Anton Must Not Be Sold On The Cheap

Various websites and newspapers are reporting that West Ham are willing to entertain bids of £5 million for Anton Ferdinand. I’d like to think these reports are rubbish, but there is a degree of consistency about them. Surely to God he is worth more than that, not that I think he should be sold in the first place. His form last season was consistently good, with fewer of the howlers which he has in the past been prone to make. His partnership with Matthew Upson in the first half of the season blossomed to the extent that we had the best defensive record outside the Top Four.

If we are to sell him, he is surely worth at least £8 million.


15 Responses to Anton Must Not Be Sold On The Cheap

  1. Alex says:

    i think that we should keep him. him and matthew upson proved in the first half of the season that if we can get them two consistently playing that we are a good defensive unit, but if we sholud cash on in anyone in the first team defence it would have to be lucas neil, he has been the weak link all season in the back four.

  2. The Headmaster says:

    5 million; 8 million – whatever, Iain – it’s all monopoly money. I think I wholeheartedly accord with your basic sentiment – let’s simply NOT SELL HIM!!!!

  3. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    I think this rumour was started by one paper and then the rest reported it as coming from the same one paper. I personally don’t like Anton and his Peckham styled attitude but the reason this story is not to be believed is because the figure of £5m would be way off. With the powers that be voting on how many foreign players are to be allowed, surely the price of homegrown talent will be forced up as teams have to adjust their ratios of personnel. Next year could see him mature into something like his potential has offered and having put up with him making some real howlers whilst waiting for him to blossom, I think everyone would be sick to see that happen at another club. so the credibility of this rumour being accurate- unlikely.

  4. Hammer says:

    I really hope this is not true & just paper talk. We cannot afford to sell players like Anton, at any price. Whilst not the best out there, he is developing in to a very good & more importantly, reliable player. He will only get better, he is young and still learning. We have plenty of under achieving players and players who are not of a high enough standard at W.H.U. who should be off loaded. With the new boardroom I was hoping that the dark old days of Brown & co. were gone, if things like this happen it will just be same old W.H.U. under achieving & thinking small. We should be off loading the bad players (even at a loss) to get them off the wage bill & investing in a good solid squad of quality players & good young players with promise that can fill in every so often to gain experiance. Sorry! rant over.

  5. Ian the Hammer says:

    Even if we do sell him for 5mil then we must make sure we bolt on a sell on clause so tottscum don’t make massive profit at next transfer, like a certain Mr Carrick, if clubs are willing to spend silly money for him next time.

  6. Winchester Hammer says:

    I completely agree. It would be just typical for Curbishley not to see the potential and then Liverpool or Man Utd. to come in, pay a pittance and turn him into the new Rio. I’m not a great fan of Anton’s, but with injury prone centre backs like Collins, Davenport and Gabbidon (who aren’t really Premier League quality anyway), we’re going to leave ourselves short of cover. Dunne looks as if he’s off to Spurs now. Only West Ham could end up paying £5 million for Shorey who Reading are desperate to offload for financial reasons (and therefore should be open to negotiation) and let a Premiership centre back go for the same amount. Enormous lack of business acumen and guile. God, what a shower!

  7. Paolo says:

    If he goes we’ll be going right back to the Brown days, especially if he goes for as little as £5m. How many times have we sold off our young talent only for them to go on to bigger and better things? And a lot of them cheaply, the only ‘proper’ prices we’ve got in the past ten years were for Lampard and Rio. After that it was all quick panic sales for nowhere near the players true market values. Joe Cole was worth way more than £6m when he left.

    I know he makes the odd mistake but lets not forget that Anton was half of the centre back partnership that for over half the season had the fewest goals conceded outside the top four. Surely if it’strue that Man U or Liverpool are willing to give him a go then he should be good enough to help our team improve too!

    I’m fed up with WH fans moaning at our own and pushing them away, it’s half the reason we lose so many players. He’s as good as any other young defender in the PL and I can’t see us finding even half as good a replacement for £5m.

    This would be a bad, bad move!

  8. richo says:

    Sick of this crap bein’ thrown around and if it is true our club is never going to achieve a thing, we need to keep our best players and Ferdinand (although still learning his trade) is one of our best. Top priority in the off season should be securing Ashton, Ferdinand and other players of top quality comin’ off contract, gettin’ our squad fully fit is another priority. I understand that players will always want to win trophies and play in Europe but surely some have passion for the gernsey and want to hang around to build a winning club or be kept with a passionate talking to. In saying that they have to see the same ambition by the whole club, top to bottom and our board sitting on thier hands (as far as i can see) while all this stuff is printed by the media is not showing much promise. I desperately want to see the premiership won by someone other than the ‘big four’ (hopefully the Hammers) and this will never happen unless clubs fight tooth and nail to hang on to their top players. Sure everyone says money (which in turn leads to squad depth) wins the premiership but are you telling me if an extremely ambitious, football smart and mentally tough manager had a quality squad with the same resolve they couldn’t win (or go close to) the title? Of course they could, the players and mangers of the big clubs are only human. Back to the original point though DONT SELL ANTON!!!

  9. docloc says:

    if we are tightening the strings then he has to he is on to much money for a player yet to learn his trade maybe in a couple of seasons he will be strong but never RIO i say get rid of the clown!!!!!!

  10. DevoDevo says:

    I agree that £5 million wouldn’t be realistic either. If Curbishley sold him before fatty Neill he will be nailing the final nail in his coffin.

    Ferdinand on his day is very good and can still get better. What makes me laugh is that these reports state we have 6 centre halves? Let’s see; Upson, Ferdinand, Tomkins, Gabbidon, Collins and Davenport. We need no more than 4 which means getting rid of Davenport, and one of Gabbidon & Collins, both of whom are similar in ability and both injury prone.

  11. Plaistow54 says:

    Ive commented before, don’t sell him. Like him or not, he is young & has the pedigree. Good as the rellies? Remains to be seen, but possible. Rumours of selling may be just that, but if he stays, it is in his interests to play well. If he goes then remember how cheaply we sold Joe Cole for, for the quality of player he was & developed into. Who was it who said “We don’t get fooled again.” Eight to ten mill sounds about right at this stage, with a sell on, but prefer to keep if we can do it financially. I don’t believe talk that he doesn’t fit in, it’s about money.

  12. pjd says:

    i must admit i think he is very average but at todays inflated prices 5 or 6 mil is not much.if we can replace him then fine but gabbidon collins and upson have been prone to injury so we must not leave ourselves short.

  13. ian says:

    but there is a degree of consistency about them.

    For heaven’s sake. Think about this – they are all just quoting the same source.

  14. aaron says:

    Time for curbs to wake up and start getting rid of the overpaid bunch. Lucas Neil was our worst player along with boa morte. How can you say Neil is fit to be captain of our club. I am fed up with reading about selling english talent. All we seem to be reading at the moment is that we are selling players but no strong links of bringing anyone in. The only rumour i have heard is about Shorey.I think this would mean Mcccartney would be on his way out.Why would you let in my eyes whu´s player of the year go?KEEP THE TALENT AND GET RID OF WAISTERS!

  15. DevoDevo says:

    aaron – Shorey can play in front of Linda – we desperately need LB cover anyway!

    Agree with Neill – should be the first out. Parker or Upson can be captain.

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