Anton on his Way?

The News of the World says Sunderland will bid £8 million for Anton Ferdinand this week and that the club is likely to accept it. They are not pleased that he has not accepted a £40k a week deal. I can’t really believe that he would want to go to Sunderland or that it would be in his interests to do so.


18 Responses to Anton on his Way?

  1. colney says:

    40k a week and he said no? stuff it,ill do his job.mind you it was the notw so its definatly true!!!

  2. Plaistow54 says:

    8 mill is a reasonable offer for Anton Ferdinand. He has the potential to become a good player. He is not his brother, not by a long shot. Personally, i would rather he stuck his head down & played football with us but if he wants off, then thats what he wants, & knocking back forty thousand quid a week would indicate that. We can & will live without him. If he does go with Roy Keane & he puts in some of the performances that i saw last year with us, i predict that within a few months he will be classed as profoundly deaf.

  3. Ricky says:


    Not only is it not in Antons interest to go but it would not be good for Westham, on the basis of yesterdays dismal performance we do need him.

  4. brooking still the best says:

    Its a notw story so it is highly likely its all a load of bull anyway. If Anton goes for £8 million it’s good money for a player who appears to be unwilling to sign a new deal.

    I would prefer it if he stays simply because he has come up through the ranks and I am sick of seeing our youth products playing for other teams. I don’t think in Antons case that he will be an international like some of the others but you never know.

    I am still waiting for signings coming into the club rather then worried who may or maynot leave. It’s telling how the media is on the Hammers case since the Teves affair, not only are they writing negative stories nearly every week, they don’t even bother much linking us with signing players. Does anyone else have a feeling there is some sort of compaign in the media group that is trying to wreck any progress we might make?

  5. tommo says:

    Hey if he goes ,he goes!.I would be worried though if the supposed 8 million would not be immediatley invested,i keep looking at the silvestre situation at man utd and cant help wondering why we are not linked with him?.We all know that Curbs is in the market for a left back and a centre half,Silvestre is ideal for both positions surely?.

  6. chris says:


  7. Paul Nixon says:

    There are two sides to this story:

    1) As we all know, Rio used to be team mates with Keane, so there is a possible connection.

    2) From watching Anton interviewed, he sounds like he is very dedicated to WHUFC: he also sounds like he’s just stalling for more money.

    Overall: WHUFC shouldn’t let him go: he is solid and for the most part has good potential – remember the goal against MUFC last season while his brother tried to mark him? He’s a great player, WHUFC through and through and with some more maturity (which I think he’s developing) he’ll go a long way.

    He’s staying.


  8. stu says:

    I understand Anton still has 3 years left on his contract – so we should keep him until the end of this season as I think we’ll need to him to make up the numbers in central defence.

    Next summer sell him for as much as possible.

  9. Pablo says:

    Sounds like a case of “ok, don’t accept the offer of 40K per week, that’s fine, we’ll sell you to Sunderland and you can go and live in the back arse of beyond”. 8 Mill should bring in a decent centre back, if Curbs is allowed to use the money, just not sure he knows who to buy…. about time Nani earned his paycheck.

  10. West_Ham says:

    The story appears in several papers. I think if the story is true then West Ham will probably sell as it would be financial suicide not to only for him to walk on a free when his contract is up.

    Only one question remains. Is the nightlife in Sunderland up to scratch for our club lover?

  11. colney says:

    8 mill could buy a decent FIT it me or should we be off loading gabbidon and collins and a few more of the sick notes? i just cant see how we can be a better side with so many crocked players ALL the time”!

  12. Van Der Elst says:

    Out of interest, who on this site would relocate from London to Sunderland for a salary increase of 20%? 30%? 40%?
    PS – I think we should do everything we can to keep him – he’s good and he’ll get better.

  13. Stevie the K says:

    I heard they were planning a one-to-one swap for Nyron Nosworthy…


  14. e1 says:

    HE thinks he is rio NOT he will get better with experience and we should keep him but if he wants silly money let him go he’s only out for the money. we need players that want to play premier league first team football and want to wear the shirt. succsess will bring better players and curbs will also start to think more posative and be more ambitisous, lets not forget at charlton they were not expected to do much other than stay in the prem league.

  15. hinsdaleman says:

    I personally think he is good but not great and I’d take the 8 mio. He has cost us goals on occasions for not picking up players at set pieces and if he’s not prepared to take 40k a week then he can bugger off to Sunderland and face Championship football next season.

  16. Pepin - Czech Hammer says:

    I am backing the board completely on this one.
    Does not want to accept playing for West Ham on 40k wages?
    Get rid of him.
    If he changes his mind than he can stay.
    I want us keeping only players which are eager to play for us. 40k is nice wage even for Premiership defender.

  17. Upton Spark says:

    Don’t know if true or not but a chap on the train on Saturday said he has heard from a reliable source that the owner is desperate to sell anyone as he has lost so much money due to the credit crunch thing going on and he will need to recoup some money as he owes a debt for money borrowed in the first place to but West Ham.
    This is supposed to be correct.
    Also;if they are are offered £20 million for Deano they will sell.
    I hope this last one is not true.

  18. Plaistow54 says:

    You know, i think there could be some truth to that. Everyone from top to bottom is losing blood. How can football be an exception. Everyone in banking invested heavily in property & the days of walking into the bank & them asking would you like a loan with that, are gone, & there is worse to come before it gets better. There seemed to be plenty of money a year ago but reality has set in. Some clubs have spent & they need to be successful to get a return, the pressure will be on. If they aren’t, how deep are their pockets? If we do sell Deano then that would confirm to me that balancing the books is the priority. Replace him with whom? Once upon a time, when knights were bold, players played for the love of football primarily. They had comfortable lives but did not make the wages that they do now. It’s big bicky’s now to keep a club afloat. However, despite my sad face, i think the owners are approaching this correctly. They are trying to be astute with wages, purchases & loans, but you have to balance finances with a measure of success on the field. I sure hope they don’t sell Dean. Strange days indeed…most peculiar mama.

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