Fire Sale, Anyone?

Anton is off to Sunderland and having a medical today. We now hear that Craig Bellamy may be moving to Manchester City, that Carlton Cole is going to Hamburg or Sunderland and that Matthew Upson is also being touted around. Anyone would think we were having a fire sale.

I cannt believe we could be selling both Bellamy and Cole as that would leave us with only two strikers – Ashton and Sears.

This is deeply worrying. I can certainly see the sense in selling one of the centre backs, and £8 million is not a bad price for Anton. With Tomkins coming through we are well covered in that position, although I would not want to even consider selling Upson, who is one of our most consistent players.

The trouble is that if we sell at this late stage in the transfer window, it only leaves a few days to sign anyone else. It almost beggars belief that Berahmi is the only serious player we have signed recently.

Woe betide Mr Curbishley is it all goes tits up tomorrow night. He will say that these transfers are nothing to do with him, but I am not sure that is very convincing.


41 Responses to Fire Sale, Anyone?

  1. Josh says:

    Wednesdays crowd for the cup could the lowest for the past 15 or so years, we ve run out of money and were in trouble its as simple as that. Were a selling club again and there is a good chance we could be in a massive relegation fight. In a word its a disgrace. What they ve done cleverly though is got 25,000 people to spend £830 on a season ticket before selling off the crown jewels.

  2. Tony says:

    Ian how is it Curbishley’s fault if the board decide to sell players behind his back?

  3. pedro says:

    i tell you what i have had enough of this. what is going on ??. two games in and we are a laughing stock again – both on and off the pitch ! i thought this was the year we were going to break into the top 6 but we will be lucking to keep out of the bottom 6 if sundays performance is anything to go by. as for Anton leaving i cant say i am happy and i dont agree with the fact that we have cover – upson needs a bit of pace beside him and whilst ginge is quality he is slow, gabbs may never be seen again and tomkins is a long way off being ready. forget Davenport , Neill & Spector as none of them are good enough. selling our academy boys always sticks in my throat and selling a young, good quality, home grown talent to Sunderland (who ?) is the thin end of the wedge. something is deeply wrong and it could end in tears…. and the championship. were doomed…………….

  4. Brian Sains says:

    I’m a bit worried too Iain like a lot of us, but can you really believe that BG, being the successful businessman he is, really sell off a lot of the squad and leave his investment in a bad state?? I do think Curbs is being lined up for the exit door, which will be unfair, but it all does seem a bit dodgy at the moment.

  5. JT says:

    Bets on Deano to spurs before monday night anyone?

  6. rockerthehammer says:

    I think the board are already planning to ditch Curbs. Their cunning plan is to get some money in where they can so they can convince an “international manager” they will have a sizable transfer kitty to spend on new players. Why would they give the money to curbs when they plan to ditch him before christmas? You heard it here first..

  7. Frank says:

    David Platt summed it up the best at the weekend when he said that we werent playing badly we are just a poor side

  8. Howard Ruse says:

    I wonder if they’ve got wind of the Sheffield United outcome, and need to cash in quickly. And, for sure, we’ll be joining Sheffield in the Championship next year!

  9. brooking still the best says:

    If you believe what you hear and start a blog as if everything is true, then it’s not Curbishley fault that things are going wrong, when fans are causing unrest based on false and mischievious rumours,

    The media have it in for Curbishley and fans like you are helping them. Sacking the manager after two games (one win, one loss) is really going to help matters isn’t it?

    Whatever your feelings on Curbishley, he has done everything that was asked from his first one and a half seasons as manager. He saved the team from relegation and finished in the top half last season when most of his first choice eleven was out all year injured.

    The only gripe is the style we have played, although not much worse then when under pardew! I am sure it will be allot different when some key players are back.

    The questions that should be asked is where is the transfer funds gone? The new owners are saying we need to cut costs. 3 months ago, Duxbury was telling everyone there isnt a player on over 56k a week, since they brought the club they have almost balanced the books on players brought and players sold, so how are our costs any more then any other Premiership team that finished mid-table? Where is their ambition gone to make us a top six team?

