Anton Won’t be the Last…

The West Ham Board have accepted a bid of £8 million for Anton Ferdinand. I don’t know why but I feel this event will have far reaching consequences. Alan Curbishley made clear he did not want the player to go. I feel in my water that it won’t just be Anton Ferdinand heading out of the Upton Park gates before too long.


40 Responses to Anton Won’t be the Last…

  1. tom says:

    yeah, hopefully curbs will goo pretty soon afterwards.

    good ridance to anton, the last of the babay bentley boys

  2. bob says:

    I fear you may be right Iain following the pathetic ,lathargic performance against Man city there has to be something wrong and I personally don’t think its the players, I believe its the Management team of Curbishley and day and I fear things will not improve unless they are ousted from the club before its too late.

  3. Prince H says:

    Id Ferdinand don’t want to sign a new contract, they have to sell him – don’t they? Curbs can always say he want Anton to stay, and maybe persuade him to sign a new contract but would he?
    It’s always sad when the clubs own products leave. Specially so when they are so talented as Anton is.- Still, I won’t miss him so much as we have a lot of CB:s there. Collins was magnificent in a couple of games spring 07. He’ll soon be back. Tomkins will soon be ready. Davenport was one of the better players today (well, the performance was badbadbad fronm the team as a whole). And maybe Dele Adebele, the young guy from Nigeria will come in. If the rumours are true he is faster than fast.
    I’m surprised that Anton leaves, I thought he had a heart for Hammers. (His more talented broher do actually have that, even if a ManU player)
    Maybe you mean that Curbs will be out??

  4. brooking still the best says:

    If Anton Ferdinand does go, where will that leave Curbishley? He has stated that he does not want him to go and he is very much part of his plans. If the board sell him over Curbishleys head, surely it wont be long before Curbishley walks out the exit door as well.

    Whatever your feelings about Curbishley, if this transfer happens against the managers wishes, it says alot about the new owners ambitions. I thought Terry Brown was the worst chairman ever, well now i might not be so sure!

  5. SurreyFox says:

    If it’s to fund a last minute purchase for a striker or creative midfielder then so be it. There are only so many of our players that will fetch a semi decent amount, and we don’t want to get rid of Ashton, Bellamy, Parker, Noble, Green or Upson…so unless somebody really wants LBM or Neill then we have no other assets that we can gain funds from. £8m is a decent amount for an average player, I just hope that for once WH have included a sell on clause (unlike Lampard, Rio, Cole, Carrick, Defoe….)

  6. Prince H says:

    Sorry. In my former post, I couldn’t spell to Adeleye. Now I can!

  7. Big Casino says:

    i think anton is expendable. don’t think any others will go. don’t think curbs will go. today was shocking, but the only way is up after a performance like todays.

    thought the back 5 did ok. Faubert looks like a championship player…. not sure what the club was thinking signing him. reckon behrami will be better playing right wing/mid – defo showed glimpses of his quality today.

  8. Herts Hammer says:

    Well the Anton news starts to explain why everyone looks so out of sorts today.

    All we can hope for is man utd NOT to buy the spurs striker otherwise we shall be saying cheerio to the only decent player we have ( Deano to totscum).

    I want Curbs out – ever since I had the seat next to the dugout at manUtd in th crucial last game of the season and saw first hand how little he does for his £2m per annum.

    Let us hope we sign someone good with the Anton money.Behrami doesnt look good value and we need a palyer who can give us the lift the team and the crowd needs.otherwise its a long, dissapointing season with the boltons,stoke,hull,fulham etc.

  9. geoff says:

    So Anton goes, but where do we find the midfield playmaker that we desparetly need. Our midfield for the 1st 2 games has been less than ordinary and I fear another relegation battle unless we get ALL our injured players back, and let’s face it, that’s not going to happen. It will be interesting to see the performance against Macclesfield now. Then next up it’s Paul Ince. I really feel that we will struggle unless something’s done immediately. We ARE turning into Charlton.

  10. e1 says:

    how did we miss hoyte ? why did’nt we get shorey? GEOVANI went to hull on a FREE !!! malbronk ? Alonso is avaliable 16million cisse went to sunderland ? wright phillips ? Pennet ? lumberg released 6 million ?
    WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On 19th OCTOBER 1968 I went to my First Hammers game and saw west ham beat sunderland 8 – 0 !!!!!! After todays performance and the lack of ambiton shown by the club and players I , for the first time ever wish I had never gone. I am very disapionted and don’t think I wil be bothering much untill some posative changes are made.
    PURE RUBBISH and an insult to us supporters.

