Farewell Nobby

I was sceptical about the signing of Nobby Solano last year, but he totally won me over. His effort was tremendous and his deadball skills were something we desperately needed after Tevez went to Man U. So I am sorry to see the club let him go. However, I can see why. Assuming Dyer and Faubert are fit, they would be the first choice down the right. There’s also Lee Bowyer who can play there too.

The Sun also reports that Dean Ashton will sign a five year deal this week. I just hope that’s true.


25 Responses to Farewell Nobby

  1. Upton Spark says:

    I gave up believing anything written in the Sun years ago.
    Let’s wait and see re Deano,remember Yossi? he was due to sign a long term deal then went to Liverpool.
    I alway’s am a little worried when our players come back from England duty after mixing with all the big players from the bigger clubs. They seem to fill their minds with all sort of ideas and sometimes this leads to uncertainty.
    I’m sure Deano is a sensible young man and will be ready to sign soon,but until it happens I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
    Deano is loved by the West Ham supporters and he knows that.That may or may not be enough. We shall see.

  2. Steve Bull says:

    Even if Dyer and Faubert were fit don’t you think that ‘Nobby’ was the only ‘something different’ we had in the team? Another short sighted mistake by Cautiously, if you ask me. Unless he’s something in the pipeline???????? Cheers.

  3. scott says:

    The Star also said Dean Ashton was going to Newcastle.
    I suppose it’s a case of believing the lesser of two devils… or for me, just ignoring the tabloids and using the official site as my only real source!

  4. kenningtonhammer says:

    a big mistake. nobby was thew only player with any guile last season. we now have nobody who can spark things from midfield. well done curbishley.

  5. pche0508 says:

    Would love to see him brought down under for the A-League. Pure class on and off the pitch

  6. Rapidhammer says:

    Nobby was one of the few “flair players” in the squad last season (maybe the only one). I’m sorry to see him go…

  7. ourmanwhere says:

    We missed Nobby at Newcastle last year – total and utter class. Would love to see him back at the club. The clubs of Newcastle have also missed his trumpet playing.

    Absolutely total and utter top man.

  8. bazza says:

    absolutely redicoulous. we now have to rely on the fitness of faubert, bowyer and ljungberg! disaster! curbs, i hope you have thought about throughly coz looking back he was a top scorer in the midfield, never got injured and never ask for high wages! however, there is a bright side to this; he’s foreign so its less trouble for fifa! do us all a favour curbs sign a non-injury prone player now, not carr, cisse or saha (all speculation)

  9. DevoDevo says:

    I told you all Ashton was going nowhere!!

    As for Nobby, I think it’s sad to see him go but inevitable given the club’s determination to clear some of the highly paid players. I didn’t think Curbishley used him enough last season – but then again I didn’t agree much of what Curbishley did!

  10. Pavalova says:

    Another cock-up by WHU !! Solano is probably our best footballer and would have been an asset for at least another year – a lot of the younger players could have learnt a lot from Nobby.Oh, but then again he’s fit most of the time so he had no chance !
    Forget Europe next year unless we play Calais in a Friendly…………

  11. jon.london colney says:

    someone has to pay for ashtons wage rise!

  12. paul samuels says:

    Another mistake by Curbishley surely it ought to be Bowyer to be let go rather than Solano who was far more consistent and creative than any of the others he seems to prefer. Injury prone players have ruined the past season but the manager does not seem to learn.

  13. Paolo says:

    Don’t agree with Nobby going at all. He was unquestionably one of our best, if not only, creative players last year and our only real dead ball specialist (although Noble started to contribute a bit more on that score as well last season).

    Yes, Dyer and Faubert are younger and potentially more dynamic players for the right side of midfield but both are still major question marks in terms of their form and also their ability to stay fit. If they both struggle again next season we’ll be seriously exposed and end up playing other squad members out of position, yet again!

    Makes no sense to me at all.

  14. Mac says:

    Think he may have been a bit too creative for Cautiously…

  15. Burnhammer says:

    My wifes opinion counts for a lot as she is not as obsessed as me and she knows what she sees. She loved Nobby and we will both miss his inspiration and class. I hope the Deano rumours are true as we want to prove we are not a feeder club. Onwards and upwards you Irons.

  16. pjd says:

    i think the release of nobby is a big big mistake.he is the only player who looks likely from a dead ball,his corners were top class as was his vision.ok he may be getting on but we so lack creativity and he does not.so what have we got then?bowyer[dont make me laugh.]faubert[very promising if fit]ljunberg[when he fancies it]unless someone is coming in i think we should have kept him,mind you the words creative and curbishley hardly sit right do they?

  17. supernumbersix says:

    Should have hung onto him for another season.

  18. redkipper says:

    Ashton has signed for another 5 years see WHFC web page. So thats one good move at least !

  19. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Although I highly apretiate his contribution last season, I think it is time for him to go.
    Faubert and Dyer would not let him play anyway. And Bowyer, as well as Ljungberg or Paintsil can all play at RM or RW possition too.
    I know he was the only one with flair, but we had half of players injured. What worries me most is the fact, that we do not have any set piece specialist now Nobby gone.

    Thanks Nobby.

  20. Upton Spark says:


  21. I must admit Nobby was always an exciting player to watch, he could change a game. Shame to see him go, I must admit we have seen better though guys!

    Look… Now we have Nani in place I reckon we are gonna see some shining stars coming through! (I hope)

    My main worry is our footballing strategy to be honest! we could have Kaka, Ronaldo and DiCanio on the pitch, but if the game plan isn’t place, forget it!

  22. It would have been beneficial to keep Nobby. Don’t be surprised if we again get stuck with injury problems and Solano is needed. I’d rather see Solano playing than ljungberg. Solano still has a couple of good years in him and his creativity is priceless. Silly move Curbs!

  23. chris says:

    would of kept him,he had the ability to get a goal out of nothing with his free kicks,would of been a good 20 minute sub.

  24. Roy says:

    There must surely be deader wood than Nobby to clear out. I don’t think he ever let us down last season and was the only player we had who had any chance of scoring from a free-kick. Although he is getting towards the end of his career he was surely worth another season. I don’t think he will have a problem finding another club.

  25. Geordie Jeans says:

    Nolberto Solano, trumpeter, midfield magician and total gent. The Toon were the losers when Noby left SJP. As a NUFC fan who goes to West Ham a fair bit, I’m afraid that now he’s been shown the door at Upton Park, there will be a lask of finesse available to Alan C – as voiced bu other posts!

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