    Curbishley is taking allot of unfair stick drummed up by papers like the Dail Fail and the Mirror. Us fans should start getting behind the team and supporting them, not getting on their backs after the fist five minutes or the first setback. We are turning into the kind of fans you get at white fart lane.


  10. aussihammer says:

    I cant believe we are all buying into this speculation from the gutter press. First Ferdinand was only sold as he refused a double your money contract. Smart business as we would of lost him next year for nothing. Second the only way Bellamy is going to be sold is if someone bids in excess of 7million, for a player with such bad history that seems very unlikely. How will he pass a medical if he is not fit? and the only rumour is based on Man City buying him. Hardly a club awash with cash since the owner is lucky to be a free man.
    We have not sold anyone else of quality, green, noble, ashton, McCann must of attracted interest but were not sold. My only real concern is that BG is cashing in as much as possible before he sells the club to Joorachabin in a pre agreed deal. But then I always liked conspiracy theories

  11. Perth Hammer says:

    Re Anton, he refused a new contract, which is another way of effectively asking for a transfer. He’s certainly not worth paying what he thinks he’s worth, so £6-8 million is a good deal.

    As for the other rumours about sales, if you believe newspapers when they smell blood, look out for flying pigs.

    There are really only two ‘certainties’: Eggy spent too recklessly; and Icelandic banks are in a real mess.

    Bilic is no fool. Unless he desperately wants to work in England, he won’t touch WH at the moment. Nor will BG want to pay off Curbishley and his staff. It’s Curbishley I feel sorry for. He’s done little wrong and received almost no credit for the good things. If there is a conspiracy, it is the Board trying to force Curbishley to quit. I wonder if the two women recently suspended at WH were leaking about the financial situation (without attribution of course)?

  12. Frank says:

    brooking still the best Says:

    August 26, 2008 at 11:42 am

    In respponse to the above. I agree with you that we are quick to vent our frustration on Curbs (all be it 26 long balls in the first half City- yes I counted), however I think most of our frustration is reserved for the Board at this time. Selling ‘academy’ players is just not acceptable especially to a Sunderland side that is likely to finish above us now. Anton, if fit, starts so we are now a club that is willing to sell members of it’s starting eleven, that in my book makes us a selling club. If we were going to re-invest the money then you could of buy into the whole ‘we only want players that want to play for the club’ blurb, but when was the last time we signed a player?

  13. Tommo says:

    Seems to me lads ,if this is true that Anton,Bellars and Upson are all being sold,the blame should start at the board!.A couple of posts ago i was jumping all over the Curbs out band wagon but now im kinda taking pity on Curbs.A “U” turn i know but it makes you wonder also about Nani’s role at the club in regards to present transfers and possible transfer targets,does Curbs have any say?.The supposed sale of our better players could also be going over Curb’s head?.A message to Curbs,”BEWARE THE IDE’S OF MARCH”!.

  14. JMan says:

    I agree with Brooking and Bellamy and Upson are going nowhere. As for Cole, well that could be another matter but we still need to get some reinforcements in the next few days. We are not a poor side, we are playing poorly and that is where AC has to earn his bread and butter. On paper we have a strong first team if all were fit, but that is where the issue is our flair, creativity etc is contained mainly in players with a poor injury record and that is hurting us but can no longer be used as an excuse as they have had the whole summer to put right and we have signed only one 1st team player, Nani’s on to a good earner for doing sod all isn’t he!!

  15. Van Der Elst says:

    Slightly mealy mouthed club statement says we have ‘no intention of selling Bellamy’. Anton aside (and it’s shame he’s going, but if he won’t sign a new contract…), the rest is all rumours. Let’s wait and see what happens to the money we get for him. 17,849 tonight.

  16. Too much negativity going around at the moment. I bet if we beat Blackburn on the weekend a lot of this stuff will go away. I also bet that if we had beaten or drawn at Man City we wouldn’t be hearing most most of this crap.
    Gee…. two games in and its all doom and gloom not only on this site but other Hammers sites.
    What worries me the most is the fact that we cannot get our best team on the park! Why do our key players keep getting injured?
    Nevertheless, lets keep positive and ride through these early bumps and I’m sure the players and Manager will get the results we require.
    True supporters don’t keep bagging the club, be it Manager, players and staff!