  11. aussihammer says:

    Oh dear oh dear, funny how the press always make things worse than they are. Ok so Ferdinand goes, so what, in my opinion he was always making lapses in judgement that proved costly and 8million is good money. Ok he came through the ranks but we have to move someone on to give Tompkins and others a chance and Upson is a far better player. What is more worrying for me is the fact that Nani has yet to demonstrate why he was bought in, Curbs seems to have very little say on who stays and goes, not just Ferdinand but Lungberg as well and more to the point we do not seem to be interested in signing anyone of quality.
    We have a nucleous of decent players, Ashton, Bellamy, Noble, Parker, Upson and green. A couple yet to prove themselves, Berahmi and Faubert and a couple of yongsters, Sears and Tomkins most noticeable but the rest, in my opinion are simply not good enough anymore at this level. In summary it does not leave Curbs with enough to field a decent, top 6 side week in week out, many have no qualms about keeping their places as they have no competition and clearly their is dressing room unrest as clearly shown by Greens comments.
    I can’t see us spending big money and even if we were, who can now come in when so many have already made moves. Appiah will not be fit regularly as shown for the last 3 years, Bresciano is average at best and certainly no better than Parker.
    It really frustrates me that we allsee this, the Board constantly say we want to mvoe forward but are not backing it up with anything.
    Mid table again, only because there are some really bad teams and home form should see us through. I feel a little sorry for Curbs really, for the best part of a year he has had no choices to pick his best 11 and clearly the dull way we play is because there is not the talent to play any other way what can he do.
    I just cant see why someone on 30K a week is not motivated to give his all but clearly they are not.
    If money is not available then why dont we make this the season for change irrespective of results.
    Starting 11, Ashton and Sears, Midfield parker Noble Faubert and Kyle Reid, McCartney, tomkins, Upon and Berahmi with the bench full of our young guns. If we are prepared to lose lungberg paying him of fthen lets do the same of LBM, Mullins, Cole, Bowyer, Quashi. We then significantly lower the wage bill and have an opportunity to blood the youngsters.

  12. Biffo the bear says:

    If Anton didn’t want to negotiate a new contract then I suppose the board have to step in and do what’s right for the club. If he wants to go then 8 million is good business. Having said that it doesn’t sound good that the manager and the board have different opinions and it’s all in the papers. It reminds me of when they sold Andy Impey without Redknapp knowing about it. I think there are big problems at our club and I think they might even wield the axe this week. I hope the next manager gets more support from the fans, even if he’s not their first choice. There are some people who were dead set against him from day one and never gave the man a chance.

    Our new ‘versatile’ signing Berhami looked poor against Wigan, caught out of position several times, today he was even worse. It was one of the worst performances I’ve seen. not even one shot on target is a disgrace. Something needs to happen. If they’re going to sack Curbs then they should have done it earlier so that the new manager can get some players in. If they’re backing Curbs then they should have sorted out what was happening with Anton between themselves and then come out with a united front saying he was either going or staying, not the disjointed muddled mix of different opinions that we seem to have ended up with.

    Running a football club is obviously very different that selling beer and biscuits, these guys need to get a grip on the club and start making sense

  13. Plaistow54 says:

    Your concerns are well founded Iain. That was the match we all thought was possible but hoped would not come. That result is going to shoot a lot of people in the foot. Ferdinand will most likely go. He wants to, and 8 mill is a fair price. Shame, but that is life. I don’t think, hope, there will be a mass exodus. Pretty much Curbs is walking up the steps to the guillotine now. He blamed the send off etc.etc. We looked like we were playing with ten men before Noble went. Noble looked frustrated again. We were losing in midfield, again. Something is obviously amiss at West Ham, everyone on your blog can see that. Ferdinand is a symptom of that, not the cause. I have always hoped after the Brown years that Gudmundsson would take us forward. A new start. If he buries his head in the sand now, he may as well pack up & go home. We are not the only club with problems at the moment but of course ours are personal to us. Looks like changes are coming, but i hope that they put the right people to the sword.

