The Future of Bobby Z

Are we having a fire sale, or something? According to various newspaper reports Bobby Zamora is being sold to QPR for a mere £2.5 million. Firstly, it is difficult to believe that an established Premier League player is only worth such a trifling sum and secondly it is incredulous that he would want to move to a middling Championship club when a couple of Premier League teams have already expressed interest in him.

I accept the need for one or two of our strikers to be moved on, and even though I will be sad to see Bobby go, he must be sold at the market price (£4-5 million iMHO) and for his own sake go to a higher profile team than QPR.


58 Responses to The Future of Bobby Z

  1. colney says:

    bad move,why sell him? he does a job for us and i agree he is never going to be a super star and score 25 goals a season but as a sub or coke cup player he is an asset to the club.

  2. kennyhammer says:

    I can’t belive that WHAM will agree to this deal. Bobby is a better player than Cole and in my opinion a real trier who is WHAM through and through. He will always be a useful squad player and is reported to be on 15K a week., only 20% of Ljunbergs pay.
    He played his best football for us last season when up front with Tevez. It seems madness to take such a poor deal for him when the saving would be so minimal.

  3. If he goes to QPR he will be finished. To be honest for that kind of money we would be better off keeping him surely? I have never had a problem with Bobby, he is a good player to have as backup for team of crocks

  4. Zamora is not an established prem player, i he has only played that many games for us because we wouldnt spend on quality. Z man is at best a decent Championship striker, his first touch is usually awful, and he needs too many chances to score one goal at Prem level. £2.5M seems about right really.
    I would be far happier to replace him with a Gudjohnsen or such like player, one that can score goals!!

  5. BAC says:

    Bobby Z is a good squad player, but it strikes me he may be got rid of because he isn’t likely to be on massive wages, so ‘bargain basement’ teams can afford him, whilst Mr Curbishley’s expensive/injured misfitd will be virtually impossible to move on – so we’re likely to be lumbered with them!

  6. chey says:

    No let him go, he will not get the games and with Ashton Bellamy, sears and a new striker we have more than enough, he wants to play and he will not get more than 10 games inclusive at west ham, most of them will come from the bench!

    He has been a good servant so thanks Bobby but time to go.

  7. aussi hammer says:

    I am just hoping that they mis spelt it and it is infact Quasi, mullins, bowyer, spector, pantsil, reid,Boa Morte or COLE are leaving instead. I want to see some new talent come in bob Boby gives us 100% and does have ability, I can see him scoring 10-15 per seson with a good run and decent support although not idealy in the startingline up.
    I can only presume that if he goes so will Cole and w will add at least 2 new strikers, Goudjohnson and possible other youngster

  8. Greenmantle says:

    Well he’s never reproduced anything like his old Brighton form, either at Spurs or for The Hammers, so you have to conclude that at Prem level he’s a small fish in a big pond. I think QPR would be a about the right level for him, so persoanlly it’s probably a good move. Also with new ownership at Loftus Road, and supposed ambitions for the club you can see why they might think him a good buy.

    As for us getting a decent price for him….Nothing this club does in the transfer market can suprise me any more…. 2.5m is cheap, but we have let better players go equally undervalued before and probably always will it seems.

  9. Thomas says:

    Not the Z-Man. He is one of WHU best striker. Why Alna must sell him?????
    When he is fit , he is someone for England !!!!!!!

    He is better then defoe, Zamoraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  10. danny bee says:

    Take the money,although he tries he isn’t good enough for the premiership.He struggled to score goals when we were in the championship.If we are to improve then the likes of Zamora have to go.

  11. geoff says:

    You won’t get much more for a player with a dodgy knee. That’s why he isn’t a 90 minute player. We might as well cash in as he wont be playing that many games for us next season

  12. dicanio says:

    Well its not official that he has been sold so far as I know, the rumour I’d heard was that he would go to QPR on a season loan if at all. Fulham have also apparently shown an intrest & put a bid in for him. Whatever, if he is off loaded I wish him well, hes a decent sort gives his all & has done a job for the irons.

  13. ironsmith says:

    Maybe he sees himself as only a championship player and I could only agree with him. However, I think you are right about the price Iain, and although I have never rated him that highly, 4-5 million is about right. He would do a good job for one of the newly promoted sides or the usual strugglers and the club needs to look at the sale price more closely.

