Gudjohnsen On His Way?

I feel it in my water. Eidur Gudjohnsen will be a Hammer withi a few weeks. THIS piece has all the details. Gudjohnsen has set out his stall, so if West Ham want him, all they have to do is go and get him. There’s no doubt about it, he is a good player, but I wonder if his best days are behind him. His goalscoring record isn’t prolific, but he would bring a lot to the team. If he does come, it would seem that would spell curtains for either Carlton Cole or Bobby Zamora, as I still think Bellamy and Ashton would be the first choice front two.


27 Responses to Gudjohnsen On His Way?

  1. aussi hammer says:

    I actually wrote about this a few weeks ago on another WHU site, I think it is fantastic news. Yes Cole and Zamora should both go, GJ brongs something slightly different to both Belamy and Ashton, when younger he was more like Anelka although not as good. I also believe that it allows room for one more young striker to come in t omake 5, all with something slightly different. In an ideal world I would like someone like Toni, big and tall as both Bellamy and Sears wil fail to dominate in the air and rely on speed rather than brawn, which is OK if we can balance it. I know the doubters as always will discuss previous injuries, and yes he has struggled but name a top qulaity striker that hasn’t, he still managed several games this year in what is potentially one of the best attacking sides in the world.
    Lets hope the clearout starts soon, 10-12 to go 4-5 new in, lets get it organised sooner rather than later so we can begin to work on different formations.

  2. rob says:

    its a weird one, a player of obvious quality but would he demand a starting place? and if so would this ruin the bellamy ashton partnership we all want to see so much. His wages will be very high as well and Im far from convinced that he will be up to the pace of the premiership any more.
    Still if it did happen It would be very exciting!!

  3. danny bee says:

    Gudjohnsen is class as long as he’s fit then lets go get him.Let Zamora go he’s a tryer but not good enough for the top division.Cole doesn’t score enough goals and his first touch is poor,if your going to challenge then he needs replacing too.Ashton.Bellamy,Gudjohnsen,plus another top striker and Sears is what we need.If we are going to spend any big money then lets do it up front.would like to swap Huddlestone for Ferdinand,go for Bridge at Chelsea and find a playmaker from europe or south america.Get Neil and Ashton super fit with the likes of Dyer,Parker,Noble and Faubert we have a strong attacking team.Gabbidon next to Upson at the back in front of Green looks good at the back.

  4. pjd says:

    not at all excited ,just another has been looking to bolster his pension no no

  5. hammermolder says:

    Dont forget Iain,he was a much better at chelski playing the role of an attacking mid fielder.

  6. guyser says:

    If he does come then we may get a few bob for carlton cole, but Zamora has pace, passion, a first touch and supports West Ham (all rather different from cole) so keep the Zman!

  7. Mac says:

    Would be a good signing. Danny Bee is right: while both are workers, neither Cole nor Zamora are good enough to score consistently in the top flight and while Eider’s not prolific, he does have that edge of quality to set him apart.

  8. logicz says:

    Just remember Gudjohnsen can play in an attacking midfield role so he would add abit of flair and also bring huge competition to ashton bellamy and dyer

  9. kennyhammer says:

    Gudjohnson is a class act but he is 29 and has had a few injury problems. Freddie Ljunberg is a class act but at 30 when we signed him on the decline. We could fall into the same trap again. We seem to pay large transfer fees and wages for players nearing their sell by date. I would much prefer to see players up to 25/26 being signed. Sure they cost more and are more difficullt to sign but they stay fitter, and there’s only one wage and hopefully a more settled team with less injuries. Wenger has a small squad of younger players and at 29/30 they are sold. Even the class of Henry did not remove him from being sold, and he has not had a good time at Barcelona. Now we have Nani was not the idea to build on his transfer market knowledge and sign the best young up and coming talent? We should learn from our mistakes not fall into the same trap over and over again.

  10. rob says:

    Lovely, been waiting a year for this transfer. Keep Bobby Z. let Carton C. go.(we need some height up front, and Bobby’s good in the air) if this year taught us any thing, it’s you can never have enough strikers, when three are injured it’s nice to have a back up, or two.
    My Top Five Strikers at WHUFC

  11. Stefan says:

    I think Guddy would be a class signing. He was playing about 75% of the games for Barcelona, either in the starting XI or from the bench. I think he even played more than Henry. But also Barcelona had Etoo, Ronaldinho, Messi, Bojan, Santos etc for him to compete with. He never had a good run in the team so he has never been able to establish himself.