  14. chris says:

    8 million for him thats good money,he was just living off hes brothers name,he was pants!!!!!
    problem for us is that curbs will spend it on crap!!!!
    cant believe we are in for appiah hes another sicknoteeeee!!!!
    When will it all end, help OB 1 KNOBEI your my only hope!!!!!!!

  15. laurence says:

    i am fed up with what is going on at west ham, we were promised more exciting football,
    we were not going to be a selling club anymore, and was going to build for europian football within 5 years, i never ever thought that bringing in a director of football would work there are to many clashes look ast spurs and other clubs, but saying that curbs hasnt got a clue he tacticts are poor and why take off sears then bring on boe morte later, its time for the board to make the decision before the deadline and bring in a new manager otherwise we are looking to be in that fighting position once again, if you looked at the pre season games our defence looked weak, and why are we getting rid of first team players when we should be getting rid and releasing people like quasie etc
    curbs please save our season leave now and take day with you

  16. john says:

    Sad days, you cant blaim the manager for not having the funds to buy players and you cant blaim him for the board selling players .as aussie said we have got some poor quility lbm for one unless they the boad spend a few bob it wont matter who the manager is we will be going down never thought i would say this but may be terry brown wasent so bad after all

  17. BAC says:

    You are probably right, Ian, I think the writing is on the wall for Curbs and Co., and maybe the Icelandic connection, too.

  18. TrevorH says:

    Several things happened over the weekend. Noble was rightly sent off. I am a Noble fan but this isnt the first time that he has dived in and got away with it. As a result we were comfortably beaten by City. We were poor at the back so one must ask why we cannot keep Anton? He is better than Davenport, Collins and Gabbidon and for all his faults, WHU have stuck by him. Why Sunderland? No better than WHU but they are investing money in good players unlike WHU.

    There are certainly problems at the club. Is it Curbishley or the board? Certainly the board have promised lots but delivered little. Magnusson bought a load of rubbish, put players on high wages but we did stay up.

    Curbishley has had dreadful luck with injuries but the trouble is there is nothing in reserve. We have a core of good players but the rest are poor and are not being replaced. Noble and Parker do not work because they both like going forwards and we have nobody to cover the back 4. When Mullins came on against Wigan, we looked better than when Parker was playing.

    We need a massive clear out including probably the manager and rebuild. It will take several years and will cost a fortune. Have our owners got the bottle for it? I hope so but deep down, I think not. Look at Tottenham – invest millions, good manager yet barely better than WHU.

    It will be a long season…..

  19. e1 says:

    I don’t think it will make any difference who if anyone we sign now that curbs and the board are reading from different pages of the book,we have had the money and wasted it,that chance has gone we now need to go back to the drawing board cut our losses and get rid of the dead wood and hope we can hold on to our prem status( NOT THE SEASON WE WERE ALL HOPING FOR). If the money has gone then we do need to motivate the players and I doubt very much that curbs and merv can do that ,they are also probably down as a lot of promises hav’nt come through.
    Blood the youngsters get rid of the likes of LBM,DAVENPORT,GABBIDON etc etc. pay as you play contracts for bellemy,dyer and alike. Build the team around what we have

  20. Paul Anderson says:

    It may or may not be the correct decison to sell Anton Ferdinand. But several questions spring to mind:

    (i) Why sell him now, when we have a long list of injured centre halves and little time to buy a replacement.
    (ii) Pretty much all of Curbishley’s buys have been poor, some exceptionally so. The one exception being Matthew Upson, but we paid a very full price for him and he doesn’t have the best fitness record.
    (iii) Despite denials from the club the financial situation seems to be dire.

    Personally I wouldn’t sell Ferdinand, for reasons (i) and (ii) above. However bad the financial position is it will be an awful lot worse if we are relegated. We struggled to beat Wigan, and were comprehensively outplayed by City – a team who have started the season badly and were missing all of their senior forwards. If things don’t improve soon we could suffer some really heavy defeats against one of the top teams – possibly a double figure score.

    A lot of people seem to place a great deal of faith in our youngsters, particularly Sears and Tompkins. I don’t recall us winning a game in which Tompkins has started and Sears has scored 1 goal so far. I hope both turn out to be excellent players for the club, but has anyone actually seen them have a good game in the Premiership, playing well for 90 minutes.