  14. Soldier Hammer says:

    I am starting to get a little concerned with the quiet coldness that the club are showing towards the fans. The press are having a field day about reported budget cuts and the credit crunch affecting BG, nothing positive has been released from the club for weeks now, and this will only send a negative message to any potential signnings. Letting Bobby go on the cheap, releasing a quality squad player like Solano go free, these are two of the sort of squad players we need to keep not offload for next to nothing. There are a dozen players I’d rather have seen go before these two.

  15. Al Bundy says:

    Its a scattergun approach by the newspapers. Some of them work on the principle that if you make up a hundred stories and get one right they can then print a back page headline saying “WE TOLD YOU FIRST”. If they were to print all the stories they got wrong it would be a bumper issue.
    However if there is any truth of Zamora going to QPR for £2.5m then it would show an act of desperation by the board financialy and a very worrying sign for the future.

  16. Biffo the Bear says:

    How can people say he’s not a premiership player? He’s scored some great goals against the best premiership defences. Last year no-one really covered themselves in glory and he doesn’t really suit the lone striker role that we were forced to play last season, plus he was injured but to say that Gudjonssen is an ideal replacement for him is just fantasy football nonsense. Not enough clubs, in my opinion , have players who their club actually means something to. I think that adds at least 20% to a player. I hope it’s all paper talk and that Bobby stays with us as long as he can kick a ball.

    Looking at it from his point of view, why would he go to a small championship club who appear to be trying to become a decent premiership outfit with their owners money allowing them to overlook the fact that they simply don’t have enough supporters to realistically sustain their status in the top flight? He’d be better off at QPR! However, I still think he should stay.

    We do need those who to offload some players but Zamora and Mullins are not amongst those, again in my humble opinion, who we would be better off without.

    I suppose another question would be, does he want to play for Curbishley?

    Again from a players point of view, a decision to stay at a club or move on would have a lot to do with how your day to day work in training and on a Saturday is and how you get on with your bosses.

    Is that what’s behind these stories?

  17. Squishy the Squirrel says:

    The Z-Man has a great first touch. Problem is, he doesn’t score anywhere near enough goals. Lets not forget it was his goals that got us back into the Premiership and out the Coca-Cola. I’m not one to revel in the past but some of these posts are dead right. Let’s get rid of:
    Boa-Morte – sorry, he was just awful for most of the season and we were playing with 10 men every time he was in the starting 11 he was that unproductive (unless you count kicking people).
    Nigel Quashie – Ok, he’s been injured but what the hell??? Curbs bought him because he had experience of the relegation fight. Didn’t he get relegated three times?? That’s not exactly good experience is it?

    And for fudge sake…Solano was the most creative player we had on the field last season. Count on him to make something happen. And we let him go for toffee. I can’t believe it.

    Zamaro – WHU through and through. Gives his all and I think he’ll work well behind Bellamy and Ashton. When the ball hits the net like a flying rocket that’s Zamora etc.etc.

  18. TrevorH says:

    If WHU get £2.5M for Zamora then take it. I agree with all of those who say he is not good enough for the Premiership. QPR is about right for him and WHU need to rid themselves of average fringe players if we are to go forwards. I agree that he gives 100% for the club but face facts, he isn’t good enough. Yes he has scored good goal for us. Yes he was good in the run-in last year. Yes he could be a good squad player coming off the bench and playing in the Carling Cup but he deserves better than that. If he does go it will be with my blessing

  19. Brooking is still the best says:

    I like Zamora, I would sell C Cole first as I think Zamora is better of the two and he is West Ham through and through. Saying that, if both was sold and we brought someone like Mutu or Gudjohnson, I would not complain!
    We have alot of average players and I guess those two are amongst them

  20. Plaistow54 says:

    Had a feeling for a while his name would be on the transfer list. What a pity. Wish we could fit him in somewhere. Love his passion for the game & West Ham. A boy from Barking who supported us as a youth & came through our Academy. He scored the goal against Preston that brought us back up. All due respects to QPR but he would be a massive signing for them. He is still a useful player. Maybe i’m an old softy but i would be sad to see him go.

  21. Prince H says:

    I like Zamora, but I guess we have better goalscorers and Cole is four years younger and add something different to the team with his working rate and as a strong target player. So if we have to sell one of’em I prefer to keep Cole.
    Isf so: Good luck our Z-man.

  22. Mike says:

    This is ridiculous if true. I know QPR are an ambitious club and will soon be taking on the major forces in the Premiership but why sell him?

    BobbyZ is West Ham, and does a great job for us when called upon. Fine, he aint first choice but he has never complained.

    To all those that have said he aint good for the Premiership – you are completely wrong. He is a lot better than a lot of strikers currently in the Prem.

