Wish me Luck…

I’m on Radio 4’s ANY QUESTIONS tonight at 8pm. Will you judge my performance on whether I manage to squeeze in a mention of West Ham in an answer on South Ossetia?


7 Responses to Wish me Luck…

  1. WHW says:

    Ya good luck with that… while we are dropping things in… add me to your blog roll, you are already on mine http://foreverclaretandblue.wordpress.com

  2. aussi hammer says:

    Perhaps mention that WHU have a very good scouting network based here, centralised at the causalty department

  3. Jay-Alabama Hammer says:

    I will be impressed Iain…..Both have a dubious defense…..Sorry couldnt resist!

    Up the Hammers….Hope the home fans back our boys this weeend, I am onyl saying that because I am afraid LBM will start….Have a good season Iain!

  4. Plaistow54 says:

    No Iain, just a free subscription to Readers Digest for all Hammers fans will be fine. Remember Gary Teeley who was was taken prisoner in a West Ham shirt a few years ago in Iraq. Just remind the Ruskies if they take any Hammers boys we’ll come & get em’ back.

  5. jon.london colney says:

    ian,put a mention in that lbm is playing well and looking for a move! we need to get him shot…whoops i mean get shot of him!

  6. Scalyback says:

    Good luck Iain,

    You can be sure that there are now going to be numerous Hammers fans hanging on your every word (and keeping score). I think you must have doubled the audience numbers anyway!

  7. Roshi says:

    Good luck Iain, be sure not to injure yourself in good ‘ol West Ham tradition on the way into the studio.

    Challenge you to get these words into answers, conversation etc.

    World Cup Final 1966


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