Sunday Paper Transfer Rumours

I have just been doing the newpaper review on the BBC News Channel and have had a chance to rifle through some of the Sunday paper back pages. There are some weird and wonderful rumours, the most unlikely of which is that we will be selling Anton to Newcastle and taking Damien Duff in part exchange, with Matty and Boa Morte also being flogged elsewhere. Spurs want Matthew Upson and we are also chasing Joe Mattock of Leicester City.

There doesn’t seem to be anything new regarding Zamora and Pantsil’s moves to Fulham. Fulham are now also trying to get Andy Johnson.

There are also now rumours that Sunderland are trying for McCartney and Carlton Cole for a joint fee of £10 million. While I don’t want to see Stella go, that’s not bad money.

Rumour is that Stephen Carr, who is out of contract at Newcastle, has been training at Chadwell Heath this week. He’s a decent player who would be good cover at right back. However, Faubert can play there too, so I am not sure we need another one.

There, is that enough to be going on with? 🙂


33 Responses to Sunday Paper Transfer Rumours

  1. devo says:

    anyone from the a and e department from st barts too , cause curbs loves a good crock

  2. CAMZIRON says:

    Some news from a very reliable source is that Bobby Z has delayed a medical til next week, and Fulham wont be signing Pantsil. Neill has been announced to the squad as team captain for the season, ending talk of a move to Gala.Valon Behrami will be unveiled Wednesday before the All Star game. Stephen Carr has been training with us, and is travelling to the U.S. with the squad. And finally, Curbs was yesterday seen getting into a car at U.P. with Jermaine Pennant, who was not in the squad for Tranmere.

  3. Dave Hall says:

    The difference between rumours in rags and official statements from West Hams official site is no comparison. Zamora will be going to Fulham, as will Pantsill. But as far as newspapers are concerned, they are as thick as dry cowpat on wanstead flats.

  4. kennyhammer says:

    Hardly a surprise if we sign Carr. no fee to find and we may need someone to occupy the treatment tables if others are now fit. I like what appears to be the new policy of recruiting young talant from the global market and this should pay dividends in future seasons.
    However, many supporters, like myself, are disappointed at what appears a reluctance by our new board to finance any quality proven signings in this window. I am sure our existing squad can maintain our EPL status next season but I feel disappointed with our lack of transfer market action so far and fear for another very mediocre season.
    Looking at the signings of Pompy, Spurs, and Man.City can we seriously hope to improve our 10th place without some serious investment in a couple of top signings.

  5. Alan says:

    CAMZIRON not sure who your “very reliable source” is but Pennent hit the bar at Tranmere yesterday. If he done that from U.P. then his shooting is more wayward than anyone we have already got.

  6. Marleeeen depreciation society says:

    not sure carr will be worth having, neill’s flaw is lack of pace and carr is the same. apparently pantsill isn’t keen on going to another club to warm the bench so he’s not keen on fulham where he’ll be used as cover. i’d like to see behrami sign but i’ll wait and see on that one, and pennant is of the bentley boy mould so not sure curbs would be keen.

  7. D&G says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious Anton will be leaving and Newcastle seems the obvious choice. Let’s be honest Spurs are looking a little higher then Anton to sure up their defense and Upson would seem a more obvious choice for them (I hope they have upwards of 10million because that’s what the board would want even to think about it)

    Duff coming our way? Seems frequently injured so will fit right in (as most Hammers say) but still I would welcome the fella.

    God knows who would want Matty (probably a lower Prem side maybe) and from what I heard LBM is off back to Portugal (bye)

    Would have no probs seeing the back of Cole but Linda has been a rock and he said he doesn’t want to leave and I cant see WHU selling a reliable solid player, can you?

    P.S. PLEASE let this Carr rumour be a pile of bollocks PLEASE! Just going to end up another Davers or Quashite on our books, if it does happen lets hope they only give him a year contract.

  8. GoatyGav says:

    Thing is – I’ve really grown to rate McCartney highly. The bloke puts it in consistently and is developing in to a fantastic full back with strong defensive and attacking qualities. I don’t blame the club for saying “Hands Off” because he is coming in to the prime of his career.