    This is a bad move from Curbs if true. I would hold onto him.

  23. pjd says:

    must admit i would not be sad to see him go.his touch is poor ,he is far to slow both in speed and mind.the fact that he is a west ham boy etc holds no water with me.he is not good enough for the premiership and nor is cole.if we want to move on we need to offload the mediocre and try to buy better.hopefully not gudjonson who is just another cash grabber past his best.

  24. Upton Spark says:

    Let him go and take whatever we can. In my oppinion Bobby is not quite a Prem player and too good for the Championship. He is somewhere in between if you get my drift.
    Yes,he will do a job for West Ham,but he is never going to get enough goals to make that much difference,plus he has had a couple of injuries that have not helped him.
    Yes,let him go.

  25. Scott says:

    Zamore isn’t worth £4million

    I’d say 2 and a half is an accurate assessment.

    He’s not a premier league player.

    He CAN perform at this level, but never has consistantly – which is what makes you that standard.

    Let him go, we’ve got Ashton, Bellamy, Cole and Sears – not to mention anyone new coming in. He’s not needed.

  26. richo says:

    Sad to see him go, if it’s true. Always liked the Z-man, not my place to judge his worth, I do know he has always gave his best and has scored some decent and important goals for us, can’t ask for more than that as a fan. Best of luck to him whatever happens.

  27. Teddy Picker says:

    Bobby Z definitely isn’t worth 4 mil. I think if he went to the championship he would get a new lease of life (a la James Beattie). Gudjohnsen would be a good signing though I really feel that Sear will dominate if Curbs gives him more opportunities. That said we should really investigate singing a young striker like Lanzafame or even look at some young South American talent. Anything would be better that Zamora and Cole

  28. colney says:

    is it just me or does bilic for west ham manager seem more and more what we need?

    I dont think ive seen a more perfecrt manager for a while now.Hes young,respected,knowledgable,unflappable, and most of all a decent bloke.oh + he’s an ammer !!!

  29. kennyhammer says:

    Zamora should stay. He is not an automatic first choice but does a good job for the team when called upon. Gudjohnson was a class act at Chelsea/Bolton but is too old at 29. If we intend to build a team that can challange for any kind of honours we must stop buying players for the short term fix. Boa Morte, Ljunberg, Qushie, Cole, Neill, Spector should all go. Please Curbs, no more ageing players looking for a final big pay day. and we don’t need second rate younger players to be transfered in. We should blend our best players with the acadamy players coming through. We may not get instant success but as long as we keep our best young talent and add only true quality to the squad we will benifit long term.

  30. Darren says:

    This is crazy. Whatever our problems are the answer isn’t getting rid of Solano and now Zamora – or even the overpaid, over-rated Ljunberg (who at least has his moments). It’s as clear as day to anyone with eyes that we don’t need to clear proper talent – which these players are – but dead wood: Boa Morte, Quashie, Cole, Bowyer, Pantsil, Spector, Neil and the like. Or is the truth that nobody wants them, at any price? How do you begin to tell a player like Solano that Pantsil is in the team in front of him? I feel genuinely scared as the true shape of Curbishley team becomes apparent. Not so much shopping in Harrods, or even shopping in Sainsburys to sell in Harrods as was once said of Wimbledon, as shopping in the Kwik-E-Mart (with apologies to Apu) and trying to smuggle it in in a Harrods bag. Not a clue, really.

  31. Greekham says:

    Bobby Z great all of you who want to see loyalty to players who actually love the club.
    But the simple answer is who above us in the Premier (& most below) would want him if he was put up for sale?
    If we want to progress we have aim higher.
    When his playing days are finished bring back to the club in some capacity, but EPl class now NO.

  32. Upton Spark says:

    I understand what kennyhammer is saying,but how long do the fans want to wait for suuccess?
    Last season we were told we would be challenging for honours in 3 years,ie place in Europe etc.
    This will not be possible doing it the way kenny says as it will take a lot longer and even then there is no certainty of success.
    Whatever happens,we need to clear some dead wood and hope to get some decent type of players in.
    IMO Curbs is not the man to get the right type of players in as he has only had the experience at Charlton where he was managing on a shoestring budget. When he gets decent money to spend he waste’s it. Looking at some of his signings shows to me that he is not going to be the best one to make that judgment.
    What or who is the right way I do not know,but something has to change.

  33. Plaistow54 says:

    If he does go, i reckon it would be better on loan. If we get rid of Cole, Boa Morte, Camara & Zamora, we will be down to three strikers & that includes Sears, capable as he is. I would prefer to keep Zamora of all those. Yes Bilic is a good manager. He would do well with us.

