Poll: Where Will West Ham Finish?

So, whta kind of season do you think we will have? Vote HERE in my poll on which position you think West Ham will finish in come May 2009.


46 Responses to Poll: Where Will West Ham Finish?

  1. Joe says:

    bottom half whilst curbs is still incharge!

  2. GJF says:

    14-15th if they are lucky whislt Curbs and his circus are in town!!

  3. Big Casino says:

    I look at the teams around us, who we are supposedly going to be competing with, and I don’t see that many of them have stronger squads than us…. I think Everton, Villa, Portsmouth and Spurs are the favourites to fill positions 5th to 8th…. but if we can get off to a good start, which is more than possible when you look at the fixtures, then we can really compete with these teams…. though i would’ve been more confident of being competitive had Bellamy and Dyer both been fully fit and available for selection for the first game of the season.

    Having sold Bobby, I still think we need to bring a new striker in… though I have a feeling Freddie Sears could prove something of a surprise package this year… I think we have more than enough and should be aiming to be finishing above the likes of Man City, Blackburn, Newcastle, Middlesborough, Sunderland, Bolton and Fulham…

    My verdict is 8th-9th….. but if Bellars and Ashton can get a run playing together up top, we could surprise a few people this year…. such a shame Bellars is out for a month, otherwise i could really see us getting off to a flyer….

  4. down to bare bones says:

    No decent aquisitions. Injuries already started. Probably the same dull boring football as last term. 14th if we are lucky with Curbs still there.

  5. PC says:

    Defo bottom half, something like 12th

  6. rob says:

    obviously bottom half joe, just like last year!!, when we didnt have any injuries, good shout mate

  7. Elmo says:

    12th – 15th

  8. JMan says:

    Without reinforcements and counting on those players with high injury risk, below halfway and that would be unacceptable. For such an intelligent and astute man I don’t understand how BG thinks the 5 year plan is going to be realised without continuous investment in the same manner as our main rivals are doing. We are counting very heavily on those players we couldn’t count on at all last season and I don’t think that is a very sensible approach and one that will return us success.

  9. bloody Limey says:

    With the injuries already piling up, we can’t expect to compete with top clubs, but realistically 10 -12th. Fighting with Man C, Newcastle …….

    If a fully fit squad were available, then perhaps we could compate witht the few teams (Everton, Spurs, Portsmth, Villa) above…….

  10. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    Too f..king negativity everywhere without obvious reason if U ask me.
    We sold 2 players which woudl harly get a chance to play (and I do not understand with the sell of Zamora), we got rid of two oldies not wothy their high wages anymore, we signed 5 mil Behrami (which looks as a sensible business to me), we brought three 17 years old internationals in, we signed new contracts with our key players (Ashton, Linda). It seems all right to me.

    Despite everyone moaning about lack of transfers, I am glad, that we kept our squad together and that we will most probably give more chance to our youngsters (Tomka, Searsy, Collison, Widdowson, Hines, Reid etc.). I DO NOT WANT US TO BUY SUCCES, BUT TO EARN SUCCESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not see a reason why we should not improve with the same squad and few new players (injured players back – Bellars, Ashton, Parker, and addition of Behrami).
    7th and good cup run – what do you say Lawro ?

    COME ON U IRONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. SD says:

    We will finish 8th or higher if we injuries are kept to a minimum, if not we will finish 10th again due to the strength in depth of our younger players coming through. Many of them have been proving themselves week in week out in reserve games last season, some have stepped up to the first team squad and others have shown their ability in our pre-season matches.
    Lets get behind the team regardless and have some optimism for this season, I know Curbs doesnt particularly inspire with his overall presence but he is a good honest English/ West Ham lad who wants his best for the club!

  12. IT says:

    uh Rob! we were top half last year! we were 10th, ahead of Sp*rs

    This time around without seriously strengthening the squad, I think we’ll slip to around 14th.

  13. freddie says:

    hmmm….i think around the 10th position

  14. With Curbs in charge, bottom half.No reinfoecements really to talk about and with the injuries which are bound to come ?Can,t buy can,t sell.Not at all confident about next season.

  15. Paul B says:

    12th or 14th I think. I hope we finish higher of course and a good cup run would be good.

  16. BEN says:

    top 2 no probs
    ive a £100 at the bookies at 150-1

  17. JackHammer says:

    Lads-This could be a great season for us, NO we are not going to suddenly become automatic top 6 material, but were are able to hold our own in the premiership somewhere around the middle of the table, but it surely beats relegation.
    Curbishly is a steady hand and I think he has done wonders in the last 2 seasons.
    I fully acknowledge that the football style wasn’t the West Ham way on many occasions, but give me points on the board first, I have had too many thrills with us just above or below the relegation line over the years.
    Try to be positive until we know how its going to go this season, I am sure we would do better if there was a more positive attitude within the ground from the supporters.

