What’s Your Pre Match Routine?

Ok, I admit it, I am a bit excited. In ten minutes I shall set off from Tunbridge Wells and go through my normal routine. Park in the garage in Barking Road, leave my car to be valeted and ‘minded’, drop in to see Viv at the Newham Bookshop, where I meet my friend Jo Phillips. On our way to Ken’s cafe I buy my programme at the corner of Green Street. We quickly scoff Sausage, egg and chips before heading off to the ground, where I buy a copy of OLAS.

So tell us about your pre match routine…

My hopes for today? A thumping 3-0 drubbing with Deano getting two and Freddie Sears coming off the bench to score the third. Having said thay, I don’t think we have ever beaten Wigan at home. Let’s hope we break that record today.

Up the Hammers!


5 Responses to What’s Your Pre Match Routine?

  1. bazza says:

    i predict 3-0 as well, and quite possibly a debut goal from behrami!

    come’on u ironssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jon.london colney says:

    train from st albans into st pancras,nip round to baker street to meet up with the chesham and bicester boys and sink a few in the alsop.tube to plaistow,few more beers in the cnb pub,so pissed by now i cant remember the name of it!!!
    dam,missed out the kfc at baker street,mmmmmm
    of to the ground with the usual expectation,bubbles then were off….

  3. Deano says:

    Looks like the first part came true, heres hoping for the third goal! COME ON YOU IRONS!

  4. Paul Nixon says:

    I live in Canada – Vancouver Island – so my pre match routine is very different. I get up at 6:30 am ready for the 7:00 am kickoff, brew a cuppa, get out to the deck with my TV and laptop and religiously shout at them for 90 minutes: I have a pee at half time! If we win, my day is good; if we don’t, I’ve got a whole day to get through…

    Half time now, and the Irons are up by two both by Ashton! Let’s hope they can show some resolve and get another (Sears I believe you wanted – off the bench – because, so far, everything is going to your plan, Iain!). Thought about buying a lottery ticket??


  5. James says:

    A great start to the season with a 2-1 win, lets hope its the first of many.

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