  17. Frank Rotterdam says:

    Everyone’s questioning AC and/or the Boards motives behind recent events. I’d like to know why Anton rejected a new contract. He obviously searched for a way out. I really cannot believe the other bollocks that’s in the papers. Why on earth would they want to sell Upson or Bellamy??? (Btw there’s a statement on the latter on the official site.) I’m not a Curbishley fan but everyone has to admit it’s the Board that lack ambition – does that sound familiar? – this summer. We were going to push for Europe but so far only Behrami was brought in. I would like an official statement on that! Probably the economic crisis is bothering our club at the moment. Then it’s time to come in the clear to us fans. I think the shit really hits the fan if it turns out that we’re so short of dough that the Board really are going to sell our best players. But in all honestly I can’t believe that.

    With Greeno, Neill, Upson, Behrami, Macca, Faubert, Noble, Parker, Etherington, Bellamy and Ashton we can line up a decent team. Decent, not brilliant. Unfortunately there’s no creativity. Were City the better side? Yes. Do we miss a Petrov or an Elano? Yes. Was Ireland all over the place? Yes. The thing is I am afraid we have to deal with this the coming year. As I posted before I can’t see us ending up in the top half of the table. Let alone if we sell more players. But then again I don’t think that’s going to happen Iain.

    Final thing is I understand Appiah is class. But again he ain’t the creative type…

  18. nr2iron says:

    I think a lot of you are missing the point which is we look very poor and i do not believe under Curbs we will improve,Faubert is shocking and Behrami is not much better so along with a very mediocre midfield and a very slow centre back pairing we are in big trouble.

  19. StainesWestHam says:

    Get rid of Curbs, it is definitely the answer. The process has already begun behind the scenes. Admittedly this is all bad timing but Anton had to go although I’m not sure where the Bellamy thing came from. Probably his agent after watching us play on Sunday.

    The club will not give the money to Curbs to spend. Maybe 1 or 2 loan signings this week and Appiah on a free is as much as we will see. The club is planning on having a new man in charge, by at least the end of the year.


  20. Doc H Ball says:

    Last time I posted about Bellamy, I got a bit of stick so I’ll choose my words carefully. He can go!

    He cost us £7m, has been paid about £3m in wages so far and has played less than 10 games. I don’t trust him one little bit and suspect that some of his ‘injuries’ are bogus. If you think that’s out of order then please consider the fact that he admitted to feigning injury at Newcastle because he’d fallen out with Souness and then had the brains to club John Arne Rise on the eve of a champions league game because of a drunken karoke argument. Top form, just what we need eh?

    If Hughes wants him, then cash in and buy Bullard and a real striker I say.

    On the Curbs topic, I have mixed views but if Deano goes anywhere, then AC and Day can follow him out the door.

  21. colney says:

    ian,im sorry but it was only last season we were all,you included saying sears is for the future and we must be very carefull and blood him slowly,correct? then he should NOT be counted as one of our main strikers.we are a prem top 10 team and to have a kid as one of your top main 4 strikers is crazy.

    ashton injury prone
    bellamy same
    cole no goals
    dyer injury prone and will im affrais not be the same player when back/if?
    lbm ??????????? no comment

    now why oh why cant we just splash the cash and get 1 big decent forward that if playing well will be available EVERY dam week for selection.and fit.

  22. ex_pat iron says:

    I have a couple of theories on all of this, check out my blog and post a comment…

  23. Eric says:

    I’m going to stay positive in thinkingk that there is a bigger plan for the club. Too much has happened in the last year with Nani and the take over. It’s true it can’t happen over nite and i think it’s going to hurt a little before it gets better. We are a London side!

    A lot of things are changing in the Prem and we need to start setting up now to make adjustments. Have hope!

  24. chris says:

    Not bothered who goes their all crap apart from deano upson green parker,if anyone wants to buy our sicknotes ie bellamy let them,he wont play much he never does,looks like its rebuild all over again relegation dogfight here we come!!!!!

  25. At the very least there’s a problem with communication with the Management at West Ham. At worst they’re on the verge of a major bust up and someone leaving the club. Some might think it a good idea if Curbs leaves regardless however it wouldn’t be good if he were pushed under current circumstances.

