The Woes of a West Ham Fan

For the first time in years, last night I voluntarily missed a home game. Despite ticking the box to enable my season ticket for all Cup games, I received no email from the club telling me they had debited my card, so I assumed they hadn’t. Reminds me, must check the bank account…

Why didn’t I go? Probably for the same reason as the 20,000 other people who didn’t. I knew what I would be letting myself in for. Instead, when I got home I listened to much of the game on Radio London, having read the Evening Standard story on the train about how morale at Upton Park is at an all time low.

It was humiliating to be losing to a side that is bottom of League Two for 74 minutes. Only when they were down to ten men did we come to life. I’m told Lee Bowyer looked good and the youngster Hines did well, but really, it doesn’t get much worse than struggling against Macclesfield, does it?

And today we hear that Carlton Cole wants to leave as he is not satisfied by his contract renegotiations. Sell him, I say.

It would not surprise me at all if by this time next week we were looking for a new manager. Curbishley obviously feels that he is being humiliated – firstly by the Board and secondly by his players, who he just doesn’t seem to be able to motivate.

It is ridiculous that we are even thinking about a crisis, let alone talking about one, but that’s the mood of the club at the moment. Yes, it was right to trim the size of the squad and get rid of fringe players, but we haven’t really done that have we? Nigel Quashie and Luis Boa Morte are still there. We all needed one big signing this summer to show us that the current board has the ambition we as supporters have. I doubt very much whether that will happen before the Transfer deadline on Sunday.

As you can tell, I am feeling very down, and not looking forward to Saturday at all. But I will be there. Make no mistake about that. We are owed a performance. Big time.


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  1. GJF says:

    Mate we have been owed a big performance for a long time, but unfortunately it aint gonna happen with Curbs still there. Ince the Traitor is coming back and he’s gonna love nothing more than turning over his old club and the boo boys and you can be assured that Blackburn are gonna go hell for leather to do it as well. They’ve had a good start to the Prem so far and morale will be on a high in their dressing room as opposed to our boys who wont be able to raise their heads off the floor, mind u I wouldnt want to look Curbs in the eye either….he really has to go if the board are serious about implementing their 5 year sucess plan….or is the 5 year plan relegation to the championship for 5 years cos thats the way we’re heading and it aint gonna change quickly, Curbs record proves that 15 years at Charlton and they did nothing!!

  2. Ho Jo says:

    Iain, I can’t agree with you more… I also ticked that box, heard nothing about last night and was not too upset about not receiving a ticket. I just can’t believe all the negativity around the club… I agree that we want to push on, but we did finish 10th last year, despite all the injuries and beat Manchester United and Liverpool along the way. I am not sure what else some people want… there are plenty of other teams challenging to finish 5th and 6th and no-one has any right to be there and we aren’t unfortunately as big a club as some of our fans seem to think. The biggest disappointment about this summer has been the lack of signings… I am not that sorry to see Anton go, or any other players who have left in the last couple of years (except Yossi Benayoun) – the difference is that we seem to have stopped signing better replacements.
    The whole mood around the club is getting me down more than the football itself!! We lost to Man City after going down to 10 men on a ground we have rarely if ever won at… otherwise we beat Wigan and we have to look beating Blackburn. We always struggle in the cup and at least we didn’t loose last night – fans need to get some perspective!!

  3. NunheadHammer says:

    Iain, thanks for the posting, and I think your last point says it all. To me, with all the rumours and media debate, the problem is who to believe? This article in the Guardian says it all:

  4. John says:

    The excuse for the rubbish performances towards the end of last season was that due to all the squad injuries the players were tired! What is the excuse now? I admit they still all look tired but they have just come back form their summer break!

  5. Van Der Elst says:

    Which manager will be booed more on Saturday? Ours or theirs?

  6. PeteH says:

    I don’t understand what’s happening at West Ham, as fans we are getting very mixed messages. At the start of the summer they showed us ambition, signing Deano to a long-term contract and ensuring the most promising youngsters committed to the cause too. The capture of our Swiss man looked like the start of bigger things…… but nothing further has happened. The board have also been quick to deny rumours about our top players, Deano to Spurs and Bellars to Man City were both rubbished by Duxbury……..

