Bobby Z and Johnny P off to Fulham?

At last something to write about. Tonight the club have given Fulham permission to talk to Bobby Zamora and John Pantsil. In some ways it is a sad day, as Bobby Zamora really is one of us – a Hammer through and through. And John Pantsil is certainly the kind of character we all love at Upton Park. But if we are honest, are either of them good enough to be a first team fixture in a side which aspires to a top eight finish? I fear the answer is no. So while I will be sad to see then go, I’ll certainly give them both a rousing cheer wheb they return.

I would hope we’d get a combined fee of somewhere approaching £5 million, but I fear it will be closer to £3.5 million. If so, Fulham will have got themselves an absolute steal.


28 Responses to Bobby Z and Johnny P off to Fulham?

  1. devo says:

    give them back boa morte keep the z man

  2. brooking still the best says:

    I’ll be sad to see Bobby go and would much rather see C Cole leave before him. Bobby played a big part in keeping us up and I dont go along with he isnt good enough for the Premiership. There is alot worse strikers them him currently playing. Pantsil is worth letting go although he was certainly laugh!
    I think in todays over inflated market when players like A Johnson are valued in excess of 10 million, Zamora has to be worth 5 million.
    Does this mean we are going to at last buy a decent player this summer. Bearing in mind we signed no one in January and on outlayed only 5.5 million net the summer before, we must be signing someone soon? Hardly the spending of an over ambitous club.

  3. chubby hammer says:

    in the season we stayed up Zamora got many vital goals … about 14 I think … If he had a run last year & had been fit I’m sure he would have got the same … Look out for Zamora netting a good few goals next year for Fulham

  4. Big Casino says:

    Early reports are saying it’s around £6m, which is great money for these two players – though I think Bobby has more to offer and is a better player and goalscorer than carlton cole and would rather have seen him leave.

    And I think £4.5m for George McCartney was good money too – I think I may have let him go for that amount… though I do think he is a very good left back, for £4.5m I think we could’ve gone out and bought someone at least as good as George.

    Good to finally see some activity happening though. IRONS!

  5. Dak says:

    Of far more interest and concern is Mark Noble wanting to play for England when he is from Afghanistan

  6. scott says:

    bobby zamora is still way better than carlton cole and pantsil is a better right back than lucas neill so why not sell them two instead???? bobby is west ham through and through who runs his heart out for us and was improving before his injury problems and cole is just a big carthorse who was our only outlet last season and who did an ok job…..the less said about neills all round playing ability the better, rubbish defensive tactics and captain skills and too fat to get forward. paintsil can go as well though

  7. chubby hammer says:

    rumours tonight that Fulham will pay 6.5 million for zamora …

  8. Paul Nixon says:

    Bobby is true hammer, and definitely a first team premiership player for any of the lower ten clubs. But if the hammers want to move out of that bracket and aspire to regular top six, EUFA, or dare I suggest better, then we will need a better striker who can rotate in and out of the first team with Bellamy, Sears and Ashton. Cole is about the same ability as Zamora, two years younger and taller: we can’t have two mediocre strikers on the roster; Zamora’s time has come. LBM is a good sub. Pantsil never really got a chance, perhaps he’ll shine at a club (like Fulham) where he can get a regular first team place.

  9. Paul Nixon says:

    Dak: I didn’t know they had a Canning Town in Afghanistan too 😉

  10. Paul Nixon says:

    I hope he’s not going anywhere, or did I miss something?

  11. Mac says:

    I think we have to recognise they’re both fringe players who will be play more at Fulham.

    Many congratulations btw.

  12. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes Iain, hasn’t been much apart from rumours & the signing of young defender Eyjolfsson. The bookies are predicting us for another midtable finish but i have made money off their mistakes before. The talk is a 6.5 squillion deal for both Z’man & Pantsil. Good deal for us because that opens the way up for Gudjohnsen i believe. Good deal also for Z’man & JP as it gives them regular football & they can do a lot for Fulham. Both loyal servants & deserve a standing ovation on their return if this tranfer takes place. Curbs seems to be watching the purse strings with an eagle eye but in these harsh economic times who can blame him. There are signings to come, we didn’t get Nani to keep a seat warm. Either Neill or Ferdinand could yet go & need to be replaced & the continuing saga of Shorey could mean McCartney back to Sunderland. Don’t forget. as i recall, Sheffield still have a claim against us which is not yet resolved.