  34. dan says:

    let him go he is shit his first touch is awful he can’t score to save his life he’s caught offside before he can shoot anyway and with ashton,sears and bellamy who needs him it is the exact same cole and boa morte let all three of them go and why your at it sack alan curbishley now!!!! if we are to get in to europe

  35. Woking Iron says:

    We all waer are hearts on are sleves and praise anyone who gives 100% but lets look at reality. Bobby Z is West Ham through and through and yes he gives 100% but I am afraid in this day and age that is not going to win you anything. Would you be happier with a team of players who give 100% and support the claret and blue but are fighting fo relegation or players who give 75% but have you in cup finals and pushing for europe. I know we appreciate the players who play with pride and pasion but I am sad to say times have changed. Do we want to be a club that drifts around the bottom half dropping down and back up again every now and then. Or do we want to be a club challenening, it’s no secret that if we get on a roll and start knocking on the door of the big four (not Blue Scum they are not big four) with our support we could be one of the biggest clubs in Europe. To that end I am afraid players like Bobby Z are not going to get us any where near that.

    Unlike the Blue Scum we are not going to buy our selves success but look at our youth system then look at the best players in the league and who play for England. The Mancs play with a combination of players who are home grown and players brought in. So can we, we can get close to the top using the same method. Unfortunately we will not do this with players who give 100% but cannot produce the goods we have and have had plenty of those.

    I have read the press, spoken to people up and down the country, read overseas press spoken to people abroad, outside of the top few clubs we are the next biggest club. It would not take a lot to make us big, infact we could become very big! But we will not do this entertaining players like Bobby Z. Love him Yes! I am afraid sentiment is not going to do it.

    Lets take this country by storm then lets take on Europe!!

  36. claire says:

    I think we should keep him, he was only a couple of goals scored behind Tevez and is our best reserve scorer (OK, I think Cole has proved himself) who has come back well from injury, unlike some of the others. But if he has to go…(and surely to a better team than QPR – even Marlon made it to the Prem) then thanks, Bobby, a true Hammer. Anyone see his first start for us when he started singing “Bubbles” before remembering that he was now a player, not a fan?

  37. Paul Nixon says:

    This is a bigger issue than Bobby Z. As much as I feel for Bobby Z – he truly is West Ham through and through, but IF West Ham really want to aspire to more than they are presently, THEN they have to change. Are fans ready to drop sentimentality and risk success? Or do they want to carry on ploughing the same old furrow (yo-yo seasons; buying old/crocked players; absorbing Spurs players? etc, etc. etc.) I say it’s time for a change: WHUFC have far too much mediocrity; our average age is high, our injury list long. Sell Bobby, Cole, Q, LBM, Mullins, etc… and invest in some up and coming talent; get the damn stadium under way; give Curbishly until Christmas to pull a rabbit out of the hat;and have the management expect MORE out of the players without covering up the deficiencies. To attract talent you have to perform; to perform you have to surround yourself with success.

    In short, you get what you expect. Are we happy to to consider tenth a good season? Or do we expect more?

    Excuses are rife: injuries etc, but who targeted, acquired, trained and played the players?


  38. chris says:

    He does not score enough goals end of story.
    Dont want shorey(no pace) dont want carr either(legs gone)
    any one good available wont come to us, there go to portsmouth (europe)
    good foreign players wont come (curbishley whos he?)

  39. down to bare bones says:

    Am I alone in thinking that next season is going to go one of two ways.

    A – the club are going to off-load the dead wood and recruit some class, non-injury prone players and press on from last season or

    B – there will be a ‘fire sale’ to balance the books, no half decent players brought in, negative Curbishley type football and a possible ‘flirtation’ with relegation again.

    I have to say looking at the speculation over possible buys (or the lack of it) the future looks less then inspiring!
    The situation is reminiscent of Terry Brown’s reign. No transfer activity until the season ticket money is in then purchase of journeymen, injury prone players etc etc.
    I hpoe I am wrong . but ?

  40. Plaistow54 says:

    When you read Iain’s initial comments you get the feeling that he also has an underlying sentimentality for Bobby as many have. Some of the above comments are hard to argue against. Sentimentality comes a distant second place to success in this world. Yes we are capable of becoming a regular top six club or better given time. Bobby didn’t score many goals but he scored some that counted & influenced the club. He can make a difference, but he will not get a regular start & i would not think that that would suit him. I hope we make sure he goes to a good club if he goes, where he can play every week. Fulham would be good for him one would think. I agree, to attract the top players you need to be a progressive club & decisions need to be based on that, as hard as they may be. Curb’s needs to get a good start to the season & continue on with it, or for one, i would be looking at him with the same critical eye.