    I’ve agreed with the board on selling Anton and Bobby to inflated transfer prices, and reading about Cole……. he can leave too, as a striker with his poor goal to game ratio….. i’d bite someone’s hand of if they offered anything more than we paid for him. But we still need to sell a few more before Sunday night….. Boa Morte, Quashie, Bowyer, Gabbidon all the wrong side of 25 and all had their injury problems…..

    Where is the club heading? i hope we can get in some of the names linked, Appiah, Cavani would be both excellent signings… and the youth coming through should be given more of a chance to shine….. Hines, Reid, Collison all getting rave reviews – blood them now…!

    Whether the board see Curbs as the right man still? i’m not sure…but I wish the board would come out and say either way. Personally i think we’ve gone as far as Curbs can take us…. he’s given us stability now lets bring in someone with some flair and personality to take this club to the next level…. Bilic anybody?

    In one sense they understand the ambition of us fans and have signed up the young players and Deano on new long-term contracts, in the other they are getting rid of players i.e. Ferdinand, Zamora with a few years of their contracts left for over inflated prices…..

  7. Roy says:

    An echo of my own thoughts Iain. I too will be there, especially after forking out nearly £800 – which I’m starting to feel slightly cheated about. The Behrami capture was as I see it, a premeditated carrot to coax us all into renewing our tickets thinking that many more top players would join the campaign to finish in the top six. The opposite in fact. Everyone’s going and I fear another relegation scrap is around the corner.

  8. Citizen79 says:

    Your sentiment is most definitely felt by a LOT of fans:
    As someone who witnessed this total debacle last night I would just like to post on the subject.

    It all seems to be getting out of hand, with morale and everything connected with the club spiralling downwards at a rate of knots… The result was fine, the performance was horrific – this is the problem, BUT, we are winning matches; 2 out of 3 whilst playing poorly, more poorly than in many many matches last season which we lost. That surely must be a good and positive thing.

    Curbs is not the man, in my opinion, to take the club any further, he kept us up, he is doing his best, its nothing personal, its awful to see and hear your own fans booing their club and this situation has been brought on by the style of football no one seems to appreciate.

    What must this situation make the players think and also, maybe more importantly, potential signings looking on?

    Could it be the fans and not Curbs that is indeed the bigger contributing factor to us not signing any decent players?
    Just a thought…..

    For an outsider looking in, it must look somewhat odd that after winning a match we still collectively boo, leave the ground early and moan moan moan afterwards.

    The team does need a kick up the backside, something is clearly needed to lift the gloom and settle the team and changes are required, but who and what will work to force this turnaround ?

    Passion seems to be missing from all areas of staff at the moment; the fans last night had nothing to cheer, and the fact is the Macclesfield Goal Keeper got the biggest bout of applause of the night when he approached the Bobby Moore stand to take his place between the sticks for extra time, (a nice touch might I add) was a damn sight more than any West Ham player got all night was worrying to say the least.

    I agree that Zavon Hines and Kyel Reid looked lively, so there is some light in these dark times……

    Lets get behind our club, even though many feel Curbs needs to go, lets cheer the team on, stop this booing and let the board get rid of the manager if they see fit.

    Come on you irons

  9. Smudge says:

    I was there last night and wish I hadn’t been. In over fifty years as a Hammers supporter it was one of the worst performances I have ever seen from a West Ham team. Everyone knows, except AC who has his head so far up his a****, that this club is going nowhere with him as manager. No flair, no creativity and certainly no style or team spirit. If we are to become a top 5 club we need the board to make a huge investment not only in a top class manager but strenghthening our playing squad with a couple of top class players and clearing out the crap. AC is not the man to do that as he has proved that he can’t even manage mediocrity let alone class. Please don’t let us end up like we did with with Roeder as manager.

  10. Tophammer says:

    Well said Ho Jo. Time to get real boys – a finish in the top 10 again would be a good performance, obviously 7th or 8th even better, but can anyone really expect West Ham to be consistent enough to get higher than that! Let’s get behind them – manager, team and board – and stop behaving like a load of Spurs fans.

