Win 2 Tickets for the ‘Cass’ Premiere on Monday

To celebrate the release of Cass, I am giving you a chance to win tickets to the London premiere on Monday 28th July (ie next Monday) at the Empire Leicester Square, courtesy of Optimum Releasing. The film blurb says…

CASS is the incredible true story of one man’s identity struggle and ultimate redemption. The film follows how a Jamaican orphan baby, adopted by an elderly white couple in 1950’s London, changed from being the most feared hooligan in the country to Britain’s best selling black author.

CASS grew up in a time before political correctness and as a young child, was forced to endure racist bullying on a daily basis. One fateful day the pent up years of anger surfaced in an explosive burst of violence and from then on, CASS decided he would never be bullied again. Through violence, CASS found the respect he had never had, but he’d become addicted to the buzz of fighting and the power it ultimately gave him. As a boyhood fan of West Ham United, CASS rose through the ranks to become the leader of their hooligan gang, The Intercity Firm (The ICF). Being a six feet five black man in a predominantly white social sphere, CASS was an instantly recognisable target for his adversaries and the authorities. CASS was eventually given the first long term prison sentence for football related violence, when the Thatcher regime made it their main priority to rid the country of the ‘English disease’.

Cass is out in cinemas 1st August.

For your chance to win this prize, simply answer the question below.

Q…Which former West Ham player makes an appearance in the movie Cass?

• Frank McAvennie
• Alan McKnight
• Liam Brady

And describe in 50 words or fewer your expectations for West Ham next season.

For more information on the film, please visits the website

The winner will be contacted on the morning of Monday 28th July with details of how to pick up the tickets that evening. Travel and accommodation is not included.

Simply email the answer to the question and your 50 words to me at the email address on the top left hand column of the blog. Just remove the DOTs and add a proper dot, if you see what I mean! Good luck!


14 Responses to Win 2 Tickets for the ‘Cass’ Premiere on Monday

  1. jeppe says:

    I’m still not entirely sure we should be ‘celebrating’ the release of ‘Cass’…

  2. Joe says:

    british movie, so rare, it has to be celebrated.

  3. Roshi says:

    Sorry Iain, I don’t think I will take you up on the offer.

  4. NotRayWinstone says:

    Where once thay had banning orders against them at Upton Park they are now feted guests of various sorts in the directors box and held up as ”celebrity” fans. Remember folks, todays knife wielding hoody is tomorrows subject of a wannabe classic Brit flick. So when some random thug decides to get a buzz by chinning you, savour the moment, as no doubt some middle class film director looking for some street cred will make a film about him one day. How many more of these tedious movies must we suffer?

  5. DevoDevo says:

    I remember the days well. Well dressed thugs that ‘only’ attacked their own kind. I also remember the stanley knives and darts. Those were the days.

    I’m sure you’ll find a couple of retarded teenagers to attend.

  6. Cotteepotty says:

    Its very sad that this site is promoting this film. Pennant was a thug, he beat people up! He got put away and realised his kind weren’t wanted in modern football. Then he “redeems” himself . How ? By writing about how he used to beat up people and who used to help him do it. He now sells West Ham merchandise & other hooligans books opposite the ground. Isn’t this a wonderful country we live in!!!!
    I find it ironic that the editor of this site states in another article that he doesn’t attend away matches due to the ” uncomfortable atmosphere “. Probably the sort of atmosphere created by Pennant and his modern counterparts !

  7. Simon Lewis says:

    Got to say I can’t believe you are promoting this thug Iain

  8. colney says:

    oh dear,people have really lost the plot or what !! i mean lets ban all ww1 and ww2 films as hitler was a bad man !! no trade centre movies as obl was/is a nutter and kills people.



  9. getoutofthat says:

    Terrible comparisons. They would only be valid if the films you were talking about attempted to validate Hitler and Bin Laden’s actions in the same way this film is trying to with Cass Pennant. I understand that he probably had a terrible time growing up with the attitude to race that was prevalent but I’ m sure you can find a better outlet for that anger and frustration than knocking people about in the name of football.
    And if you can’t you certainly shouldn’t get book deals and biopics out of it.
    Especially at a time when it seems that the youth of London is being told that violence is not an acceptable response to your situation.

  10. colney says:

    so youve seen the film then? its not released yet so you must be clever!

    if its that terrible then dont watch it.dont associate yourself with it and dont discuss it.
    Films are made for people entertainment and i personally dont like and cant stand harry potter but you dont see me winging about it on there bloggs.if someone wants to be entertained by 2 hours of film then are we a democracy or has russia sudenly taken over?dont try an blame 1 man for society and what happened in those happened,its fact and you cant change i agree with what happend is another discussion but im dam sure ill watch the film.Cass is not a hero.He is a man with an incredible past and i for 1 want to know more.

  11. Thucydides says:

    Tens of thousands had the same problems as this thug while growing up in 60’s/70’s London, me included. FACT!! Any one of them would have made a better subject for a film. FACT!! But i’m guessing that without the entertaining violence, you wouldn’t have enjoyed their stories. FACT!! Yes, this film’s selling point is football thuggery, plain and simple. FACT!!
    No one here has said this film should be banned. FACT!! Your choice of Russia as an example of a country where freedom is denied by the state is somewhat outdated. FACT!! No one is blaming one man. FACT!! We know there are many thugs out there, we just don’t want them getting paid for their crimes. FACT!! Your hatred of Harry Potter is noted, but i would hazard a guess that this latest enterprise in serving up thuggery as entertainment won’t gross even a fraction of said Harry Potter movies. FACT!!
    Still, the FACT that the majority of West Ham fans will have nothing to do with this garbage is enough to leave me happy that one day soon we will be rid of the stain that this particular thug, and all his cretinous cronies, cast on our fine club. FACT!!
    Is that enough FACTS for you?

  12. colney says:


  13. colney says:

    may i ask just one question?

    have you ever watched any football hooligan films?

  14. getoutofthat says:

    I haven’t seen the film and if it portrays football related violence as a scar on the game and society as a whole then I’ll put my hands up and admit my mistake but my guess is it’ll be like all the others (Green Street/Football Factory) which I also haven’t seen but seem entirely worthless.
    I’ve seen The Firm and thought it was a very good film. But that was directed by Alan Clarke and starred Gary Oldman which is a long way off the Nick Love/Danny Dyer nonsense which I just can’t be bothered with.
    The other difference between this and other hooligan films is that this is a biopic.
    Cass Pennant is having a film made of his life because he was a football hooligan.
    With our youth caught between the lures of fame and violence it just seems that this film is entirely inappropriate…
    So I won’t watch it but as a West Ham fan I will be associated with it.
    I’ve already had fellas at work giving me stick about the new ‘West Ham’ film.
    So it seems like I’ll also be forced into discussing it.
    I think that’s what annoys me the most. The West Ham I love is The Academy, it’s Booby Moore holding up the World Cup in 1966, it’s Trevor Brooking stooping to conquer in 1980.
    The West Ham I’m forced to defend is the ICF, Cass Pennant and Bill Gardener…

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