    I keep wondering if Pardew, given the same money as Curbishley could possibly have bought as badly. The football under Pardew wasn’t great, with a few exceptions, but he actually made big profits on a number of his signings – Reo Coker, Harewood, Benayoun. The value of other players purchased by him have increased – Green and Ashton for example. Can the same be said of any of Curbishley’s purchases.

    Things aren’t looking good. I am not sure who I would replace Curbishley with – my preference was Mark Hughes before he joined City. Bilic would be a gamble, better than the do nothing option but a gamble nevertheless. Stuart Pearce failed at City, and in my opinion isn’t up to the job. Its a pity Brooking doesn’t fancy the position.

    The only reason I can think of for keeping Curbishley is that the club aren’t prepared to give a new manager funds to improve the squad (not worsen it ala Curbishley) or that they won’t pay up Curbishley and Day’s contracts.

    Well at least they sold the majority of the season tickets before selling the players.

  21. Brian Sains says:

    Come on Iain, don’t be too negative. 8 million for Anton is a great bit of business, he is nowwhere near worth that much. The board must be laughing all the way to the bank. It was Anton who did not want to renegotiate his contract, so let him go i say.

  22. MOORO says:

    Agree with most people’s views about yesterdays game. Noble rightly sent off but we played reasonabley well up until Cole got injured and went off, from that moment on the whole shape of the team changed. Whatever most of us think about Cole, he works hard and more importantly is a real handful for defenders, Ashton up front on his own doesn’t work, that’s not his game.
    Anton going is no real surprise, but once again we have a long list of injured players, in particular at the back. Which is why from Curb’s point of view now is not a good time to sell him. But wait until the transfer window and then his value drops as we head towards the end of his contract. Difficult situation, but £8 m is a good price right now.

    More importantly, there is something going on behind the scenes at West Ham. Curbs wouldn’t have been my choice as manager, but in fairness to him he has come in and done really well. However, some of his signings have been very iffy!
    I wouldn’t be surprised if he went during this season, either walks or is pushed. However, once again we are strating the season with a long list of injuries and a lack of signings. But the reality is that we don’t have loads of cash to spend, Eggy spent it all and now we are trying to put that right, hence the sale of Anton. The players that need to be sold have been injured!
    However, it’s only two games into a long season so lets try and keep some faith people!

  23. Christian Drake says:

    I agree there is nothing you can do with a player who won’t sign a new contract, other than sell him. However, please give the 8 mill to another manager, not Curbs – here is why…

    In our recent or current squads over the last few seasons:

    Pardew purchases:
    Mullins – 1m (undervalued, solid)
    Ashton – 7m (could be a hammers great if we can keep him)
    Rob Green – 2m (sometimes shaky, but a bargain)
    Yoss Benayoun -2.5m (very talanted play maker, still miss him)
    Harewood (OK not that great, but sold for healthy profit) .5m
    Reo-Coker 1m (I rated Nigel, doesn’t score enough but breaks things up)
    Zamora 1m (He will defintely be Fulhams top scorer this season. Great touch)
    Paintsil 1m (not bad)
    McCartney 1m (very solid left back who can get forward)
    Etherington 1m (another bargain, but can be a one trick pony – remember how good he was a Reading last year)
    C Cole – 2m (holds the ball up – I hope he isn’t going to Sunderland too or we are in trouble – seriously!)

    Luis Boa Morte (We can never forgive him for this one – played nearly every game – has he actually scored yet?) – 5m
    Dyer – 6 m
    Nigel Quashie (I still honestly believe that him getting injured against Spurs was a major reason we stayed up that year) 1.75 m
    Faubert – 6 m (I don’t understand this signing at all – Curbs compared to Steve Stone?!)
    Parker – 6 m (always has been too injury prone)
    Blanco – loan (hit and hope)
    Upson 6 m (best Curbs signing)
    Lucas Neill – 3.5 m (why has he started playing him a left back)
    Bellamy 7.5 m (he could come good if he’s ever fit I suppose)
    Behrami (Nani was behind this one – Curbs had never even heard of him)

    whose next Curbs; Saha (started no more than half a dozen games in 12 months)
    Appiah (apparently has a potentially career ending blood clot on the knee)

    No wonder they have taken purchasing out of his hands. I’d love to see Curbs go shopping – I bet he’d pick with worst tie on the rack. The pressure is on Curbs now and I believe he will be sacked in the next month, possibly even this week. I have no idea who the board should pick as a replacement. Bilic is a possibility I suppose – he’s a clever guy and I think the club would definitely raise it’s level of appeal to good up and coming European players. I can’t see us picking anyone from lower leagues. It will be a European coach – apparently Nani has very close ties with Mancini who was replaced at Inter by Jose and I don’t think has gone anywhere else. Anyway, reading this thread there is one common theme – a need for change.