  11. brooking still the best says:

    I never went to the game last night either, I suspected it would go exactly how it went. I feared the worse, but in the end we won. I can remember lots of other cup games under any manger of the hammers you would like to mention that we have struggled to beat lower division sides. So last night was nothing new!

    I just wish and I am not Curbishleys biggest fan, that everyone would get of his back and the teams. What are we turning into, it remminds me of the spuds blogs!

    It’s about time we got behind the team and give them a bit of support! Booing an jeering isn’t going to help results or anything else. I fear, with the help of the media, namely the Mail and the Mirror, this witch hunt for Curbishley has gathered to much momentum and many fans have brought into it. C.O.Y.I

  12. Mike says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head Iain. Not sure whats going on at the club at the moment. We need to sell more of the dead wood and players that just are not good enuff for the prem i.e quashie, davenport, boa morte, cole etc etc. Fair enuff we sold BZ & Anton for inflated prices and i’m not worried by them leaving at all but the club said yesterday that Anton didn’t want to sign a new contract, however i read today that it was offered to him but as soon as the bid came in from sunderland it was withdrawn. I dont think the board back curbs or that he has any say in things, i think if an offer comes in its out of his hands who we keep and upto the board. Add to the fact that the football we have been playing under him all last season along with this so far he’s not the right man for the job and needs to go. I’m all for giving Bilic the job, he’d get the players playing football which if anything would be a good start and hopefully the players coming in would be better than those that are leaving which is not happening at the moment. The fact that curbs was even considering giving thatcher a contract says it all.

  13. Biffo the bear says:

    I’m thinking of putting in an offer for LBM. The 5 a side team at work could do with someone to fetch the ball back when it goes over the fence

  14. down to bare bones says:

    Good posting Iain. Life as a West Ham fan is, and always has been, a combination of unsubstantiated optimism and the deflation that, more often than not, followed it.
    I had a gut feeling before the start of the season that things were going to go down hill rapidly. No big signings and selling players we should have kept. How we let Solano go I ‘ll never understand. The only player we had that could take a decent free kick!!!!

    Is it the case that we have been conned into believing that the Icelandic owners had the monies and ambition to take us to the next level or is it the case that they now realise that with Curbs at the helm we are never going to achieve a top six position and therefore are not allowing him to waste any more monies on journeymen and crocks?

    I think the current position maybe even worse than when the hated Brown was in charge. At least then we knew that his greed and lack of ambition were the norm, now I just don’t know what to think!

    Like a previous mailer, I think we are going to get stuffed by Blackburn and Judas next Saturday.

  15. Josh says:

    Just answer me this Iain. What manager have we had in the last 20 years who didn’t struggle against lower league opposition?

  16. Roshi says:

    Early day’s lads, we are still playing with a makeshift team and bedding in new players. It will come good, but I think by that time it will be to late for Curbishley, whose body language seems to say “get me out of here”.
    The biggest problem as I see it is, who the hell could the board entice to take the managers job, Big Sam…no thanks, is Nani actually waiting in the wings, I hope not, and forget Bilic he’s far to clever.
    This is the problem who could possibly take the reins and do a better job? I could ask my Auntie Doreen but I think even she would say no thanks.
    I believe there is a master plan in place which has been derailed by the economic down turn, a fact that must have a bearing on a 10000 crowd for a non plus game…who needs to go?
    I think alarm bells are ringing all around Upton Park because the master plan is not working and funds are not being generated, hence the selling of Ferdinand, 8 mill is better than having one to many central defenders. Remember we are talking about owners who are bankers, by trade they have to balance the books and in real terms they are not the ideal owners of football clubs.
    I believe that before Curbishley goes, the Viking bankers will have sold up and cut their losses, who knows, it could be for the best.

  17. StainesWestHam says:

    Cheers Iain. Nice to read an article that completely sums up my feelings on the club currently. Up until recently I felt that our new board was pretty good, honest and working in the interest of the common supporter. Now that has feeling has completely changed and I feel extremely pessimistic about our chances of anything this season. The players we are being connected with in the last few days of the transfer window aren’t of the standard we’d hoped to attract when the Icelanders first came in. It’s not as if we’ve competed for the likes of Bentley or even someone like Sidwell. A cheeky 10million bid for SWP or Downing? – not a chance!!

