Sunday Update: Number 6 Shirt to be Retired

Like you all I am devastated by the news that Kieron Dyer will be out for a further four months with a stress fracture. You’ve got to feel for the guy. Admittedly the report was in the News of the World, but it carried too much information to be made up.

Also in the News of the World was that West Ham have turned down an £18 million bid for Dean Ashton. Scott Duxbury said hell would have to freeze over before West Ham sold him. Comments like that always make me nervous!

The NOTW further reported that West Ham will announce next week that they will retire the Number 6 shirt in Bobby Moore’s honour. I don’t support that. If it was to be done, it should have been done within a year of his death. They also say there will be a permanent reminder of Moore in the ground with a giant billboard with a Number 6 on it.

There are also further rumours that the Nicky Shorey transfer is back on and will be completed this week.


19 Responses to Sunday Update: Number 6 Shirt to be Retired

  1. Jon says:

    I tried to get Brown and Aldridge to do this a few years ago without success. Ended up with a petition with about 30,000 signatures and emails on it.

    Like you I believe it is overdue as it should have been done a lot earlier but better late than never, with this being 50 years since the great mans debut it is as relevant a time as we are now going to have.

    It is fitting that the first shirt to be retired in this country is the great Bobby Moore’s.

  2. Steve says:

    well there hasent been to much doing in the transfer market all around, but please no shorey how many times dose it take for curbs to catch on that hes not interested in comeing to west ham a person like that will pull the team down, and we have enough of them. And for the number 6 shirt everyone will remember the greatness of the man, who wears the number 6 shirt is not important as he will always be remembered

  3. Biffo the bear says:

    I think it’s quite right that the number six shirt is retired and agree with the above that 50 years on from his debut is as good a date as we’ll get now. It should have been done the next season after he died but at least it’s being done.

    With regard to Dyer, the club site says he’s starting six weeks of his own pre-season training, no mention of a stress fracture.

  4. chris says:

    I said last season forget about dyer he would never play again,so this news does not surprise me its obvious he has a medical problem their all trying to hide,and away I dont think he would be first choice now.On the ashton issue, 18m thats alot of money for someone whos QUITE good,I think if you was good in the transfer market you could find someone of same standard for around 8 to 10 million,still think we are short of quality for the new season hope we pick up some new signings we are so short in midfield…..

  5. Roshi says:

    18 million…blah. blah. blah. Ashton is a good player but not 18 million, but there again NOTW reporting does seem to go where other journalists might think ” they will never believe that!”

    With regards to the No6 shirt, I have said on this site before that West Ham treated Bobby in an appalling manner, he was the biggest hero we have ever produced and I would say, as somebody who watched him through his glory years, probably the finest talent we ever produced.
    Perhaps the new owners are making amends for previous owners, good for them.

  6. tommo says:

    I agree with chris on the Dyer episode,i too have never believed he will play again for the club(a bit like futre went through),as for the shorey saga;it is quite plain to see that the player does not and never has wanted to sign for us but we are probably the only team to show constant interest in him all through the summer,and he must think that this might be the only way to return to the premiership and to figure in the England set up.One last thing , Bobby moore will always be remembered as a legend but maybe the shirt(number 6) should remain in the team but as a symbolic feature such as a captains shirt or someone the crowd adore regardless of there position on the pitch?.

  7. anyotherbizniz says:

    Selling Ashton (when we have no cover) and buying Shorey (when we have an equally good left back) would both represent an appalling lack of ambition in the club. We need to keep Deanno and we need to strengthen other areas ahead of left back.

    The Dyer story, if true, is really bad news.

  8. anyotherbizniz says:

    Oh – and as to retiring the No6 shirt, I can’t see why. It’s the kind of moribund mawkish gesture that the scousers would make. Bobby had more dignity than that and so, I would hope, do West Ham.

  9. West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    Sad news indeed about Dyer, if there is any truth in the rumour of an £18 million bid, I am sure there would have been an official announcement on the site.

    With regards to the no. 6 shirt being retired, it is not required as a show of respect for the man, he is a legend and was so selfless he may have considered it embarassing to have had such an honour bestowed. Far better to mark the 50th anniversary by donating to his family’s charity or by another means.

