TervorH im afraid that it aint gonna happen with Curbs in charge he is out of his depth if he thing he can compete with the top 4 5 or 6 for that matter a top manager wouldn’t need someone to help him sign decent players, Nani has been brought in to find a replacement for Curbs not new players, wake up fella how can you defend Curbs, do me a favour!!

  14. GF says:

    Curbs wouldnt know flair, craft and inventiveness if it kicked him in the bollox!!

  15. Roshi says:

    Ok Bellamy’s been injured this season, not to say he will be next season. Ask any Palace fan about AJ, you saw how he ran us ragged in the play off final! He scored so many goals for Palace in the Prem and got in the England squad, he just hasn’t clicked at Everton (neither did Beattie but look at his scoring record last year) then there is the on going Ashton story, will he stay or will he go.
    If I was negotiating with Ashton I would be selling him on the idea that he could end up in the amongst the top scorers next season, the best ‘center forwards’ have always been surrounded by pace and by having Bellamy and AJ alongside you they don’t come much quicker. Along with Faubert (check him out on you tube if you unsure about him) and Dyer, brilliant on his day Ashton could have a cracking season next year.

  16. Big Casino says:

    To be comptetive at this level, and be looking at a top 8 finish, you need at least 4 top notch strikers…. In Ashton and Bellamy we have two, and whilst I don’t think Zamora is up to the level of those two players, I do think he is a quality player who I would keep as one of my 4 main strikers. I’d happily sell Cole, despite having a relatively good season for us… and I’d be happy to see AJ come in… but I think we could spend our money better elsewhere.

    There’s no way I’d pay anything above £8m for AJ – this Lanzafame fella looks a better proposition to me (having seen clips of him on youtube) and he wouldn’t cost anything in terms of a transfer fee as he’d be on loan – and though he may not be an out and out striker – we still have Freddie Sears coming through – so a five of Ashton, Bellamy, Zamora, Lanzafame and Sears would do me.

  17. TrevorH says:

    To GF. your long post is written well and now that you have given an honest opinion, I will give you mine. First and foremost what I hate is so called supporters who come on the websites full of 4 letter words and abuse. You know GF as well as me that the majority of these so called fans probably don’t even know where Upton Park is.

    Regarding Curbishley, I can and will support him – up to a point. I agree about buying players who are injury prone but in any event, the run of injuries last year was excessive. My honest belief is that we are no further forward than when Brown and Rednapp were in charge – 7 years ago. Can Curbishley take us forwards? Probably not but I do think that he deserves a chance with a fit squad and perhaps a few new players in this season.

    We will not get success overnight, nor are we ever likely to challenge the top 4 for many years to come. However we should be in a group of players that can challenge the top 6 – Villa, Tottenham, Man City, Newcastle and Everton. If all our players are fit, the quality of our football will improve. Bellamy and Ashton up front will do well.

    If Ashton wants to go he will. You know that as well as do I. But I don’t want to see Johnson at Upton Park. He isn’t in the same class as Ashton.

    We have had 7 years of upheaval in this club since Redknapp almost bankrupted us with crippling wages for mediocre players bought with the Rio money. We are back on an even footing now, just. But whoever manages us next season, if the boo boys continue to boo all and sundry, then don’t expect too much.

    To summarise, I am not a Curbishley fan GF. But this time last year if you had said that West Ham would finish 10th, you would have taken it willingly. I predict 8th next season – with Curbishley (probably).

  18. Dave says:

    Don’t want Johnson at our club, and as fpr LBM, he has one good game…big deal.

  19. colney says:

    is it me or does the words from ashton and the club just not sink in with you lot?

    they both have said exactly the same!!! he wants to stay and the club want him.why would you start negotiating straight away if both parties didnt want this sorted.we all know how long it takes to sort out these deals,look at some like rio whose went on for months.
    He has been told he is wanted so why would west ham sell him?

    its simple,his agent hangs it out as long a s possible to get him the best deal.west ham poo themselves and offer what he wants and then he signs.

    now more importantly,whats all the stuff about Mcartney going back to sunderland as were buying shorey? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!

  20. GF says:

    TrevorH I agree with your latest comments, but I dont think West Ham will finish 8th, I just cant see it, not with Curbs in charge, he hasnt the tactical knowledge to compete at this level, next season will see Spurs stronger, Villa stronger, not sure about Newcastle, City will be better I’m going for mid table at best with Ashton leaving in January as Curbs will keep him on the bench again and insist on playing Cole who he will probably end up keeping as no-one who has played with him before will come near him again. Give him the chance but I dont think he will take the club forward or even come close, I hate the bloke as a manager and want to see him out back in the championship where he belongs but not with WestHam in tow!! Things dont go well if Curbs is in charge of a team, just look at Charlton. I’m not a boo boy I just want to see the club do well if im pouring money down the drain week in week out Im not getting what im paying for and can voice and opinion. Curbs will probably sign Johnson and let him keep Ashton company on the bench and let slip a host of other decent young talent, small minded guy with small minded ideas!! Watch and see!!

  21. richo says:

    GF, Trevor H, you both make some good points in your recent posts. GF I agree with you on many points in regards to Curbs, he seems to be very un-proffesional, it seems to me that a lot of our squad is unfit which is unacceptable at this level and from a fans perspective alot his decisions tactically and post match comments seem ludicrous. However like Trev said i think that he deserves another crack next season with a fit squad considering what he has manged (in terms of points this season, not the development of our team or quality of our games/gameplans). In saying that their are a lot of good managers without jobs at the moment and if i were in charge of hiring and firing I would be having a long hard think about it. I wish the board would offer whatever it takes to get Ashtons signature though, thats the real issue we want sorted. COYI.

  22. Bepi says:

    We need a striker and Andy is a great…But Dino have to stay…

  23. Bepi says:

    I know lanzafame very well (I’m italian!) and is a young star player, he’ve grat first touch, scores many gol…he would be an excellent bough…unluckly he’s probably joyng for Palermo

  24. The Headmaster says:

    The debate between GF and TrevorH is an honest and well meaning one on both sides, for my money. Your polarised opinions on the merits, or otherwise, of Mr Curbishley have been reflected throughout the season both on the net and in the fanzine, by many a contributor.
    I fall down on the side of Trev – just! I too think that Curbs deserves a chance with a fitter squad. Do I actually believe that this will revolutionise his approach to winning a football match? No. Do I therefore ultimately think he will be there in the long term? No. But a chance he should be given since I agree, finidhing 10th represents a decent achievement.
    Incidentally, you wont catch me booing at a match, leastways not at one of our players, but I do understand some of those that do. I scream at the Mrs most weeks – doesnt mean I dont love her. Should I actually be showing this in a more positive way – undoubtedly!!

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