    Personally I reckon they weren’t prepared to meet Ferdinand’s wage demands and so he’s going to a club that’s willing to pay them. In return West Ham recieve £8M in fees. Not a bad bit of business but it does add fuel to the arguments of those who oppose BG & the board. They have stated that they don’t want to cash in on the fruits of the Academy. Anton Ferdinand is a product of the academy so they’re leaving themselves open to criticism.

    The official site has just posted an official statement denying they’re prepared to sell Bellars. Those posts tend to be accurate so I’m inclined to believe that he’s going to stay. I just wish they would offload some of the REAL DEADWOOD like Nigel Quashie, Lee Bowyer and Carlton Cole.

    Personally I don’t think there’ll be many more to leave and, hopefully, we’ll see a couple more quality signings coming in through the doors before the window closes.

  26. chris says:

    8Mill for bellars thats good money I’d take it,hes 30 next birthday,your pace starts to go at that age and hes a pace player, hes only got 1 more season sell him,cant see anyone offering 8m for 29 30 year old thou.

  27. e1 says:

    Curbs is not to blame, the board have NOT delivered (not sure why ?).If we need to save Money then whatever we are paying Nanni is to much he ain’t done much since his been on the pay-roll. Anton wants to go the board won’t let curbs pay him what he wants, end of !! Nobody is going to buy Bellamy until he’s playing again and has a decent run Upson at the moment seems settled enough , deano will get the hump if he’s not getting the service to enable him to score goals and stake a claim for an England shirt. So we come back to the same old thing that we can all see we NEED A PLAY MAKER!!!!!!!! and we are going to have to spend big bucks to get one. As for reducing wages etc CUT OUT THE DEAD WOOD !!!!!! I would rather take my chances with a small squad of quality experienced players and the youngsters.
    Apiah is/ was quality but again has a potential career stopping injury. Buy cheap young players and build on got to make sense.
    COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!!!!!!!!

  28. e1 says:

    swp only 9 mill pennant only 7 mill 16 mill well spent deano would be scoring bundles.
    finnan 3 mill total 19 mill,we could look like this play swp and pennent wide and let them interchange.

  29. notahappyhamer says:

    reli feel sory for curbs this is ridiculus what the board have done they interviewed curbs on sky sports and he was lost for words some reporter was saying on friday curbishley u sed anton was not for sale and now today hes gone for a medical at sunderalnd he generally just didnt have nothing to say!!

    and in response to perth hammer what two women got suspended at westham?

  30. Matthew says:

    This quote says it all for me,…. This is all about how rubbush and boring Curbs is. Jesus, the thing that worries me the most about this season is that we don;t have tezez is save us this time, we will be down b4 x-mas is curbs stays.

    ‘It was hard leaving West Ham because I have been there for 16 years but after meeting Roy Keane I knew it was time for a change. Rio’s brother.

    We are doomed!

  31. Chris Ufton says:

    I can’t believe a man of your intelligence and knowledge of the media has bought into the ‘firesale’ thoery that’s been around our club all summer. It’s quite clear they didn’t want to sell Ferdinand – they’d offered him a new contract! Zamora was fourth choice, including being – quite rightly in my opinion – behind Cole; and they need to ‘bring on’ Sears. Llungberg was not a good signing for all sorts of reasons. Getting rid of these and Pantsil and Wright was all good business, and made good football sense as it freed up funds for Behrami, Appiah and others. I know I’m on my own here, but (except for apparent poor apparent communication between Duxberry and Curbs) I think the Board is doing a good job of running the club with respect to football and finance. The couple of young signings seem excellent buys for the future, and as Curbs has said, its difficult to get established high quality players to say, “Yes”.

  32. Upton Spark says:

    Ian; Stop reading the gutter press mate. These players are going nowhere. We all know why Ferdinand has gone. MONEY. We offered to double his wages to £24,000 but Sunderland have offered him £38,000. Stands to reason he’ll take the money.
    As for Upson and Bellers.NO SALE.

