Ashton Won’t Be Treated by Hammers Medics

There’s a long INTERVIEW with Dean Ashton in today’s Sunday Times. It’s mainly about his England hopes, but there’s one passage that leapt out at me.

For the past two years, Alan Curbishley and his team had been hampered by a debilitating sequence of injuries. Bad luck, or was there perhaps more to it? “I’m not a physio, but I have my opinions. Let’s just say that I didn’t use the medical team here for my rehab, I used my own man, Jon Green, who has worked with Michael Owen as well.”

That says a lot, doesn’t it?


7 Responses to Ashton Won’t Be Treated by Hammers Medics

  1. Upton Spark says:

    As the saying goes; “You pay peanuts,you get monkeys”.
    Perhaps West Ham only get cheapo’s and Deano wanted the best so he paid for it himself.
    Can’t say I blame him really!

  2. Sam H says:

    I read that article also, it was very interesting.

    Very indeed!

    And as you say, that paragraph does say a lot!

    I am a Sports Scientist and the real issue at West Ham at the minute is the ratio of injuries that are classed as preventable and those that are not. I know it seems a very obvious thing to say, but the majority of our injuries recently and currently are preventable.

    With the correct identification of injuries, the correct treatment of injuries and finally the correct observation of the treatment and the recovery process, I am 100% convinced that the majority of problems we have had these past couple of years (injury wise obviously) could have been avoided.

    Something is fundamentally flawed at our club and it needs to be inentified and corrected, otherwise we will never get out of this rut.

    It would seem that Pardew had it spot on.

  3. Ironsssssss says:

    Spot on deano our medics are wankkkkkkk

  4. Thucydides says:

    Seeing as there’s a new medical team now in place since then, i wouldn’t worry about it. Now we just need to review the position of a paranoid physio who diagnoses cramp as an injury!

  5. Plaistow54 says:

    Yes Iain, out of that whole interview, that is the comment that jumps off the page at you. It is definitive. Injuries have affected our position on the table in the last couple of seasons. Ashton is asking us to read between the lines on something we have suspected all along.

  6. Paul Anderson says:

    Ashton may well be correct in his assessment of the West Ham medical team, but surely his situation wasn’t helped by him carrying surplus weight. And no way was it muscle as he claims – pizza isn’t exactly a high protein food. I am sure Capello didn’t tell him to go away and lose muscle – just to get himself fit enough to play football and maybe avoid getting injured.

    Having seen the game today, I just don’t see how Ashton sees himself as an England player. Almost every time he received the ball he lost it, I can’t recall seeing him make a tackle and he barely won a header all match.

    Granted he can score goals but his all round play is on frustrating. Its embarrassing that the England manager has to tell Ashton to loser weight and actually get himself fit enough to play football: why on earth isn’t this sorted out in house by the club.

    Its fair to assume that none of our players advanced their England credentials today. The one small crumb of comfort being that they wouldn’t have impressed any scounts or managers contemplating last minute signings, either.

  7. mrfresh says:

    would this be jon green the former west ham physio and medical man of quite a few years?..

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