    I agree that I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see us looking for a new manager in a weeks time and possibly a new board in a years time. The sad thing is you have to wonder if the current manager is the key reason for all this. As much as Eggert was perhaps on a bit of an ego trip, at least he kept dialogue going between the board and the supporters. Does BG even go to any of the games!!?

  18. kevin mousley says:

    What’s wrong with everyone three games – two wins; what’s the problem? Well that’s stats for you. All three games made depressing viewing. We didn’t deserve to win against Wigan and the City game underlined the total lack of guile and threat in our midfield. I think Noble and Parker are too similar to play together – it’s one or the other. Anyway here are some more stats for you. In an idle moment when Curbs was appointed I did some digging, can’t find the research now but as I remember it , Curbs career average of points per game is 1.35 or something like that. Not as good as Pardew’s which was up at 1.45, although admittedly that was bolstered by a lot of points gained in the Championship. 1.35 is good enough to avoid relegation but nowhere near good enough for European football or even to assuage the fear of relegation in a bad year. It is so important that we have at least 13 points after ten games because on paper we have a clement start to the season and a poor start does tend to set the trend for what’s to come. I do have some sympathy for Curbishley; he’s been embroiled in perpetual crises not always of his own making but let’s face it the runes are agin him. Would love to see Bilic but it’s bad timing, he’s not going to quit on the eve of Croatia’s World Cup camapign, is he. I suspect if AC is sacked we may see Nani step up; don’t know what folk think of that. No business wants to come out and lay its plans out in detail but it would be nice to hear a state of the union message from BG and his crew to sooth the obvious jitters all round.

  19. colney says:

    prozac all round then?

  20. mem says:

    Have to agree with Citizen79 ~ since the 2002-3 season our first three league results have been won one, drawn one and lost one. And prior to that during the new century they have been worse. But we as supporters would have considered both the results and the support for the team as positive then. Why now all the doom and gloom, are we becoming like the spuds ~ expect to win everything, top four expectations but complete whingers when they loose.

    yes we have sold some players but our sqaud was far to big if (and a big if) everyone were fit and with some great youngsters that need to be given a chance. Whether Curbs is the right man for the job who can tell yet ? What ever you think about he’s signings no one could have predicted the staggering run of injuries we had from Fauberts and Parker pre-seasons to Dyer after just four matches, Ashton breaking down again, the groin strtains, the list was endless. Would Bilic have done any better ~ why would we want him anyway he left for Everton on a buy out clause when they offered him more money and only wanted to come back after he was medically finsihed.

    Looking back at the start of last season with hindsight and having just escaped relegation who would not have bitten someones hand off if they had offered us a top ten finish with our injury list. Exciting it was’nt but I remember the match at Reading, having bean humiliated there the season before Ashton was back, Bowyer hitting form, Upson in command, Bellamy on fire and Etherington running rings around them we were just starting to look good and then the injuries just kept coming but with a different back four very game we held our position all season.

    Appreciate we have not spend much but accoring Curbishley Bellamy, Collins and Tomkins are only days away from playing, Boywers back, Fauberts back (ffs give him some time he has been out for a year) McArtneys back and Dyers not to far off ~ they will all be like new signings!! And ther management have stated they are hoping to bring two or three in (I am not holding my breath there)

    One thing is for sure we the best AND most loyal supporters in the land have always been the 12th man and if we don’t get behind the club, the team and the manager we will for sure be masters of our own destiny. I have no doubt the doom and gloom that is spreading on all the main web sites is helping feed the vilifcation that the gutter press are heeping on West Ham ~ The Gaurdian piece above offers a more balanced view.

    Anyway this is West Ham the ups and downs, thre dreams that fad and die are all part of why we love the club and I have done since the sixties ~ it was not that good then so stop whinging now!

    So I say stop the doom and gloom look at the positives and get behind them on Saturday ~ you never know they might surpirse you and send you home happy again!

    The choice is yours.