    It’s fair to say Carlton Cole’s had a fair crack and hasn’t made the grade with us. Probably better for us and him if he moves on to pastures new. Nothing against the bloke as he’s a grafter but doesn’t quite cut it for me. Bobby Z however is a different kettle of fish. He has strenght, pace and good touch. His form in front of goal always returns after the run of a few games. Injuries have stopped him from showing us all what he’s capable of. I’d like to see him stay and Cc go. I reckon it would be good to hold on to John Pantsil too.

  9. down to bare bones says:

    Ignore the papers it all a load of rubbish!
    As West Ham fans we tend to be live in hope (blind mostly) but I think to get the true picture you have to take on board the comments made by Duxbury & Co. at Bond Holders meetings at the end of last season – ‘no major aquiisitions and the selling of players to reduce the wage bill.
    Also it looks as if Nani’s role at the club is solely to bring in ‘young’ talent so I don’t see anyone of note coming in.
    Cautiously maintains that with all the first team squad fit it will be like have a bunch of new players. Sound’s great but it’s a mighty big gamble. Unfortunately, in sport in general, it’s ‘once a crock always a crock’.

  10. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes, should be something nuggety to get our teeth into there Iain. I reckon that Z,man will eventually go to Fulham too. The problem would appear to be Paintsil but i can’t understand Fulhams hesitance as he did put in some good performances under Pardew. I think he’s a good player. As much as i have a measure of sentimentality towards Z, i think the move to regular football would be good for him. Still talk of Gudjohnsen. He can play up front, or attacking & defending midfield & on either wing. He would be a very useful player behind Ashton & Bellamy & has miles of experience in Europe. Playing for his countryman, i see him as value for what we would get him for. Andy Johnson i’m not sure. Played well under Dowie & Curbs style may suit him but he’s an out & out striker, expensive & we are watching the pennies. Stephen Carr can play anywhere along the back line, primarily on the right but has had ankle & knee injuries. Hmm ! Behrami has plenty of European experience, good player but around the 10mill mark. Boy oh boy, we are starting to assemble some midfield in my view.

  11. Scanlen says:

    Sorry Camziron but Pennant played for Liverpool at Tranmere yesterday. Does that make the rest of your post rubbish as well? Here’s the line from Setanta’s report – Jermaine Pennant, who was playing behind Pacheco, cut in from the right and hit the crossbar before Benayoun fired the Reds ahead.

  12. Van Der Elst says:

    Booa Morte being flogged aside, that’s a pretty depressing post. Stephen Carr! Isn’t Pa(i)ntsil better? And nothing happening with Giles Barnes?

  13. brooking still the best says:

    Is it me or is this current board feeding us a load of old Bull. They come in and promised us that they would turn us into a team challanging for the champions league and a new stadium to match.

    What have we go so far A small investment last summer, when you take away the cash we got from players sold. Nothing in January and it appears cost cutting this summer. Any talk of a new stadium has been stiffled to say the least.

    This hardly sounds like a board that really wants to challange at the top, I know that would and will take time but are we making a start at achieving that goal?

    When you think of the extra TV and gate money the club iS now receiving the club can not be that bad off. I agree we need to get some of the many average players out of the club but we should also be bringing in 2 or 3 quality players in to progress. This seams very unlikely so far.

  14. CAMZIRON says:

    Did I say Jermaine Pennant? Sorry I meant Cass Pennant! We could do with him steaming in from the wing..! lol

  15. Herts Hammer says:

    I have had it from a VERY reliable source that the West Ham board consider we have too many players and rather than seeing any new signings we should just watch for a line up of departures.

    I am as soory as everyone sbout it but its a fact

  16. Upton Spark says:

    Quite agree with the comment on what Duxburry said as we are well endowed with some worthless talent who are not finding it easy to go elsewhere(Quasie etc).
    Typical of West Ham to try things on the cheap and this is why we will find it hard to break into top six.
    My prediction is that we’ll finish around 12th and you’ll find Curbs will be on his way.
    Have a good holiday if you’re going away.I’m off to Greece this week so looking forward to the rest.
    Got my new season ticket late this year,but it did arrive I suppose,so better late than never as they say!
    Cheers from the Spark.

