The Bare Faced Cheek of Terry Brown

The Daily Telegraph reports this morning that former Hammers chairman Terry Brown has launched a High Court writ against the club for £5 million. Read the full story HERE.
The key passage is this…

Brown, who was the target of fans’ protests at Upton Park, claims he was sacked without notice and is seeking damages for the loss of his £492,000 yearly salary and chauffeur. He is also seeking recompense for loss of pension contributions and mileage allowance, as well as the use of eight seats in the directors’ box, hospitality places, and car parking for the rest of his life…. Brown says he agreed that he would resign as a club director and executive chairman in November 2006, becoming deputy vice-chairman, and a non-executive director, and would be given the title of honorary life vice president.He claims he was to be given eight seats in the directors’ box, eight hospitality places in the chairman’s suite, two tickets in the directors’ box and boardroom at away matches, two on-site parking spaces, and one parking space at away matches.

I hope the club contest this vigorously. How Terry Brown has the bare faced cheek to issue these proceedings is anyone’s guess. Through his mismanagement of the club, West Ham nearly faced forced relegation last year. Terry Brown did very nicely out of West Ham. If by any sheer fluke he wins this case, I trust West Ham fans will give him their customary welcome if he ever shows his face at the club again.


18 Responses to The Bare Faced Cheek of Terry Brown

  1. Roy says:

    He’s probably hoping the club will settle out of court to avoid the hassle and bad publicity. I hope the club do contest it and maybe if there is a court case, we’ll get to hear more about how Brown bled the club dry for years, always putting himself first rather than the club. Surely he would never be so dumb to set foot near Upton Park again?

  2. HammerRon says:

    The club should sue him for all the problems.


  3. GoatyGav says:

    Mr Brown should never come within 200 yards of the ground – he doesn’t deserve to see a live game at Upton Park again.

  4. Colin says:

    Will West Ham ever be rid of this CANCER that is Tery Brown?

  5. Bob says:

    Publish his address so I can pay him a visit and wish him all the best

    I would counter sue him for appointing Roeder

  6. Brooking is still the best says:

    West Ham should counter sue for double for what Brown wants for the lies, cheating and theft that occured under Browns reign as chairman!

  7. It’s Terry Brown! What more do we expect from this bloke? He was raping the club while he was in charge and now he has returned for some sloppy seconds.

  8. Jason Rose says:

    I didn’t think he was capable of stooping any lower. The man is an utter disgrace.

  9. claire says:

    Will West Ham ever be rid of this CANCER that is Tery Brown?

    Cancer can be cured…. but Terry Brown’s appalling greed isn’t curable! Let’s have a court case and see him exposed for the grabbing swine that he is.

    Oh, and a car-parking space for away games? Can you really see him going to away games at the less glamorous teams in the Prem? Thought not….

  10. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    i wonder if the club would be sued for publishing his address. BG should sue him for the tevez fine the club got.

  11. chris says:

    I hate this man more than anyone,he used west ham to fund other business ventures.goodnight

  12. pjd says:

    just one word…..SCUMBAG

  13. richo says:

    What a pompous pr#%k, I would of thought this loser would have gotten as far away as he could after his mismanagement, just goes to show he was only ever interested in himself.

  14. colney says:

    i hope he like that big fat boat he bought !!! he will need it to run away and hide!!!

  15. Mr Moon says:

    It was his dishonesty that caused the Teves debacle.

    No other club in the Prem would take Tevez & Mash because everybody knew there was something wrong with the way the deal was set-up but Brown dived in and tried to bury the evidence. He probably did it to be sure Kia Jorabcham would buy the club,’which would net him tens of millions, so he wouldn’t be around when the balloon went up anyway.

    West Ham should be suing him and the ‘then’ board for the costs of nearly being relegated and damage to the clubs reputation.

  16. West_Ham says:

    Brown is from the same mould of greedy chairman as McCabe. All he cares about is where his next fortune is coming from and he was willing to stitch us up to get it.

    Clearly he has not fully considered our potential counter claim for the £5.5m fine which he caused. He should be happy we only sacked him.

    With a bit of luck though we might be able to gain some information from this case which will illustrate the innocence of the current board and clean up the clubs image a bit after the T & M affair. We were far more innocent than most people believe and it’s about time this point was made.

  17. Doc H Ball says:

    Funny that, I always thought of him as being an archtypal Tory. Get in, asset strip and ship out…

    I also remember a funny moment when the crowd around me started to ironically chant ‘Brown in’ when there was talk of a Jorabcham takeover.

    Anyway, back to your holiday home Terry (‘the invisible man’) and let’s hope there’s some truth to the Karma theory and your next life is perpetually plagued with nightmares.

  18. Mac says:

    Wonder if he also put in for cost of match day cologne or triple A batteries for his Sportsman’s Radio…?

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