No One Hates us, We Don’t Care

Well, apart from Millwall. The Evening Standard has polled fans from all London;s football clubs and asked which other London clubs they hate most. We don’t figure in any of the lists, amazingly enough, apart from Millwall’s. As if we care.

Our top three hates are Tottenham, Chelsea and Millwall.

Mine are Fulham, Chelsea and Arsenal. For some reason I have never been able to bring myself to hate Tottenham, although my one and only visit to White Hart Lane eighteen months ago brought me very close.


26 Responses to No One Hates us, We Don’t Care

  1. WHU Kim says:

    How could you hate the sort of anarak wearing, flask carrying, yoghurt knitters that make up the Fulham fan base? Craven Cottage is one of the best days out for me. Millwall, Spurs, Chealsea, Millwall and did I sayMillwall for me.

  2. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    i find you can have a reasoned and reasonably abjective general football conversation with any other london club’s fans except spurs. they just seem to want to insult everyone else for some reason. i’m sure this isn’t true of them all but a much higher percentage, in my experience, than other club’s fans. apart from the history, millwall rivalry is quite insignificant now as we never play them. i’m sure there are a few 40 or 50 something year olds who still hold a grudge over the old days of street fighting etc but they’d be a small minority now.

  3. James says:

    How can you hate fulham? They have never done anything!

  4. Iain Dale says:

    I hate Fulham purely because of their chairman who I regard as a stain on this country.

  5. Roshi says:

    I’ve always thought “poor old Fulham” fancy being next door neighbours to Chelsea!
    Remember beating them 7-2 a long long time ago-showing my age again. But your right Iain, how can you possibly support a club that is run by such a dubious character.

  6. OLAS Poet Loriet says:

    Good Afternnon Gentlemen.

    For those who peruse my rhythmical invectives/odious odes (Check The name Above – God Bless Yer), you will already be cognizant of the fact that – I FUNKING HATE EVERYONE !!!
    No quarter given or asked. Yep, even Gretna !!!!!

  7. john says:

    just show what sort of club we have turned into…..mong fans on the same level as norwich

  8. kennyhammer says:

    This is as it should be. Why would any London premiership club hate us. We have been an excellent feeder club for most of our competitors. Spurs took Martin Peters, Paul Allen, Carrick, Defoe, Kanoute. and normally gave us a has been in exchange, like Jimmy Greaves. Chelsea took J. Cole, Lampard and sold us Carlton Cole. Fulham in their better times took Bobby Moore, but I’ll forgive them for Konchesky. I need to think about Arsenal, but maybe their ridgid wage structure prevents them from poaching too many existing EPL players. This is without considering any lower league London teams. But Spurs remain the worst and have already started to unsettle Anton. A good reason to hate Spurs the most like a true hammer. You appear to have a short memory Iain!!

  9. richo says:

    My least fav teams in London are Arsenal, Spurs and Chelski in that order. I think ‘Marleeeen depreciation society’ summed up the Millwall rivalry pretty well it seems they have a stronger hatred for us more than us for them nowadays (probably a way to remind themselves of better days). No sympathy for Fulham, wish they went down instead of Reading.

  10. kennyhammer says:

    Back again to take issue on the now Fulham FC owner. He has been a major employer in the UK for several decades , indeed he employes a large number of people in Scotland where I now live. He pays his uk taxes and has a good reputation with his employees. So why is he a stain? How about the Chelsea owner or the new Man.City owner. At least he appears to have empathy with the Fulham faithful, something Liverpool fans would love. I think most hammers fans would have issue with this having had the T.Brown regime to contend with.

  11. Andrew says:

    Whilst I won’t argue about the comments about the Fulham chairman, I think you have to consider what you mean by “football club” before answering this question. Is “the Club” really the chairman? Would we want others thinking of Terry Brown as WHUFC? No, they are merely temporary custodians, some good and some bad. Al Fayed will go one day, but Fulham and their fans will carry on. Anyway how can you knock the team we are most lilkely to get six points off over recent seasons?

    For me the number 1 is Spurs as (a) you always get childish spurs supporters come on to WH blogs and write stupid comments, (b) they always seem to be whingeing, and (c) they always (in the past) seem to nick our best players for peanuts.

    Second up for me is Chelsea as I don’t like the arrogance of their players and the way they surround the ref every time he blows the whistle. Look at the way Joe Cole, good player that he is, has turned out in that regard. Makes me embarrassed.

    I suppose third up is Arsenal, but only as they quite likely to take six points off us each season.

  12. JJ says:

    Spurs fans are full of it like some of you said and that sometimes is hard to handle. Chronic under-achievers with a major ego. Chelsea get on my nerves more than any other London team. Even before Mourinho arrived. Fulham are pretty much insignificant so I can´t bring myself to hate them, like Millwall, although Millwall have the ugliest bunch of fans I ever seen, second to Rangers only.

  13. Paolo says:

    My three are as follows:

    1) Spurs – For their deluded fanbase who just want insulat any other fan of any other team. I know they’re not all like that but there’s a hell of a lot of them. They genuinely believe that they are far better than they are.