  13. chris says:

    4.5m for mcartney,let him go for that price.Sad to see z man go, he had a good touch,but just didnt score enough goals.if gudjohnson wants to come to us we should grab him,would rather have him at 30 for 2 years than another joe average for longer! hope neil goes as well hes far to slow( I know I keep on saying this.) Hope we have dyer (fit) and faubert down the right(fullback) LOADS AH PACE com on you IIIIIIIIIrons!!!

  14. Kim says:

    My friends are rallying around to pay for therapy for me. I love Bobby Z and agree that he is a better striker than Cole. Pantsil is a character but he does only come on as a sub so I can understand the logic there.

    We will miss you Bobby – good luck. Sob!

  15. Dominic says:

    I can still picture Bobby running his socks off and fighting to head each ball kicked from the back, whilst Deano never bothered to try and get a ball which passed only one foot away from him.
    It is a big mistake. He is sure one of our top 3 strikers.
    It will only be justified of replaced by a better striker with an average of 10-13 goals a season.

  16. Plaistow54 says:
    Daily Express says 6.5mill done deal in next 48hrs.

  17. West_Ham says:

    I can’t see why AC would get rid of these two players unless he has replacements lined up. Zamora was unlucky with injuries last season but did make some appearances towards the end so AC must rate him. Paintsil recently claimed he was happy at West Ham and AC had been impressed with his form.

    I reckon this is a move to ship two out and one in. As much as we all like BZ and JP they are surplus to requirements as they will need to fight for a starting place against quality players. The question is who will we get in if they leave? Gudjohnsen?

  18. RapidHammer says:

    Sorry to see the Z-man leave, I will always remember him kissing the badge on his shirt after scoring. As Zamora had been injured for quite a long time last season it’s a bit unfair to compare him to Carlton Cole who hasn’t been injured and has scored only 4 goals. Pa(i)ntsil seems to be a crazy and likeable guy, but his options at West Ham aren’t too bright, and as the squad has to be cut to bring in some new players I can understand that Pants is going to leave. Hope we’re going to sign at least two class players!!!

  19. johnnyhaynesregular says:

    Hmm.. we’re buying someone who’s generally appreciated by the fans of the selling club. Something wrong there! Hope this isn’t revenge for your (distress) purchase of Luis Boa M. who was, up until the last season with us, liked by FFC fans.
    I hope this news turns out to be right because we do need a striker to replace Brian McBride

  20. tommo says:

    I will honestly be sad to see both players go but maybe getting a few quid through the books may help bring in a fresh face or two which is badly needed.Still got a horrible feeling that we are skint as we are linked with a truck load of players(gudjonson,aj,bresciano,shorey etc) but we dont seem to make the move,£6-7 million for zamora and pantsil must mean we will dive into the transfer market soon ?.

  21. The Headmaster says:

    Good posts, guys. Plaistow and West_Ham have it spot on for me. Bottom line is, sentimentality and loyalty aside, if their release means that AC might just bid for one or two creative midfielders or even hot (has-been??) striker with a proven rep then it is a shrewd move I say.

  22. Plaistow54 says:

    Nah, no revenge there. Funny about Boa Morte. He played well for Fulham & tried so hard for us but it never seemed to come off for him. You could see the pressure in some of his tackles in midfield. If it does come off depending on medicals, you got two well liked players there. Zamora doesn’t score a heap of goals but he scores the ones that seem to count. Paintsil is a player of some ability too, underated. If you do get them, treat them well. September looks like a big month for us & Sheffield now.

  23. Bob says:

    Nicolas Anelka will be coming in with the proceeds of the sale once it has been finalised, having passed a medical today.

  24. claire says:

    First Solano, now Pantsil – two great characters with a bit of style – OK, a lot in Solano’s case. And sad to see Zamora go- anyone remember his first outing for us when he started singing Bubbles before he remembered that he was actually on the pitch? But, we need the money and we need a proven striker.
    (Congrats Iain!)

  25. richo says:

    Hope your wrong Bob. Not a fan of the Frenchman!

  26. lk24 says:

    bob were did u get ur info about le sulk about

  27. Plaistow54 says:

    What was it Victor Meldrew used to say ? “I don’t believe it !”

  28. mark says:

    Greetings from SW6
    lifelong FFC fan here, (went to wembley in 75)
    know you boys like Bobby Z, just thought i`d let you know he had a great 45 mins
    in the 1st half yesterday, inc scoring a great volley !
    hope he keeps it up, think he could be a good signing for us
    good luck in the new season (except against us of course !)

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