The Graphic That Makes Us All Happy

Going down, going down, going down…


6 Responses to The Graphic That Makes Us All Happy

  1. Jamie Burgess says:


  2. Plaistow54 says:

    Which all goes to show that foreign managers do not necessarily do well in the Premier League. Spurs look like they are in disarray. Leaking their best players & replacing them with rubbish.Early days i know, but what price Spurs to go down this year? Must consult my bookie. Money to be made there.

  3. supernumbersix says:

    Tad early to gloat methinks even if it is spuds.
    After Ashton’s comments about the physio ‘situation’ (which I hope refers to last season’s crew and not the new lot) an injury list which is a continuation of last term, the sale of Ferdinand (Sorry but I just hate seeing our academy players in other colours) and to cap it all, yesterday’s performance, they aren’t the only ones in ‘disarray’,

  4. Paul B says:

    Trouble is, we will be joining them if we play like we did on Sunday and the second half of the Wigan game last week.

  5. BlackFD says:

    yeah, but why do the words “glass houses” and “stones” spring to mind??…. mind you, at least it’s one bit of good news!

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