Spurs Test West Ham With £18m Bid for Deano?

Remember how in early 2007 I brought you news of the Calum Davenport transfer from Spurs? My source at Spurs now tells me that they have definitely slammed in an £18 million bid for Dean Ashton, and that West Ham will sell for £20 million. While I am tempted to believe the first, I very much hope the latter is rubbish and that Scott Duxbury’s ‘hell freezing over’ quote will not come back to haunt him.

The same source reckons that Stephen Appiah, the Ghanan captain, has had a medical at Upton Park today.


71 Responses to Spurs Test West Ham With £18m Bid for Deano?

  1. dean says:

    If Spurs offer 18 mil for Ashton the Hammers have got to snap their hands off!! Ashton being priced at that is daft, good player but he aint that good!

  2. Frazzle says:

    The day Dean Ashton is worth £20m is that day hell freezes over.

  3. Jean says:

    This is total bollocks, west ham are dogshit and so is DA !

  4. Dave Hall says:

    Thay won’t sell end of, I’m not losing any sleep over this. For starters who will replace him in this short space of time, especially when we need another forward not one going. Sears is still learning his trade and Cole is no goal scorer,so where would we stand. Bellamy is injured…so I say again where would we stand. They should take their money and sod off and look for another striker…Deano is not for sale.

  5. Dave Hall says:

    If we are dogs..t then get back to your own site Jean,that simple enough for you.

  6. hammerhater says:

    dave hall … dont cry my little sweetheart we wont pay 20 mil for that mug its just rumours your board put out trying to convince you muppets you still got good players…. any way we can snap him up for our reserves for 4 mil when you go down …. your forever blowing rent boys …. mugs

  7. Dave Hall says:

    Direct quote from Dean Ashton: ‘There’s been lots of talk this week linking me to Spurs. I honestly haven’t heard anything myself, it’s just in the papers. I only signed a contract there in the summer so don’t know where it has come from. I’m sure West Ham will deal with the gossip.’

  8. dave c says:


  9. Dave Hall says:

    hammerhater grow up son,this sight was put up to talk about football not so called supporters like you that give your supporters a bad name you muppet.

  10. steve says:

    I would suggest that you go back to your quoted source and tell him to stop talking out of his nether regions

  11. Sidders says:

    Pointless article really considering West Ham and Ashton have denied ANY Spurs contact, thats the trouble with these sites, they beleive everything that they read in the SUN!

  12. I8Westham says:

    West Ham are and always will be our feeder club. if we want Dean ashton we will get him. Also don’t be too worry your irons as your are our retirement home for past it footballers so if you want boateng,staleri,lee etc I am sure Curbs will swap them for Ashton LOL

  13. Dave Hall says:

    Been doing a bit of feeding yourself havent you 18. First Keane,now it could be Berbatov. Haven’t you got anything more original other than pathetic old sayings like that. You’re not getting Ashton just too bad isn’t. Agree with you sidders, I for one don’t belive the story and won’t lose any sleep over it. Be glad when the season starts and this silly season can end.

  14. stoney says:

    Dave hall. In ashton’s interview he never, at any point, said he loved wet spam and was staying. He would crawl over broken glass to play for spurs. West ham are so two-bob it’s unbelievable. You try and compare yourselves to spurs but it’s apples and oranges. If spurs wanted him they’d just take him and ashton wouldn’t even look back. Your relegation battle will be fun to watch.

  15. chris says:

    Who wants to go to spurs there a selling club now anyway,they have nothing to offer the uefa cups not worth a carrot!! its the champions league or nothing.

  16. Lee says:

    So many of you Spurs fans are coming onto this Website and making comments about our club, what is going on, calling us a feeder club, we sold our best players Joe Cole, Micheal Carrick, Jermain Defoe because we were relegated and could no longer afford their wages and needed to raise funds for our debts at the time.
    But that was then, now take a look at yourselves:
    Micheal Carrick – Happy at Spurs but then Man Utd come calling and he wants to leave and does!
    Robbie Keane – Loves Spurs but wait, Interest from Liverpool has changed his mind, in fact he cant get away quick enough!
    And finally lets see Dimitar Berbatov go next – Always sulking because he’s still with you but give it a few weeks and he aswell will be gone!

    This Season you Spurs are again giving it all the mouth asif your the best just like the start of last season but to me your signings do not suggest this!

