Not Much to Write Home About…

Not much transfer gossip about is there? The one which really brightened up my day was the rumour about Sunderland being interested in Boa Morte for £3 million. And just to be clear, they would be giving us £3 million and not the other way around.

The Lazio-Ljungberg rumour has resurfaced and that’s, er, about it.

Bellamy and Ashton seem on fire in the pre season friendlies. I must say I am really looking forward to see Bellamy play some full games. I think he and Ashton could be a superb partnership.

Glad to see the Green publicity died a death.


19 Responses to Not Much to Write Home About…

  1. Biffo the bear says:

    They’re paying us????
    I’ve already started a whip round!
    Still, I suppose we can chip in with petrol money or something.

  2. Plaistow54 says:

    Are you sure we don’t have to pay em ? Curbs really hung in with BM didn’t he ? No accounting for taste is there. I reckon he’ll be off. I agree on Ashton & Bellers. On form & in the right mood they will be the best partnership in the league. Dead happy about Green. It would be a big blow to lose him, one of our best players. The Gudjohnsen, Johnson & Cisse rumours have gone quiet. Do we need another striker ? Considering the age of Sears & the type of player Cole is, i reckon we do. Johnson has agreed terms with Fulham & Cavani wants to stay at Palermo. Glad the Benayoun possible return has cooled. He was all happy & loved us, then in a flash, he was gone. One player i do rate & we have thought about is Mark Bresciano. He can play anywhere in the middle & is an attack minded player. I know we have lots of middle but he would be useful & would go well in our league. Still a couple of weeks to go & we have bought four youngsters. I’m looking forward to this season Iain.

  3. Hook End Hammer says:

    Odd when you think about it we drop £2.5 mill to let L.B.M go and it sounds like a good deal , can only go down as a bad mistake by the manager , hey we all make them but not many off would keep our job on the wrong side of 2.5 big ones
    Any way look on the up side he could be going and we will not have to play with ten men when he is on the pitch , LBM said he has much bad JU JU ( Well he might have done )

  4. Van Der Elst says:

    The return of Yossy?!

  5. Plaistow54 says:

    Yeah, Yossi. Funny world eh! Things must not be going well at Liverpool. He don’t get regular games & hasn’t the impact he had with us. It’s cooled but. Good player,. he played well for us, but he went for who he obviously thought was a bigger profile team. He said he liked us & was happy. Now he probably wishes he had stayed. Sorry. we have not a bad midfield & defenders that will go foward. Personally, being a West Ham boy & having feelings, when i get poked in the eye, i remember it. Don’t want him back.

  6. Van Der Elst says:

    And Saviola?! Love to see him in a West Ham shirt

  7. Kim says:

    I went to the Peterborough game and still wonder that we kept Cole and got rid of Zamora. Cole really tries and hasn’t got a selfish bone in his body but his finishing…..! Behrami was brilliant and a real terrier with the ball. Made playing in Lucashes position look easy! Do you think we could drop our captain at Man City on the way to Sunderland with LBM? Green was fab and Anton is looking fit and keen so I hope he doesn’t go anywhere.

    It was good to see some of the babies play. Think that Stanislas will be another breaker into the first team this season. Actually the academy boys all looked good. Can’t wait for the Villa Real game – missing Green Street.

  8. Thucydides says:

    I think we’re good to go with what we have, now that everyone is fit. This is year zero so to speak. The team that we should have had last year (with minor changes) now able to express themselves fully. If an injury decimated squad can finish 10th then the return of various players that most top ten teams would be more than happy to have can only bode well. I for one feel good about this coming season, we have a good mix of players with another crop of youngsters inspired by last seasons successes of Sears and Tomkins looking to make their mark. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Boa Morte – I feel last seasons experience will give him a point to prove to the fans, most players in his position (booed mercilessly by his own fans) would have walked by now, the fact he has stayed must surely say something. Mustn’t it???? then again what do i know… i’ll get my coat.

  9. Stickers says:

    Kim; How can anyone possibly be missing Green Street?

  10. Matthew says:

    Went to Peter’boro the other night, and i must say i’m looking forward to the partnership of behrami and faubert, they looked very pacey and showed quality in possession, where is dyer going to play? That is the question! Belemey also looked sharp and two good goals to boot.

    Robert Green is an absolute legend, great with the fans and loads of good banter, we can not afford to lose him, he can easily become a wh legend.

    If i won the lottery the first thing i would do is buy LBM out of his contract. I hope the Mackens buy him, anyone want to start a plane ticket fund, i’ll chuck in a tenner!

  11. Hammertime says:

    Does anyone know if Ashton and Bellamy have actually played a game togeather yet? i think they would make a great partnership on paper but i don’t think i’ve seen them on the same team.

  12. Hammertime says:

    they might in fact be the same person, like superman. has anyone seen them in the same room?

  13. John says:

    Re Question from Hammertime, as to Ashton and Bellamy playing together. They did on consecutive games last season against Reading and Middlesborough. Both 3-0 wins
    We can all now hopefully look forward to a great partnership

  14. John says:

    Re Question from Hammertime, as to Ashton and Bellamy playing together. They did on consecutive games last season against Reading and Middlesborough. Both 3-0 wins
    We can all now hopefully look forward to a great partnership

  15. chris says:

    Shame lbm couldn’t find any form,does anyone remember that last game he played he was superb,just cant figure him out hes frustrating!!!Glad to see we have more pace at right back with behrami(or how ever you spell it) does this mean neil is bencho,hope so cant be going to left back surely!!!!!!!

  16. chris says:

    Its amazing we go from the slowest fullback I’ve ever seen to the quickest!!!!!

  17. Matthew says:

    Lucus Neill did play left back against P’boro, did ok there, the same as at right back, nothing special, his crossing and distribution where poor as usual. Watching game against Ipswich monday so be interesting to see what happens there.

    Our starting 11 for Wigan should be…. Green, Upson, ferdinand, Macartney, Behrami, Dyer, Fubert, Noble, Parker, Ashton, Belemey – straight forawrd really apart thethe left hand side, maybe faubert and dyer on flanks but switching to terrorise opposition fullbacks. Who agrees with me?

  18. hammertime says:

    cant we just sign a half decent left back? cant be that hard, can it?!? lucash can go to city and we can go back to having a pay structure.

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