  10. Painter says:

    ashton is a top striker and in this climate where money means nothing very much i think we would be stupid to let him go without getting someone better – ashton, sears and bellamy fighting for two places is a pretty healthy situation for us.

    mccartney is better than shorey, if he comes to west ham he must realise he is a squad player – we have a good side for 08/09.

    dyer is a good player and i would be gutted to see his whu career end before it has even started – but the iceman seems to have put together a very efficient backroom outfit – i will wait for the club statement before i believe it.

    not really sure about retiring the no 6 shirt. of course bobby moore was a great player but he was all about football – it seems to me that the best way west ham can honour his memory is by conducting its affairs with the dignity and class he so exemplified, on and off the pitch. this type of small time gesture is really not to my taste, however, maybe i am in the minority and i cant see what harm it would do.

  11. Paul Nixon says:

    NOTW: I don’t believe a word. Dyer will is on a six week rehab according to west ham, not four months. It will be nice to have him fresh in October.

    Shorey: he’s good, depends on the price: a 7 figure evaluation is too much though. 6 6 – 8 million is realistic.

    Ashton’s not going anywhere, not least to Spurs. If he moved (after his five year contract expires, of course), he’d be going to a bigger club, and Spurs just aren’t that.

  12. clack says:

    Retiring the no.6 shirt is a naff idea in my opinion.

    Bobby Moore had a bit of class about him and I don’t think he would have approved much of this tacky yanky idea.

    Leave that sort of thing for the USA and the Latinos

    It’s just not a very East End, English, Bobby Moore sort of thing to do – hopefully it won’t be followed up with photos and dolls of Bobby in little glass alters to fill up with Virgin Marys and tack as they do for Maradona in Napoli.

    Besides, I think it’s a bit of an insult to Alan Devoshire (bearing in mind, Moore sometime wore 5 in the 60’s, maybe Devoshire even wore the no.6 more times than Moore?).

    I never saw Moore play, so for my generation, we’ll always associate the no. 6 shirt with Devonshire – an FA Cup triumph, two very close League Cup final games v Liverpool and nearly winning the League in 86. (No. 10 Brooking and no.6 Devonshire were emblems of those teams and the attacking and entertaining style of football they played).

    Devonshire may not have had Moore’s international success, but he is in that elite group of West Ham legends in my opinion.

    Nothing against tributes and respect for Moore, but retiring the no. 6 shirt is wrong.

  13. clack says:

    It’s all very well saying sell Ashton for 18 and get a replacement for less, but there is a real dearth of quality strikers in World football at the moment.

    It would be Carlton Cole up front if Ashton went.

    We need to be looking at buying another striker not selling one.

  14. clack says:


    The official site doesn’t mention a stress fracture, but they do say he’s doing re-hab for 6 weeks and then will start some pre-season type training.

    Something’s clearly happened as they said just a couple of days ago that he’d be playing at Ipswich tonight (mon)?

    Perhaps somewhere between the excessively positive spin of the official site and the sensationalism of the News of the World, lies the truth.

    Either way, I don’t expect him to be playing for the 1st team before Christmas.

  15. Gary Singh says:

    I think its time for Dyer to retire, then we would get some compo at least

  16. Plaistow54 says:

    As far Dyer goes, personally i am a bit worried. The official news doesn’t say much but the style of player he is, it sounds like a stress fracture. Fractures heal but he is not getting any younger & we are paying him well. I hope the physio’s can fix it. Curbs would be worried too, i would think. We shall see. I don’t see too much wrong with retiring Bobby Moores shirt. It’s better than nothing. I saw him play many times. To this day he was the best defender i ever saw play football. His tackles were timed to perfection. He was unflappable & a calming influence on all around him. We met once for an instant in time. My mum took me to see the 64 cup side in the open top bus when they presented the Cup to the people of West Ham. In the crowd i yelled out “Bobby”. He looked at me, smiled & nodded. I was all of 10 years old. I still have the image in my head. He was a great player. Any recognition is worth it, of course more would be better, in whatever form that takes. Good to see young Hines playing well in the preseason too. Yes, we need another established striker methinks.

  17. chris says:

    another sicknote season here we go again!!!!!!!!get rid of em all

  18. Plaistow54 says:

    Iain, i am a moderate. I always look for the good in people. All the way through i have always said give Curbs a chance & he has his critics for sure. He has given Ben Thatcher a trial. What ! Is he looney tunes ? Thatcher is the fella who elbowed Mendes & caused him to have a seizure. We could do with a left back but Curbishley is miles offside with this bloke. He is even alienating me. Maybe he thought hey, come on down & have a game & we’ll sit in the backyard with a few beers & talk about our old Chatlton days, but by all reports it was a trial. We have been talking to Gael Givet a left back for Marseille who we’d get for about a mill & half. A dozen or so caps for France. Much better option & no injury problems. I sense that the Gudjohnsen thing isn’t over yet. Forget Saha, another crock.

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