  21. Cyprus Hammer says:

    We have 101 years between us supporting the Hammers, the memories we have of Billy Bonds flying down the wing, and he was a defender , winning a cup semi final beating Man U 3 -2 at Sheffield utd ground in the pouring rain ,no covered stands then ,Loved every minute of it .
    The West Ham team in those days were class,played beautiful football.
    Now ,half these players shouldnt be wearing the west Ham shirt ,its really upsetting to see the Hammers going down the drain, its not just one game, they are now playing negative football each and every game , what type of style is this ,who taught them how to not pass to a team mate or dont put too much effort into the game it wll make you tired or injured.
    Smudge ,we are lucky we can remember the Moore ERA,watch the games on the TV at least you can turn it off when it gets to painfull to stand it any longer .

  22. Eddie Chappers says:

    Great posts on this thread- I think the biggest thing to come out of it all is that things aren’t actually that bad and above all else we need to get behind the team and the manager. Ok the football might not be totscumesque at times but we are getting results- one loss in three this season and one loss in seven in pre-season. If we can get another good solid season together then we might be able to attract a decent manager to take the club forward and some decent signings, though I have to say the only problem I (along with many others) have in all honesty really had with Curbs in his short reign has been the style of football. I think many of us West Ham fans are struggling without the ‘excitement’ of a relegation battle being offset by consistently attacking Greenwoodesque footie

  23. e1 says:

    Terry Venables is out of work we all know he can motivate and his knowledge of tatics is well know and he his known throughout europe not just south london. I’m sure he could tern it round given time and a few quid. Aphia is another one for the treatment table so why are we looking at him ?
    Hope we change before Saturday I could’nt stand it if JUDAS won.

  24. Tony says:

    Well said all of you! I think its time the TRUE West Ham fans showed their colours and got behind the manager and team instead of being constantly on their backs. I also honestly think that (whether you truly believe in him or not) a few choruses of “Alan Curbishley’s Claret and Blue Army!” could work wonders on Saturday! What do you think?

  25. chris says:

    When this new fella came in I thought billionaire!! here we go best players from all over the world!But how its all gone wrong,lets be honest curbs has bought really poorly apart from upson,this is why we all feel deflated,curbs spent about 20 odd million maybe more
    on problems, this club needs a big name next time.even behrami looks pants more money wasted,to late to sack him now,If curbs removes faubert from right back hes a MUG!!! faubert is a rightback! even lbm should play leftback for pace alone yeah thats right i did say that, so what ashley coles crap hes all pace thats all,sorry mcartneys to slow.
    when you add dyer and bellamy to our attack our team changes completely except their always injured!
    I feel the need to say this again so I will,If curbs removes pace from our fullback positions hes a MUG!!!!! so no lucas neill

  26. Ironssssss says:

    Well i for one went and when we get to the finals people will be falling over themselves to get tickets. Support the team or we could end up like Leeds or Sheff Wed

  27. geoff says:

    Excellent post Iain, I never received an email, so I emailed them. Guess what, never got a reply, so I went, and unfortunately got in. Probably wouldn’t have bothered if my daughter hadn’t wanted to go. I never thought I’d see the day when Lee Bowyer was our best player, but as bad as it was , it was still an improvement on the disgraceful performance? at City on Sunday. I can honestly say, that I get better entertainment watching my daughter play for Colchester Utd on a Sunday, and she has a lot more flair than any of our players (to be fair, she has played for England u’17’s and u 19’s) SO WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON !!.
    Still, we MUST get behind the team on saturday and STOP THE BOOING.

  28. shoreditchhammer says:

    New manager: Bring back Paulo di Canio in some role.

    Last night was the wosrt I can remember. I too am a cheated season ticket holder. I had to pay £15 for that rubbish. At least problems with the turnstiles meant I missed the first 7 minutes.

    Much though I’d like to take 3 points off Judas, if we are 2 nil down, the best thing that can happen is that we lose 9-0 and curbs gets fired on Sunday.