  18. tony says:

    15th, 16th we get more people injured than in the first world war, curbs has to go he can’t get anybody to come to the club and we still have spector in the squad what a joke.

  19. chris says:

    you lost that ben,,,
    Whats changed!! bottom half for us,one signing(behrami)that wont make no difference
    Everyone around us has strenghtened except us,even fulham!!!!
    curbs just cant attract anyone,If we get an injury to ashton we’re stuffed.or parker.

  20. Jonnie Irons says:

    Come Lads sounds like were beaten into the bottom half before we start the season, last year was a big improvment on 06/07. with a few good vibes perhaps we can build on this, lets not be drawn by bad press and rumours and get behind Curbs and the lads. WE ARE WEST HAM FANS WE ARE LONG SUFFERING BUT INDESTRUCTIBLE

  21. Van Der Elst says:

    On and up. 9th

  22. SD says:

    The difference is do we need to strengthen? We came tenth (top half!) with only half a team fit across the season, the majority of players we have will improve for last season plus the players we will get back from injury are like new signings and we have the crop of youngsters who are good enough to beat the likes of Fulham regardless of how many players they have bought. People keep saying Tottenham have strengthened, no they have bought a new team in the eyes of their new foreign manager. The only team I think have strengthened to push on are Sunderland

  23. tommo says:

    Got to be 5th-20th,Nailed on!.

  24. hammerswest says:

    I say 8th if we are mostly healthy, and we GET BEHIND THE TEAM, the one signing looks like good business the youngsters will only get better, if we get Bellars back we are in good shape, not world beating but solid.
    BUT backing OUR team rather than booing is worth a place at least,

  25. Lamb Behrami says:

    I think we’ll finish…at home, against Middlesbrough.

  26. LeonRivers says:

    There are a lot of people saying “with Curbs in charge we will finish bottom half” completely ignoring the fact that we finished in the top half with Curbs in charge last season.

    Each one of those people is an idiot.

    Our squad is strong. Stronger than most of the teams we will be competing for UEFA places with. We can achieve 7th if we can avoid a repeat of last years crippling injuries.

  27. Martin Mangion says:

    i think if we have a good start, no injuries and some luck, 7th.
    if we have the opposite, then 17th.
    but give curbs a decent chance

  28. ozzytheiron says:


  29. Martin of Surbiton says:

    I’ve just voted 10 in your poll, but this is an average of these possibilities:

    * we get a good start and injuries come good – 6th
    * we get a good start but injuries continue unabated – 10th
    * disastrous start, Curbs gets replaced by someone good like Bilic but it all gets a bit panicky at the end – 15th
    * injuries increase, people like Anton leave and Curbs stays – 17th (which is what the Independent predicts today; bl**dy cheek) or lower, but let’s not think about that

    While, I’m here, thank you for this site – it’s a great mixture of informed, intelligent and emotional comment; we need to have our hearts ruling our heads to support this lot, but COYI anyway.

  30. martin brown says:

    This is West Ham not the russian firm down at Chelski !
    whatever success we get we want to have earnt it …..
    not bought it, heck most of their success we can claim more of than they can !
    Get behind Curbs and the lads coming through the Academy into a young squad
    with the likes of Green and Aston in it. 8th or better i reckon …..

  31. Matthew says:

    13th, it will be the same as last season, win 1, draw 1, lose 1, win 1, lose 1, draw 1. A boring season!

  32. Plaistow54 says:

    Looking at the squad as it stands now, right at this point in time, considering we have only bought one established player, Behrami, a similar finish to last season looks like the betting man’s choice for us. I hate realism, it plays havoc with my dreams. At the beginning of this year with a dozen or so games to go, some of our more optimistic players were saying we could finish sixth. It didn’t happen, but when you look at some of the results, there were matches e.g. against Bolton i think, where we wondered how it got away from us. Matches lost or drawn in the last 15 minutes. If we had of picked up those, could have been a place or two higher. Yes, could’ve, i know. I voted for 6th not only because i think we should get behind Curbs & the squad with a positive outlook, but because i think that we can do it. We do need to strengthen to do that though. After September things may become clearer. We may not do as well as my team in Iains Fantasy League though. I do love books.

  33. WHU Kim says:

    Behrami is looking to be a great signing at £5m. I bet most of the moaners ain’t even seen him play yet.

  34. e1 says:

    We do need to add a striker and cover for Linda, but with what we’ve got and the injuries clearing up we can improve on last season best 8th worst 11th with buys coming in next window if we are doing well. More noise needed at Upton Park we need to get back behind the team AND curbs, how great would it be to do well with a home grown manager and talent. COYI

  35. Paul Morfey says:

    I would say 9th. Top 6 would be very nice but realistically we have the squad for top 10 for sure. Even allowing for a few injuries our young’uns are looking good.
    Why is neil still here !!!!!!!!! come on Man Shi**y you can have him for FREE

  36. Iron Lung says:

    Typical season? Win at Old Trafford, lose at home to Hull..repeat…9th, 10th or 11th. The teams that finished around us haven’t improved much either, and the teams below us should stay below us. With players returning from injury, we should hold our own. For the sake of the team and the fans, they need a solid start, and the fixture list has been kind to them. 10 or 11 pts from the first 5 games (not unrealistic given the opposition) would get everyone looking up again. Come on you Irons!!