  24. Eastender says:

    This whole affair is becoming more distressing by the week. The Man City game was shambolic. Noble has not yet reached the form of last year and his sending off was as a result of trying too hard to cover for others not performing. People like Etherington for example, who is a complete waste of space, unable to take anyone on wide , doesn’t cross the ball accurately (mosy end up as deflections) or he gives it back to the passer (more often as not as a hospital ball). The alternaitive LBM is an embarrassment who is afraid to take a shot on. Neil is not a left back and probably not a very good right back going by the rash decisions he sometimes makes, which inevitably mean we get punished. Cole is not a Premiership striker and Ashton is not a close ball player or frre kick specialist!! Mullins receives a bad press in some quarters but keeps the team going forward.

    Faubert and Behrami, well the jury must stay out for a bit longer yet, but both must realise there is not the luxury of time either off the pitch for them to come right or on it when the pace is electric and mistakes punished instantly.

    Ferdinand has bouts of good performance but makes silly mistakes, but will be sorely missed.

    All in all if Curbishley cannot see these things and react then he should go BUT if he is hamstrung by financialcircumstances, none of us know about then it would not make any difference who hands the oranges out.

  25. Angry Hammer says:

    Curbs out, Bilic in.

  26. Calretandbluepoo says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if the strange finance based decisions & apparent air of negativity that seems to be around the club right now has anything to do with the decision of the arbitration panel who judged on Sheffield Utd’s case against us recently. It was around about the same time the highly expensive Lunberg was ushered out the door & all this player contracts stuff started kicking off. Ashton’s had to be renegotiated, Green wasn’t happy with his lot, Anton dont wanna sign his, a bid for 8mil is accepted by the board without the managers consent at a time when we can ill afford to lose a defender & we haven’t really made any major signings. The arbitration panels decision is to be made public in September, maybe the buggers actually won & we’ve been ordered to pay a massive compensation, that would explain a lot.

  27. Roy says:

    Clearly there is something very wrong with the club. At the start of the new season the management, players and supporters should be full of optimism and commitment. Instead, just two games in, we have seen a nervous and lucky second half as we just held out against the mighty Wigan and a clueless and gutless performance against City. We must have heard well over 20 players mentioned as possible signings and so far landed just one and he is a right back who gets done for pace (message to Nani – we already had one of those). There are stories of Curbs and Nani falling out and the ongoing injuries suggesting that the medical incompentence remains despite a change of bodies in white coats.

    Whatever the captain may say in public, the team don’t appear to be playing for the manager and they certainly don’t look they are playing for the shirt. If the sale of Ferdinand goes through, against Curbs’ wishes, it will be clear that he has also lost the support of a Board,. A Board that since Eggy’s departure has been faceless and seemingly uninterested in taking the club forward. Bookies rarely get it wrong and the odds are shortening on Curbs being the first management departure of the season. Be honest – if you were a Premiership quality player or an agent looking at a switch of club, would you sign for West Ham right now? In short, our club is in a mess and becoming a laughing stock. Only our legendary Academy continues to offer hope, with Tony Carr bringing more talent through.

    What worries me is there is no obvious solution. Getting rid of Curbs is an option but how much will that really solve? With a new manger, there will be the usual burst of enthusiasm from the players in the first few games of a new regime, but then what? Are we a club that can realistically expect to attract the top managerial talent, given the problems at the club, not least the lack of funds for new players. All the recent acquistions we have made have been in the £5 -8 million range. With Ferdinand reportedly off for £8mil, and Barry valued at a massive £18 mil, we are not going to be competing for the quality of player that will make a big difference to the team and get us close to the top 6. We should forget the big ideas of Europe for now. The best we can hope for is a manager that gets the players enjoying their game again and playing attacking football in the West Ham tradition. I’d settle for mid table at the end of each and every season, as long as we had enough games at Upton Park with some excitement and flair at the right end of the pitch.