    David Bentley is a great player yes but £16M – £18M good i dont fink so!
    Luka Modric – Theres a reason why Chelsea and Arsenal never took the plunge and bought him and you will see how overrated he actually is and even more so because you’s paid £16.5M.
    Heurelho Gomes – Is it me or is he one of the dodgiess keepers around, yes at times he does make top class saves but he exaggerates many others and quite frankley for the £9M transfer fee you paid you got ripped off!
    Giovanni Dos Santos – He is so good that he ended up at Tottenham, at the time it was only Tottenham and Man City who wanted him thats how good he is and yet you spurs fans insist he is the next worlds best player.

    Sound familiar because this time last year
    Kevin-Prince Boateng – The next best Midfielder (Yeah right).
    Younes Kaboul – The next best Defender (WTF!).
    Darren Bent i happen to fink is quite good but now he has scored 10 goals in pre season against rubbish teams such as Herecles and Norwich to you guys he is the best Striker around too but yet he couldent even start for you guys last year!
    So if you Spurs fans are as happy as you’s say why come onto Hammers forums to try and get one up on us, because you’s fear we are becoming greater than you!

  17. Upton Spark says:

    I have heard that a lot of West Ham fans are telling the club that they will be getting rid of their season tickets if they sell Ashton to the Spurts.
    A part of me says yes it is just the papers stiring things up a bit, but some of the gossip could be true.
    Perhaps Spurs are looking at several players and Ashton is just one option.
    Who or where we go to for a replacement is hard to think of at present so i hope nothing happens and we stick with Deano for the forseeable future.
    He has just signed a new deal at the club so that would have to be addressed as well,but I don’t think it will happen.

  18. ANDY SA says:

    ha you think we are your retirement club and your feeders, well maybe we have the best academy of youngsters and we finished higher than you plonkers.

  19. hammer8er says:

    davehall … fans /bad name … whos fans were fighting in a friendly the other day… spurs are bigger better richer and classier than the spam will ever be ..the difference between you and us is massive and will be a whole division next year … weve wasted money on players … so have you…the difference is we can afford to… keep telling everyone how you won the world cup … im off to a proper site.

  20. JMan says:

    You ain’t got anything constructive to say you spuds, go back to your north London hovels and when you look up you’ll see us above you just like last year.

  21. G says:

    Once again Spurs shouting above their weight. Dean Ashton would be a great signing for them, but they won’t admit as they couldn’t spot a class player if he come up and smashed them in the face.

    If you listen to the way Spurs fans talk you would think they were about to win the League. All the best they can hope for is 5th place at best. Nothinhg more.

    We had all the same crap last year and the year before that, and the year before that too. Come to think of it, we get Spurs fans going on about how good they are going to be every season.

    The last time they were anny good was in the early 60’s. Since then, nothing, the odd cup maybe, byt for some reason they think they are the big club who have a divine right to be at the top.

    But until they lower their sights and stop thinking they are a big club along the lines of Arsenal & Liverpool, then every season they will be dissapointed.

    Dean Ashton would become your best player if he signed. The bloke is class when he is on his game. If you think otherwise, then you are more of a bunch of mugs than you come across.


  22. Dave Hall says:

    Stoney your talking out of your backside and no one said he said Ashton loved west ham, the article speaks for itself over where his present career lies. As for your usual unintellectual parrot syndrome ranting about relegation, just bear in mind you spent a filth load of money last season and finished in bottom half of the table. If you wanted Ashton you could have him I hear you say? So how comes you couldn’t keep hold of Keane and guess whose next as I stated before. Fact before fiction Stoney. And top marks Lee, you have summed it up in a nutshell.

  23. hammer8er says:

    5 th place is all spurs can hope for nothing more…. lol you cant even hope for that europian football is just a dream for you .. still you can battle it out with fulham for the woodern spoon of london clubs… and G .. we wouldnt know a class player .. who in your squad would get in our starting 11..answers on a postcard… oh by the way berba WORLD CLASS!!!

  24. Dave Hall says:

    Hammerhater just keep convincing yourself you are a big club and that you’ll finish in the top four every year and do us all a favour and change the record.