    2) Chelsea – Completely agree with Andrew’s comments above about their players conduct. It’s a a real shame to see Joe Cole stomping around the pitch bitching and moaning at the ref, in this respect he was at his worst during the CL final. Also, Lampard and Ashley Cole were particularly unsporting in their conduct at UP this season – no class at all. Why would Ashley Cole need to waste time before half time already being 3-0 up??? And why celebrate the 4th goal by doing an airplane impression all along the West Stand sticking out your tongue and goading the WH fans??? They slaughtered us that day so wasn’t that enough? They have so little dignity or respect for anything or anyone!!!

    3) Arsenal – but this is pure jealousy. Yhey’re a well run club with a great stadium, good manager, good players and they play good football. That said they should have more Englishmen/Brits in the team and AW annoys me with his blatant biase against any decisions that go against his team. How many times does he not see the all important controversial moment that the other 40,000 of us saw???

  14. HammerRon says:

    I dont hate anyone but i dont like Tottenham and Millwall,

  15. colney says:

    i think millwall hating is a given,it doesnt realy count as its like breathing or eating,it just happens.

    ive always had a strange hatred for arsenal and there fony fans.they just dont seem to know what there talking about.

    The spuds fans are just the funniest,deluded,over rated muppets.they do live in total dream land and are blinded by eachothers beliefs,they just dont see anything else !

    and as for the chelski scum,well east meets west theres never gone be a love for there dirty glory hunting part time for the club were all waiting for the day it all goes wrong.

    fulham who?

  16. HammerRon says:

    oppppps !!! I do hate someone, Terry Brown!!!!!!!!!

  17. aaron says:

    Cant stand Tottenham!
    So much hate for them!
    Millwall dont bother me because they are S@#T anyway.

  18. colney says:

    West Ham United have agreed an out-of-court settlement with Kia Joorabchian over outstanding payments worth £7.1 million.
    The agent has withdrawn his High Court claim against the club and will act as a consultant for them on future transfers, for which he will be paid a fee. The club have said that the agreement had been lodged with the Premier League, but declined to reveal the length or structure of the deal, says The Times.

    errr wtf is that all about?

  19. Oskar Butcher says:

    Arsenal (can’t stand the fans)

    how can anyone hate fulham?

  20. Doc H Ball says:

    I’m amazed that nobody has mentioned those square ball merchants Sheffield United yet. They have never been involved in a good game of football, they have never produced a player of note that I can recall and their continued carping about Carlitos confirms their status as grim whingers. I still wake up laughing about them going down.

    Talking of laughter, John Terry’s slip, Tottenham’s lasagne and Kenny Brown’s winner against Manure were also hard to beat. In fact I thought everyone on Earth hated the Spuds more than herpes…

  21. hammermolder says:

    anyone north,south,east or west of upton park,besides them, i don’t care!!

  22. Gary Singh says:


    1-arse (bad for english football, how can a team field 1 or no english player! we need a cap pn foreign players starting, all over europe!
    2 – spurs (think there some top 4 club, when they finished 10th last season ha ha!)
    3 – chelscum – (think every 1 wants them to win, NO EVERY 1 HATES YOU!)
    4 – millwall – (LOL League 2 football soon for them)
    5 – man u – (glory hunting fans i dislike!)
    6 – liverpoo – (Older glory hunting fans!)
    7 – sheff utd – (you got relagated shut the f**k up! Id love to draw them in the FA Cup at Upton Park!)
    8 – wigam – just shut up and go back down, ur meant to play rugby only!

  23. johnnyhaynesregular says:

    Iain, I’m a Fulham fan! Gosh, what it is to be hated because of our Chairman (a stain on this country? How so when he doesn’t have a British passport). He may well be a pantomine villan but I can only speak as I find FFCwise and everything he said he would do for the club he has done. OK, he’s gone a bit loopy over the Diana/Dodi thing but he did lose his son in that crash and I’m not sure I’d keep my sanity if something like that happened to my boy.
    I know we’re not really Premiership material long term (and we nearly came to grief a few weeks ago) but I’m just enjoying the ride while it lasts and for as long as it lasts.
    For myself, I quite like WHUFC (got a few mates who are Hammers) and don’t feel really strongly about any other London teams (even Chelsea you might be amazed to hear). The team that really seems to get right up my nostril and stay there is ManUre and their horrible Scottish Manager!

  24. Roy says:

    I don’t hate anyone but have a strong dislike for the arrogance that comes out of Man U and Chelsea. My dislike for Liverpool has increased since Benitez went there as, although all managers are “one-eyed”, his only eye is worse than all the others – except Ferguson and Mourhino when he was at Chelsea. Oh, and Steve Bruce; anywhere he is goes down in my estimation. Tottenham and Millwall? They are just there and I try not to think about them.

  25. claire says:

    I don’t do hate, but have been to many grounds to see our away games.
    Palace was the worst – ramshackle stand, limited view, treated like dirt by staff. Thank heavens we won’t have to go there any more….( there’s optimism for you)

  26. aussie hammer says:

    I thought this was a poll over which London teams we hate? I may be from the other side of the world but since when did Sheff U, Man U, Liverpool, and Wigan move to London?

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