  17. ironsmith says:

    Everything about this transfer window seems so downbeat for West Ham right now. Personally I am hoping that BG has one or two surprises in store for us all because at the moment we have little or no chance of finishing above the spuds again. For example. last season we tried to sign Adriano(why not try again?),
    and after losing Tevez the fans need and deserve somebody to inspire us again. Come on Mr Gudmunsson we are very important for your future success and please give us the confidence that we are really about to challenge the big 4 clubs by bringing the right names(this does not include Stephen Carr) to West Ham who are capable of such a task.

  18. richo says:

    Read that Man City are offering 1.6 million for Neill, although apparently he is asking for a contract extension and a pay rise (can you believe that).

  19. colney says:

    question? whay do west ham suporters talk down the season ahead and the spudly muppets allways talk it up far to much?

    We were perfectly happy to see bellamy and dyer flying at reading last season with matty backing up the play down the left. why cant we all just be happy hammers and look forward to what might just be a great season with quality players allready at the club?

    ashton back and fit
    parker back and fit
    noble cnb through n through
    upson fit

    I admit there could be 1 or 2 extra signings but come on lads,were west ham and we do it the hard way !!!!! ide rather that than chuck 70mill and finish bottom arf hey !!!

  20. tommo says:

    Yeah i agree with upton spark with his opinion of a mid table finish! Unless we can make some very suprising high profile signings to freshen the squad up.Hearing on a quite reliable grape vine about this lad Matlock signing by the weekend ,dont know anything about him ,it just might mean the end of anton though.One last thing,does anyone know if we have signed that guy from Uganda?.

  21. Van Der Elst says:

    What worries me hugely is that the board are planning for an eternal mid table finish. Doesn’t that – balancing the books, hanging on in there and picking up what must be £25m (one quarter) of the purchase price of the club every season – make good business sense? Aren’t they going to be into a decent chunk of profit after four or five years? As it always has done, future glory ( a cup…) and entertainment depends on our youth system. Which, at least, is keeping with something…

  22. Paul O'Decannyoh says:

    So, we are selling Green, Wright, McCartney, Neill, Gabbidon, Upson, Ferdinand, Bellamy, Zamora, Pantsil, Boa Morte, Etherington and Cole and replacing them with an Icelandic centre back. Another season of inconsistency and disappointment beckons!

  23. Freddie says:

    Am I the only one starting to get a little concerned? I had anticipated a clear out of some of the less needed players (Quashie, Boa Morte etc) and one or two quality purchases (e.g Storey) to fill in some weak spots. Then, with many of the injured players having recovered I thought that we would have the potential of a top six club. However hardly a day goes by when one of our quality players ( Green, Bellamy, Upson etc) are not linked with a move whilst the owners are, apparently, now down to their last few billion and seeking to make cost cuts. Obviously it would be silly to treat as accurate every bit of press speculation but if any quality regular player is sold to the likes of Manchester City or Aston Villa then the indications are that those middling clubs have greater aspirations than us and we will have returned to be a selling club – content just to end up 17th or above in the Premier league. Hopefully my concerns prove to be totally mis-placed.

  24. Thucydides says:

    When did West Ham fans become a bunch of miserable whingers? It’s West Ham, remember, every season we’re amongst the favourites for relegation. That’s how it’s always been, regardless what the chairman says, after all it is his job to talk the club up. The way most of you go on is as if you expect us to be title contenders, when the truth is we only got promoted 3 years ago. To be honest 10th last season was overachieving.

  25. Paul Nixon says:

    On the positive side: the selling of Zamora is a good sign – a move away from sentimentality and towards a more professional business orientated approach? Keeping a player because “he’s West Ham through and through” doesn’t get us into Europe.