  33. Plaistow54 says:

    Doubt we will sell any more players. We may as well swap with Sheffield now then, or wait till we get relegated, then the owners can sell at a loss. Nah, doesn’t make sense. Fredinand wants away, that’s that. Duxbury says Curbs has full control of transfers. If we are in the bottom few at christmas they’ll sack him. Not yet, too much too pay him out. Christmas they might though. Curbs hasn’t really done anything wrong, things just aren’t coming good yet. We need to buy, everyone knows that, but a combination of things is making that hard. The Sheffield case, Curbs style of management, potential tranfer targets unwillingness to take their chances with us, for whatever reason. Long term, i think Gudmundsson is making the right decisions. It just isn’t producing short term results. They are, as was said, buying youngsters, looking a couple years down the track. A few clubs have invested big time. They better get results or they are in trouble. Football is not immune from Global economics. It’s going to be a hard slog but we haven’t been relegated yet. We might not get top six this year but who in reality thought we would. The media is out for us, they always were. I don’t know, i’m disappointed in the first two games but i think talk of losing our best players or of going a*se up is a bit premature.

  34. chris says:


  35. NunheadHammer says:

    For those tired of media rumours and slurs, something to brighten up the slate grey skies….

  36. richo says:

    I just hope we spend some of the Rio money on a class midfielder who will try something (maybe a holding midfield player also) we look really poor in the middle so far and maybe some competition would put a rocket up some players.

    I think if we can get good money for Bellamy we should consider selling, i’m a fan and he’s a great player but he’s spent too much time on the first aid table. If we can sign a top class (fit) forward it’d be good business.

  37. chris says:

    so after the maccelsfield game it looks like curbs has wasted yet again more money,in the form of behrami,not enough pace comes to mind,does’nt curbs realize fullbacks should have great pace,ie A,cole R.carlos,Evra etc….. otherwise you just get roasted,I’ve heard through the grapevine that neil will go back to fullback, after fauberts performance surley not!!!I think that this issue iain holds so much water you shoul do a blog on it..

  38. chris says:

    Iain just heard zoro from benfica is coming on trial!!!,on advice from LBM.
    you couldn’t make it up!!!

  39. chris says:

    Zoros a benfica reject so why do we want him then!!!!

  40. colney says:

    great,even cole wants out now,got the ump over a new contract.

    where are we going if muppets like him dont want to stay?

    im affraid its only a matter of time before we get rid ov curbs as the old “lost the dressing room ” blx comes out next.

    taxi 4 billic?

  41. Douglas says:

    Can anyone please explain to me why it is that a club that was bought a few years ago with promise of champion’s league football in 4/5 years is being linked with players that with no disrespect have played and failed at smaller clubs?

    We have a history of paying average players far to higher wages. The year we got relegated with Glen Roeder in charge (after having finished 7th the season before) we had the fourth highest wage bill in the prem. I would imagine that we are not far off that now. MG made some shocking decision with the players hew chose to sign and the wages he paid them. I don’t think I need to give any of you any names.
    All of these players were signed from the prem and not from overseas where Curbs has admitted to a lack of knowledge, could he and the board not see that every one of them has had massive injury problems and most were not even fit when they signed and never got themselves to full fitness. I’m all up for giving English managers a chance but if they can’t see a bum deal when it’s staring them in the face and a man who has never interacted with football world before (MG) is signing players clearly without doing any home work is choosing to override the manager, surly one (curbs) has got to say, either I buy the players or I walk. He can’t use the excuse he didn’t know about the problems with Dyer, Bellamy, The Swede, Upson (although he has come good, but the risk can’t be ignored) and the rest. Curbs has no back bone, every word he says he will either withdraw or change his stance on, please curbs grow some balls or get out. If neither than at lest think before you speak!

    This season should have been filled with promise, new medical set up, new training ground plans developing, a few long term injuries coming back to full fitness. But instead we are paying players to leave and selling the stock we really should be keeping hold of. Why not give the deadwood free transfers instead or sell them for peanuts just to get them off out books and not have to pay out their contracts or have then sitting in our reserves taking up the time of our coaches and we are never even going to play them.

    In short someone needs to review the business plan and stop wasting the time of us fans who truly love the club and want success (and I’m not talking 4th place in one season here, I’m talking steady steps in the right direction rather than looking to sign players who will not benefit the club).

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