  28. bob clark says:

    i hope anton wont be the last , any one who was surprised at the city result had better wake up and smell the coffee , ashton played like he does away from home , davenport isnt a premiership defender , neil is hopeless , boa morte is ……… boa morte and matt etherington just does nothing , where is the creative midfielder who can open up defences ? i tell you this is going to be a very very long season . i have watched the hammers home and away for 41 years this is the most boring outfit i can remember .

  29. swiftynick says:

    does anyone not think that the lack off finances is due to the fact that we have lost the case with shefild utd and will have too pay out many millions in compensation

  30. Mikef117 says:

    I think the board deserve more credit than some people on here are giving them. Consider for a minute…. if you were the board and thinking of outing the manager would you give him any/much money to spend? I would keep the purse shut.

    I have also been pondering a question most of the summer – Who was behind the purchase of the Hungarian forward and the Icelandic CB? Were they players on Kia’s books? Part of the recent settlement maybe? Or could they be Nani’s influence? Or might Nani be the proxy for someone else already promised the job? Alright, the last one is a bit OTT but you get my drift.

    Curbs is a deadman walking. He was not my choice but I think he has had the chance he deserved. Shame all my good memories of him will be clouded by our footballing quality he has dished up.

  31. dinger says:

    Anton is no great loss. Curbs cannot change the fact that every board West Ham have ever had has sold players because they do not seem to want to invest properly in the club. When you get a full stadium every week, why has the club got no money to spend on players, or keep the players we have? I often wish I was born in Manchester, Liverpool or North London, but I wasn’t and I am a proud West Ham supporter. The board, if they really want to get the club playing in Europe, need to get a decent squad and a manager that can inspire them. Sorry Curbs, you’re not him. The board need to do something soon, or it’ll be another season of desperation and disappointment

  32. Dave King says:

    This club will easily survive without Anton. He’s been well overhyped. So has Noble.

  33. colney says:



  34. chris says:


  35. Mac says:

    I’m more worried about Anton.

    Going to take him one hell of a long time to get to the Isle of Wight for his trips to visit Granny.

  36. Metcow says:

    Bellamy off too now perhaps!? This is all getting very depressing.
    I reckon the theory that we’re going to have to shell out a major compensation to Sheff U may be true.
    This really isn’t looking good.

  37. colney says:


    BELLAMY to man city on sky sports? wtf is going on? are we going in to administration or what? we cant be that hard up !!! were going to be the new totscum with no strkers!!!!!!!!

  38. brooking still the best says:

    What concerns me is that the new owners have done nothing to prove they really want West Ham to be a top six team. They have showed little ambition.

    If you listen to the board, they are trimming costs. The also have said previously that no player is on over 56k a week. They have never made a huge net outlay in transfers, so how are our costs any more then any other premiership team?

    It sounds like, looks like, feels like the owners are recouping the money they paid buying the club and will be using West Ham purely for a profit making machine rather then anything else. Can’t really be suprised with that. It’s only that I wanted to believe that maybe we could be a top six team and be making the investments in the team that, that would take, like they promised.

    Deep down, I knew it was all to good to be true.

  39. West Ham Fan no 32 says:

    Great news, plug2 is gone, his heart was not in playing for the club not for the last couple of years anyway. The end of the Bentley Boys is something to celebrate.

    I like Curb’s and he is a great manager for stability but lacks imagination and even at Charlton players always complained that he did not communicate properly with them. He is like a mild mannered Graeme Souness, once you upset him there is no way back as Konchesky found out.

    The brand of football we have played under him injuries or not has been awful. Tevez on his own and unable to understand Curbishley showed what we are capable of when inspired by a player given a free hand. We are at our best when we are attacking West Ham have never been able to defend but Curb’s no risk approach has turned us into bores so if we lose we lose 1 – 0 and if we win we win 1 -0, thats not for me and I hope we see a change to a more flamboyant manager who can take us to glory and the top 6.

  40. Mixed feelings here. £7M for Ferdinand, if that’s the correct figure, is a good bit of business. There does, however, remain the fact that the board stated, when they took over the club, that their intention was to build a team with the products of it’s academy at it’s core. They went on to say that gone were the days where we’d sell the players who break through from Tony Carr’s fine tutelage. This sale represents a break of that promise. It’s this that I’m most disappointed with. Why should we now believe that Noble, Tomkins, Sears, Collison et al are going to be flogged in time too?

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