  25. Dave Hall says:

    Yeh Berbatov will be leaving you like Keane did…for a real top 4 club and I may add…a bigger club

  26. Dave Hall says:

    Blimey hammerhater you’ve managed to change from top 4 to fifth place…you mean like last year.lol. Thought you were off to a proper site as you put it.

  27. hammer8er says:

    come on spammers … name one of your mob who would get in our 11
    dos santos

  28. hammer8er says:

    or our bench
    oh yeah and ashton( waterboy )

  29. Thucydides says:

    I’m one of those that has never seen what the big deal about Ashton is. Carlton Cole may not be a prolific striker, neither is Ashton by the way, but Cole was given a specific job to do week after week and he did it without complaint or even much thanks from certain sections of the fans. Whereas Ashton only seemed interested in adding to his waistline and changing his hair colour, only showing a bit of interest towards the end of the season when it looked like Sears was going to steal his limelight.
    If Arsenals deluded neighbours want to waste £18-£20m then we should happily take it, especially as it looks like their fans don’t particularly want him.
    Also if Arsenals failing neighbours really rate Ashton that highly then we should push for a cash plus Berbatov deal. Now that would be hilarious.

  30. Paul Nixon says:

    Dean is not going to Spurs: why would he? West Ham won’t sell him; Dean signed a 5 year contract a few days ago; Spurs are not a bigger club or a step up; infact, one might say they are our feeder club: remember Etherington and Zamora? I believe Zamora outscored Bent last year.

    If it was Man Utd; Chelsea or Liverpool, then perhaps I’d cock an eyebrow. It’s not happening.

    I really hope after spending over 100 million pounds the past two seasons, that the Spurs can actually finish in the top half of the table this year. How much did Arsenal spend in that time? West Ham? Both aforementioned clubs finished in the top half last year.

  31. hammer8er says:

    april 11 the date we put you down … dont remember sayin top 4 … the truth is we probaly wont break top 4 but 5th is well in our reach eufa cup position is our goal and a good run in cups….anything else will be bonus … but your lot have survival to play for so ive got to admire your up beat spirit in the face of adversity… but seriously keep hold of dean ashpan your gonna need a good championship player

  32. Dave Hall says:

    And yet again the cockerels talk about how great their team is…just like last year,and no doubt next year and so on etc etc etc

  33. Dave Hall says:

    Hammerhater I thought you said you were going to a proper site,so why you still here. The way some of you are going on leads me to believe that deep down there is discontent…wonder what that might be hey.

  34. I8Westham says:

    Zamora was right – West ham got no money and the best players are injured or want to leave (robert green to the Arse) – Face the facts you will be playing championship football next season and in Adminstration. you will have to sell your best players and your best youngsters to the big boys. Bookies not normally wrong when they have “Curbs” favourite to be sacked

    Always have been and always will be a yo-yo club

  35. hammer8er says:

    dave hall .. read someof yourmobs comments … now you know why we all love you…. comedy..shame no one took me up on your tarts getting in our 11 …least you know when your defeated … then again you had alot of practice..oh paul nixon you are right we badly wanted to keep etherington and zamora shit we are your feeder club ..HAMMERS FOR CL

  36. Dave Hall says:

    You got to laugh at some comments from them,especially you hammerhater…same old same talk with no real substance to it. You say Ashton is a championship player,is that why he’s in the England squad. Only thing you should worry about is holding onto your last real player who will be going to Man Utd. Ho I forgot…Bent is now going to be your saviour,and another batch of money spent on players you don’t know whether will succeed or not. But keep hoping won’t you, you might just need it.

  37. Dave Hall says:

    Lasagne…the day you made excuses.

  38. Dave Hall says:

    The only comedy hammerhater is the fact that you just keep spurting out the same old stuff like alot of your lot,you’re a laughing stock when you claim to be something you’re not…thats comedy.

  39. Dave Hall says:

    Thats because us hammers fans know where we stand and are not deluded year in year out, and make ourselves look daft by claiming something we are not. Like I said you just keep hoping because you might need it.

  40. Dave Hall says:

    18,Zamora never said there was no money, he said could be but don’t know.You should sharpen up on your facts.

  41. Dave Hall says:

    And 18…you’ve always been a deluded club and always will be.

  42. tommo says:

    Hammer8er! What u doing on this site? NOB.

