What do you Think of the Management?

A reader, Rob Shirley, just sent me this…

As the summer has progressed and since the departure of Eggy ( i’ll call him that as his name always escapes me) I am becoming more and more impressed with the way the business management at West Ham is carried out. Everything is, it seems, done in a calm manner with no media frenzy, statements are put out in a very business like ” believe what you read in the Sun..if you like, but these are the facts”. I quite like it, it seems to elevate our club into a superior level. The way they dealt with Kia and Brown was, lets just sort it, get the problem out of the way and get on with running the club, no big deal, no mass media reporting just cool and calm. I think this is the reason that the media is getting fed up with West Ham and putting out stories such as mass exodus and financial problems, it really is that the management hold their own council and refuse to get drawn into a media free for all like last years Tevez saga.

I reckon he makes a good point. What say you?


21 Responses to What do you Think of the Management?

  1. ironsmith says:

    I agree with Rob 100 per cent and our management really has too much style for the low life in the media. When Ashton signed a new contract it was the first big test for BG and in hindsight we should never had been worried about the outcome and now with the signing of Behrami we have the makings of a great team. Well done Mr Nani you have made a fantastic start now please sign a few more top boys and in the meantime and not wishing to get carried away with our wonderful Italian influence:
    Another Chianti please barman!

  2. SD says:

    I think all of his points and his interpretation of the emerging management system at Upton Park is spot on- even looking at the way the Behrami transfer was dealt with goes to add more credibility to Robs views!! Irons

  3. Metcow says:

    I totally agree Iain. It’s made for quite an amusing summer so far, watching the press having to make up stories all over the place because they don’t get a thing out of the club anymore.
    There is a more proffessional feel to the club at the top level; the statements on the official website seem to come along at the right time and tidy issues up very simply.
    To the doubting fans out there (and there seem to have been many on the web through the summer so far) I say keep the faith as I truely believe the club is on the up and being run well.

  4. ColmMCCool says:

    I agree, the difference between last summer and this summer is massive,even look at the transfers,now I know we didnt sign much yet but last summer we almost paid an outrageous amount of money for Darren Bent and we were signing ageing players. Now the management is much more efficient in the transfer market, signing younger players and for half the price as we see with Behrami. That was a fantastic bit of business! They’re also being very quite about who they’re looking at too so the papers dont blow things out of proportion.

  5. Roy says:

    Does anyone know how the Sheff. Utd hearing is going? I’m amazed the press haven’t been trying to influence this one.

  6. Like all the class acts it’s the quiet ones that get the job done with credibility and respectability in tact. Completely with you on this one Rob – good shout mate!

    I’m very optimistic, and it’s more than the usual blind optimism, about 08-09. I think we could surprise a few people this year. Just hope the fact finding work the club’s doing/done at Chadwell Heath helps keep the injuries at bay.


  7. Hayden says:

    I completely agree – we have so much more class in the way we go about our business than other Premier Clubs and indeed West Ham of yester-year. Just look at what we’ve done so far – brought in some (supposedly) highly talented youths for the future, trimmed our squad and wage bill by selling on or releasing some fringe players and bought a world-class player. We sold Bobby and Johnny Pants for £6.5mil or so then bought Behrami for £5mil – incredible. It just shows that we’re not broke – we just won’t go around throwing money at players to get them to sign (a la Eggert). We conduct our business with dignity and as much secrecy as is possible – I’m really pleased with how things are progressing now. The future is bright!

  8. lotf says:

    I have to largely agree. Media journalism in this country infuriates me because it is too full of self-perpetuating self-fulfilling lies to generate fake publicity. For example, the media report that a player is unhappy at his club, which is a complete lie and the player never said anything of the sort. The fans, managers and other players are outraged at his outburst, so the media report their reactions. The player then has to issue a statement saying that they never said such a thing, which the media then also report. A week’s worth of exclusive stories and reports, all out of one deliberate lie – not to mention the long-term damage to the player’s reputation.

    The journos reported we were in financial trouble. BG said we aren’t. The papers carried on down this line, how we would have to sell everyone etc. When we sold Zamora and Pantsil, they shouted “we told you!!” even though these players were obviously surplus to our requirements (sorry Zamora!). Then Green comes out with some stuff about players wages, and the media were in ecstasy. BG kept quiet; he had already made his statement – next thing you know, we improve maccas deal and sign behrami. The media may be going overboard right now but eventually they will learn. BG seems like someone who is professional, and when he talks, he gets to the point and is good for his word.

  9. jon.london colney says:

    yep,5mill spent and sudenly theres no money worries again! i am begining to think that west ham have a quiet plan in place that will role out over the next few years.i think we all have to stay quiet and let the table and results speak for themselves.
    i seem to remember when we bought all these players our expectaions went through the roof but injuries and so on naffed that up last year.however all fit and busting a gut to play i wonder where we will end up?
    as for the media,well….

  10. Plaistow54 says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Rob’s opinion. Eggert Magnusson was who we needed at the time. His decisions at that time stabilised the club & provided the basis for what we see now. He refused to be drawn into public comment over Tevez & that frustrated the media. I believe that the Icelanders are good for West Ham. The appointment of Nani shows a commitment to the future of the club. They are thinkers. The decisions & signings they have made reinforce my belief in that. There are good days ahead for us.

  11. Paul Nixon says:

    I completely agree: I was impressed with Scott Duxbury and WHUFC’s response to the Sun’s article on Rob Green: I particularly liked how factual it was without being emotionally loaded or scathing – just the facts. The line “We have no intention of selling him and do not propose to comment further”. And Green certainly has been VERY quiet since… I think WHUFC deserve credit: MUFC haven’t been anywhere near as professional with the Ronaldo saga…

    The hiring of Nani; the un-WHUFClike and un sentimental selling of Zamora; the acquisition of Behrani; the stability of the squad and absolute determination of all players (except possibly Green) to declare their allegiance to WHUFC are all good signs. Roll on the season: I think this is going to be a good one.