  29. Thucydides says:

    The only thing damaging West Ham are the cretins that boo the players. I expect many of the players are now hastily arranging their exit plans with the agents, after all who in their right mind would want to play in front of fans that boo your every move and then bizarrely claim to be loyal fans.
    How i’m so looking forward to Saturdays game with Blackburn and the pitiful spectacle of these fine specimens booing the team while simultaneously continuing an absurd ritual of mass vitriol against someone who left the club over twenty years ago. As i said the only thing damaging West Ham are the boo boys.

  30. Boxman says:

    The level of short-term thinking on this thread is absolutely staggering. Full of defeatist, pessimistic hyperbole. Let’s get some things straight.

    Firstly @Iain, you said it: Ridiculous. 135 minutes ago we were 2 nil up against Wigan with a pretty solid start. Now we’re doomed. Seriously?

    @GJF re: Curbs record at Charlton. Nothing for 15 years eh? Where are they now?

    @Citizen79 Morale and everything connected with the club is spiralling downwards at a rate of knots is it? You know that do you? You play at the club do you? Or maybe you read it in a red top? Or saw it on a frankly embarrassing Sky Sports’ News report that thrives on creating something from nothing?

    @Smudge Worst performances you have ever seen from a West Ham team in fifty years? Really? Worse than when we were relegated under Roeder with the most promising squad ever? Worse than playing in the Championship. Get a grip.

    @Tophammer & @brooking Bang on. This reads like a Spurs blog.

    @Mike It’s almost as if you think Bilic is just waiting for the chance to step in to his *dream* job. Sorry to disappoint you but you have serious delusions of grandeur. Again, hugely Spurs-esque.

    @Roshi You do realise just how loaded BG is don’t you? We are a speck of dust in his disturbingly large bank statement. Oh and btw, he’s actually in the black. Not like the Glaziers.

    @StainesWestHam So you’ve lost faith in the board? Change the record. Two months ago they were the panacea. Now they’re useless.

    @Cyprus Hammer The ‘Golden age’ of great football? Deary me…this is melodrama epitomised. We can all find glorious moments tucked in our memory banks….that doesn’t mean we played like Brazil for 10 years.

    Man City game. I agree crap performance but the fault lies with Noble and nobody else. I’m his biggest fan but he let everyone down badly and he knows it. Once he was off, it was game over. If you want to blame someone, blame Noble, not Curbs.

    Macclesfield game: C’mon, we were always on a hiding to nothing. Would you be up for a game like this?

    Frankly, I’m ashamed of West Ham fans at the moment. We sound like a naive, short-term, blinkered bunch of tabloid-gauging Spurs fans.

    Get behind the team, the board and the manager.

  31. Van Der Elst says:

    West Ham 4 Macclesfield 1 (aet) Aren’t we what we are for this sort of nonsense? I remember Hereford United and Dudley Tyler. Get behind the team and, in particular, Tony Carr’s youth products. Hines, Sears, Collison. Widdowson, Reid, Tomkins et al are all great prospects – and with the right support they could be great players. Without it, they’ll all be off to some such hell hole as Sunderland. Whatever the situation at the club, we need to support WEST HAM!

  32. E1 says:

    Not curbs fault the board have not delivered, we must get behind the manager and team lets give it plenty on saturday and send JUDAS packing. Alan CURBISHLEY’S Claret and blue army !!!!! Come on you Irons !!!! west ham till I die etc etc.
    We need to do our bit to pick our club up and get some pride back. Stick the blue flag up your a**e Deano ! deano ! Forever blowing bubbles !!!! East east london,

  33. Jaime says:

    I put Curbs in the same bracket as George Graham (obviously Graham is a better manager) Happy to try and grind out results and not give a dam about how good the football actually is.

    Being a West Ham fan is about being entertained. We could lose 5-0 but as long as we were entertained.

  34. hammertime says:

    i dont think us fans are to blame for any of it. not least when we had been lured by the promise of a 5 year plan to reach the champions league. sounds daft just writing it now. the board have f***ed up since they came in.

    -panic buys at inflated prices

    -silly contracts – £70,000 a week to ljunberg and his chums makes everyone else in the team think “hold up a minute! why am I not on that much?”

    -lies – we wont turn into a selling club, we have back up for ferdinand, we dont need a left back or creative midfielder.

    -the worst of all is the way they waited untill the last moment, when we had all updated our season tickets, to start selling our players.