  43. Zammo says:

    When the ball hits your head
    and you sit in row Z
    that’s Zamora

    we both lived with him

    Historically there is real empathy between our fans, bring back the boxing day footballing classic.

    Love from the spuds

  44. Dave Hall says:

    Always remember that day y spurs beat us 4-3…motivated us to stay up,something good out of the bad comes to mind, but was a good match.

  45. Biffo the bear says:

    I don’t think you should put the word ‘spurs’ in your posts. It attracts the worst kind of people.

  46. Painter says:

    west ham are looking very good for next year, i think we are gonna be like ’86. this is west ham’s season.

  47. Nightshift says:

    As of 11pm last night there had been NO BID FOR ASHTON received from Spurs or any other club. This comes from a source inside WHU.

  48. JS says:

    Just remember, it was Lasagne Day that destroyed the Spurs dream of becoming regular Champions League contenders. If it wasn’t for us, they would’ve overhauled Arsenal by now. I guess that’s why we rankle them so much. Poor cows. So much bitterness.

  49. VoiceOfReason says:

    Have the children (of both teams) shut up and calmed down now? Have dummies been placed back in mouths?
    The sad and pathetic thing is these idiots (of both teams) swapping juvenile and pointless insults at each other are well past the age of 40.

  50. rob says:

    he is worth 30-40 million in todays market

  51. chris says:

    spurs squad….
    bale….just a good freekick no pace
    moderic…..want get time on ball,unlike world cup
    dos santos….Who!!!
    jenas…..shoegazer…cant get his head up.
    berba…hes gone
    bent ..,.3rd choice
    What a team!!!!!

  52. Mike says:

    Spurs fans really don’t realise that they bring all their humilation upon themselves. Fair enough after you’ve beaten us 4-0 you’re entitled to gloat and tell everyone how great you are but I thought after last season you’d have learnt not to start mocking before the season has even kicked off.

    We’re going down this season? That’s funny I thought you said you relegated us two years back when you beat us 4-3. Oh yeah, but we stayed up.

    Fair play if you’re fourth in March and we’re stuck in the bottom half mock but what you don’t seem to realise is that right now WE have the bragging rights. We were the better team last season (the league table never lies) and that is saying something considering we lost to Bolton, drew against Reading with 10 men and lost three straight games 4-0.

    Right now the league table says you have no points and neither do we so you have no reason to gloat. You could have another dreadful start this year and spend all season chasing us and failing again for all you know so how about shutting up with the smugness?

  53. RB London says:

    After reading today’s criticisms of Curbs from the board (the Sun and others) I reckon he’s got about a month. If we don’t string some wins together in what are some pretty easy opening games, I think he could be on his way…

  54. Dave Hall says:

    Its called banter voiceofreason,if you think its childish thats too bad,you dont have to read it or find another sport,because you just made a hypocritcal statement has you now insulted others,you can have your dummy back now. Getting back to the real world of football, I agree with you Rob, I don’t think Curbs has got long, but I hope he proves us wrong though.

  55. scott says:

    Far too much time spent here answering the mumblings of Spurs fans. Why encourage them?

  56. IronMick says:

    My God, all these Spur supporters on this site – and not one with anything even remotely constructive to say – just an endless drone of the same old sh1t!
    I’m all up for discussing things with supporters of other team ( always good to get an opinion from a different point of view) but is there any need to resort to playground insults, especially from behind a bloody computer screen! The only thing that you spurs lot ar doing is confirming the stereotype that you dillusional idiots!

    Mike – you have it absolutly bang on fella! top marks! – after our last mediocre season we still finished above spurs so the bragging ball is in our court!

  57. Dave Hall says:

    Agee ironmike,they come on here and talk the same old stuff about what they have done and where they are going to finish,I shouldnt let it get my back up, but they are so bloody irritating sometimes. I don’t mind some with a bit of banter, but then there’s the donuts amongst them.The point Mike makes is right and you are right iron to point out we do have bragging rights. There seems to be a lot of negativity around leading up to the start of the season, personally i’m staying positive. We need to get behind the team and the manager regardless of what our opinions are of him.

  58. Van Der Elst says:

    Has there ever been a more boring West Ham Till I Die thread than this?

  59. hammertime says:

    hammer8er “fans /bad name … whos fans were fighting in a friendly the other day… spurs are bigger better richer and classier than the spam will ever be ..the difference between you and us is massive and will be a whole division next year ”

    we didn’t have much of a problem finishing above you last season.