  12. Lamb Behrami says:

    Shrewd analysis. Start your own blog Rob….I’d visit it.

  13. barry r says:

    don’t know about anybody else but i can’t wait for the season to start! we are looking strong with all our players back (or most of them) i was telling my boy last season that we would be the team to watch but after all the injury’s well……….But this season will be how it should have been last year but better , we’ve all been waiting so long for the club to move forward and be in europe every season. maybe just maybe our wait will be ending and we will be where we should be !!! how about this pair as our next manager and no2 billic and p di canio ?? don’t know bout anyone else but that give’s me a semi !!!

  14. ex_pat iron says:

    Excellent point Rob, and I must say I didn’t pick up on it until after you mentioned it. I think we’re all so used to the media making a frackas out of everything we tend to just normalise it and believe it – so when this all happens contrary to the way they present every situation to be a mess then we get quite surprised.

    I like the way BG is handling things, very professional – and thinking about it I wouldn’t have known who Scott Duxberry was 12 months ago, now he’s the corporate face of the club, seems all things will be channeled through him which should lead to consistency and an internalised knowledge of how the club deals with all circumstances – it’s good to see, it’s like a family protecting and looking out for members around them.

  15. Roshi says:

    Blimey, whats going on, everyone agrees with me. Thanks for the support, I feel we are going to have a cracking season, I can’t wait!
    West Ham is a truly great club, steeped with tradition and values that most clubs can only dream about and I am proud of the fact that since I was 11 years old (53 now) I have been on a wonderful journey of highs and lows with them.
    I was fed up to the back teeth with the Tevez affair, (thank God Kia did not buy us) I feel that was a massive low point in the clubs history and I will never forget the way Bobby Moore was treated in such a tardy manner by the club, although they did make belated amends when he died.
    But by and large you can’t beat the ‘ol claret and blue, up the Hammers.


  16. getoutofthat says:

    I’m pleased about the Behrami signing but also excited about the young, promising acquisitions we’ve made. Eyjolffson, Modelski and Bajnat (along with the new deal for Stech) represent a strengthening of the of the spine of the team for the future.
    Combining our established ability to develop young players with Nani’s global reach was always the plan and it’s looking promising…

  17. Roy says:

    I agree completely. The club really does seem to be being run in a far more professional business-like way. The Behrami signing was handled in a dignified manner and Nani is obviously now playing a key role. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am totally fed up with managers (e.g. Benitez, Ferguson etc.) conducting their hoped for transfer business through the press and Ferguson’s whinges about Real Madris and the Ronaldo situation is laughable when you consider the Hargreaves unsettling exercise that United conducted for over a year.
    On another point, has Behrani been signed to play at right back. This seems logical as we have a plethora of right-sided midfielders. Is this the end of Lucas Neill who, according to reports, gave a way a “needless penalty” last night in Toronto. Some things never change!

  18. Brian Sains says:

    Totally true Iain, a good point made. It is probably due to the Owner being so cool as he come’s from Iceland !!LOL. Seriously, BG does seem to do things in a calm manner, lets just hope it continues.

  19. Paul Morfey says:

    I have not heard of Modelski or Bajnet – who are these players, any background or info’
    Looking at our squad, if we stay fit I say top 6

  20. DevoDevo says:

    Not much to add to what has already been written, you’re right, Rob, the club’s demeanour has shifted – they’ve even sorted Brown out!

    My only concern , although this can still be addressed, is the number of players we have sold/released. With the excellent signing of Behrami and the emergence of Widdowson, our cover at RB & LB doesn’t look as bad as last season. No surprise to see Neill give yet another pen away last night!

    I would suggest that Spector, Quashie, Davenport, Mullins, LBM and sadly, Collins or Gabbidon are all surplus to requirements and this list could grow further subject to any further acquisitions.

    Finally, I applaud the new regime’s policy in signing talented, young foreign talent. Ready made English players are too expensive and we have most of the good youngsters! It would appear that the club now has a definite road they want to take to push the club forward, I just hope Curbishley is up to the task.

  21. Woking Hammer says:

    I whole heartedly agree with what everyone has said here. We have moved from a family run club with a chairman who could not run his own business properly and was using the club to support his life style, to a club run by business men who sent in a fire fighter in the egg man, they have seen the strengths and weaknesses and like true business men are going about stabilising, developing and strengthening this great club.

    Are undoubted strengths are the ability to develop youngsters into world class players and the best supporters certainly in this country and possibly in the top 10 in Europe, after all what other club would have a fan base like ours after all what we have been through.

    This is why we have purchased a crop of overseas talent of a certain age to augment that home grown talent coming through the ranks. I envisage that in 4 to 5 years time we will have a multi talented multi national team who have come through the West Ham way with an average age of around 24 with the, by then, old heads of Ashton, Faubert, Behrami leading the way. A team that has not cost all that much money but one just might possibly push the multi million pound teams all the way. The bubble will burst regarding wages and transfers and when it does, could we be the team to rise to the top of the pile without money worries.

    Now this thread has all been very positive and I applaud everyone for this, but, as BG will know, as any business knows, you are only as good as the weakest part. Where is our weakness, what will be our Achilles heal? Personally I think it could be the manager, he dose not fill me with confidence as someone who can take us to the next level, I think he will always get us to the party and knocking on the door, but I cannot see him getting us in. I think we need someone who can take a risk, who can do something out of the ordinary, be unpredictable, a man who cannot be easily read who is strong and decisive.

    But as they say The Future is Good The Future is Claret & Blue.

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