  41. MD says:

    When you see that players like Robert Earnshaw goes for £2.65m, and Shola Ameobi is linked with a £3.5m-£4m sale you’d certainly think Zamora is worth more than £2.5m surely?

  42. Sam says:

    i think we need to look to to get rid of a lot of other players before we even consider getting rid of zamora in my opinion. not that he is the best thing since sliced bread, but if we get rid of him and don’t bring in a good replacement then we are only left with cole as a back up striker…..not a very exciting prospect in my opinion.

  43. colney says:

    and now some muppet rekons green to the spuds !! or even funnier villa!!!

    some people think of the funniest drivel to fill a papper!!

  44. Liam Spencer says:

    Ian you posts seem to becoming less and less frequent.
    What is happening??

  45. Van Der Elst says:

    £4 to £5 million would be the right price and the CCC is his right level. He’s a fan and tryer, someone who was good and important to have around when Reo Coker was sulking. Hence all the sentimentalists. But a PL player he unfortunately isn’t. If he wants to stay and play a Carling Cup/bit role we should keep him on. Otherwise we should say thank you, goodbye and good luck, retire the 25 shirt if necessary, and put the money towards someone creative like Pablo Aimar – who’s still with relegated Real Zaragoza – or, dare I say it Huddlestone.

  46. colney says:

    is there any reason why every link has west ham,villa and newcastle involved with the same player?

    these sites and papers are full of it.sorry missed the sh of the it !

  47. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Do not sell your own born and bred guys till they are useless. And Bobby can be pretty usefull next season imo. At least as a covering striker behing Deano and Bellars.

    I think no team should get rid of their own local guys till they want to leave or till you have much bether (not only bether) players for their possition. With Camara gone, Cole definitely not much bether than Z-man, and with young Freddie who most probably still needs a time, I really do not see a reason why to sell him.

    And for all those of you labeling Z-man as a championship player – lets check who got us to the premiership with his vital goals in Play-Off games, lets check how we finished in our first season back with Marlon and Z-man up front, lets check who was our best scorrer beggining of the last season.

    Bobby is not a world beater, but he is good enough for being 3rd striker in PL. And while he is also on “sensible” wages, I really can not understand why would some of us want to see the back of very loyal servant as him.

    HE CAME FROM WHL, HE’S BETHER THAN JERMAINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. richo says:

    Just saw on a sports bulletin in Aus that Bresciano is tipped to join the Hammers from Palermo. I think he would be a good signing (probably bias as an Aussie, but I rate him more than I do Neill) he’s great on the ball, takes on defenders, good from set pieces and is a decent finisher. I only hope if he was to join that he played rergularly

  49. Liam Spencer says:


  50. hammermolder says:

    Are you away on a jolly boys outing Iain?

  51. The Headmaster says:

    The article on the propaganda site ( I mean website, sorry) is telling isn’t it. Bowyer banging on with the party line about once Dyer and Bellars are fit again it’ll be like having a whole new team. Maybe, but also a smokescreen to mask the lack of close season investment.
    If they don’t get properly fit or don’t perform, what’s the plan B then?? Answers on a postcard………………………….

  52. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, Mark Bresciano would be a bonus, good player. Also read that Nani is trying to nick Marius Stankevicius from Brescia. 27, Lithuanian, big strong defender & scores the odd goal. Don’t forget we still have the Sheffield compensation thing to come. Maybe that has a bearing on what we spend. Yes, quiet isn’t it.

  53. PC says:


    Answers to the name of Iain Dale.

    Used to write a decent (and regular) WH blog and is sorely missed.

    If seen please diret him to the nearest computer (with internet connection) and instruct to write something for his fans.

    Tell him to make something up if he has nothing to report on, we need a fix!

  54. TFC hammer says:

    Where’s Ian????

  55. Paul Nixon says:

    Plan B = 17th…

  56. redkipper says:

    Liam Spencer I think you’l find Ian is busy doing his stuff for a certain MP, former Shadow Home Sec, who has called an election much to most peoples puzzelment. I mean the Irons are much more important !!

  57. Joe says:


    Hope everything is ok. we all miss your occasional post.

  58. Paul Nixon says:

    Zamora to Fulham with Pantsil: confirmed by Duxbury:

    Perhaps the start of a more business like acumen and the demise of sentimentality? I hope so.

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