The Day I Met … Steve Lomas

Simon Spanner

I was in Florida last week on business, popped in to the local pub I use (the pub on 27th Street in Davenport, FL) when I was there to watch the us play the Pompey game was on the net and my wireless had gone down at the house I was staying in, so I ventured up there knowing it would be full of scousers watching them rob the Arse. When i sat down the barmaid said: “Simon do you know that bloke sitting 2 seats away?” I said no, not wanting to bother him as he was obviously on hols and I knew it was Steve Lomas, but she kept saying did I want his autograph? I said no as I was more interested in getting the game on my laptop.

Anyway as the afternoon wore on and i was joined by another hammers fan who was in the pub and the game wasn’t working out too well on the pc via China so I gave up and was chatting to Steve Lomas who is a thoroughly decent chap. No airs and graces that you might find with some others, he was just one of the lads in the pub for the day. He bought me a drink and even didn’t mind having his pic taken with me although one scouser had to get in on the act.

Turns out he was on his own for the afternoon and kids probably at disney for day! He shook hands when he left with me, 2 Rangers supporters and their scouse mate


3 Responses to The Day I Met … Steve Lomas

  1. col says:

    Was that it?

  2. JJ says:

    Wow! I would love to meet Steve Lomas! He´s on my all-time best West Ham 11. What a great captain he was…
    Don´t know how much I would enjoy that experience with two blue-nose-huns lurkin about though…

  3. matt mcgraw says:

    i know stevie thru a mate of mine who grew up with him, have been out with stevie on many a night on the piss, top lad and so down to earth. he tell you any stories abt man city or west ham??

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