    – the way they have priced the heart of the supporters away from the ground – remember eggy’s comment about the average whu fan earning £50k or something silly like that.

    west ham seem to be a heartless, money making by simply staying in the prem team. far are the days when every time you told someone who you supported they replied “oh i like them”
    our board are souless and are treating us like mugs.

    this club is about family, the east end, attractive football, sticking togeather and above all honesty. when was the last time one of these ethics was on show? they are probably somewhere under our XL sponsoring in the chicken run.

  35. claire says:

    Calm down, dears – it’s early days. (oh and by the way I was there and Bowyer was rubbish)

  36. Plaistow54 says:

    We did beat Macclesfield didn’t we. We are still in the League Cup aren’t we. Who cares about that competition anyway. I think Upson is right. Curbs has “issues to deal with behind the scenes.” If he doesn’t, Christmas will see him away. The club is not in crisis. The fans are. A five year restructure. Is the five years up ? I must have fallen asleep. Anton went, so what ? Coles contract not sorted out. So what ? He won’t go. Upson is right, when things stabilise, the players will respond accordingly. This habit developing of booing players or the team. What a load of rubbish. The ship isn’t going down. The landscape is changing, sure, but we couldn’t go on like we were. Don’t be surprised to see a good result on Saturday.

  37. chris says:

    Boxman stop taking in twoddle!!! and start talking in apples and pears.I for one dont boo,and I’m fully behind the team but theres no way I’m gunna pretend that lucas neil is a good fullback!!!IRONNNNNNS

  38. HammerRon says:

    Stop the bloody booing !!!!!!!!!!

  39. Tony says:

    Stop moaning and get behind the team.
    i went the Macclesfield game and it was not that bad, i’ve seen a lot worse over the years.
    The people who were chanting at Curbishley’your getting sacked in morning’ should be ashamed of themselves.

  40. mike from Hornchurch says:

    I share your views 100%. Don’t know what it is but someone must have put a voodoo sign on us 20 years ago! Just when you think we have turned a corner we run into another road block! Usually of our own making as well.

    I was feeling the same way about the Macclesfield game but did finally go. Must say in all my 46 years of going over there this was a top ten bad game!

    I also prepaid but apparently they had problems at the ticket office and no pre payers were debited until the day of the game.

    You always think it can’t get worse with West Ham don’t you? But it normally does!!

  41. JackHammer says:

    Pleased to see Plaistow54’s comments and agree with them totally.
    Lets get behind the team and stop the negative stuff like booing that must get to the players at some level.
    We are still in the EPL! and we just need to start playing better, if we don’t Curbs will be gone at Christmas, but hoping that Terry or Slavan or whoever is going to instantly sort it is very unlikely IMO.
    As supporters we have a reputation of coming down on our team if things aren’t going are way, which allows visiting teams to push that button. Lets change………………..

  42. colney says:

    milner to villa? why arnt we associated with players like that but villa are sweeping up the lot? im sure the credit crunch in the usa is far worse than here so why oh why arnt we spending?

    the ONLY thing that can be going on is he’s saving the dosh for the new stadium? err what new stadium i hear ! exactly,thats all gone terribly quiet as well.but were spendng money on a new training ground,more like putting more offices in for all these doctors we now have,i mean they have all got to sit somewhere !!!!!

    maybe another mid table season is sudenly looking a great season?

  43. JT says:

    I went on wednesday night.
    We were owned by macclesfield town for 75 minutes of a game.
    That is embarrasing. 3 leagues difference, shouldve been 3 goals difference by half time. And make no mistake, we had a alright lineup out there – one that shouldve stuck 4 past macclesfield in 90, not 120 assited by being a man up.

    I had £1 on us to win 3-1 with Ashton scoring first, returns of £22. Thought it looked a decent bet really.

    Curbs has unforutnatley, taken us as far as he can.
    I see him turning us into a Charlton, mid table every year and never do anything other than make up the numbers.

    I wonder with the somewhat small crisis, compared to ours, going on at Man City that maybe Mark Hughes maybe interested in becoming our 5th manager this century, our 13th in total??

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