  60. hammertime says:

    oh yeah… and we won the world cup.

  61. VerbalVolley says:


    Now all the kids have gone to bed…..If there is any way at all that it is possibleto opt-out of NewsNow, I think it might be that time mate……

  62. Matthew says:

    All these spuds have confirmed what we have thought about them for a long time, that’s all we need to say about that.

    Appiah would be a good signing, he was excellent in the world cup but he is very similar to what we already have. We are in desperate need of some creativity in midfield. I have watched most of the preseason games, we were good in patches nd also very bad. We need flair in midfield, Bahrami has played wll in both games but on the right-hand side both time not central. Noble and parker is very similar combination, bowyer/mullins add nothing. Bring back Bullard or get Breshciano or get Nani working his magic and bring in a quality ruff diamond.

    And finally, Iain, block the spuds from our site, it makes my eyes bleed reading their rubbish, thank god they have spell check or we wouldn’t even be able to read it

  63. Dave Hall says:

    The spurs kids will no doubt be back on here after they win their next game.

  64. richo says:

    Find it hard to believe considering he signed a new contract recently. If he was to leave Upton Park you’d think he’d have higher ambitions than Tottenham.

  65. Plaistow54 says:

    Iain, i think at the end of August, Deano will still be with us. I think Duxbury means what he says. Spurs are in a bit of a quandary over Berbatov having sold Keane. Fergie seems to be putting the pressure on Spurs but does he really need him? I think not now Ronaldo is staying. Spurs are in the market for a striker & Ashton is one of the best, but there are others they are also interested in. Even at 20mill for us to sell Deano would be ludicrous to the point of laughter & if even i can figure that out, well! I doubt Ashton wants to go & i doubt we are selling him. As for Stephen Appiah, i hope that is correct. If you want a creative midfielder there he is. A real workhorse. Nani would know about him as he was on loan to Brescia a few years ago. Good buy.

  66. salmon79 says:

    Is this the same source who told you about Meite joining West Ham from Bolton? I see you removed that article rather sharpish.

    West Ham won’t risk the backlash from the fans right now by offloading Ashton, end of.

  67. Iain Dale says:

    The Meite thing was a mistaken Sky Text. They sent it to West Ham subscirbers, not West Brom by mistake. Th epost was only up for ten minutes so I thought it best to remove it when the error was pointed out.

  68. Thucydides says:

    As for Stephen Appiah i somehow doubt he will be joining anyone currently. Seeing as he is still rehabilitating from an injury. The latest post on his own blog reports that – ”he has been working on recovering from his long term injury and hopes to return to action as soon as he is given the all clear. He has spent months commuting between, Switzerland and Italy for treatment. Doctors have not set a date for his return to action”.
    Sounds like a perfect addition to our injury list, grab him Curbs.

  69. Matthew says:

    You’ve been told! Go on Iain!

  70. Upton Spark says:

    We arrived yesterday in the pouring rain getting soaked while we waited patiantly to get into the Bobby Moore Stand. Gates 40 and 41 were supposed to be open,but NO,this is West Ham we are talking about!
    ONLY GATE no 41 WAs OPEN.
    SO,we all qued up with some pushing and shoving to get into the one line that was for gate 41,and then as we were just getting to the front of the que they decided to open the other gate at 40.
    Well,.to say there were some choice words is an understatement!
    THEN,the final insult when we did get inside the ground.
    BEN THATCHER was playing for the Hammers. OH NO!!
    What on earth is Curbs up to lately. On top of this,he is even thinking of signing Lois Saha,who is another injury prone player. SO,I ask again.
    I think I’m going mad.
    Where’s me tablets.

  71. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes, Appiah is still not playing through injury & the doctors have still not cleared him to return. His left knee was operated on in May 07 & he returned in late 07 but suffered a blood clot as a result of what he claims was poor surgery. He is not injury prone as Saha appears to be. A couple of weeks ago in Italy on a medical visit he was linked with a return to Juventus but claims he still wishes to play for Fenerbahce. One would think that he is not far from return & if Iains information is correct, the medical team would be assessing him with that in mind, maybe looking at the January window. Yes, we do have a lot of injuries. Yes, it is a concern, but i still think fully fit he is a good player.

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