  26. Plaistow54 says:

    Good question, it’s got me beat. Z & Pants are gone for over 6 mill. It looks like we have got Behrami for 1.5 mill as he bought himself out & we are chasing Mattock. Behrami is 23 & worth much more. Mattock is 18 & has come right through the England youth.We signed that young Icelander. Three young players of the future. What is the criticism of Curbs there ? Sure, he needs to get us a good start to the season, but why say he won’t. There is just as much chance of success as failure. Ferdinand, Green, McCartney & Upson all want to stay. Probably Neill does too. They just want more money. It’s that time of the season. It looks to me that Curbs is in fact looking to the future. Positive, always positive. It wins games.

  27. Upton Spark says:

    Going on what Paul says re the selling of most of our players,it does really make me laugh when other people(non West Ham)alway’s poke fun at us,saying we are a rubbish team etc;
    If we are that bad,why is it that all our players are always on other teams shoppingn list?
    I think everyone knows we are always good for some quality!!

  28. brooking still the best says:

    Lets not forget and it is easy to by reading the papers and blogs. We have a pretty decent first 11 and if (A big IF) they stay fit, should put us up the table on last year. Maybe enough to make the top 6, I don’t know. What ever happens, we should be a little more positive as it is almost certain that we will have a better season then last year!

    We used to be known as the best supporters in the south, lets get back to that.

    Come on, lets give it a go and get behind the team! COYI !!!!!

  29. Plaistow54 says:

    Zamora has come out & said we are going to be selling players. We know that. Most of us would have a personal list. I would doubt that we are in dire financial straits. These are not the days to splash money about. It takes time to build & if you build a good foundation the house stands. Look at Everton but always remember Leeds. We signed a young Hungarian kid. It looks to me that Curbs & Nani are looking a couple of years ahead. We will keep the players that count. Curbs might not be flashy & i don’t always agree with his tactics but none the less he will provide what we need at the moment. A level of consistency & a measure of success. You don’t climb Everest in a day & a half. We will field a good side come August.

  30. colney says:

    what the hell is going on with regards to green?now the club has responded and kicked him back!!!! thats it then,all over,green will be off !! ffs this club is falling to bits!

    come on ian,find out what the hell is going on!!!!!

  31. dave says:

    Well,if some major signings aren’t made pretty quickly,i can see it being a major struggle this season,because the team is nowhere near strong enough

  32. onebuell says:

    Well all these guesses are not getting us any where!!!. We have a good first 11 if they stay fit? and a couple of good 2nds… we do need another striker and i believe a more pacey right back… saw lucas get caught out tooo may times by pace last season!! bring james collins back in to the frame.. i really like him and think with more games he will only get better and better… dump ferdy, quashie, boa moret… and all the other non starters.. i.e davenport etc… gudjonsen would be a welcome attribute also… i think well just have another average year.. and i belive this is curbs last year and opefully we ill see bilic before the end of this campaign or at least for the start of the next…. sameold hammers… but with this new young talent policy at least were looking ahead also.. i dont think its all doom and gloom.. i think there is a brighter future its just 3-4 seasons away!! coyi…

  33. DevoDevo says:

    I agree with kerry regarding the purchase of young talent from foreign countries, better than the old rubbish that Redknapp bought (Futre, radacuoiu etc).

    As for Green, I’m sure his comments were taken out of context. Bottom line is he signed his contract a year ago and must wait until 2009 to review, simple as. He won’t be allowed to go anywhere and if he underperforms next season and stull wants to leave, no-one will want him.

    Can’t believe we haven’t unloaded the likes of Davenport, Quashie and LBM yet. I still think Cole can be good cover for Ashton, though I preferred BobbyZ as a player. My guess is that his injury probably played a part in his departure?

    Would love to see Neill go, but again this doesn’t seem pheasible. McCartney was arguably our 2nd best player last year and another I don’t envisage seeing leaving.

    I hear that Behrami is on the verge of joining, which is great news for right back and will add much needed pace in that position. He also scores a few as well.

    What most of you are forgetting is the return of Bellamy and Dyer, a full season from Ashton, Faubert and Parker (fingers crossed).

    I cannot believe we won’t improve on last year’s position with these players available and feel that there will still be another one or two new signings before the window closes.

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