  37. Paul Nixon says:

    Ouch. Too much pessimism. I’m really surprised about this “strengthening” label that the media and many fans buy into. Simply buying new players and shipping some out doesn’t make a team. Spirit, belief and grind’ll do it every time.

    This is the silly season and acquisitions is what makes headlines: me, I’d rather have a team that have played together with a few tweaks here and there, and perhaps one major acquisition: that’s just what the hammers have done – evolution not revolution.

    7th to 9th would be realistic and a step up from where we finished last season. Above all, let’s, for God’s sake, finish above Spurs AGAIN.

    Come on you Irons!

  38. Frank says:

    being realistic we didn’t deserved the 10th spot last year. If Arsenals neighbour wouldn’t have won the league Cup them t*ssers would have pushed on. If it wasn’t for the teams around us losing many points we’d definitely ended up in the bottom half. It concerns me that the likes of Pompey, Villa, Sunderland and, again, our north London buddies really strenghted their squads. We obviously didn’t. Boro got quality up front, they may surprise next season. I really think Everton and City got better players than us as well.. Newcastle are a big club and may spend some more this month. Where does all this leave us? Probably between 12 and god knows.. We lack goalscorers, we are in deep trouble if Deano gets injured. I’ve given up hope on Bellamy. As I did for our injury prone buying manager. I really hope I’m wrong.

  39. brooking still the best says:


  40. Paul Nixon says:

    Frank: I hope you are too. Everton have made few acquisitions and are cash strapped; there’s trouble at the mill at City; Newcastle are in dissarray: Villa flattered to decieve; Spuds are last season’s Man City: great start but the shine will wear off…

    Sky predicts 11th for WHUFC. If I were the owners, I wouldn’t be pleased with a finish like that. There’s a lot of talent at WHUFC – and I have a sneaking feeling that Bellamy, Dyer, Faubert and Behrami are going to create a stir this year. Dyer is bloody eager to play and show “them” he can do it; Bellamy is a terrier and will be back soon – he just needs to be rotated and step down from Wales; Faubert is magic and Behrami is fitting in quickly. I agree: one more decent striker would be great.


  41. jon.london colney says:

    be happier if we bought 1 more striker .we just dont seem to have the fire power and bellemy is so unreliable its to risky relying on cole and ashton.sears is not there yet but blood him all season this time. curbs last chance im affraid,he does have to be more cute with tattics or we will get battered 4-0 more often.1 up front is just far to negative and you need a drogba or torres to get away with that.please please please can someone buy lbm b4 the window closes,we all need a positive to lift the pesamism around the place at the mo.coyi
    13th for me.above the spudlies though!

  42. richo says:

    In the bottom half, the lack of spending up front tells me that we will play with one striker most of the season. Hope the lads prove me wrong… West Ham till I Die!!

  43. chris says:

    upson just injured,god I give up already!!! what kind of training do they do for god sake!!!

  44. beckton says:

    We could do with a a back up left back and striker but with a bit of luck we could finish 8th.
    I’d be happy with that plus a decent cup run and more entertaining football.

    Come on you Iron’s!!!!!

  45. Roshi says:

    Relegation, of that there is no doubt. West Ham will be in administration by March and docked 15 points for next season.
    The medical team walk out in protest, as the first team seem to recover from injuries much quicker under Italian guidance, saying “an empty treatment room puts our jobs at risk”
    Fans will beg Curbs to stay as no other manager will touch us with a barge pole.
    We have to ground share with Orient as Upton park is put up for sale to help pay off debts. Barry Hearne puts an offer in to buy West Ham which is accepted, installing his faithful right hand man Steve Davies as Chairman.
    The good old crossed hammers are replaced by a couple of snooker cue’s balanced on boxing gloves and various members of a once proud team are asked to go on reality TV shows to help pay their wages. Bellamy goes on ‘get me out of the jungle’ has a punch up and is chucked out before the phone vote has even started.
    Anton spends a week in ‘Big Brother’ and announces “he’s fed up because he can’t find Rio anywhere”, he walks off the show in disgust as he feels he’s been conned. Quashie went on Mr and Mrs, less said about that the better and to cap it all Lucas Neill appeared on Superstars finishing last in the sprint just behind Frankie Dettorie and an ageing Geoff Capes.
    What a terrible dream that was! I just thought I would share it with you all.

  46. Cockney Boy says:

    I Think 7-9th But being realistic about 11-15th

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