    Also, he is no longer the striker he used to be 6-7 years ago. In his last 2 years at Chelsea he usually played in midfield or just behind the strikers, and that is his best position. I think he would be absolute class for West Ham.

  12. mark says:

    would be a good signing can play attacking mid or up front.

  13. clack says:

    It makes no sense to me.

    1. He’s suffered serious injuries over last few yrs – that’s the last thing we need.

    2. We are trying to get the wage bill down.

    I note that this story has come from Gudjohnson and not from any WHU sources.

    I think there could be nothing in it.

    What I think has happened is this.

    Eggart Risdale, during his mad spending spree in last year tried to buy Gudjohnson, offering him a Ljungberg-type contract and salary.

    Gudjohnson turned us down because he wanted to stay at Barca at that point but now that Barca want to sell him, he fancies a move to London now, with the type of contract and salary Magnusson was offering before.

    But Magnusson’s gone now.

    In fact I’d say that Gudjohnsson is the very epiome of the type of player the board won’t be signing anymore – ageing, injury-prone and demanding a high salary.

    If he comes cheap then I’ll be all for it, but I doubt he will.

  14. Oskar Butcher says:

    i want bobby z 2 stay even if he dosen’t play much cos he’s a real hammer

  15. chris says:

    legs are going I dont want him,cant we buy someone around 24 25 with pace,dont want shorey either hes not much different to what we,ve got either.

  16. richo says:

    Like a few people have already stated, would prefer young talent being signed even if it’s a gamble on some fronts, still i wouldn’t say Gudjohnsen is over the hill yet, like others pointed out he could play in the midfield or upfront he still has quality control and finishing. We’ll never get him cheap though, the Barcas and Milans never let players go cheaply even the older players. Overall i’d prefer we didn’t sign him and look at younger talent. Isn’t that what this Nani bloke was meant to achieve?

  17. WestHamForTheCL says:

    Top top player, no doubt about it.



    Both for Chelsea and Barcelona

    Definately sign him. Quality attracts Quality. It would be a major stepping stone for bringing in other top class players.

  18. Chris says:

    Definetly would be an improvment on Cole, Might even see a 4-3-1-2

  19. Dave says:

    The guy still has some years left in him, and hes not exactly ancient. Give the fella a run of games and we’ll see what he’s made of, if we get him.

  20. Doc H Ball says:

    He’d be excellent in my humble opinion. He’s got good touch and vision and I’ve never doubted his attitude.

    Like Rob, I’ve been waiting for this transfer. I’ve also been wanting Bullard back and, lo and behold, there’s rumours about that as well today!! A central midfield pack of Noble, Parker, Bullard and Mullins sounds great.

    Off Cole, Freddie, Bobby Z (if necessary), Davenport, Quashie and Gabiddon (unless he’s definitely fit) and buy these 2 and a new right back in place of Neill and we’ll be right.

  21. SD says:

    Great cover for Dyer in attacking mid role and versatile in that he could be played in the hole or as an out-and-out striker.

    Like previous people have said this has to be weighed up against the transfer fee and potential wage cost, definitely don’t think he is past it though as why would Barca have brought him on in the must win game vs. Man U if that was the case?

  22. chris says:

    Iain just heard fauberts on his way out why?

  23. Roshi says:

    It’s a shame if Faubert is on his toe’s, because when he’s really fit he is a fantastic player. Like every other casualty at West Ham he suffered from a totally incompetent medical department! If I was a professional footballer I’d be looking for a way out as well.
    Unfortunately he spoke his mind about the full on training matches which angered Curbs, and no doubt will also hasten his departure. If this is the case, it’s all right Curbishley doing a Ferguson, but to be fair Ferguson has got a full squad of internationals and the clout to buy who he wants.

  24. Sam says:

    It’s definitely a real shame we are losing Nobby. But if the previous poster is correct in saying that Faubert may well also be on his way out then I will be exceptionally disappointed – and incredibly confused.

    but then Curbishly is in charge (or his he?!) and he has never failed to stop confusing us this year. frustrating

  25. Andrew says:

    “Roma are stepping up their bid for West Ham United midfielder Freddie Ljungberg. (Tuttosport 1342 BST)”

    from BBC web site
    I’d bite their hand off if |I was Curbs. He’s on the downhill slope just like a skiier.

  26. colney says:

    on his way to pompey more like if you read sky sports today!

    it seems were getting rid ov 1 or 3 players but not buying much? same old west ham!

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